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Default Teresa Scalia: Spring Frolic

Teresa Scalia: Spring Frolic

Spring is the time of renewal, a time of regrowth. And as spring came forth in the surroundings of Barbara Anderson and Teresa Scalia new things and ideas were being born. On a more personal note Barbara was experiencing some very intimate regrowth of her own. Having suffered a most humiliating experience at the hands of Roxanne Starr, Barbara's golden bush regenerated itself. Roxanne was foiled in one regard. When Mark Anderson discovered Barbara's shaven pubis he was genuinely quite delighted. Barbara let him think that it was her idea all along and did begin a more stylized maintenance of her pubic hair. Although it was Roxanne, with help from Maria and Kathy, which caused Barbara's degradation it was Teresa's desertion that stuck in Barbara's mind. Biding her time and waiting for the proper opportunity and venue, Barbara became obsessed in her desire for vengeance on Teresa.

Needless to say neither had spoken to each other since that night at the Gentlemen's Club.
That opportunity would present itself at the annual Spring House and Garden Show. This was a large show with many vendors from near and far. Displays from simple booths to fully assembled vacation homes complete with planted gardens were set up in the city's Events Center. The Event Center was a large venue and was home to an arena football team, a minor league hockey team and hosted major concerts, rodeos and circuses. Less than five years old it had all the amenities including a few enclosed luxury boxes. Barbara knew that Teresa always made a big show of attending this particular event. Teresa used it as an opportunity to purchase additional accoutrements for her home. It was no secret that the Scalia home had one of the finer yards and gardens. Of course Teresa never dirtied a pinky in any way. She had hired labor to do that for her. What she enjoyed was going through the show on what was basically a shopping spree.

Barbara had also filed away in her mind the less than subtle hints that Maria had given her regarding Teresa. Barbara knew that Maria had something in store for the Italian diva that probably involved more than an over the knee spanking. Barbara began to hatch a plan to manipulate Teresa and Maria into a confrontation. Truth be told Barbara is not nearly as Machiavellian as Teresa and certainly not as accomplished a schemer as Roxanne. But Barbara knew that if she could get Teresa and Maria in close proximity to each other something would happen. She was certain that Teresa would not tolerate Maria's presence.

The owner of one of the larger nursery/garden stores in town was a friend of the Andersons and Barbara knew that he was going to be putting up a very large display at the show. Two weeks before the show Barbara placed a phone call to Jim Ferguson.

"Ferguson Nursery and Greenhouse, Jim speaking."

"Jim this is Barbara Anderson. How are you?"

"I'm fine. Busy as the dickens getting ready for the show."

"I'm sure you are. Are you having a larger display than last year?"

"Yes we're doing the gardens for the model house complete with working irrigation/sprinkler system and I think we'll have a complete line of power and hand tools on display."

"That sounds great. Have you ever thought about having a hostess demonstrate or display some of the product lines?"

"No I can't say that I ever have considered that, but it is an interesting idea. Are you looking for a job Barbara? You could dress up like one of those Tool Time girls from the old Tim Allen show." Jim teased.

"Good gosh no. You couldn't afford me Jim. I just thought if you had a model there, very attractive and tastefully dressed; you might hold the customers around your display longer. You know it's mostly men who buy those tools and a little eye candy for them wouldn't hurt anything." Barbara was really planting the seeds in Jim's psyche.

"You know you're right. That is a good idea. Got anyone in mind?"

"What would you think about a very attractive Spanish girl? Dark hair, dark eyes and curves in all the right places. Not some rail thin runway model."

"This sounds better all the time. What do you suppose this will cost me and how do I contact her?" Jim asked.

"I think you could get her for $500 a day. You can reach her at 555 -- 1212. Ask for Maria. She works at the Gentlemen's Club."

Jim hesitated for a moment. "I don't know Barbara. I don't want some stripper working for me."

"She's trying to make some extra money so she can get out of that line of work." Barbara lied through her teeth. "All the money she makes beyond living expenses she saves to pay for college. She wants to go to med school and eventually become a gynecologist." Barbara's skill at falsehoods knew no boundaries. "But she is very proud and resents anyone trying to help her so what ever you do don't tell her I told you to call. And don't mention anything about college."

"All right it's worth checking out. And having her there should improve sales enough to justify the cost."

"Thank you Jim. I'm sure you'll be very happy."

Jim Ferguson did indeed contact the Gentlemen's Club and spoke with Maria. He even went so far as to stop out there to "check out the goods". Not disappointed by what he saw, Jim and Maria came to an agreement. Jim described what she was to do during the show hours and how to dress. Maria described to him what she thought she would be wearing and Jim decided that it was appropriate. The deal was sealed with a handshake. Barbara's plan was coming together. She could hardly wait until the Home and Garden Show opened.

The show opened for a three-day run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Ferguson Nursery did indeed have one of the largest displays in the entire show. A garden complete with flowerbeds, functioning water fountains and ponds, and the blue grass turf lawn had been installed around the model home. To one side of the front of the home, on vertical racks, was a display of power tools available for use in the garden. On another rack was a collection of hand tools. The usual rakes, shovels and trowels. On the other side of the home, just off the edge of the turf, was the nursery's new flatbed truck. The cab was polished to a high sheen with the new nursery logo on the doors. Jim had even gone so far as to polish and wax the aluminum diamond plate truck bed. There were no sides on the truck just the flatbed. On the bed of the truck just behind the cab was a 100 gallon water tank and pump. This was used to operate the irrigation system that had been installed in the flowerbeds and the turf. There was also a display on a vertical rack several different types of lawn sprinklers. All of these were plumbed to the water tank on the truck. Each had its own supply line running from a manifold off the pump. There were separate valves for each application. And with all that temporary plumbing the aluminum diamond plate usually had a bit of standing water on it, at least the area close to the tank.

The Friday show did well and Maria did a good job of displaying the various items the nursery had to offer. Saturday's show was usually the best attended and had the largest crowds. Jim explained this to Maria and asked that she look her best. Maria arrived promptly at 11 o'clock on Saturday morning to start the day's show.

"Okay Maria we're going to be busy today. Try to push the power tools as much as you can, those are the ones that make us the most money. By the way you are looking exceptionally nice today." Jim complemented.

"Thanks, I'll go over and get things ready." Jim watched with more than a passing interest as Maria walked away from him toward the tool racks.

Maria was wearing a light beige, short-sleeved, wrap around dress that tied at the waist. The V-neck gave just a hint of cleavage. The dress was well fitted as to leave no doubt about the ample nature of Maria's bust and bottom. The skirt length was just above the knee and Maria's heels gave her derrière a nice sway as she walked. The wrap around style of the dress included a very modest part in the skirt that allowed a good view of Maria's thigh when walking. Maria's long jet black hair was worn loosely below her shoulders.

The show was in full swing when Teresa arrived at 1:30 p.m ... She had come by herself and was dressed in a jade green sundress. Strapless with a tube top, the skirt portion was loose and flowing to the hem that was just above Teresa's knee. The skirt may have been loose and flowing but the tube top was anything but. Bare shoulders gave way to Teresa's expansive bust that was contained by the elastic properties of the tube top. Not wearing hose because of the warm day, Teresa's legs were attractively smooth and bare. Completing her wardrobe, Teresa was wearing a pair of high heeled sandals. Teresa had been at the show approximately 20 minutes when she found herself approaching the Ferguson Nursery display. As luck would have it Maria was just beginning a demonstration.

"Here we have the latest in leaf blowers; this runs on a two cycle engine and can double as a small capacity leaf shredder." Maria was doing her best Vanna White.

She didn't actually start the blower and operate it; Maria would just take it down off the rack and parade in front of the gathered group. Of course the group was 95% men. Maria picked up on this fact very quickly and was doing more than a little vamping. As she put the leaf blower back on the rack she bent ever so slightly at the waist to pick up the next item, which was a power hedge trimmer. Knowing that she had an appreciative audience, Maria paused for a moment and let them get a good look at her nicely rounded Latin ass. Turning to her audience Maria rested a hedge trimmer on one hip allowing her left leg to push through the slit in her skirt. This gave those in attendance a fetching view of Maria's thigh.

Teresa heard a familiar voice before she was close enough to identify its source. Pushing through the collection of men at one side of the gathering, Teresa made a discovery.

"I thought I knew that voice," Teresa thought to herself. "How did that b*tch Maria get this job? I can't let her see me."

Teresa faded back into the crowd and sought another vantage point. She walked to the other side of the display and stood near the nursery truck. The more Teresa watched Maria vamp for the crowd the more annoyed she became. Teresa watched Maria finish her pitch on the power trimmer and select another tool. This time as Maria selected another item she pointed her fanny more directly at the crowd and bent further at the waist. A few scattered wolf whistles rang out much to Maria's appreciation. Teresa began to seethe.

"She's starting to act just like she does in that club. I suppose she expects dollar bills come floating down to her." Teresa walked around to the back of the truck.

There she saw the various hoses and plumbing used to operate the sprinkling equipment. Her eyes followed the water lines to their destinations. Suddenly she was inspired with a scheme to "cool off" the hot Latin. All the controls for the water system were at the tank and Teresa would have to climb up to the flatbed. Seeing no way to access it from the back, Teresa walked back to the public side by the cab. Grabbing the door handle Teresa pulled herself up on the steps of the cab. Keeping herself steady with the handle and with her left foot on the top step Teresa made the long step up to the corner of the truck bed with her right foot. If anyone there had not been so intent on watching Maria they would have been treated to free view of a great deal of Teresa's legs. However no one seemed to notice except for one other person. Barbara Anderson had covertly slipped into the model home and had watched Teresa's arrival.

