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Originally Posted by smjimmie1348 View Post
Wow all that was really good I have never read that before but I'm glad I did but question is will there be a part where Terri and Barbara work together and embarass their husbands by revealing their bra and panties and spanking them.

Because I think that be a cool image a guy in bra and panties over a woman's lap
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My suggestion would be to write this one yourself, cause that ain't happening here.

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Default Teresa Scalia: Poolside Pandemonium

Here's a repost of a story.

Teresa Scalia/Poolside Pandemonium
Inspired by the athletes they had watched in the Olympic Games, Dominic Scalia Jr. and Chad Anderson went out for their middle school swim team. Both boys proved to be adept swimmers that specialized in the freestyle stroke. Of course there was friendly competition between the boys. Both families faithfully attended swim meets and the competitions were duly preserved for posterity on videotape.

"Dominic, look at this new camcorder I bought." Teresa Scalia said.

Dominic looked at the rather sophisticated equipment and shook his head in dismay. "Was it necessary to buy a professional quality camera?"

"I haven't been able to get a decent video of Dominic Junior's swimming. I'm always stuck on the opposite side of the pool from the lane he's swimming in. With this camera, I can get wonderful footage no matter where I'm at. The school is expecting a large turnout for this last meet and they may allow spectators on both sides of the pool."

"That's just a walkway along that side" said Dominic. "There's not much room if it gets crowded."

"The walkway will have to do. I have a Theater Guild board meeting tomorrow afternoon and I'll just get to the pool in time for DJ's event."

The final swim meet of the year was held at the middle school indoor 50 m pool. Grand stand seating was along one side of the pool with the walkway Dominic had mentioned along the other. It was indeed a large turnout and the grand stands were filled to capacity. It was standing room only for the remaining space surrounding the pool. Barbara Anderson was standing near the starting blocks talking to her son, Dominic Jr., and their coach Kathy Benson. It should be noted here that one reason for the large number of boys on the swim team was their coach. Kathy was a 22-year-old first-year teacher, not even a physical education major. She had done some swimming in high school and was thrust into the coaching position by an unexpected vacancy. With light brown hair down to the middle of her back and a figure that most women dream of, Kathy was popular with her swimmers. Dressed in a snug white polo shirt and white shorts, she caught the eye of more than a few of the fathers.

"Now remember boys, concentrate on your turn. If you make a good turn you have a good chance to place well," advised Barbara.

"I'm sure the boys will do well," Kathy said. "They've both been working hard for this final meet."

As Kathy and Barbara gave the boys a few more last-minute instructions, Teresa swept into the pool area. Fresh from her board meeting, Teresa was wearing a russet colored dress. Short-sleeved with a button enclosure from the mid-calf hem of the flowing skirt to the neckline, the dress had a simple belt at the waist. Carrying her new camcorder, Teresa's high heels clicked on the concrete as she hurried to the starting blocks.

"Trying to gain some advantage for Chad?" sneered Teresa.

"Mrs. Scalia, Mrs. Anderson is here to help both boys succeed." countered Kathy.

"I know more about what Mrs. Anderson may be up to than you would ever know, honey. How about it Barbara?"

"Teresa, as usual you have no idea what you talking about." Barbara said.

The official starter made his call for swimmers to take their positions.

"You can toddle off now Barbie before you get your self into some real trouble. You wouldn't want to put on another one of your public exhibitions now would you?" Teresa taunted.

Barbara bristled at that. "I seem to recall a few "costume malfunctions" of your own Terri dear. So if I were you I wouldn't start something I couldn't finish."

With that, Barbara turned and walked to the grand stands to take her place for the race. Wearing a blue knit turtle neck with a pair of jeans that conformed well to the shape of her hips, Barbara held her head up, thrust her shoulders back, her chest out and strode across the concrete in her high heeled boots, those denim clad hips swaying.

Kathy wondered what that exchange was all about? She had only been in town since the beginning of the school year and had yet to learn about Teresa and Barbara's history.

The swimmers took their places on the starting blocks. Dominic Jr. was in the end lane next to the walkway. That area was filled with spectators shoulder to shoulder. Teresa pushed her way through the crowd and took a position 10 feet down the lane from the starting block. Chad Anderson was in the lane next to Dominic Jr.

"Swimmers to your mark... Set... Bang" The starter's pistol went off. The race was a sprint. Down the pool once, turn and back to the beginning. Terri had a good vantage point for the start and was intent on operating her camera. Both Chad and Dominic were head to head at the turn and leading the other swimmers. At the turn Dominic gained a slight advantage. Cheers and shouts of encouragement filled the pool area. Barbara rose to her feet as the swimmers came down the final length of the race. Teresa was trying to improve her position for the video. She slowly inched forward to the edge of the pool. Feeling with her left foot, she leaned out over the water concentrating on her video composition. As the swimmers came closer, the excitement grew. Dominic was about five feet from Teresa when she reached forward with her foot trying to get closer to the edge. Unfortunately Teresa had been paying more attention to the image in her camcorder then to her location along the pool. Her left foot encountered nothing more than air. With her posture leaning her in that direction, Teresa unceremoniously tumbled into the pool nearly on top of Dominic Jr.

The boy, intent on his race, pushed his mother below the surface of the water and out of the way. He touched the finish line just a few seconds behind Chad Anderson. Teresa surfaced floundering with her arms to stay afloat. She could swim but was hampered by her clothing and her strappy high heels. She managed to get a grip on the lane marker rope and steadied herself. Of course Teresa's impromptu dive was the source of great amusement to the spectators. Kathy Benson sprang into action to assist Teresa. Grabbing the long pole kept at poolside for a situation such as this, she extended the pole towards Teresa.

"Mrs. Scalia, Mrs. Scalia, grab this pole, let me help you" Kathy called out.

Unfortunately the boisterous spectators were creating too much noise for Teresa to hear Kathy. Sensing that Teresa could not hear her and could not see her as she was facing the opposite direction, Kathy thought the best action to take would be to try and nudge Teresa and get her attention. As she extended pole she aimed for Teresa's shoulder, however she hadn't considered the weight of the steel pole. The pole dipped low and went below the surface of the water. Kathy tried to compensate, raising the pole and catching its hooked end on the belt of Teresa's dress.

"Somebody help me out of here!" Teresa called out.

Her hair down over her face, her only point of reference was the lane rope. She felt something at the small of her back. Before she knew it a force was trying to pull her away from the security of the rope. Kathy took a firm grip on the pole and pulled. Teresa was stretched at arm's length when her belt gave way and broke. The sudden breakage of the belt caught Kathy by surprise. She stumbled backward, losing her footing on the wet concrete. Her back struck the building wall and she slid straight down to the floor on her fanny with her legs spread –eagle and straight out in front of her. This brought on more peals of laughter and catcalls from the crowd.

Teresa kept her grip on the rope, but could feel the looseness around her waist caused by the loss of her belt. The fabric of her dress was rising to the surface of the pool. Kathy, game as ever, got to her feet and made another attempt with the pole. Trying once again to get Teresa's attention, Kathy touched her with the pole at the waist. Startled by the sensation at her back, Teresa flinched. As she flinched the hook snagged her dress. Kathy, sensing that she had connected somehow, pulled back on the pole. Once again Teresa felt herself being pulled away from the rope. As Kathy hauled on the pole, one by one the buttons of Teresa's dress popped off and joined the $1500 camcorder at the bottom of the pool. One lone button remained just below the waist. Teresa, of course, had no idea of the structural damage.

"Mrs. Scalia, grab the pole, let me help you!" pleaded Kathy.

Teresa finally heard Kathy's pleas and looked behind her.

"Grab the pole Mrs. Scalia." Kathy instructed.

Teresa turned in the water and took hold of the pole, the end of which was still entangled in the fabric of her dress. Slowly Kathy helped her to the side of the pool.

Barbara left her seat in the grand stands and had made her way to the finish line to congratulate Chad on his victory. And of course she was roaring with laughter at Teresa's predicament. Unable to resist the temptation, Barbara headed to the side of the pool for a closer view.

Kathy had gotten Teresa over to the side with Teresa gripping the edge for support.

"Help me out of here... NOW!!" Teresa demanded.

"Yes Mrs. Scalia yes Mrs. Scalia I'm trying."

Kathy shortened her grip on the pole, pulling the hook up to the surface and Teresa's attached dress with it. Teresa reached for Kathy's hand while trying to pull herself out of the pool. Kathy took hold of Teresa's hand to assist her. Teresa had gotten halfway out of the water when Kathy's grip on Teresa's hand slipped. Unfortunately for Teresa, Kathy's grasp on the pole held firm. Losing Teresa's hand and seeing her begin to slip back into the pool, Kathy tried to compensate by jerking the pole skyward with both hands. Needless to say the remaining button of Teresa's dress failed. Teresa sank below the surface once again while Kathy stared incredulously at a soaking wet russet brown dress dangling from the pole. Barbara stepped up near Kathy.