Maria was deep into her sales pitch and was positioned directly in front of the sprinkler display. She paused there to go on about the unique aspects of that product. Up on the bed of the truck Teresa looked down at all the valves.
Thinking to herself "Well no telling which one does what let's open this one." With that rationale Teresa opened up one of the valves on the manifold. The water pump kicked in and pressure filled the line. Had she planned this Teresa could not made a better selection for her intended purpose. The sprinkler directly behind Maria sputtered twice then came to life under full pressure. A stream of water hit Maria directly in the ass. Shocked by the sudden shower Maria let out a whoop and turned around quickly to see what was going on. She was met by a stream of water directly in the chest. Maria sputtered and held her hands out in front of her to try and block the spray. Delighted by what she had started Teresa quickly turned the other valves to the open position. The other five sprinklers all came to life with the unfortunate Maria centered in the path of their spray. Those in the audience quickly found this to be most amusing as the sophisticated and attractive hostess was quickly becoming soaked. From her vantage point in the house Barbara had watched Teresa take her position on the flatbed truck. With some mischief of her own in mind Barbara stealthily made her way to the truck and slipped inside the cab from the back side.

With all water valves opened and the pump working hard to maintain pressure, Teresa took advantage of her elevated position to watch Maria's impromptu shower. With hands-on hips Teresa laughed heartily at what she had started. There was an added bonus to those who were near Maria. As her beige dress absorbed moisture it began to take on a transparent quality. It was clear Maria had declined to wear a bra that day. Her brown nipples were beginning to show through the damp fabric. Maria tried to cover her chest with her arms as she crouched and turned her back towards the audience. Of course she was as wet in the rear is in the front and her brown skin showed through the tight material of her dress that covered her ass. And it was then discovered that Maria was wearing a hot pink thong. As she was turning to avoid the water spray Maria did look towards the flatbed truck and saw Teresa being greatly amused by her embarrassment.

Teresa was so enthralled with what she had done and with Maria's humiliating shower that she never noticed Barbara sneaking into the cab of the truck. Barbara looked at the dash and pressed the switch labeled "hoist". The bed of the truck began to rise to the dump position. Teresa felt the bed move and she grabbed the headache rack for support. As the elevation increased she found it increasingly difficult to maintain her footing on the wet and waxed truck bed. Feet slipping underneath her Teresa lost her footing on the steep angle and fell flat on her bottom legs spread and straight in front of her. Teresa let out a short scream as she lost her footing, this drew the audience as attention away from Maria's soaking as they turned to watch Teresa's dilemma. She began to slide down the truck bed but managed to grab the headache rack with the fingertips of one hand. The truck bed lurched slightly as it reached the apex. That was all that was needed for Teresa to lose her saving hold. Faster than she could react to gain another hold Teresa began to slide down the length of the truck bed. As she picked up speed, Teresa's dress was riding up and exposing most of her legs. The water tank was securely strapped down, but the lid to the fill opening had been left off. Gallons of water were splashing down the angled bed of the truck. Seeing the end of the truck bed rapidly approaching Teresa prepared herself to slide off onto the arena floor. Suddenly, Teresa was plunged into darkness. She felt her feet come in contact with the floor and the sensation that her tube top was being pulled up. Still in darkness Teresa realized her predicament. Her first indication was the sensation of cool, wet metal touching the back of her thighs and her pantied ass. What had happened was that the hem of Teresa's dress had caught on one of the cleats used to tie down loads to the truck. The hem snagged solidly as Teresa continued to slide. Now she was standing at the end gate of the truck with her dress over her head. The crowd was enjoying the sight of Teresa's distress. The skirt portion was pulled up just to the point where the tube top began. And everyone was getting a good look at Teresa's legs, white bikini panties, and bare torso. Struggling to free herself and free her skirt, Teresa turned and offered the crowd a delectable view of her derrière. Soaked with tank water, her panties were practically transparent.

The crowd was now paying attention to Teresa's struggles. Maria forced her way through the phalanx of onlookers to get to her tormentor. Maria broke through the last line of onlookers and saw the state Teresa was in. Teresa of course couldn't see anything with her skirt up over her head and was preoccupied by trying to get free. She could hear the laughter and catcalls from the crowd and could only imagine the show she was putting on. Seeing that Teresa was extremely vulnerable, Maria had an idea. Waiting for Teresa to turn back toward the crowd, Maria took action.

"Here Mrs. Scalia let me help you." With that Maria squatted and grabbed both of Teresa's ankles and pulled. Teresa heard the voice and felt something grip each of her ankles. She made the incorrect assumption that someone was coming to her aid and ceased her struggles. Teresa's assumption was soon proved erroneous as whoever had hold of her ankles was attempting to pull her off her feet. With a firm grip on Teresa's ankles, Maria pulled backwards and stood straight up. Teresa's high heeled sandals offered little traction on the smoothly troweled concrete floor. Teresa's legs were effectively pulled out from under her. Back pressed against the truck bed and unable to resist, Teresa began to slide to the floor. She could feel the lower edge of the tube top began to creep over her breasts. Her nipples were rubbing on the ridges of the material. The tube top began to peel inside out. First the lower half of Teresa's breasts came into view. Then the top peeled back and Teresa's nipples popped into view. As her descent continued, Teresa's arms were forced over her head as she slipped out of her sundress. Finally Teresa fell again flat on her bottom. Teresa was still in darkness as her arms and head were still trapped within the tube top. Maria however wasn't done with her work and continued to pull Teresa by the ankles. Teresa's pantied derrière slid easily across the wet concrete and freed her from the confines of her dress. Mrs. Scalia was quite a sight sitting on the concrete with her nicely rounded boobs completely in the open. Maria let go of Teresa's ankles and took a couple steps back, laughing at the soccer mom's situation. Dazed, Teresa was sitting on the concrete practically spread eagled. Her white panties had been thoroughly soaked and her dark pubic hair was evident beneath the wet material. Teresa's hands traced over her breasts down to her belly as if to verify that she did indeed lose her clothing. Of course the crowd cheered mightily at this new show. Teresa looked up and saw Maria standing over her with a determined look in her eye. Teresa tried to cover her breasts with one arm. Fearful of having to endure another public spanking at the hands of Maria, Teresa scrambled to her feet and looked for an exit. Maria took a threatening step towards Teresa. Taking the initiative, Teresa made two strategic moves. First she grabbed the string securing Maria's dress and pulled. The soaked material opened easily from the V-neck to the hem. Secondly, she gave Maria a shove to create enough distance for retreat. Teresa grabbed her dress and pulled it free of the cleat as she ran off. Running toward the exit, Teresa tried to wrap herself in the dress while the crowd enjoyed the sight of her well defined derrière bouncing into the distance. Maria began to go after Teresa, but after a couple steps she realized her dress was practically wide open in front. This did not go unnoticed by the crowd. Maria's ample breasts were on a brief display and her gumdrop nipples were quite erect from the cold water shower. She hastily pulled her dress back together and secured the tie. Determined not to let her get away, Maria made a determined pursuit.

As she passed the cab of the truck Maria heard someone say to her "Check Suite 115. You might find her there."

Maria looked up to the cab and saw Barbara Anderson. Nodding her head Maria went to find the suite. The crowded closed in behind Teresa's route of retreat and Maria had to struggle mightily to push through them. This gave Teresa a strategic head start. Running to the side ramps Teresa headed towards the second-level where the luxury boxes were located. Barbara's advice to Maria was dead on. Barbara knew the Scalias, or rather Dominic's bank, leased one of the boxes and that Teresa would use that as a secure refuge.

Running up the ramps to the second-level, Teresa quickly found Suite 115. The doors were secured by a keypad security lock and Teresa rapidly entered the code and went through the door. She secured the deadbolt and breathed a sigh of relief. The suites were almost the equivalent of a studio apartment. There were comfortable chairs, a couch, a flatscreen HD television, and a wet bar. There was even a three-quarter bath in the layout. Making sure to stay well back from the windowed front of the suite, Teresa sat on the couch to take a breather. When Teresa's butt made contact with cushions of the sofa she realized exactly how wet her panties had become. Knowing they would quickly become uncomfortable Teresa slipped them off and d****d them over the arm of one of the chairs to dry. Teresa examined her sundress for damage and to see if it was still wearable. After all she did have to find a way out of the Events Center, preferably clothed. Finding the dress still wearable Teresa stepped into the adjoining bathroom. Gathering the skirt portion Teresa put her arms to the tube top and worked it down over her head and shoulders. Arms over the top edge of the tube top she pulled it down to the proper position giving a few adjustments at the top edge for comfort. Smoothing the skirt out, Teresa checked herself out of the full-length mirror. As best she could she made a few adjustments to her hair and makeup. She then went back and sat on the couch.

"I'll just stay here for a while and then slip out to my car and head home." Teresa thought.

About that time Maria had found Suite 115. Thinking ahead Maria had a strategy in mind to gain access to the room. She knocked on the door. In a heavy Mexican accent Maria called out "Housekeeping" and then tried the handle on the door knowing that it would be locked.

"Who the hell is that?" Teresa thought. She went to the door and commanded "Who is it?"

Maria knew she had Teresa right where she wanted her. The trick was to get her to open the door. Staying in character Maria replied "Housekeeping signora."

"I don't need anything. Go away and come back tomorrow."

"No hablo signora. Housekeeping."

"I said I don't need anything. Now go away." Teresa said forcefully.

"No hablo signora. Por favor. Housekeeping"

"Oh for God Sakes, all right come in then." Teresa said with disgust.