"Why Ms. Benson, what ever have you fished out of your pool?" Barbara chuckled.

"Oh no! It's Mrs. Scalia's dress!" Kathy frantically untangled the dress from the hook.

Sputtering for air and grasping for the side, Teresa once again surfaced, looked up at Kathy and screamed "You brat! Get down here and help me!"

Teresa's vehement command startled Kathy. She dropped the pole and gave the dress a toss to her left. Through purely serendipitous means, the dress struck Barbara fully in the face and d****d over her head. Kathy grasped Teresa by both hands and pulled her up over the edge of the pool up to her waist, face down on the deck. Teresa then hooked one leg on the side, climbed completely out and struggled to her feet. The crowded grand stands now cheered as they viewed Mrs. Scalia sans outer clothing.

Still in her heels, Teresa was quite a sight standing at poolside in her lingerie. That day she had chosen to wear her very sheer beige in color French silk front closure bra with matching high cut panties. Her nuage color thigh high stockings with lace tops rounded out the ensemble. Still somewhat dazed from her dunking, Teresa concentrated on pushing her soaked hair out of her face not realizing her clothing predicament.

Her soaked bra had become nearly transparent and it was evident to those in attendance that her light brown nipples were testing the boundaries of their silken cups. No doubt the chilling effect of water. Viewed from the rear, her panties had bunched in between the cheeks of her very shapely derriere. Viewed from the front, the transparent silk revealed that Teresa maintained a nicely trimmed bush. Pushing back the last strand of hair from her face, Teresa dropped her hands to her sides. Instead of coming into contact with the wet fabric of her dress, Teresa felt the lace of her stockings.

"What's what's this? Where's my dress?!" Teresa covered her chest with one arm and attempted to cover her front with the other. The ever-helpful Kathy Benson attempted damage control.

"It's right here Mrs. Scalia, let me help you."

Kathy reached over and pulled the dress from over Barbara's head. Barbara reacted by wiping the water from her face and straightening her mussed hair. It was more than Teresa could bear, seeing her lost garment in the possession of Barbara Anderson Foregoing modesty, Teresa dropped her arms and stepped over to Barbara.

"I might have known you were up to something you little b*tch!"

"You don't know anything Teresa. It's not always my fault when you lose your clothes in public." said Barbara as she flipped wet hair out of her face.

"Well you've been responsible enough times and I'm not letting you get away with anything today."

"Teresa you're already at a disadvantage. You're the one standing here in front of all these people, soaking wet in your underwear. And in case you haven't noticed, I think your showing more than just your bra and panties."

"What does she mean by that?" Teresa thought. Taking a quick glance down at her front, she realized the effect the water had on the fabric of her bra. Teresa's nipples, being thoroughly chilled, were at their fully erect glory and most evident under the clinging silk. Even more horrifying was the sight of her pubic area visible through her panties.

"Oh no!" Teresa crouched low and tried to cover herself as best she could.

Barbara couldn't resist giving Teresa a verbal jab. "A little revealing aren't they? Pick them up at Wal-Mart?"

"Why you little b*tch, I think it's time you gave them a show too." Teresa said as she threw decorum to the wind and stood erect.

At this point Kathy stepped between the two antagonists and put both hands up to separate the women.

"Ladies, ladies please. This was all a terrible accident. Let's not have any more trouble."

"The only one who's going to have any trouble is this little blonde snot."

With that, Teresa shot a quick left-handed slap that surprised Barbara flush on the cheek. The slap was so quick Barbara lost her balance and started teetering over the edge of the pool. In an effort to save herself from an unwanted soaking Barbara grabbed Kathy's arm. Kathy was off-balance herself and was being pulled into the pool as well. She grabbed at anything to save herself. What she did find with her right hand was the center of Teresa's bra. The front closure of that bra was not designed to withstand the force it was now experiencing. Teresa's bra ripped open fully exposing her breasts. Kathy pulled free of Barbara's grasp in time to save herself from a dunking. Barbara was beyond the point of no return and tumbled into the pool. Teresa looked at the ruins of her bra and went after Kathy.

"So you're in on it with blondie? Let's see how you like it!"

"In on what?" said Kathy.

"You'll see!" Teresa said as she grabbed Kathy's polo shirt. Kathy at first was frozen in place, not believing what was going on around her. But when Teresa started to tear her shirt open at the neckline, Kathy defended herself. Grabbing Teresa's forearms, Kathy tried to fend off the assault on her shirt. Teresa's shattered bra suffered more damage during the struggle and fell to the floor. Kathy was making a devoted effort to save her shirt, but Teresa had started a tear in the V-neck. Kathy tried to push Teresa away and had backed her up to the edge of the pool. Teresa was on a mission and relentlessly opened the tear in Kathy's shirt.

Barbara had surfaced and was reaching for the side when Teresa made her move. Sensing that Kathy had weakened slightly, Teresa tore Kathy's shirt completely open down the front. Then Teresa scored the coup de gras. She pushed both halves past Kathy's shoulders then pulled them down with all her might even to the point of dropping to a squat for full effect. Kathy was once again frozen in disbelief. Here she was in front of the parents of her students displaying herself in a white lace bra. A nicely filled and rounded out white lace bra.

"Oh oh Lord, what have you done." Kathy lamented.

The crowd, none of whom had left the area not wanting to miss any part of the show, broke out in spontaneous applause for the new victim. Barbara looked up from the water and saw Teresa's pantied rear within easy reach. Seeing that her nemesis was in a vulnerable position, Barbara made a grab with her right hand and got her fingers through the waistband of Teresa's panties. Her left hand followed suit. First Teresa felt a cold wet sensation, then a pull. Shocked, she stood straight up in one motion. Barbara maintained her hold on the panties. By standing up, Teresa effectively removed her own panties. She felt the waistband skim over her bottom, the wedgie pull free and slide down her thighs to her ankles.

Teresa in-effectively tried to cover both front and back with her hands. She tried to turn around to see who had attacked her rear. Her panties, tangled around her ankles, tripped her and Teresa fell towards Kathy. Putting her hands out to break her fall, Teresa grabbed Kathy around her waist. Kathy tried to back up. Teresa hugged Kathy and grabbed the fabric of her shorts to keep from sliding to the floor. Only an elastic waistband held Kathy's workout shorts in place. Teresa slid to the floor, clinging to Kathy's shorts and pulling them down with her.

If someone had just walked into the pool area they would have been met with the sight of Teresa Scalia naked save for her stockings and heels hugging the ankles of a 22 yr. old schoolteacher that had been reduced to her white lace bra and white thong. The loss of her shorts was more than Kathy could bear. Kicking her feet free of the shorts, Kathy sn*tched up Teresa's dress and tried to cover herself. She turned tail and ran to the locker room giving the assemblage a fine view of her well-tanned butt cheeks. Watching Kathy depart, Teresa rose to her hands and knees.

From the crowd, some comedian called out "Wahooo!! Doggy style!!" This drew a hearty laugh from the assemblage.

Barbara had pulled herself half way out of the pool raised her head and said "Doggy style only for real b*tches."

Teresa, hearing Barbara's insult responded, "You're going to find out who the real b*tch is." Barbara was still pulling herself out of water. Her torso flat on the concrete while she tried to get one leg up on the deck. Seeing that Barbara was now vulnerable, Teresa grabbed Barbara's turtleneck at the waist and began pulling it over her head. Barbara was in a spot. If she slid back into the water, her turtleneck would certainly come off. But now, not being able to see, if she went forward, she'd move into the hands of her enemy. Barbara flailed with her arms while staying flat on the concrete, trying to prevent Teresa from creating more mischief.

Teresa had the soaked turtleneck completely over the back of Barbara's head, but could go further with Barbara pressing herself to the deck. Teresa relinquished her hold on the turtleneck with her right hand and grabbed the belt on Barbara's jeans. Giving a mighty pull, Teresa pulled Barbara out of the pool sliding her over the wet concrete. Barbara got herself into a sitting position. Teresa then went back to work on the turtleneck pulling it up over her chest completely blinding her. Teresa then got hold of both sleeves pulling them over Barbara's hands. Taking the sleeves, Teresa knotted them together handcuffing Barbara. Again using the belt of Barbara's jeans as an implement, Teresa rose to her feet pulling Barbara up to a standing position.

"Now Barbie its showtime for you!"

From under the wet turtle neck Barbara shouted her protests. "Teresa, you leave me alone, God damnit".

Somewhat surprisingly Teresa didn't attack Barbara's exposed navy blue bra. With Barbara's arms secured over her head, Teresa kept control with her left-hand gripping the back of Barbara's bra. Teresa's right hand then went to work on Barbara's jeans. Barbara felt a pull on her belt as Teresa opened it. Realizing what Teresa was trying to do, Barbara attempted to pull way but was held in place by her bra. Pulling the belt free with a flourish and tossing it into the pool Teresa worked on the button closure. Showing amazing dexterity, Teresa opened the button with just her right hand. When Barbara felt the button of her jeans open, her struggling increased making it difficult for Teresa to find the tab of the zipper. Teresa made several grabs at the tab keeping her hand planted to the front of Barbara's jeans. To the casual onlooker, it looked as though Teresa was intentionally rubbing Barbara's crotch. Persistence paid off as the zipper tab was found. Teresa yanked it to the open position revealing the navy blue front of Barbara's panties.
Barbara continued to struggle knowing full well what was coming next. Barbara's jeans were tight even before she took her dunking in the pool. The soaked denim clung to her hips as Teresa tried to pull the jeans down. Seeing that she wasn't going to accomplish her task with one hand, Teresa let go of Barbara's bra and pulled on her jeans with both hands. Barbara felt Teresa release her bra, but failed to take advantage of that small window of opportunity. She basically stood stock still for time it took Teresa to lower her jeans. As Teresa lowered the jeans it became evident Barbara was wearing a thong that day. Because the jeans were so tight the thong was being lowered with them. Teresa paused momentarily when she had reached the point just at the swell of Barbara's derriere.

Grasping the waistband, Teresa pulled the thong back into its original position. Evidently she had a plan. Teresa then pulled the jeans the rest of the way down to the tops of Barbara's boots. Barbara now stood in front of the grandstand crowd soaking wet, her head covered and arms constrained by her displaced turtleneck, displaying her navy blue bra and navy blue thong. Barbara feeling her exposure tried to move, but the crumbled jeans at her ankles stopped her.

"Let's see now, top or bottom first? Which shall it be?" Teresa pondered, "Oh Oh, let's start with the bra."

Instead of releasing the hooks in back, Teresa reached both hands from behind Barbara and deftly placed her fingers inside the top of the bra cups. Perhaps Teresa realized she couldn't fully expose Barbara by merely unhooking the closure. Pulling the cups out and to the side, Teresa stretched the bra exposing Barbara's breasts. Teresa pushed the cups under Barbara's boobs giving her the effect of a push up bra. Barbara's pink nipples were reacting to both the cold water soaking and the subtle brush of Teresa's fingers. Her areola shrank and the rosy tips of her nipples wrinkled and became hard. Barbara's struggles had diminished and now realizing her fate she stopped completely. Teresa slid her hands down Barbara's sides and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of Barbara's thong.

"Now Barbie everyone gets a look at all your goodies."

Since Barbara had stopped struggling, Teresa slowly lowered the waistband. Moving the thong down to the border of Barbara's pubic hair, Teresa lingered for a tantalizing moment. A few blond hairs peaked from under the front panel.

From the crowd "Come on finish the job."

Teresa then squatted behind Barbara and pulled the waistband down under the cheeks of Barbara's butt, keeping the front area covered.

"Oh Barbara you know I've had the pleasure of paddling this fine tush of yours on a few occasions. And it looks like this is going to be another one."

With that, Teresa slipped Barbara's thong down to meet her jeans around her ankles. Again cheers roared from the crowd. Teresa rose to her feet and untied the knotted sleeves of Barbara's turtleneck. She then yanked it over her Barbara's head. Teresa grabbed Barbara's hair with her left hand and forced her to bend at the waist. Teresa's right hand rested on the small of Barbara's back. Barbara's reaction was to snap her head up and arch her back giving the spectators a good view of some untanned areas of her derriere. What a spectacle! Two of the community's leading soccer moms standing at pool side in a state of extreme clothing distress. Teresa Scalia clad only in stockings and high heels with her panties down at her ankles. Barbara Anderson, boobs pushed out over her bra and her jeans and thong piled at her boot tops.

Teresa raised her right hand to administer some punishment to Barbara's up turned derriere. Barbara grabbed Teresa's wrist with both hands trying to relieve the pressure on her hair when both heard rapid footsteps in their direction.

"What is the meaning of this! You will stop this at once!"

Teresa and Barbara both looked at the speaker. It was Miss Abercrombie, principal of the school. A lifelong educator and firm believer in discipline, Miss Abercrombie was from the old school and tolerated no guff. In her late '60s, she thought she had seen it all, but today topped everything.

"Why I've never seen such as shameful exhibition. Let go of that woman."

Teresa responded "I'm not finished yet so mind your own business, hag."

"Teresa you b*tch let go of my hair." Barbara yelled hoping that the cavalry had finally come to rescue her.

"b*tch? Hag? Well we'll see about that!" Miss Abercrombie said.

Grabbing Teresa by the ear, Miss Abercrombie commanded, "Release that woman immediately."

"Ow my ear, stop hurting me you old bat!" Teresa screamed.

Teresa relinquished her hold on Barbara's hair, but was still held by Miss Abercrombie's ear maneuver. Barbara straightened up and took assessment of her exposure.

"Look what you did to me, you Italian sl*t." Barbara then bent to reach for her thong and jeans.

"What kind of language is that!" Miss Abercrombie asked. "Why you're no better than she." Before Barbara good get a handle on her displaced thong and jeans, Miss Abercrombie took hold of Barbara's ear and snapped her to attention.

"Ow God damnit!" Barbara protested.

"I think it's time both of you to come with me for some intense counseling on proper public behavior." With that Miss Abercrombie paraded the two disgraced women around the edge of the pool and directly in front grand stands. Moving at a swift pace, Teresa and Barbara had to shuffle their feet rapidly to keep up. After all their legs were encumbered with panties, thongs, and jeans gathered at their ankles. The crowd was entertained by the effect their shuffling gait had on unsupported boobs and bare bottoms. As the unlikely trio exited through the locker room door, a standing ovation erupted. The school had never seen a swim meet such as this and wasn't likely to again.
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Stories are great.Wonder could you add some new charcters say sexy college coeds who are related to the two main antagonist
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Teresa Scalia: An Education at the Gentlemen's Club
A Teresa Scalia Story

by obo
Copyright© 2005 by obo

Another repost

Mark Anderson parked his Ford Taurus in the garage and entered the house through the connecting door. Walking towards the family room Mark called out "Hello the house, anybody here?"

"In here Dad" answered Mark's son Chad.

Mark entered the family room to find Chad immersed in a video game.

"How was your swim meet, champ?"

"Okay, I guess, I won my event, but I shouldn't have."

"You won, but you shouldn't have? What's up with that, son."

"Well, DJ Scalia was ahead of me on the last lap, but his mom fell into the pool on top of him, that slowed him up and I touched out first."

"Terri Scalia fell into the pool! I don't believe it!" laughed Mark Anderson.

"Coach Benson tried to help her out of the pool, but pulled her clothes off by accident. Then Mrs. Scalia knocked Mom into the pool. Mrs. Scalia started fighting with Coach Benson and pulled off her clothes. Coach Benson ran out and Mom and Mrs. Scalia started fighting. Mrs. Scalia pulled off Mom's clothes. Then Principal Abercrombie got there and took Mom and Mrs. Scalia to her office." Chad, of course, related this tale, in the most nonchalant manner, while keeping his eyes on the TV screen, intent on his game.

"Whoa champ, you've had quite a day. What happened in the principal's office?"

"Don't know. Me and DJ got dressed and rode our bikes home. Mom got home about twenty minutes ago and went right upstairs."

"Thanks pal" Mark said as he ruffled his boy's hair. Mark headed for the stairs.

Indeed Barbara had gone directly to her bedroom when she got home, her clothes still soaked from her unscheduled dip in the pool and still smarting from her public humiliation. Barbara was also smarting from a source other than humiliation. Having gotten out of her wet clothes, Barbara got in the shower to rinse off. She found it necessary to adjust the shower head to it's most gentle setting when she turned her back to the stream of water. Barbara. toweled off and put on her terry cloth robe. Walking into the bedroom she stood in front of their full-length mirror and tried to assess the state of her derriere. Her robe gathered at the waist and pulled to the side, Barbara bent slightly and looked over her shoulder. Mirrors don't lie and Barbara saw the visual evidence of her discomfort. Barbara tanned year-round and unlike some, she always wore a bikini top and bottom, the effect being some very nice tan lines and white cheeks. As Barbara got a look at her derriere she saw that a bright pink color had replaced the usual white. From the upper swell of her butt at the sacral dimples and down over the hemisphere of each cheek, the fiery glow had spread. Barbara slowly rubbed her paddled tush in a soothing manner. The bedroom door opened and Mark walked in. Barbara quickly covered up before Mark could discover her ailment.