Teresa undid the locks, turned her back to the door and walked to the other side of the suite with her arms crossed looking out the window. Maria heard the locks open and slowly pushed open the door. Seeing Teresa facing away from her she silently stepped into the room closing the door and locking it behind her. Pausing for a moment Maria looked at Teresa. The intense light from the arena shown in to the darkened suite. Maria could clearly see through the material of Teresa's sundress and was admiring the lines of Teresa's legs and hips. Maria also noticed the panties d****d over the arm of the sofa.

"Well hello Mrs. Scalia. Are we going commando today?" Maria said in a low voice.

"What!" exclaimed Teresa as she spun around to face Maria.

Totally taken by surprise, Teresa pondered her next move. She looked Maria up and down taking in all of Maria's physical attributes. The soaked dress left little to the imagination. Maria's ample breasts were pressing hard against the soaked beige fabric. Her brown areolas could be faintly seen and her gumdrop nipples were prominent. The dress clung to Maria's torso and hips. Maria was standing with her legs apart and her left thigh was through the separation of her dress. Recalling the last time they had met Teresa felt some mounting arousal. She wondered if she would again be across the thighs of the Latin with her bottom vulnerable. Part of her wish this would happen again and possibly lead to other things.

Maria was doing her own appraisal. Now that Teresa was facing her Maria could see her breasts rise and fall with her quickened breathing. She watched Teresa put her hands to her side and then subtly placed them on either side just below her hip. Teresa's legs were shoulder width apart and Maria could see, through the dress material, the silhouette of Teresa's pussy.

"That was a very bad thing you did Teresa. Now you know what happens to people who do bad things to me. Did Barbara tell you what happened to her when we caught her spying? You were in on that too, weren't you?" Maria asked.

"I don't know anything about that. I don't talk to Barbara Anderson. You need to get out of here and leave me alone." Teresa countered.

"Oh I think you know all about it. In fact I think Barbara did a little payback on you today."

"I doubt that very much. Barbara Anderson wasn't even in the building. Quit making up lies."

Maria laughed derisively "Oh she was very much in the building. Who do you think tipped the truck bed?"

"You're a liar. I don't believe you."

"If I'm such a liar, you stupid housewife, how do you think I found out you'd be in this room? She gave you up just like you gave her up that night at the club when you were spying. And now Mrs. Scalia it's time to pay the piper."

"That b*tch Barbara did sell me out" Teresa thought. A bolt of fear shot through Teresa's belly when she recalled Maria's words of "paying the piper."

Maria took two steps towards Teresa and grabbed the top hem of her tube top with her right hand getting forefingers directly into Teresa's cleavage. With her left she got a good handful of Teresa's hair. Teresa reacted by gripping Maria's left wrist with both hands to lessen the pull on her hair, but did not make an aggressive move of her own. Heading for the couch, Maria sat down and pulled Teresa over her lap. Giving up her grip on the tube top Maria took hold of Teresa's right wrist and used it to control her by pulling her arm behind her back. Teresa knew what was coming and although she wanted to fight she also wanted to submit. She kicked and squirmed but knew that Maria could control her as well as she did in the boxing ring. Maria was enjoying this to no end and taunted Teresa.

"Here we are again sweetie. You know I've been waiting for this, another chance to get my hand on this lovely ass. I'm really gone enjoy this."

Maria began pulling up the skirt portion of Teresa's dress and exposing her round butt. Shoving the material up past Teresa's waist, she gathered it and held it in place with the hand that was holding Teresa's arm. Maria's right hand gently came down and rested on Teresa's hip just above the swell of her right butt cheek. The instant she felt Maria's touch, Teresa ceased struggling. Maria could feel her relax over her lap and she let loose her hold on Teresa's arm. With her arm free, Teresa made no aggressive move she merely placed it on the couch cushion and supported her torso on her elbows. Her back arched and her butt pointing upward, Teresa's body language made clear she was ready for Maria's attentions. Although Teresa was completely vulnerable, Maria took a different tack. Her right hand did not deliver any punishment to Teresa's derrière. The truth is Maria had been somewhat obsessed with Teresa and in particular Teresa's spectacular ass ever since that night in the boxing ring. Maria slid her right hand over the swell of Teresa's butt and cupped it. Gentle squeezes and caresses followed. Teresa sighed loudly and dropped her head. Maria's hand went to the other cheek and massage did as well. Teresa shifted slightly on Maria's lap and spread her legs, making an invitation through body language. Maria's fingers traced the interior valley of Teresa's ass sliding down to gently touch the outer lips of her pussy. At this new sensation Teresa's hips began to squirm.

Caressing Teresa's bottom, Maria bent forward and whispered in her ear "That is so lovely Mrs. Scalia. I do believe you're ready for more."

With her hands Maria gently guided Teresa off her lap and onto the couch in a sitting position. Maria's left hand held the nape of Teresa's neck as Maria kissed her. Teresa resisted slightly at first, but gave in to her forbidden desires. Maria's lips parted and her tongue sought Teresa's. Teresa's mouth willingly opened and their tongues met. During their kiss Maria's right hand was traveling up Teresa's torso and found her ample breast. Squeezing through the material of the top, Maria was searching for a nipple. Breaking off the kiss, Maria placed both hands on Teresa's top and peeled it down just low enough to where her nipples popped free. Maria's eyes grew large as she saw Teresa's hardening nipples. The light brown areolas were shrinking and Teresa's pencil eraser nipples were becoming stiff. Unable to resist Maria lowered her head and took Teresa's left nipple into her mouth. Flicking and swirling with her tongue Maria teased the nipple into even greater stimulation. Teresa's head fell back and she moaned as Maria worked on the nipple. With a popping sound Maria released it from her mouth. With gentle kisses and an occasional touch of the tongue Maria worked her way over to the other side. This time Maria teased with a light flick of the tongue on the very tip. She then pulled back to watch the effect. Again as with the other, the nipple and areola shrunk and wrinkled. Again she flicked it lightly with her tongue feeling how it would bend then snap back to attention. This was having a serious effect on Teresa. She moaned again and rubbed her thighs together. Her skirt was still bunched up at the waist and Teresa's hands were in her lap. Maria then went to serious work taking the nipple and her mouth and began swirling her tongue about it. Teresa responded by pushing her chest towards Maria. Maria then began sucking on the nipple in earnest. Breaking off once again Maria gave Teresa another passionate kiss on the mouth and then stood up. Taking Teresa's hand in hers she placed it on the string tie of her dress. Teresa knew exactly what Maria wanted and undid the knot. Although still wet from the lawn sprinkler shower, the front of the dress opened up. Maria, with her shoulders back and breasts pushed forward, slipped the dress off her shoulders. Sliding over her arms it fell to the floor and Teresa took in the sight of Maria standing there only in her hot pink thong and heels. Teresa's eyes traced up Maria's strong shapely legs and paused at the pink panel at her crotch. The waistband of the thong was well supported by Maria's shapely hips. Continuing up Maria's torso Teresa stifled gasp at the sight of Maria's boobs. Large and firm Maria's boobs sported impressive nipples. The areolas were dark brown and quite large in diameter. Her nipples could be described as gumdrop sized. Rising and falling with her breaths, Maria's nipples were quite hard as well. For a few moments Maria stood and actually posed for Teresa, allowing the soccer mom take a good look at all the goods.

Maria slowly brought her hands up over the tops of her thighs and briefly touched herself through the pink thong. She then traced the path along her torso and slowly cupped her breasts. Teresa was mesmerized by this. Having a little more fun with Teresa's rapt attention, Maria lightly rubbed the index finger of each hand back and forth across the tip of her nipples. A few seconds of this then Maria stepped directly in front of Teresa and gently placed both hands on either side of her face. With a soft touch Maria guided Teresa's mouth to her left breast. Teresa's mouth opened and her tongue tentatively extended to make contact. She made a few exploratory flicks and then circled the nipple. Feeling it stiffen Teresa pursed her lips and gently sucked. Maria continued to hold Teresa's head in place as she too was enjoying the activity. While mouthing Maria's nipple Teresa's hands were roaming. Lightly skimming the back of Maria's thighs Teresa's fingers and hands found a hold on Maria's curvy bottom. Exploratory squeezes showed Teresa that Maria's ass was indeed firm and quite possibly equal of her own. Teresa let go the left nipple and worked over to the right, this time using her mouth with more intensity. Hands still on Maria's ass, Teresa hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the thong and slowly began to work it down. Maria took both her hands in hers and stopped the progress.

"Not just yet Mrs. Scalia, we'll get there, give it time." Maria whispered. "Stand up."

Teresa stood directly in front of Maria. Maria gathered Teresa's skirt and began to raise it. With Teresa helping, Maria lifted the dress over her head and shoulders. When it was free, Maria let it drop to the floor. Teresa was now naked save for her heels. It was now Maria's turn to take in all that Teresa had to show. Acting demurely, Teresa covered her pubic triangle with her hands and looked to the floor. Then perhaps something in her Italian heritage took over. She raised her head proudly and looked Maria in the eye with her shoulders back and her chest out. With just a hint of defiance, Teresa placed her hands on her hips. Teresa's round breasts were heaving with her arousal and her nipples were rock hard. Maria took this all in as well, taking in Teresa's strong legs and womanly hips. Maria and appreciated the very slight bulge of Teresa's belly. And she was intrigued by the obvious intense arousal exhibited by Teresa's nipples. Maria stepped to Teresa's side and slightly behind her. She kissed Teresa on the neck and put her right arm around Teresa's waist. Teresa leaned back into Maria and felt Maria's hard nipples press against the skin of her back. Maria's left hand found Teresa's breast with its thumb and forefinger tweaking and kneading the already hard nipple. In slow sensuous circles Maria rubbed Teresa's stomach, slowly working lower. Her fingers combed through Teresa's dark pubic hair. Teresa moaned and leaned back even harder as Maria's fingers found Teresa's pussy. Sliding her long middle finger through Teresa's slit, Maria discovered that area to be already well lubricated. While she worked her magic with her fingers Maria pressed her crotch against Teresa's butt rhythmically rubbing herself. Single-handedly Maria's spread Teresa's labia and went directly for her clit. Her well moistened finger massaged the sensitive bud. Teresa was now moaning constantly in risen to her bucking hips. She gave out a loud moan and shoved her ass directly back into Maria's crotch when she felt Maria penetrate her.
"You are very responsive." Maria whispered into Teresa's ear. And she gave earlobe a quick flick of her tongue. Maria placed her hands on Teresa's shoulders and guided her to the sofa. Trying to anticipate what was coming, Teresa lay back on the sofa with her head resting on the arm and one leg up on the back. She had one hand on her pussy, not to cover or conceal it, but to give a few masturbatory strokes of her own. Of course in this position her pussy was wide open and ready for what Maria had in store.

"No dear, I want you this way" Maria said as her hands went to Teresa's hips and guided her to turn over.

Teresa did as ordered and was on hands and knees on the sofa with her magnificent ass in the air. Resting on elbows and with her legs spread Teresa looked back. With one hand on each of Teresa's ass cheeks Maria knelt behind her. She began with light kisses on Teresa's ass moving from one cheek to the other. Then she kissed her way down one thigh, switch to the other side and kissed her way back up. Teresa was absolutely panting with desire and anticipation. Again taking a firm grip on Teresa's ass Maria gave a long exploratory lick to her pussy. Up and down four or five times then she zeroed in on the clit. Teresa's hips were moving in rhythm pushing against Maria's face. Maria massaged Teresa's ass and was slowly sneaking the thumb of her right hand in between Teresa's ass cheeks. Teresa had completely given away to her desire and was focused solely on the pleasure she was feeling. She gasped loudly when Maria dipped her thumb into her pussy. Working her thumb in the pussy Maria gathered well lubricated for she had something else in mind. Teresa's orgasm was building when she felt the thumb withdraw. Maria continued licking and sucking on Teresa's clitoris when her thumb found its target. Maria could tell that Teresa was very close and to put her over the top Maria pressed her thumb to Teresa's anus. Teresa threw her head up and looked back at Maria. Maria gave a sly smile and increased the pressure on Teresa's ass hole.

"No, don't do that." Teresa said as she pulled away from Maria and lay flat on the sofa. Teresa turned slightly and grabbed Maria's wrist to stop her from doing anything else.

"Now listen Mrs. Scalia, no one said this was all about you. And what you want. Now get your ass up here." Maria pulled the wrist of her right hand free from Teresa.

With her left hand she got a good grip on Teresa's hair, with her right hand she hooked Teresa's hip and pulled her back up to her doggy position. Teresa tried to resist Maria. Maria decided it was time to squelch Teresa's slight rebellion. Maria's right hand came down hard on Teresa's ass leaving a definite red mark on the right butt cheek. Teresa gasped in shock and submitted immediately. Maria worked the index and middle fingers of her right hand into Teresa's pussy. Starting a rapid rhythm she soon had Teresa back under control. Teresa was again climbing the orgasmic summit as Maria's thumb again sought the forbidden territory. Her thumb tip circled Teresa's anal rim a few times and then found the center.

"Oh dear god!" Teresa's head dropped as Maria's thumb gained entry.

Her hips bucked wildly against Maria's penetration. Keeping her thumb in place, Maria pulled out her fingers and replaced them with her lips and tongue. Feeling though sensations at her pussy Teresa rammed her butt back against Maria's face and stopped moving completely. Her whole body shuddered as her orgasm went through her. Even though she knew Teresa had cum, Maria kept licking and working her thumb in her ass. It was more than Teresa could take she jumped forward on the sofa and quickly lay on her side with her head over the end of the sofa.

Wiping Teresa's moisture from her mouth, Maria looked down the spent Italian housewife who was breathing hard trying to recover. Kneeling on the floor next to Teresa, Maria kissed her on the cheek and said "Wasn't that fun? I was right. I knew you'd be a firecracker in the right hands. I could tell that night in the ring when I had my hands on this big ass of yours." Maria gave Teresa another kiss while she slowly massaged the red area on Teresa's ass. Seeing that Teresa had caught her breath, Maria gave her a pat on the bottom to bring her back to reality. "My turn now sweetie" Maria cooed. With a bit of a groan Teresa rose to a sitting position with Maria standing directly in front of her. Pushing her hair back out of her face, Teresa placed her hands on Maria's hips. Slowly she began to kiss Maria's belly just below the navel. Slow soft kisses from left to right, Teresa's lips worked her way down to the top of the hot pink thong panel. Kissing the panel itself, Teresa hooked her thumbs in the thong's waistband and slid it down over Maria's ass. Teresa pulled her head back and lowered the thong in front revealing Maria's black pubic hair. Lowering the thong to the floor, Maria deftly stepped out of it. Standing with her legs slightly apart Maria placed her hands on Teresa's head. Needing little encouragement or guidance, Teresa moved her face to Maria's pubic triangle. Nose buried in the abundant curls, Teresa could smell the vanilla of Maria's body wash. Kissing around the labia, Teresa's tongue split them apart. Maria took a deep breath as Teresa's tongue found its mark. Teresa's hands took a firm grip on Maria's round butt as her tongue flicked. Kneading the round globes of Maria's ass, Teresa increased the intensity using her fingernails to grip the firm flesh. Pulling the cheeks apart, Teresa's nails dug in. The effects were not lost on Maria as she soon became weak kneed.

"My God I believe you've done this before." Maria gasped as she pushed Teresa's face away from her crotch.

Maria sat down on the couch and laid back with her head resting on one arm and her legs apart. "Now you finish what you started." She commanded.

Teresa kneeled on the couch with her face between Maria's legs. Kissing the inside of each thigh in turn, Teresa was soon back to work on Maria's pussy. Finding the kneeling position cramped, Teresa extended her legs and lay down on her belly. She used her left hand to spread Maria's sex for better access. Teresa's right hand had found its way to Maria's breast. Her thumb and forefinger were working Maria's nipple. Maria was soon ready to peak. Sensing that, Teresa released Maria's breast with her hand and when she felt Maria was on the verge quickly plunged two fingers into her pussy. With hips bucking and with a primal grunt, Maria came to a tumultuous orgasm. Teresa, however, continued her ministrations.

"Stop, sweet Jesus stop!" Maria said as she somewhat forcibly pushed Teresa's face away from her crotch.

Taking a couple seconds to catch her breath, Maria tucked Teresa's arms in her hands and pulled her on top of her. Nipple to nipple the two rivals shared a long kiss with Maria inadvertently tasting some of herself. Cuddling for a few minutes to recover, Maria began to have more ideas. She began kissing Teresa more fervently to lay the groundwork. Her hands again returned to grasp Teresa's ass. Both women were gyrating her hips against each other when Maria made a suggestion.

"Lay on your back Teresa I've got an idea." Maria commanded.

Teresa did as requested lying at back on the couch with her head resting on the left arm. Maria guided her more towards the center of the couch with her head off the arm. Then Maria slid off the couch and stood. Stepping towards Teresa's head she raised her left leg and straddled her. What Maria had in mind was a mutually beneficial position, namely the classic 69. Teresa felt Maria placed her hands on her inner thighs and open them. One hand was soon rubbing her pussy and beginning to build that internal fire. Teresa's eyes were closed and when she opened them she realized the close view she had of the Latin's ass. She put one hand on each cheek and began slow intense squeezes working her thumbs towards the center. Teresa would then raised her head and give Maria's pussy a few licks. Seeing Maria's ass in this position and this close gave Teresa the idea that turnabout could indeed be fair play. Continuing her massaging with her left hand Teresa slowly worked her right hand towards Maria's slit. Teresa dipped her thumb in the wet valley as far as she could. Working her thumb in and out Teresa could tell Maria was lost in reverie. It was at this point Teresa's index finger found Maria's anus. It was difficult for Teresa to maintain her concentration given the attention Maria was giving to Teresa's pussy. Teresa persevered regardless and her index finger found its mark. Maria threw her head back as Teresa's finger went into the first knuckle without benefit of lubrication. Maria pressed her ass down on Teresa's face causing her finger to intrude even deeper. Teresa began licking in earnest with the tip of her tongue finding Maria's clit and her finger rapidly pulsing back-and-forth. It was more than Maria could take, her orgasm came quickly with a volume of wetness drenching Teresa's mouth. The unexpected shower shocked Teresa. She forcibly pushed Maria's ass away from her and Maria fell forward on the couch. Teresa coughed and gagged slightly as she wiped the moisture from her face. Maria looked back at her and laughed.

"A little surprised there sweetie? You should be careful what you play with and what might happen when you do." Maria said with a gentle laugh as she was nearly exhausted.

She turned over and lay back on the couch looking at Teresa. "It's not that bad now was it? You should learn to appreciate some of the finer things."

"That was disgusting" Teresa said as she continued wiping her face.

Rising from the couch, Maria retrieved her thong from the carpeted floor and stepped into it ... Pulling the waistband up over her hips she adjusted the panel while watching Teresa's hands busily wipe her face. Maria then picked up her water soaked dress from the floor. Seeing that it was still quite saturated she threw it over the back of the couch and grabbed Teresa's green sundress. After making a quick appraisal, Maria slipped the dress over her head and adjusted the elastic tube top.