"Interesting time at the swim meet?" Mark asked wondering how Barbara would answer.

"Well, if it isn't all over town by now I'm sure it will be tomorrow" Barbara said "Ms. b*tch Scalia and I got into it again. I didn't start anything, I only went over to help after she fell in the water."

"Chad gave me all the details, at least he doesn't seem bothered by your public embarrassment. I'm sure we'll hear from Miss Abercrombie and that will be a pleasant meeting."

"Oh I've already met with Miss Abercrombie" Barbara said as she sat on the chair of her dressing table. Unfortunately, Barbara sat with little too much force. "Ooooo" Barbara exclaimed as she rapidly returned to standing.

"I think I know what you talking about" Mark snickered as he raised Barbara's robe and took a look at her abused bottom. "Miss Abercrombie is indeed old school. How did Terri Scalia fair?"

"Oh she got the same. I saw the whole thing. She got the same all right."

Over at Casa Scalia a similar scene was unfolding. Dominic arrived home from work and greeted his son. "Hey DJ, how'd the swim meet go?"

"Lousy" DJ answered curtly.

"How so?"

"Would've won except for Mom."

"How'd Mom keep you from winning?"

"All she did was fall into the pool, right on top of me!" DJ said revealing his frustration. "Then she fought with Coach Benson and Chad's Mom and Principal Abercrombie came and took her and Chad's Mom to her office."

"Oh man, I'm sorry that happened. Where's Mom now?"

"She's in your room."

"I need to go talk to her."

"A lot of good that will do me now, Dad."

Dominic Sr. walked to the other end of the house where the master bedroom was located. Walking through the door he saw Teresa lying face down on the king size bed with a comforter over her back.

"Go swimming today?" Dominic asked sarcastically.

"I don't think that's funny. Someone pushed me into the pool. Then that brat coach of DJ's tears my dress off and I have to listen to insults from that blond bimbo Barbara Anderson. To top it off, I'm brutalized by that old hag principal."

While Teresa was airing her complaints, Dominic noticed an unusual lump under the comforter. The area around Teresa's posterior looked considerably fuller than usual. Flipping the comforter off Teresa, Dominic discovered two zip lock bags of ice strategically placed one on each cheek of her ass. Dominic adroitly removed the ice bags to reveal the twin hemispheres of Teresa's ass. Teresa's bottom had acquired the same hot rosy pink hue that Barbara had experienced. Glistening with beads of condensation, Teresa's rear appeared to throb. In fact one could almost see a few tendrils of steam rising from her very full and shapely butt.

"Looks as though the Board of Education came into contact with the seat of the problem." laughed Dominic. "Got well acquainted with Miss Abercrombie did you? I have no doubt you got what you deserved Terri. Did Barbara miss out on the "corporal" treatment?"

"No, blondie Barbie had her fanny blistered too. I only wish it was me that did the blistering." Teresa said with more than a pinch of vengeance.

"Well Teresa dear, in all the excitement did you get any good video?"

"Video? Oh no! The camcorder oh no!"

"What about the camcorder?"

"It's in the pool."

"Well I'll just pick it up tomorrow on my way from the office."

"The camcorder isn't at the pool, it's in the pool. I dropped it when I fell in."

"Lovely" Dominic said grimly as he left the room,"

Teresa and Barbara's latest dust up was indeed the talk of the town for several weeks. Eventually something new comes along to occupy people's minds. A dance hall, built in the '40s, was located at the north edge of town. It had been vacant for two years with no one interested in acquiring the property. That was until Roxanne Starr came to town. Ms. Starr was interested in refurbishing and reopening the dance hall. Dominic Scalia's bank held the paper on that property. A meeting was arranged for Dominic and Roxanne to discuss plans for the property and possible financial arrangements.

Dominic's phone rang, "Mr. Scalia, Ms. Starr your 2:00 appointment is here."

"Thank you please send her in."

Dominic rose from his desk as the outer door of his office opened. In stepped Ms. Roxanne Starr. Dominic caught his breath as he glimpsed Roxanne for the first time. At a well proportioned 5' 8, " Ms. Starr was wearing a tasteful black business suit with the hem line sufficiently above the knee to feature her legs in black hose. Roxanne's dark auburn hair was simply tied in back and extended to her shoulder blades. A white ruffled blouse concealed but did not hide the fact she had an abundant endowment.

"Ms. Starr, nice to meet you, please have a seat."

"Thank you for meeting with me Mr. Scalia." Roxanne said as she said down in a chair opposite Dominic's desk.

Dominic took note as the hem of Roxanne's skirt rose as she sat down and crossed her legs, making that unique sound of hose rubbing against hose and revealing some delectable thigh.

"It's my understanding you want to re-open the Allen dance hall."

"Yes that's right. I think it would be a good location for a restaurant and lounge. Combining with that, some unique entertainment." explained Roxanne.

"Well I've read your business plan and financial statement and I think we could come to an agreement. I've had papers drawn up and if you'd like to take them with you and review, we can close this the first of next week."

"That's wonderful! I must say, I've never had an easier time doing business than with you Mr. Scalia."

Dominic rose and handed the documents to Roxanne. "Please, call me Dominic if I may call you Roxanne?"

Accepting the bundled papers from Dominic, Roxanne said as she smiled demurely "Please do. After all we will be working closely."

With that Roxanne turned to leave the office allowing Dominic a good look at her derriere in that tight black skirt. Dominic, being somewhat of a connoisseur of female bottoms, was indeed impressed. Roxanne had full hips with nicely rounded cheeks. She also walked placing one foot directly in front of the other that gave a lovely sway to her back porch.

Roxanne had indeed supplied a comprehensive business plan to the bank. What she had carefully neglected to include was the specific nature of the entertainment she intended to provide. The Allen dance hall property was located just outside the city limits. The laws in the surrounding county in regards to "adult" entertainment were significantly less stringent than those in the city. Roxanne Starr had done her homework and had researched the local statutes. Her plan, plain and simple, was to open a strip club.

With her financing in place, Roxanne began the renovation of the dance hall. Nearly five months of work were completed when Dominic Scalia stopped by one afternoon. He walked through the front doors and took in the sight before him. A mirrored bar took up one side of the structure. At the far end was a stage with a long runway extending into the seating area. Brass poles were spaced along the runway. The décor was predominantly red velvet and there appeared to be a side room concealed by curtains.

"This doesn't look like a restaurant" Dominic thought to himself, "she's turned this into a strip club."

"Why hello Dominic!" Roxanne called out a she emerged from behind the curtain.

"Roxanne, this is not a restaurant, correct?"

"Well, not in the traditional sense."

"You have turned this place into a strip club, haven't you?"

"I prefer the term gentlemen's club, sounds so much nicer." Roxanne explained.

"There are laws in this town prohibiting nudity in establishments that serve alcohol. My bank did not intend to finance this type of enterprise." Dominic said.

"Oh I've done my homework, Dominic sweetie." Roxanne cooed. "This place is outside the city limits and my business plan, that you personally approved, left open the option on entertainment. Financially, I've met all the obligations of the contract. Your bank has no arguments with me. Besides there might be some fringe benefits for you as well." Roxanne said as she stroked Dominic's arm.

"It's the appearance of impropriety. A respected financial institution supporting nude dancing?"

"Darling don't worry. Everything will be fine. You'll see."

Construction was completed and a grand opening took place. Of course, the town was scandalized by a gentleman's club in the community. Word spread quickly that Dominic Scalia's bank had financed the club. In fact, Dominic had been spending a great deal of time monitoring that particular investment. Something that had not gone unnoticed by some of the wives in town. Teresa was also aware of the whisperings that were going on and of course it was particularly irritating to her.

At the country club, Barbara Anderson had finished a round of tennis with her friend Rhonda Wilson. In the locker room they caught up on the local gossip.

"Well you know Rhonda" Barbara said "that so-called gentleman's club north of town seems to have plenty of cars in the lot most evenings."

"If I ever caught Bill in that place, I'd cut him off for six months." Replied Rhonda.

"I'm lucky, I don't think Mark has ever been in there. But I think Dominic Scalia is a regular. It's hard to miss that gold BMW parked near the front door. Do you suppose Teresa is so dumb that she doesn't realize what's going on?"

"Perhaps Dominic is getting something out there that he's not getting at home." Rhonda laughed.

"Well the rumor is the owner is a very attractive red head." Barbara offered. "I don't think it's any secret that Dominic is doing more out at that club than checking on his investment. Maybe he is cashing in dividends!" Barbara said with a giggle. "Teresa never could take any competition."

Unbeknownst to the two gossiping ladies, Teresa was taking this all in from the other row of lockers.

Barbara offered a few more comments. "I think it serves her right. She's always thought she was above all the rest of us. Now it looks like she can't keep her own husband at home."