"What are you doing with my dress?" Teresa asked with more than a little indignation.

"What does it look like I'm doing? My dress is still soaked and I'm not waiting around here for it to dry. So I'm taking yours." Maria said flippantly.

"So what am I supposed to do?" asked Teresa with growing irritation.

"Wait here until hell freezes over or the dress dries or wear it wet, I really don't care." Maria responded.

Maria ran her fingers through her hair and checked her appearance in the mirror. She made a slight adjustment to the tube top and then stepped over to Teresa who was still sitting on the couch wondering about her clothing. Maria bent down and kissed Teresa passionately on the mouth. Maria's right hand cupped Teresa's left breast with her thumb and forefinger finding the nipple. As they kissed Maria tweaked the nipple gently returning it to full erection.

Breaking off the kiss but maintaining her touch on Teresa's breast Maria said "It has been fun Mrs. Scalia. You know where to find me if you should want to play again."

Maria's left hand found Teresa's other breast and nipple and began gently kneading it. Teresa gave a slight gasp when Maria's hand found her other breast and the kneading action on her nipples soon had her becoming aroused again.

"And if you want to get some revenge on Mrs. Anderson, I might be persuaded to help. Who knows, it could be quite fun."

With that Maria walked out of the suite leaving Teresa naked on the couch breathing heavily. Teresa's hands covered her breasts and gently gauged the stiffness of her own nipples.

"Revenge on Barbara, yes that might be fun."
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Default Teresa Scalia: Barbara and the New Principal Come to an Understanding

Teresa Scalia: Barbara and the New Principal Come to an Understanding

A new school year was beginning. Chad Anderson and DJ Scalia were discussing the prospects for their final year at middle school.

"I guess we're getting a new principal. Ms. Abercrombie retired." DJ remarked to Chad.

"Let's hope she's not some old bag that'll make us have detention for looking cross eyed" said Chad.

The boys were right they are getting a new principal but she will prove to be anything but an old bag. Meanwhile, Barbara Anderson is on the phone with her friend Rhonda.

"Yes Rhonda, Chad is all ready for the new school year. I just got his schedule and I'm looking it over now. I've got some things to finish up. I'll talk to you later" Barbara said as she hung up the phone.

Barbara went over Chad's class schedule and did a mental checklist: American history yes, algebra yes, physical science yes, band yes, Barbara looked for but could not find Chad's assignment for the Advanced Placement class that they had requested last year. Barbara quickly looked up the number for Chad's middle school and placed a call. Reaching the secretary, Barbara was informed that she would need to discuss her concerns with the principal and an appointment was made for the next day.

At 2 PM the following afternoon Barbara arrived at the school. Barbara was dressed casually in a pink warm-up suit and tennis shoes. Finding the principal's office she checked in with the secretary.

"Hello, my name is Barbara Anderson and I have an appointment with the principal. I'm sorry I don't know her name" Barbara said cordially.

"Yes Mrs. Anderson, Principal Smithson is expecting you. You may go right in."

Barbara walked up to the office door and saw stenciled on the glass "Michelle Smithson, Principal. Giving the door a polite knock Barbara opened and entered the office. Michelle Smithson had her back to the door and was examining some spreadsheets laid out on a long table. With her hands on the table, Michelle was slightly bent at the waist. Michelle was wearing a simple white long sleeve blouse tucked into a very form fitting pair of black slacks. As she heard the knock and the door opening Michelle turned to greet her visitor.

"Mrs. Anderson, so very nice to meet you. What is it I can do for you?"

Before speaking, Barbara made a quick assessment of Michelle Smithson's looks. At 5 foot 4 and 32 years of age, Michelle was a strawberry blond, her hair length just above her shoulders and was styled in a casual, layered look. The blouse left little to the imagination that Michelle was indeed quite busty. In fact the buttons were showing a bit of a strain with the top two open and a hint of cleavage showing. And the slacks also indicated this principal had a strong pair of thighs connected to what could be most accurately called a "bubble butt". Heels clicking on the wooden floor, Michelle stepped towards Barbara with a hand extended. Barbara also noticed a definite bounce in Michelle's bosom as she walked.

While she took Michelle's hand Barbara was thinking "Seems she's dressed a little risqué for middle school administrator. I wonder who she's trying to impress? And she needs a bra with a little more support."

"Thank you for meeting with me. I wanted to inquire why my son Chad was not included in the Advanced Placement class that we had registered for last spring."

"Please have a seat." offered Michelle. Barbara placed herself in the chair designated for visitors while Michelle leaned back against her desk. "Mrs. Anderson, that class unfortunately was over booked. The school had to make some very difficult decisions. I'm sorry Chad will not be able to participate, but it is what it is."

"Isn't there something that could be done? Chad exceeded all the minimum requirements and his father and I really want him in this course to prepare him for high school and then on the college." Barbara asked.

"Hi Michelle" a cheery voice came from behind Barbara. "I just wanted to thank you for getting DJ into that Advanced Placement class. Dominic and I really appreciate it."

Barbara turned her head to acknowledge the voice behind her. Her mouth dropped open as it was none other than her nemesis Teresa Scalia.

"No problem at all Teresa, glad I can do you a favor." Michelle said.

Barbara immediately could see the writing on the wall.

"Are you telling me you cut my son from this course to make room for DJ Scalia?"

"Mrs. Anderson I told you the course was over booked and choices had to be made".

Barbara stood up and glared at Teresa. "You again! Causing problems for me isn't enough, you have to meddle in my son's education."

"Oh woe is me, poor Barbie being put upon again." Said Teresa mockingly.

Taking a step towards Teresa, Barbara was quickly intercepted by Michelle who placed a hand on her upper arm.

"Teresa dear, why don't you leave before things get out of hand." Michelle said to Teresa. "I'll take care of this. And please close the door as you leave.".

Turning to face Michelle, Barbara pulled her arm from Michelle's grasp.

"You two know each other?" Barbara exclaimed.

"Why yes. Teresa and I go way back in fact we went to college together." said Michelle. "Oh yes Teresa shared quite a bit of information with me about you. Some of it quite detailed." Michelle said with a condescending chuckle.

"Oh I'm sure she hasn't told you everything. Mrs. Scalia hasn't always been on the winning side of things." Barbara informed Michelle.

Michelle took a step towards Barbara and squared up directly in front of her. Barbara had about a 3 inch height advantage over her. Michelle looked up directly into Barbara's eyes as she pulled her shoulders back and thrust out her chest.

"This is my school and I'm running things here." Michelle said as she emphasized her point with her finger poking Barbara's shoulder. "Your son will get a good education if you don't interfere with my business. You don't want to tangle with me Mrs. Anderson unless you're in for some additional public humiliation. From what I've been told you've been bottoms up over someone's lap more than once. And I think I could accommodate you in that regard quite well."

Barbara took a moment to assess the situation. "She's threatening me with a spanking? Well we'll see about that Ms. Michelle big boobs. But not here and not now I've got to pick a better time."

Not wanting to back down from the assertive school administrator, Barbara thought it best to choose her battles more carefully and have a plan. Pushing Michelle's hand away, Barbara gave her parting remarks.

"All right Ms. Smithson we'll see how this all goes. But I warn you don't try anything with my son." Barbara then turned and swiftly walked out of the office. Michelle watched Barbara as she exited paying particular attention to her saucy bottom in the pink warm-up suit. "Truth be told" Michelle thought to herself "I hope this blonde does try something. It might be fun to bring her down a notch or two."

The school term started without incident. Chad settled well into the academic routine and was making good progress in all subjects. However there was quite a bit of conversing going on between Chad and DJ regarding a mysterious subject. Mysterious that is to Barbara.

One evening Barbara was in the upstairs hallway at the top of the stairs just outside Chad's bedroom. She could hear Chad talking to someone on his phone.

"Are you kidding me! She did that? Were you in her office?" Barbara could hear Chad say. Then there was a pause and Chad took up his side of conversation. "Send me that picture. Do it right away." Another pause "Okay I'm getting it now."

Wondering what could be so interesting, Barbara's ear was glued to the door.

"Wow, this is amazing. I've got to go now DJ. I'll see you tomorrow at school."

Barbara could hear Chad moving around so she quickly headed down the stairs. Later that evening after Chad had gone to sleep, Barbara covertly snuck into his room and got his phone. Scrolling through the picture messages she found the one sent by DJ Scalia and opened it. To her surprise it was Michelle Smithson sitting on the edge of a desk with her skirt hiked up to her upper thighs. The picture was taken from a low angle and there were the legs of student desks visible.

Barbara thought to herself "What is this b*tch doing? Posing for cheesecake pics for middle school boys? I need to show this to Mark."

Showing the photo to her husband did not elicit the desired response.

"Well she certainly is built." Mark said. "I don't see the harm."

"Don't see the harm! She looks like she's trying to seduce him."

"She's not doing anything of the sort. DJ just got his phone out and snapped a quick candid pic of Ms. Smithson showing a little leg. I'm sure she knew nothing about it and would probably be embarrassed."

"Well perhaps we should bring this up when we have our conference next week with her and Chad's teachers. I'm sure she'll like her staff to see this picture."

"There's no reason to spring this on the staff. If you want to bring it up with Ms. Smithson herself that's one thing, but there's no reason to make this a public issue." Mark said with more than a little authority in his voice.

A week passed and Barbara and Mark Anderson arrived at the middle school for their son's conference. All of Chad's teachers were assembled and all had very good things to say about his academics. Michelle was there as well and listened intently. As things wrapped up Michelle spoke directly to Mark.

"I'm very glad you're here Mr. Anderson. It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss your son's work." Michelle said this as she took Mark's hand in her own placing her left hand on top of his. This did not go unnoticed by Barbara. "I hope you won't be a stranger to us. Stop back anytime." Michelle said as she attempted to direct them out of the classroom.

"We're not quite done Ms. Smithson. I have something to show you." With that Barbara took out Chad's phone and brought up the picture. "What do you have to say about that?"

Michelle looked at the picture and betrayed no sign of embarrassment whatsoever. In fact, a very slight, sly grin crossed her face.

"Well, I didn't know I had an admirer in Chad." Michelle handed the phone back to Barbara. She took a couple steps back and sat on the edge of the desk, crossing her legs. Her above the knee skirt rode up significantly showing a good deal of thigh. Mark Anderson took immediate notice as did Barbara.

"Chad is not your admirer, he got this photo from DJ Scalia. Perhaps you should be more careful in your dress and how you seat yourself in front of the students." Barbara said.

Michelle recrossed her legs while looking directly at Mark with her pantyhose making that hissing sound as one thigh rubs against the other.

"Mr. Anderson, may I call you Mark? Your wife is really blowing this completely out of proportion. May I suggest you have a talk with her." Michelle said completely ignoring Barbara.

"Have a talk with me!? There's nothing to have a talk about." Barbara said with increasing irritation.

"I think everything will be fine Michelle. We'll deal with this at home." Mark Anderson said. "Good night and thank you for your help. Come on Barbara let's go home." With that he took Barbara by the arm and led her towards the door.

"I don't think anything's over" Barbara said directing her remarks to Michelle "I'll be watching you."

"Good night" Michelle said in a very saccharine tone.

At the Anderson household a heated discussion was underway. "Barbara do not begin another feud. Things are bad enough with you and Teresa Scalia."

"I'm not starting another feud but I won't be treated like that. And I won't be ignored. And I won't stand for someone vamping my husband right front of me. As if she didn't know about the leg show she was putting on or the two-handed handshake she gave you and the "may I call you Mark" crap."

Time went on through the school year and time came for the year-end award ceremony. Barbara was vice president of the PTA and it was her duty to help plan and organize the ceremony as well as handout awards. Of course Michelle Smithson foiled Barbara in any way she could. In the end she relegated Barbara to a seat in the back row without any other participation. This caused Barbara no small amount of irritation.

The day came for the ceremony and Barbara was helping set up the stage in the school auditorium. Two rows of folding chairs were placed in a semi circle and Barbara was moving the podium to center stage.

"What are you doing with that podium?" Michelle asked Barbara rather pointedly.

"I'm putting it in center stage for the presenters to use for their remarks." answered Barbara.

"Well I don't use the podium, I'll use a hand mike so I can freely move across the stage. Get it out of here right now."

Having had enough of Michelle, Barbara retorted "Okay fine I'll put it back where I found it. You don't have to be a snot about it."

"Don't call me names. You're in my school and you'll do as I tell you. Someone should show you a little discipline. Perhaps you need to be reminded. Teresa gave me a few pointers about you."

Barbara was taken aback at the crack about discipline followed by the allusion to pointers from Teresa. She well remembered being across Teresa's lap with her bottom exposed receiving a sound spanking. Barbara nearly lost her composure and her temper. But she used restraint and reminded herself to choose her battles wisely.

At this time we should describe what our two ladies were wearing this day. Barbara was wearing a burgundy pantsuit with a dark yellow, almost golden blouse under the suit coat. The pants were very form fitting and when she removed the suit jacket the slacks showed her shapely derrière to its best advantage. And she wore a matching pair of burgundy pumps. It was warm in the auditorium and Barbara removed her jacket and d****d it over the back of her chair.

Michelle Smithson wore a straight skirt. Dark gray in color, it was a good 4 inches above her knees. The skirt was very tight for a school administrator and showed off the curves of her hips and bottom. Early arrivers in the auditorium were treated to a sight as Michelle was rearranging some of the folding chairs. Her bottom facing the audience and the hem of her skirt riding up the back of her thighs. Her blouse was a complementary shade of gray with long sleeves and buttoned at the front. As tended to be her style, the blouse hid nothing of her bust line. To round out her ensemble, Michelle was wearing gray hose and black heels.

The auditorium filled with students and parents and the ceremony began. Seated in the audience was Mark Anderson and his son Chad as well as Dominic and Teresa Scalia and their son DJ. Barbara was seated directly behind Michelle on the auditorium stage. Michelle greeted the assemblage and made a few opening remarks. She then turned the program over to the first speaker. Walking back to her seat she gave Barbara a withering look. She then turned and deliberately thrust her derrière towards Barbara as she took her seat. Needless to say Barbara took this as a gross insult. The folding chairs on which they were seated were half open in the back. As Michelle returned to her chair, Barbara had a close-up view of the back of Michelle’s skirt. Barbara noticed a couple of things concerning the skirt. The skirt had a button closure directly in the back above a zipper. The zipper extended from the waist to below the swell of the buttocks. Barbara took note of the fact that the threads holding the button were frayed and a couple had already broken. She also saw that the zipper tab was not folded flat but was protruding out. Barbara saw an opportunity for some mischief.

Barbara grabbed her purse and looked through it for a few useful items.

"All right, there's my nail file, but I need something for the zipper. What could I use?" Barbara schemed. Rummaging around at the bottom of her purse she found a large paperclip. "This should do just fine."

With Michelle seated directly in front of her, Barbara very delicately used the edge of the nail file on the threads of the button closure. Given the tightness of the skirt and the voluptuousness of Michelle's ass, the threads were pulled as tight as piano strings. Using a sawing motion with the edge of the nail file, Barbara cut the threads one at a time. As the last thread came free Barbara caught the large black button in her left hand so it would not make any noise hitting the floor and alert Michelle. Barbara immediately palmed the nail file and assumed a casual pose in case Michelle noticed anything. Surprisingly, there was no reaction on her part even though the zipper opened slightly when the button came off.

"So far so good" Barbara thought. "Now to rig up the coup de grace. If this works our Ms. Smithson will be showing the students, faculty, and parents more than just a little leg."

Taking the paperclip Barbara straightened out most of the bends of the wire. She left a hook in either end and gave the entire piece a slight curve. Now with the utmost care Barbara slipped one of the hooks through the hole in the zipper tab. She then slipped the other hook through one of the vent holes in the back of the folding chair.

"All right everything's set. Now when Principal Bubble Butt stands up there will be a show for everyone." Barbara thought to herself.

The speaker finished his remarks and it was time to hand out awards. Michelle leaned forward to rise from her chair. As she did Barbara put both hands on the chair back and maintained a firm grip. She wanted to be sure that the chair stayed anchored. Michelle leaned forward and began to rise from her chair. Barbara watched as the tension increased on the wire hook in the zipper tab. Michelle continued to rise as the back of her skirt opened up. Barbara deftly unhooked the wire from the chair as the zipper opened fully. Perhaps she was concentrating on her part in the program, amazingly Michelle had no idea her skirt was fully open in the back. Given her vantage point, Barbara got the first look at Michelle's situation and had to stifle a laugh. Michelle’s skirt was open a good 4 inches wide at the waistband and the full 12 inch length of the zipper. Barbara couldn't believe that Michelle didn't notice that her skirt was unzipped. She was also a little surprised that given the shortness of that skirt, Michelle wasn't wearing pantyhose. Evidently she favored thigh highs. As Michelle walked away with her hips swaying, Barbara could see Michelle’s skirt begin to succumb to the laws of gravity. The waistband was slowly inching its way down Michelle's hips.

Michelle walked to center stage, took the mike from the previous speaker and began her remarks. Of course those seated on the stage had a great view. What they were treated with was a very round, well tanned derrière and a goodly amount of asscrack. Those keeping track also noted Michelle's white lace thong. Michelle hadn't yet turned her back side to the audience so only those seated on the stage had a view of her impromptu show. Of course a few giggles and chuckles were heard. And no one jumped up to Michelle's aid. Evidently she was no more popular with her staff and parents than she was with Barbara.

As Michelle made her remarks, she walked from stage left to stage right always facing her audience. As she walked her skirt was working its way down lower on her hips. During her remarks she turned to acknowledge those seated on the stage. It was at this time the general audience got a good view. By now those who were seated on the stage were all in laughter. Barbara was perhaps the most raucous. As the audience got a good view, laughter came up in the crowd along with a few wolf whistles. Teresa saw Michelle's problem.

"Oh my God! Dominick look what happened! I have to go up there and help her. I bet that b*tch Barbara had something to do with that"

"You stay right where you're at" Dominic said as he grabbed Teresa's arm. "You’re not causing me anymore embarrassment. If Barbara started it then Michelle can take care of things."

Michelle could not understand what was so funny. Her remarks weren't intended to be humorous and she was becoming annoyed. Hearing particularly loud laughter she looked over at Barbara. Taking a couple swift steps to that side of the stage was enough mechanical action for her skirt to almost drop past her hips. The waistband of her thong was fully revealed as was an increasing portion of her ass. What saved Michelle from the indignation of her skirt falling off completely was the swell of her ample booty. Michelle could feel the hem touch her knees. It was at this point she reached behind her and felt her exposed skin. Frantically groping she tried to simultaneously cover her exposure with her hands and pull her skirt back up. Michelle turned her back to the stage and faced the auditorium. Barbara decided that it was time to up the ante and rose from her chair. She walked up behind Michelle without her noticing.

Seeing Barbara approach Michelle, Teresa said "I knew it, Barbara's got something to do with this." Dominic looked at Mark and shook his head. Mark's face took on a look of resignation. A few other comments were heard along the lines that things were really getting going now and the real show is about to start.