Teresa had heard enough. Seething with anger by the insulting observations she had overheard, Teresa quietly left the locker room. Surprisingly she did not confront Barbara about her comments. She was saving her wrath for a particular club owner and wayward husband.

As she drove, Teresa was thinking, "It's one thing for Dominic to have his head turned by some stripper, but I don't have to hear it from that b*tch Barbara. I'll get Dominic out of there once and for all, and then I'll settle things with that sl*t owner. Miss Barbie I'll deal with later."

It was 5:00 p. m. on Friday when Teresa headed to the gentlemen's club. The club had been running a Friday afternoon happy hour that brought in a good crowd. When Teresa arrived she found the lot full and parked her car directly in front of the main entrance. Dominic's BMW was parked in the slot next to the door. She stepped out of the Lexus, slammed the door shut and took a moment to collect her thoughts. Hands on her hips, legs slightly apart with her feet at shoulder width, Teresa was a sight for the patrons still arriving at the club. She was dressed casually in a white sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front and was worn outside her khaki shorts. Her shorts were sufficiently fitted to highlight Teresa's best asset. Her blouse, while not excessively snug, did not conceal her ample bust. Never one to go flatfooted, she was wearing wedge sandals that gave a nice accent to her legs and bottom. This did not go unnoticed by some of the arriving customers.

"Hey, check out the brunette next to the Lexus." one construction worker said to his buddy.

"Not bad, no spring chicken but not bad at all. Hey baby, what's shaking?" The other construction worker called out to Teresa.

Teresa said nothing, but shot a look at the two men that would melt plutonium. "Ignorant morons" Teresa thought.

Inside the club Dominic was at a table with Roxanne Starr sitting closely with her hand on Dominic's thigh under the table.

"Dom honey, I have to go work on the books, but I've got a surprise for you. I've got a new girl that I'm going to send over to you. She's a local, and has never danced before. I know you'll be good her.

"Sounds like fun Roxy, I'll be gentle." Dominic said with a smile.

"Oh I know you will." Roxanne said as she rose from the table giving Dominic the slightest brush of her lips on his cheek and a subtle puff of her breath in his ear. Dominic also felt Roxanne gently touch his upper arm with her breast, that was barely contained in a black tube top. Dominic's hand found the swell of Roxanne's derriere encased in tight black stretch pants and gave it a squeeze as she turned to walk away.

Dominic turned his attention to the stage where four dancers were performing. Taking a sip from is Scotch on the rocks, Dominic felt a tap on the shoulder.

"Hello Mr. Scalia, I'm here for you." said an attractive young lady with light brown hair of no more than 21 or 22 years of age.

"Well aren't I the lucky one! Sit down here and let's get equated." Dominic offered his lap to the dancer. Strangely, Dominic thought he knew her from someplace. But he surely would have remembered this lingerie clad hottie who was grinding her bottom against his crotch. Wearing white heels, white thigh high stockings, with a white lace thong and bra she projected an image of both purity and the possibility of activities not so pure.

The dancer rose from Dominic's lap. Facing away from him, she straddled his thighs and bent at the waist displaying her barely covered bottom to him. Dominic's hands roamed up and down her back, pausing only to release the hooks of her bra and slip it off her shoulders. She then pivoted to face Dominic, placing a leg on either side of his with her breasts inches from his face.

It was at this point Teresa entered the club. Taking a moment to allow her eyes to adjust to the reduced light, she scanned the club for husband. Dominic was concealed from Teresa's sight for a few seconds by the dancer on his lap. Unfortunately he was revealed when the dancer did a back bend and pressed her pelvis into his.

"That bastard!" Teresa thought. Teresa walked up to Dominic's table, stopped directly behind the dancer and watched the performance for a few seconds. Dominic had buried his face between her breasts and had no idea is very unhappy wife was watching the exhibition. Pulling out for air Dominic looked directly into Teresa's eyes.

"Having fun hubby?" Teresa asked.

"Oh shit! Get off me! My wife is here!" Dominic exclaimed as he tried to push the dancer away from him.

Teresa aided Dominic by grabbing a good handful of the dancer's hair and pulling her backward. Unable to get footing with her high heels she fell backward onto the carpeted floor upsetting the table and spilling drinks.

Composing herself she looked up at her tormentor.

"Oh my God!! Mrs. Scalia!"

"Kathy Benson you little sl*t. This is how you use your degree in education? Get away from my husband."

Kathy Benson, you may recall, was the middle school swimming coach. She was so unnerved by her episode with Teresa and Barbara at the swimming meet she abandoned her career in education and to make ends meet took up stripping.

The crash of the table had drawn the attention of the bouncer. Jazz the bouncer was 6 ft. 5inches and weighed 275 pounds of solid muscle. Seeing Teresa standing over the fallen Kathy, Jazz came up to them and got a grip on Teresa's arm preventing any further problems.

"Take your hand off of me you ape!" Teresa spat out as she struggled in his grip.

Kathy got to her feet, retrieved her bra and made a quick exit to the dressing rooms. The commotion had also gotten the attention of the bar patrons and the manager Roxanne Starr. Dominic had risen to his feet when Roxanne arrived.

"Well, well, well, Mrs. Scalia I presume?" Roxanne asked. "Let her go Jazz."

Teresa pulled her arm away from the bouncer but did not make any advance toward Roxanne or Dominic.

"Let's get out of here Teresa and not cause anymore difficulty."

"Oh I've got some business of my own with Miss Starr I need to finish."

Jazz stepped up to once again restrain Teresa but stopped short when Roxanne gave him a subtle look.

"Jazz would you please show Mr. Scalia the way out. Mrs. Scalia and I do need to tie up some loose ends."

Jazz raised one massive arm to indicate the way out for Dominic. Without argument Dominic left the building. This left Roxanne and Teresa facing each other.

"Mrs. Scalia I don't know why you're so upset. It should be obvious that your husband gets something here that you fail to provide to him at home. Why don't you just toddle along before you get in too much trouble."

"The only thing Dominic can get here that he can't at home is a disease. Or perhaps access to your surgically enhanced breasts."

"Oh dearie I assure you they're real. I would say you may have been doing some cosmetic altering yourself. After all you house wives have to do something besides sitting on your fanny all day."

Teresa had heard enough. The fanny comment was all she could take. Roxanne was genuinely surprised by the quickness of Teresa's right hand as she delivered a quick slap to Roxanne's cheek. Roxanne was also unprepared for Teresa's next move. Quickly grasping Roxanne's tube top, Teresa pulled with both hands and released Roxanne's breasts to the open-air. Teresa released her grip and stepped back to admire her work. Her breasts exposed, Roxanne's statement on their authenticity was put to the test with all the club patrons as witnesses. Unfortunately she had stretched the truth. Roxanne was a fair skinned red head, her nipples pale pink with areolas the diameter of a quarter. She had indeed undergone some enhancement as the slight scar under each nipple indicated. Realizing she was showing the goods without any payment, Roxanne pulled up her tube top to maintain her modesty.

"They're real all right, real silicone or real saline, which is it?"

"Real or enhanced I'm still more of a woman than you. After all, it's your husband who's been hanging around here."

At this statement Teresa launched another assault. This time Roxanne was ready for her. Having been in the club business for number of years, Roxanne had a great deal of experience dealing with combative patrons. She was trained in martial arts and in excellent physical condition. Curiously enough, Roxanne merely blocked the slaps and attempts at scratches from Teresa. She had a plan in mind. Teresa would slap with both hands and while Roxanne effectively blocked the blows she would reach between Teresa's arms and pluck a button from her blouse. it wasn't long before all the buttons had been removed and Teresa's blouse was hanging open. While this was going on our two ladies had been surrounded by the bar patrons forming a circle. Roxanne was in full control and was leading Teresa like a bullfighter leads the bull. Teresa was breathing heavily and beginning to tire when she noticed her open blouse. Everyone was now able to see her peach colored bra. Roxanne backed her way through the crowd, with Teresa still gamely following trying to land a slap, leading her up the stairs onto the stage. Once on the stage, Roxanne went into action. In a quick move she stepped behind Teresa and grabbed her blouse. Pulling it off Teresa's shoulders and down her arms, Roxanne quickly removed the blouse and tossed it to the crowd. Wolf whistles and cheers went up from the crowd and Teresa instinctively tried to cover herself. Roxanne then pushed Teresa up against one of the brass poles on the stage with one of Teresa's boobs on either side.

Breathing heavily and realizing she was in trouble Teresa's mind began to race, "What she going to do? I lost my blouse all these low class people are seeing me!"

Roxanne realized that Teresa was too tired to put up much more of a struggle. Knowing this she decided not only to give her patrons a show but a little fun for herself. Teresa couldn't move as Roxanne whispered in her ear "Now little housewife, let's see what's real and what isn't."

Pinning Teresa against the pole with her body, Roxanne slipped her right hand around and cupped Teresa's bra covered right breast. She gave it a slight squeeze and a bit of a lift. Her fingertips travel over Teresa's nipple indicating a very slight erection.

"My my my little housewife, you do have quite a rack. And I do believe they're all yours. Let's check the other one."

Roxanne's left-hand slid from Teresa's hip up her side and cupped her left breast.

"Let me go and keep your hands off of me you sl*t." Teresa shouted.

"Little housewifes who call names will be punished." Roxanne cooed into Teresa's ear.

Roxanne's fingertips lightly brushed over the fabric covering Teresa's left nipple. This time Roxanne gave a slight squeeze with her thumb and forefinger finding the same degree of erection.

Teresa was now at a crossroads. She had to make an attempt to break free or she was doomed to suffer whenever it was Roxanne was planning. Teresa attempted to strike Roxanne with a kick, but was too slow and too fatigued to be effective. Roxanne easily avoided the kick.

"That was naughty little housewife. I think you'll pay for that indiscretion with your khakis." Roxanne threatened.

"Oh no, I can't lose anymore of my clothes."

Teresa was now virtually helpless. Roxanne unsnapped the side closure of Teresa's shorts. Teresa tried to press herself firmly against the pole to prevent Roxanne from loosening the zipper. Roxanne's left arm got between Teresa's waist and the pole. Pulling Teresa away from the pole, Roxanne's right hand found a zipper tab and lowered it. Feeling the waistband of her shorts become loose Teresa again grabbed the pole with both hands and pressed to it. This played right into Roxanne's plan. With both hands free she grabbed the waistband and began lowering Teresa's khaki shorts. As the shorts came down it became evident that Teresa was wearing matched bra and panties. Peach in color, her high waisted panties came into view. Again an ovation erupted from the bar.

"Very nice underwear, little housewife and my don't we have a lovely tush. I just love a nice full derriere." Roxanne continued to coo into Teresa's ear. "I think we've put on enough of a show. Time to go somewhere a little more private. Just you and I for little in depth exchange."

With that Roxanne took a firm grip on Teresa's hair. Breaking her grip on the brass pole, Teresa stepped back and completely out of her shorts. Standing on the stage now clad only in her bra and panties, Teresa was paraded from one end of the stage to the other. Both her hands were grasped around Roxanne's wrist to reduce the pressure on her hair. She could not cover herself at all. Dollar bills were flying onto the stage like autumn leaves. Roxanne led Teresa to the end of the stage and down the stairs to a room used for "private dances."

"Keep everyone out of here." Roxanne told Jazz as she and Teresa went behind the velvet curtain. Jazz pulled the curtain shut and placed his formidable person in front of it.

Inside the private room were sofas and easy chairs for the dancers and their customers to use. Roxanne led Teresa to a sofa. Standing before it, Roxanne told Teresa.

"You know I have done a little research on you little housewife. It seems this isn't the first time you've compromised your modesty in public. And you caused some embarrassment to a certain blond domestic goddess from this town. Now I don't know her nor do I care, but you're not coming into my business with your high and mighty ways and disturb things."

"What are you going to do to me you b*tch. My husband still has influence in this area. I'll see you're put out of business." Teresa threatened.

"As far as my business goes, I think I'm quite secure. As far you go Mrs. Scalia, I have been in the business of gentlemen's clubs for number of years. And I've developed an appreciation for a couple of things. First the majority of my employees are women. Attractive women. Second the need to maintain discipline. So my dear for you I think the discipline comes first."

With that Roxanne swiftly sat on the sofa and pulled Teresa over her lap. Teresa's breasts were just to the outside of Roxanne's thighs and her bottom directly under Roxanne's right hand. Relinquishing her grip on Teresa's hair, Roxanne pulled Teresa's right arm over her back with her left hand to control her.

Again Teresa's mind was reeling. Knowing she was about to be spanked once again, she started in having flash backs of past punishments. Some at the hands of Dominic or Mark Anderson, one time at the Little League park with Barbara handing out the punishment. Then she recalled having Barbara over her lap and administering a blistering paddling to her nemesis. She recalled the feelings she had at that time. Not just feelings of power or dominance, but more sexual in nature. So much so that she had dared to sneak of feel of Barbara's erect nipple. Even more daring, she allowed her fingers to stray between Barbara's legs finding an unexpected dampness.

Now she was over the lap a woman who had completely foiled the fight for her dignity and her husband. Part of her wanted to make one more effort to fight back. Part of her wanted to give up and submit to whatever Roxanne would subject her to. It wasn't long before she found out.

Teresa was in position and was anticipating the first assault on her fine rear end. Although not a thong, Teresa's panties did offer some exposed flesh. Roxanne did something unexpected. Instead of attempting to remove the panties, she gathered in the material covering Teresa's cheeks and forced it into her butt cleavage. Teresa gasped at the sensation she felt. She also anticipated Roxanne pulling her panties into a painful wedgie. That didn't happen.

"Now we'll get down to business." Roxanne said as she arranged Teresa's underwear. "You do have her shapely ass. Is it as firm as it looks?"

Roxanne ran her right hand over the cheeks of Teresa's bottom pausing occasionally for a squeeze.

"Oh yes this is a firm one."

With that Roxanne's hand came down hard on Teresa's famous butt. At the first blow Teresa head snapped up and she clenched her teeth to keep from crying out. Spanks were distributed evenly to both cheeks. Teresa kicked in frustration and pain but could not escape. Roxanne was enjoying the change in the skin tone of Teresa's ass. Her tanned skin took on a rosy hue. Roxanne was also showing signs of excitement. Her nipples were clearly visible under her tube top and she thrust her pelvis slightly at every stroke. At about 15 strokes Teresa stopped struggling. Her breathing became rhythmic in time with Roxanne's strokes. Her cries became moans.

Again Teresa was having strange new thoughts and sensations. She arched her back and tried to look back at the one who was punishing her. At the same time she pushed her pelvis against Roxanne's thigh while very subtly opening her legs.

"This isn't right, this isn't right. I can't be enjoying this. This woman has humiliated me in public and now is treating me like a child. Oh God my ass is on fire but it feels so good. I don't know what to do. Can I make it stop? Do I want it to stop? I've never felt this way" Teresa's conflicting thoughts were flying through her head.

Noticing the change in her subject Roxanne halted at the 30-spank mark. Letting go of Teresa's arm Roxanne used both hands to soothe and massage Teresa's fiery cheeks. Teresa made no effort to remove herself from Roxanne's lap. Roxanne ran her hand down Teresa's derriere and let her fingers touch the inside of Teresa's thigh. Teresa responded by pushing her ass higher and opening her legs even more. A smile of recognition crossed Roxanne's face. She'd seen this several times before and knew how to proceed. Roxanne's right hand massage Teresa's inner thigh just below her sex. Roxanne's left-hand traveled over the small of Teresa's back to her bra. She deftly unhooked Teresa's bra and slid the straps over her shoulders. Teresa rose up on her arms sufficiently to allow the bra to be removed completely. Roxanne's hand touched Teresa's left breast lightly running her fingertips over the exposed nipple. Again Teresa gasped at the other woman's touch. The nipple stiffened, the areola contracted. Roxanne continued to gently knead Teresa's nipple while massaging her butt.

"Time to take you a little further, little housewife."

Taking the waistband of Teresa's panties, Roxanne pulled on the gathered fabric between Teresa's cheeks putting pressure on Teresa's pubic area. A low moan came from Teresa as she slowly began to thrust against the pressure. Roxanne smiled like a master craftsman who knew exactly what she was doing. Slowly increasing the pressure and using a rotating motion Roxanne worked Teresa into a sexual frenzy. Teresa's breath was rapid. She no longer slowly thrust her sex against the pressure of her wedged panties, she jammed her bottom against Roxanne's rhythm. When she thought Teresa was at the cusp of her orgasm, Roxanne suddenly stopped.

"What! Don't stop! Don't stop! I want more!"

"Stand up and takeoff those panties."

Teresa complied immediately. Roxanne pulled her back to her lap this time with Teresa's back to her in the sitting position. Roxanne's right hand spread Teresa's legs while her left hand worked over Teresa's nipples.

"Now we finish up little housewife"

Roxanne's right hand skimmed over the smooth skin of Teresa's inner thigh and found the neatly trimmed patch of her pubic hair. Rubbing gently on the pubic bone, Roxanne's fingers expertly found the folds of Teresa's pussy. Spreading her lips and finding abundant moisture, Roxanne worked Teresa's sensitive bud.