Putting her hands on Michelle's shoulders Barbara whispered to her "Why Principal Smithson, you seem to be having some difficulties. Let me help you."

Michelle turned her head to look back and see Barbara directly behind her. "What!? You're going to help me?" she said incredulously.

Barbara swiftly moved both hands from Michelle's shoulders and rapidly dropped to a squatting position. As she dropped, for a moment Barbara felt the seat of her pants become almost uncomfortably tight, but then something changed and that sensation stopped. Barbara's slacks were a very snug fit to begin with and the material had very little stretch in it. What Barbara hadn't realized was that she had split her pants from the waistband nearly to the crotch.

Barbara now had the haughty Principal Smithson right where she wanted her. Taking a second to savor the moment, with one sharp tug Barbara pulled the skirt down around Michelle's ankles. Michelle lost her grip on the waistband of her skirt. She looked down helplessly as she felt the fabric slip over her hips and ass . As she looked down, she could see the front panel of her white lace thong and her thigh high stockings exposed to all. Barbara grinned a wicked grin and admired her handiwork. Michelle Smithson was stripped from the waist down.

Barbara stood up and put a little distance between herself and Michelle.
Michelle gave out a scream as she realized her skirt was now completely removed. She began to squat in an attempt to cover herself but merely succeeded in displaying her fine butt in a more fetching manner. Barbara walked across the stage laughing at her success in Michelle's debasement. For a moment Barbara thought she felt something strange in the seat of her pants, but was enjoying Michelle's humiliation too much to pay much attention. Those still seated on the stage also noticed the damage to Barbara slacks. The split had opened considerably and Barbara's cute bottom was being displayed in her beige bikini panties. Taking in the sight of Barbara's split pants one PTA member commented to the woman on her right "It looks like Mrs. Anderson is having some clothing issues of her own." To which her friend replied "She started this brouhaha. She may get as good as she gave."

Michelle looked around and saw Barbara's tremendous amusement at her embarrassment. No longer caring about covering herself Michelle stood up. Clad only in her blouse, Michelle was quite the sight in her heels gray hose and thong. She took a step forward but her lost skirt tangled around her feet. Kicking her skirt away from her feet Michelle approached Barbara unencumbered.

Barbara watched intently as Michelle walked to her face-to-face. Michelle's larger boobs were nearly touching Barbara's. Barbara prepared to meet the challenge

"Principal Smithson don't you think you should call it a day and find something to cover your big butt!" Barbara taunted as she leaned forward to emphasize her point.

"Mrs. Anderson I think turnabout is fair play."

With that Michelle grabbed the front of Barbara's blouse with both hands and ripped it open. Barbara was expecting Michelle to try a slap or to get a grip on her hair. She wasn't ready for Michelle go directly for her blouse. Michelle got her hands on the top of Barbara's blouse and jerked it open, the buttons flying everywhere. She then pulled upward pulling the blouse out of the waist of Barbara's slacks. Before Barbara could react, Michelle pulled the blouse down over her shoulders in nearly off her arms. Barbara tried in vain to save her blouse as Michelle yanked it the rest of the way off over Barbara's hands. With her blouse flying off to one side of the stage Barbara try to cover her exposed beige bra. Michelle held the blouse in her right hand and watched as Barbara tried to compose herself.

Letting the blouse drop to the floor Michelle addressed her antagonist "I don't think we'll stop there Ms. Barbara. Let's see how perky those boobs of yours actually are."

She immediately lunged for Barbara's bra. Barbara grabbed Michelle's hands before she could get a grip on the fabric and they struggled for a few seconds both women trying to maintain footing while wearing high heels.

Michelle lost her footing and went to her knees. Her hands slipped down to Barbara's hips. Trying to find a grip on anything Michelle groped with her right hand around Barbara's backside. By sheer chance, or luck , her fingertips discovered the tear in the seat of Barbara slacks. Startled by the feeling of Michelle's fingers against her pantied ass, Barbara jumped forward into the kneeling Michelle. Seizing the opportunity Michelle got a grip with both hands on the tear and pulled with all her might. This was quite a sight as Michelle was on her knees directly in front of Barbara, with Michelle's face pressed against Barbara's lower belly. Barbara tried to back away from Michelle's efforts, but was literally caught in a bear hug. The stitching of Barbara's slacks began to fail and more of her bottom was exposed. With the tenacity of a bulldog, Michelle worked on Barbara’s slacks. The back was opening up leaving only the waistband. In fact both pant legs had failed to the point Michelle's hands were on either side of Barbara's waist and were making headway to the front. Barbara had to do something on the offensive. She could not break Michelle's grip on her rapidly deteriorating slacks. Michelle was still on her knees directly in front of Barbara and as Barbara looked down she saw her opportunity. Using both hands she grabbed the back of Michelle's blouse and pulled straight up. The front button closure failed immediately and those buttons joined the buttons of Barbara's blouse on the floor. Michelle, of course, realized her blouse was open, but refused to relinquish her assault on Barbara slacks. Barbara pulled the blouse up and over Michelle's head to get at what she was really after. Which was Michelle's bra. With the blouse over Michelle's head, Barbara when after the bra.

The clasps of Michelle's bra were wide open to her assault. Quick as a cat Barbara got both hands on the bra and went to work. Michelle could feel something pulling at her bra. This made her pull even harder on Barbara slacks. The fabric was now well past the sides of Barbara's hips and were less than 6 inches from meeting in the front. Barbara struggled with the bra hooks for a couple seconds and then they released. She pulled the straps over Michelle shoulders. Michelle felt her bra come off as she gave a final Herculean effort on Barbara's slacks. The stitching completely failed as Michelle yanked down both legs of the slacks to Barbara's ankles leaving only the waistband intact. Barbara let out a squeal and took a couple stumbling steps back still clinging to Michelle's blouse and white lace bra.

Michelle rose to her feet not bothering to try and cover herself. Her breasts were certainly quite large and very firm. Her light brown areola and small gumdrop nipples rose up and down with her heavy breathing. She looked over at Barbara and saw what she had accomplished with Barbara's clothing.

Barbara looked down at herself and assessed her clothing damage. Her slacks were destroyed and she was standing there in her beige bra and matching bikini pants. Barbara's bra had lace demi-cups and there was just a hint of nipple peeking over the top of the cup. Her panties had a very attractive contrasting lace panel in the front.

As the two combatants stopped for a moment the assemblage in the auditorium was having a great time watching the conflict. Comments heard from the ladies of the PTA were "Well girls it looks like Barbara's at it again. At least she picked a new playmate." "Smithson is getting just what she deserves. She's been a snotty b*tch since the day she started. I just wonder if Barbara can handle her. I was at the Renaissance Fair when she got the worst of it from Teresa Scalia."

Barbara knew the tattered material of her destroyed slacks would be a handicap. Keeping her eye on Michelle she pulled the fabric over her shoes. Barbara as well was breathing heavy as she put her hands on her hips and sized up Michelle Smithson. Still in her heels, Michelle was completely topless. Her hose had not ridden down her thighs and showed no rips or tears. The lacy tops of her stockings were still high on her upper thighs, nearly to the bottom of her ass. Taking a moment Michelle adjusted the waistband of her thong while watching Barbara closely. By now both women were oblivious to the public assembly that was witnessing their dustup. It was as if they were the only two people in the hall and their state of undress made no difference.

"I thought you liked displaying yourself to your students. Just think of this as an "advanced placement" demonstration." Barbara taunted.

"Mrs. Anderson, I'm someone who believes in discipline and I think you're going to experience some right now." Michelle replied.

"We'll see about that. I would say you're the one who's got the ass made for a spanking." said Barbara.

"Spanking!? She wouldn't dare try that." thought Michelle

With that, Barbara made her first move. She quickly covered the distance between her and Michelle and got a solid two-handed grip on her hair. At first Michelle responded by groping at Barbara's bra. She succeeded in pushing the bra up and over Barbara's breasts. Michelle had to try and relieve the pressure on her hair. To do so she stopped her attack on Barbara’s bra and grabbed Barbara’s wrist with both hands. Barbara's perky boobs complete with pink nipples and attractive tan lines made their debut. She couldn't worry about that now as she had to handle Michelle. Staying on their feet both women struggled back and forth and were nearly in a stalemate. Barbara had Michelle controlled by her hair and Michelle had gripped Barbara's wrists trying to break her hold. At this point Michelle was beginning to tire and Barbara could sense that. Looking to her left Barbara saw an empty folding chair and began to maneuver towards it.

"Remember what you said about discipline? Here's where you get some." said Barbara.

With that Barbara pulled Michelle over towards the chairs by the hair. Michelle resisted as best she could. She tried to use her feet and legs to prevent Barbara from pulling her towards the chairs. Unfortunately for Michelle her heels offered little traction on the hardwood surface of the stage. As the duo got closer to the chair, Michelle had an inkling of what Barbara was up to.

Panicked thoughts crossed Michelle's mind "She's pulling me toward that empty chair. Me, get some discipline? Oh no! This b*tch thinks she's going to spank me."

With that realization Michelle fought even harder. She tried squatting down against the pull. Barbara followed her down and that strategy failed. Barbara maintained her grip and all Michelle got for the effort was a bit of a burn on her ass from the hardwood floor. Barbara finally maneuvered to position in front of the chair. Michelle felt Barbara's hold on her hair change as she lowered herself to the chair.

"God, she's gonna pull me over her lap and I can't get away from her!"