"This is a woman doing this to me; I never felt this before. Never with Dominic or any other man." Teresa was thinking. Her verbalizations were now rhythmic grunts in time with Roxanne's hand strokes. Taking her over the top, Roxanne slipped a finger into the moist tunnel. Teresa stiffened, her back arched, her nipples at their most erect, her breasts thrust forward. She pushed against Roxanne's hand and when her time had passed she collapsed into Roxanne's arms, flushed and glistening from her lust.

"Now little housewife. Don't come in to my place and abuse my employees or try anything with me."

Roxanne bent her head and kissed Teresa on the mouth.

"What have you done to me? I never felt anything like that in my life."

"Just something I've learned over the years. You may want to try this on someone you know, like that blond that gives you all the trouble."

"You mean Barbara Anderson. I've tanned her ass before, but never anything beyond that."

"Think about it. Only with her you're the one in control. Did you learn from this?"

"Oh yes, I've learned. But what can I do for you?"

"Maybe some other time, but rest assured I'm not after your husband other than for business reasons. Sometimes we have to use methods that are somewhat pushing the envelope."

Teresa slowly pulled her panties on and put on her bra. Looking around she realized her blouse and shorts were out in the bar.

"My clothes! I don't have them."

"Well Teresa dear, you'll have to go out into the club and get them."

Teresa bowed her head and stepped through the velvet curtain. The bar patrons were unaware of what went on behind that curtain, but they could certainly tell by the redness of Teresa's ass that something had gone on. They could also see the flush of her face and upper chest. And even though they were covered by her bra, Teresa's nipples maintained a high state of erection. A round of applause broke out when Teresa mounted the stage to retrieve her shorts. She stepped into the shorts and pull them up over her ass. Figuring her blouse was a lost cause and not recoverable, Teresa held her head up, shoulders back and thrust her chest out as she walked through the front door and got in her car.

On the drive home Teresa tried to sort out the events that had transpired. She had one recurring thought. Roxanne's voice kept coming back to her.

"You may want to try this on someone you know, like that blond that gives you all the trouble."

"Yes" Teresa thought "I may want to try this on someone I know."
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Default Teresa Scalia: Barbara and Roxanne get Acquainted

Teresa Scalia: Barbara and Roxanne Get Acquainted

Preface: In this story there are a couple references to earlier encounters between Teresa and Barbara. For a full accounting of those incidents, I refer you to the stories The Tale of Mrs. Teresa Scalia (uncovered) and Teresa Scalia Gets Her Revenge.

An electronic version of the William Tell Overture's opening clarion call rang out from Barbara Anderson's purse indicating a call on her cell phone.

"Hello this is Barbara"

"Barbara, Rhonda here. Have I got some news for you. Have you heard the latest about our friend Terri Scalia?"

"What has she done now? Fall into the pool again?"

"Oh no this is much better. It seems she went out to that strip club to catch Dominic there. The story is Dominic was in the place and Teresa walked in on him with some half naked floozy sitting on his lap."

"Oh you're kidding! What did she do?" Barbara said with gleeful anticipation.

"Teresa got a handful of the dancer's hair and pushed her on to the floor. It turns out the dancer was Kathy Benson the schoolteacher."

"Kathy Benson! I wonder what happened to her. You mean she's a stripper now? How did you hear about this?"

"A couple of salesmen that Bill does business with were in there. And they knew Dominic and Teresa."

"I'm sure that was a pleasant ride home for Mr. And Mrs. Scalia. She no doubt ragged on him the whole trip."

"Well they didn't leave together I can tell you that. The owner came out of her office and had the bar bouncer show Dominic the door. "

"Why didn't the owner throw Teresa out as well? You would think he would want to get that trouble making b*tch out of there too."

"Barbara sweetie, it gets better. First off, the owner isn't a he, it's a she. I think I've seen her around town. I'm told her name is Roxanne Starr."

"Roxanne Starr? The bar owner? What does she look like?"

"If it's the woman I'm thinking of, she's in her early 30s, fairly well dressed, when I've seen her, and quite shapely. And a red head to boot. Anyway back to the good stuff. Teresa and this Roxanne woman had words and started fighting. Except the fight was very one-sided."

"Poor Roxanne, I know what it's like to tangle with Teresa."

"Oh no honey it's not like that all. Teresa couldn't get a slap in edgewise. Ms. Starr handled her with ease. She even managed to get Teresa on the stage and strip her down to her bra and panties in front of the whole bar!"

"You're kidding! This Roxanne Starr must be some kind of woman. God I would've loved to have been there. What happened after that?"

"Roxanne pulled Teresa into a back room by her hair. Nobody could see what went on in there, but Teresa came out from behind the curtain after about 20 minutes still in her bra and panties. They said her hair was a mess and she looked flushed."

"She walked back into the crowd in her underwear? God how embarrassing."

"I guess that's where her clothes were. At least her shorts, she got them from the stage and pulled them on. They said she walked out of the bar in just her shorts and bra. And, this is the best part, everyone got a good look before she put her shorts on and her bottom was fiery red."

"My Oh my Oh my this is something. I think I should meet this Roxanne Starr. She and I now have something very important in common."

A few days later Barbara made a phone call to the Gentlemen's Club. The phone rang in the club's office.

"Roxanne Starr speaking"

"Ms. Starr my name is Barbara Anderson. We've never met but we have a mutual acquaintance."

"In my business I meet quite a number of people. Whom are we talking about?"

"Mrs. Teresa Scalia to be exact. It's my understanding that you've got to know her quite well. If you know I mean?" Barbara said with a catty edge.

"I wonder what this is all about?" thought Roxanne to herself. "I'll play along and see what develops."

"Why yes, Mrs. Scalia did visit my business a week or so ago. Unfortunately she exhibited some rude behavior."

"Well Ms. Starr, Teresa and I have a bit of a history ourselves. And I'd like to meet the woman who has gotten the best of her."

"Stop by my establishment some afternoon. I'm usually in the office after 4 p.m. I look forward to meeting you as well."

"How about tomorrow? If that's okay with you?"

"Tomorrow it is then, Mrs. Anderson."

Roxanne had done some research on Dominic Scalia and his wife. She knew Teresa had had some public dust ups with another local woman. Roxanne got on the phone and contacted her sources. She soon learned that Barbara Anderson was the woman with which Teresa had her problems. Unsure of Barbara's intentions, Roxanne prepared for anything. She obtained a copy of a video made at the local Community Theater a few years back. The video showed Teresa being divested of her black cocktail dress by the rising stage curtain and the subsequent catfight with Barbara. Both women ending up topless and spanked by each other's husband. Another more rare videotape surfaced. This contained footage showing Barbara struggling to keep her dress on while a mule pulled on the hem with his teeth. The tape showed Barbara tumbling completely out of her dress. Barbara rises to her feet when Teresa steps into the scene and pulls Barbara over her knee. Barbara then suffers some real punishment to her derriere courtesy of Teresa. Both videotapes cost Roxanne more than a few dollars, but it was worth it. She now had something on both soccer moms.

Barbara left her real estate office at around 410 p.m. and drove to the gentlemen's club. She noticed the parking lot was beginning to fill already for the 5 p.m. start of Friday's happy hour. Barbara was dressed for business in a beige suit and heels. Under the suit coat she wore a cream-colored blouse. The skirt of the suit was several inches above the knee to show off Barbara's legs to their best advantage. Maintaining attractive tanned skin, Barbara was not wearing hose to go with her high heels.

Entering the club she noticed approximately ¾ of the tables were occupied. The doorman/bouncer greeted her.

"May I help you?" asked the rather formidable Jazz

"Yes I'm here to see Roxanne Starr, please." said Barbara somewhat taken aback by the huge doorman.

"Follow me please." Jazz lead Barbara through the tables to the rear of the club. The dancers had not yet begun performing so Barbara was the object of a few wolf whistles and many lusty looks.

"Do you suppose they think I'm one of those skanky dancers?" thought Barbara. "God I hope not!"

Jazz knocked on the wooden door, opened it and announced Barbara to Roxanne.

" Ms. Starr will see you." Jazz said as he opened the door for her.

Barbara stepped through the door and saw a well appointed office complete with mahogany desk and computer kiosk, several file cabinets, and a very comfortable looking leather sofa.

"Mrs. Anderson, I presume. Please come in. Thank you Jazz. That will be all."

Jazz took his leave closing the door behind him. Roxanne stepped out from behind her desk and both women sized each other up. Roxanne was dressed in a dark green lacy camisole top with matching stretch pants and heels. It was clear she was not wearing a bra as the clinging camisole fabric revealed.

"I thought Rhonda said she was well dressed," Barbara thought to herself "She looks like a hooker. She might as well not be wearing a top."

Roxanne was making her own assessment "So this is the blond from the video. Actually looks better in person. And a very nice pair of legs which she obviously is aware of by the length of that skirt." Roxanne motioned toward the sofa, "Please Mrs. Anderson make your self comfortable."