Sitting down Barbara positioned Michelle across her lap. Barbara got a bit of a shock as her barely covered bottom contacted the cool metal of the chair. Having been forced to assume the position Michelle, had an idea what was yet to come and released Barbara's wrists. Michelle was grabbing chairs, kicking her legs, and struggling desperately to get away. Barbara swiftly got Michelle's left arm behind her back and took a good hold of her thong with her right hand. Michelle's thong was soon lost between the cheeks of her ass from Barbara's pressure on the waistband. Nearly defeated, Michelle was looking around in vain for someone to rescue her. She thought at the very least her friend Teresa would help. It was Teresa who had told her how she had dominated Barbara in the past. Michelle was also feeling the cold steel of the metal chairs on her nipples. Her areolas were shrinking from the quick chill and the little gumdrops were prominent. She was also feeling the dread of what she thought was coming next. Michelle's struggles lessoned as she gave in to the pressure on her left arm and her thong.

Sensing that Michelle was beginning to submit, Barbara released her thong from her right hand but maintained control with her left on Michelle's arm. Barbara rested the palm of her right hand on Michelle's left ass cheek. Michelle gasped and raised her head at the touch. Turning her head Michelle looked pleadingly at Barbara in one last hope for mercy.

"Please you can't do this to me. Let me go." Michelle tried to convey to Barbara.

No words were spoken, all Barbara did was make a subtle kissing motion with her lips to Michelle. Principal Smithson was doomed.

Giving that cheek a perfunctory squeeze, Barbara surveyed the territory she was about to invade.

"This girl does have a lot of junk in her trunk. And it's fairly firm, but not as solid as Teresa's. Now it's time to give this b*tch something to remember."

Barbara gave Michelle's ass cheek another squeeze then raised her hand. Michelle tensed as she awaited Barbara's assault. Barbara brought her right hand down hard on Michelle's ass and the discipline had begun.

We know as history teaches us that Barbara is capable of administering a spanking. As Teresa Scalia can attest. That being said she was not as accomplished in the corporal discipline as Mark Anderson or Dominic Scalia. Barbara had in the past received a butt warming from both husbands. Nor could one say that she was even the equal of Teresa and certainly did not approach the skill of Maria the cocktail waitress. If one were to ask Michelle at this point in time what she thought of Barbara's spanking skills she would probably say that Barbara was a grandmaster.

A squeal escape Michelle's lips. "Oh my God! My God!" Michelle uttered as Barbara's spanking began. Michelle faced forward and rested her head on her right arm. She kicked her legs and squirmed her hips to no avail. Barbara turned her attention from the left cheek to the right coming down with firm smacks on the meaty globe. Soon both were showing a bright pink through the tan skin. As Michelle kicked her legs with her butt cheeks jiggling, Barbara found it interesting that there was a very slight white line underneath the bottom portion of Michelle's cheeks. This did stood out sharply against her tanned and now reddening ass. Evidently covered by the gluteal fold this was a place where literally the sun never shined.

Barbara's own exposure was beginning to betray her. She had not noticed that her bra had been pushed up over her breasts and was actually up to her neck. Barbara's perky breasts with their pink nipples were in view to all. As Barbara continued Michelle's punishment her areolas contracted and her nipples stiffened. Evidently Barbara was enjoying herself.

As swiftly as it began Barbara stopped the spanking. Michelle had a false hope that it was over.

"Oh please let her stop. My ass is on fire, I don't know how much I can take." Michelle thought. Again she looked back at Barbara pleading with her eyes for mercy.

Barbara only stopped to give herself the opportunity to pull Michelle's thong over her ass and down her legs. Using only her right hand Barbara pulled the thong down as far she could.

"She's pulling my panties off! I can't let her do that."

Michelle pressed her pelvis against Barbara's lap to try and maintain what little dignity she had left. Barbara had a remedy for this. Barbara curled the fingers of her right hand on the upper thigh of Michelle's left leg. Slowly and methodically she inched her hand towards Michelle's bottom. Michelle felt Barbara's touch and strained to look back to see what she was up to.

"She's caressing me, what's she trying to do seduce me?"

When she reached the swell of her ass cheek Barbara followed it with the palm of her hand keeping her fingers in the gap between the cheeks. Then suddenly without warning she let her fingers tweak Michelle's pussy through the panel of her thong.

Michelle squealed at this invasion and bucked her hips upward. Barbara then pulled the thong down past Michelle's knees.

"She touched my pussy that dyke b*tch. What’s she trying to do?"

To Michelle's dismay the spanking continued on both cheeks and on her thick upper thighs over top of her stockings. Michelle could struggle no longer. Resigned to her fate she lay still and even arched her bottom to meet Barbara's attentions. When Michelle relaxed Barbara released her left arm. Michelle then rested her head on both arms and Barbara secured Michelle on her lap with her left arm over the small of Michelle's back.

Barbara gave each cheek a final hard smack. Grabbing Michelle's hair once again Barbara pulled her off her lap to a kneeling position on the floor. Using Michelle's hair Barbara pulled her head back. Michelle arched her back and thrust her breasts forward. Tears were streaming down the once haughty principal's face. Her mascara was running. Her breath was rapid and her big breasts were heaving up and down. Nipples hard and pronounced. Barbara then stood and pulled Michelle to a standing position and then shoved her back onto a chair. Weak kneed from her punishment and encumbered by her thong around her ankles, Michelle clumsily dropped onto the chair. She gasped as her flaming ass touched the cool metal of the folding chair. Her legs were somewhat spread after dropping onto the chair and it became apparent that Michelle was indeed a natural redhead. The curtains did indeed match the d****s. It took a few seconds for her to realize the position of her legs and she soon pulled her knees together. And held her hands over her pussy. Barbara took Michelle's chin in her hand and pulled her face directly to her's.

"Now then Principal Smithson. We'll have no more nonsense or we can repeat this session. In fact I think I'd enjoy working over your big ass one more time." Barbara whispered in her ear. Barbara released her grip and looked down on the school administrator she had so thoroughly dominated.

Michelle said nothing. She gripped the panties down around her ankles and pulled them up over her knees. She slowly rose and pulled the thong up to cover herself. Michelle then went about to gather her scattered clothes and lingerie. She slipped her blouse on over her shoulders and carried her bra. She then looked around for her skirt. Michelle spotted it a good distance away. She was forced to walk to the other side of the stage giving a nice display of her spanked bottom. Of course she was subjected to many hoots, cat calls and wolf whistles. And what was most humiliating the laughter of the women in the audience. Retrieving her skirt, she held it over her bottom and walked off to the wings, her head down.

Barbara watched Michelle as she made her exit and made an act of dusting off her hands. "I guess that's a job well done!" she said loudly to the audience. The assemblage laughed and gave a round of applause. Then someone from the back of the hall shouted "Hey Barb. Nice boobs. Why don't you lose the panties."

"Nice boobs what's he talking about?" Barbara thought. Then she looked down at herself and realized that her bra was up around her neck and her slacks had been destroyed. She looked quite fetching in her bra and panties and in heels. And by this time those pink nipples were more shade of red and were at full attention.

"Oh no!" she shrieked. Barbara quickly pulled down her bra as she ran off the stage.

"Well that was quite an exhibition." Dominic said to Mark.

"Yes, for once Barbara started something she could finish." said Mark. "And you know likely as not she'll be horny as hell tonight. There are some fringe benefits."

Listening to the two husbands, Teresa was fuming.

"You two can think anything you want, but it is not over. Michelle is my friend." Teresa interjected. Looking at Dominic Teresa said "You stopped me from helping my friend against that blond troublemaker. You're not with me all the time and you sure as hell are not my keeper . There will be paybacks. I guarantee it."
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Two more left. Do we get something special when we reach the end?
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I'm open to suggestions. I've been leaning towards Principal Smithson being the featured character in another episode. But again, I'll entertain any other thoughts.
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Originally Posted by obo View Post
I'm open to suggestions. I've been leaning towards Principal Smithson being the featured character in another episode. But again, I'll entertain any other thoughts.
As a fan of redheads, she's my favorite character, so I'd love that.
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Originally Posted by amfanon View Post
As a fan of redheads, she's my favorite character, so I'd love that.
Is there anyone in particular you would like to see paired with Michelle? I'm soliciting suggestions to kick start my writing. Having a tough time coming up with something new.
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How about Kathy wants her old job back ....Thanks for the story
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What about Barbara's younger sister gets a job at the school and when Michelle finds out that the two are related she now plots her revenge
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There are some possibilities with Kathy trying to get her job back and interviewing with Michelle. Michelle would know who Kathy is from Kathy's dustup with Teresa during the magic show. But Kathy would not know that Michelle is Teresa's friend.

As far as a younger sister for Barbara, I don't think I want to introduce another new character as I think I have a sufficient number at this time.

One thought that came to mind would be that Kathy would interview with Michelle and Michelle would not only refuse her a job but humiliate her by throwing Kathy's past employment at the gentleman's club in her face. Kathy could then tearfully go to Roxanne who would then come to the defense of her employee.

Thanks for the ideas and if anyone else has some thoughts, please get them to me.
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Originally Posted by obo View Post
Is there anyone in particular you would like to see paired with Michelle? I'm soliciting suggestions to kick start my writing. Having a tough time coming up with something new.
Unsure. Some years back, on IO's board after Michelle's first story was originally posted, I suggested Michelle vs Teresa, just after Barbara defeated her and she felt betrayed by Teresa, who hadn't helped her as expected ("Michelle was looking around in vain for someone to rescue her. She thought at the very least her friend Teresa would help. It was Teresa who had told her how she had dominated Barbara in the past.")

Without giving too much away, that probably won't work given the storyline from the Showdown, but still, that would be my favorite, given a choice.
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