"Thank you" replied Barbara as she slipped off the jacket of her suit and took a seat on the sofa. The sofa had very deep and soft cushions as Barbara noticed when she sat. Her skirt rose a few inches on her thighs as she crossed her right leg over the left, the deep seat giving Roxanne a good view. Having no clue that Ms. Starr might find Barbara's leg show attractive, Barbara d****d her jacket over the arm of the sofa and made no attempt to conceal her gams.

Roxanne was indeed taking in the view offered to her. "I was right, she is very proud of those legs. And she does have a very perky pair underneath that blouse."

"May I offer you something to drink?" asked Roxanne "I'm thinking about a margarita, myself."

"Well, it's a little early for me, but I'll join you." Barbara replied.

Turning toward the intercom on her desk, Roxanne bent at the waist and leaned over to send a message. Roxanne's ample and shapely derriere was pointed at Barbara. The fabric of her tight pants highlighted the cleavage of her butt cheeks.

"Good God, I doubt if she's even wearing panties." Barbara surmised.

Roxanne spoke into the intercom "Maria would you bring two margaritas in please."

"Yes Roxanne, on the way."

Roxanne turned from the desk and took a seat on the sofa opposite Barbara.

"So Mrs. Anderson what can I do for you?"

"Being new to the area I'm sure you have no knowledge of my relationship with Teresa Scalia. I heard about your incident with her and curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to meet the woman who got the best of Teresa."

As she finished, Barbara uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them left leg over the right. The hem of her skirt rose a couple more inches. Barbara made no attempt to adjust the hem. Something that did not go unnoticed by Roxanne.

"What's this little blond soccer mom up to?" Roxanne was thinking "and why is she so careless with her skirt?"

A knock was heard at the door and Maria the cocktail waitress came in with a tray. Maria was a Latin girl of 25 with raven hair and flashing brown eyes. Her leather crop top and micro-mini skirt left little the imagination. She was definitely busty with that well-defined Latin ass. Maria served Barbara first then offered Roxanne her drink.

"Thank you Maria"

Maria left the room and Barbara and Roxanne both sampled their drinks.

"First off Mrs. Anderson, my knowledge of your history with Teresa Scalia is a little more extensive than you realize. I'm fully aware of your conflicts. You see dear, I had to do some research in order to make a wise business decision and locate in this town. It has proved useful. After all I need to make the best financial arrangements I can and I've gotten some excellent deals on financing, construction, liquor and foodservice. I offer a few fringe benefits in exchange for some advantages for the business."

Barbara was somewhat stunned and disbelieving that this newcomer knew anything about her conflicts with Teresa. She was also more than a little offended by Roxanne's condescending tone and superior attitude.

"I doubt if you know as much as you think you do. Did you lure Dominic Scalia into this place?"

"Lure? I don't think so. I couldn't keep him out of here. Like I said dearie, I offer some things they don't get at home. Why I've even saved thousands on the liability and hazard insurance on this place."

"Insurance?" Barbara asked "What company? Whose agency?"

"The company is Mutual of Rockford and the agent is" Roxanne paused and thought for a moment "the agent is Mark Anderson who I believe happens to be your husband."

"Are you saying my husband has been in this place sampling your "fringe benefits,"" Barbara said with mounting anger.

"Do you blame him? After all you're the one who's made a spectacle of her self. It's all documented. I'm surprised you not aware of it. Here let me show you."

Roxanne glanced at the digital clock on her desk and noted that it was 540 p.m. and that the Friday Happy Hour should be in full swing with a good crowd in-house. She stepped over to one side of the office where a wall mounted VCR and monitor were. From a shelf she selected a tape, placed it in the VCR and pushed play. The monitor lit up with the scene at the community theater. Teresa had lost her dress and was struggling with Barbara trying to strip her.

Barbara was in shock. She had heard rumors about the existence of such a tape, but never believed it actually existed. Barbara rose to her feet in anger.

"Where did you get that?"

"Oh there are several copies around. I even have some very exclusive video of you and a certain mule. Remember that Barbara?"

Barbara walked up to confront Roxanne, but she couldn't take her eyes off the TV monitor. At this point in the tape Teresa had completely removed Barbara's dress and was fighting to strip her of her bra. Barbara's mouth fell open and she was transported back to that fateful evening. Roxanne crossed her arms and smiled with an air of superiority. The tape continued to run and showed Teresa and Barbara locked in battle, tearing at what remained of their clothes. As the scene progressed both husbands came onstage and took each other's wife over the knee for some corporal punishment. Barbara watched until the screen faded to black. She then turned her attention to Roxanne.

"Why you black mailing sl*t! You used this to get Mark in here for a good insurance deal?"

"No darling, I merely used it to find out which husbands might be most agreeable to things I had to offer in exchange for some business considerations. There's something else you may want to watch on this tape."

The monitor screen lit up again and showed Barbara falling over a rubber barrel with a mule pulling on the hem of her dress with his teeth.

"Oh God don't tell me you have this." Barbara lamented.

The tape showed in great detail Barbara's loss of clothing and Teresa's execution of a bare bottom spanking to Barbara. Barbara looked at Roxanne and was seething with anger.

"Why you're nothing more than a madam in a low rent brothel. You mercenary b*tch!"

"Mind your manners Mrs. Anderson, you're in my place of business and you wouldn't want to end up like dear Teresa, now would you?" taunted Roxanne.

"I wouldn't think manners would be anything you would know much about." Barbara responded as she poked the index finger of her right hand directly into the fabric-covered nipple of Roxanne's left breast. Roxanne slapped her hand away and then let Barbara make the first move. Anticipating a fight much like she had with Teresa, Roxanne blocked Barbara's attempts to land slaps. She had so much enjoyment plucking the buttons in her previous encounter, Roxanne decided to use the same tactic with Barbara. One by one Roxanne would lift a button from Barbara's blouse, Barbara, concentrating on trying to land a slap, took no notice. The two women moved around the office during their combat. Roxanne backing up with Barbara following. Unbeknownst to Barbara the tape continued running and had begun again at the community theater scene. Also unbeknownst to Barbara, was that now her blouse was completely open. Merely held together by its being tucked into the waist of her skirt. Glimpses were available of Barbara's very sheer white French silk bra. Roxanne broke off and took a step back to admire the view.

"Very nice Barbara. You certainly don't compare with Teresa's boobs in the size department, but they are very cute. Just love that bra."

Barbara, breathing heavily, looked down and tried to pull the halves of her blouse together. She gathered herself for one last charge. The experienced Roxanne was more than ready for this and as Barbara came forward Roxanne got a grip on the blouse with wicked intent. Pulling at the collar, Roxanne got the blouse down over Barbara's shoulders. Roxanne then slapped Barbara's arms away and spun her to face away from her. Roxanne then got the short sleeves over Barbara's arms and pulled the blouse free of the skirt. Barbara try to cover her chest is best she could with her arms. Roxanne, with Barbara's blouse in hand, walked over to a closet and opened the door.

"I think I'll save this along with another souvenir." As she said this Roxanne took Barbara's blouse and hung it on a hook next to another buttonless ladies blouse. At this point Barbara decided that discretion was the better part of valor. She beat a hasty retreat to the office door, forgetting about the loss of her blouse. Running into the main floor of the club with her arms crossed to cover her chest, Barbara frantically searched for the exit. On the main floor, Barbara heard loud laughter and catcalls. Looking up at the walls she saw four giant HDTV screens one on each wall. Playing on the screens was the videotape Roxanne had shown her. The tape had again reached the pivotal point where Barbara is stretched over Teresa's lap having her derriere blistered with open handed spanks. The vantage point from which the video was shot proved to be excellent. Barbara's up turned derriere was in full view, but her body was at a slight angle to the camera and it captured Barbara's facial expressions as she looked back at Teresa. Barbara dropped her hands to her sides, exposing her breasts in the sheer bra, and watched, in big screen glory, her punishment. She slowly pivoted looking at each screen in turn, eyes wide with shock and mouth agape. Something had been triggered in Barbara's memory while watching that video. She felt flushed and a bit of a tingle was starting in her lower belly. Barbara continued to watch and as she did her nipples perked up and pushed rigidly against the French silk of her bra. Roxanne stepped through her office door and took in the sight. Thinking to herself "This one has potential too. Her nipples betray her. How can I arrange something with her and that Italian? Something fun, but possibly very profitable?"

Someone in the crowd took their eyes off the big screen and noticed Barbara standing on the main floor in just her bra and skirt, her pink nipples becoming more and more prominent.

"Hey look it's one of the b*tches from the video!"

"No shit! Come on baby show us something!"

Soon everyone was shouting at Barbara. The tape ended and that combined with the noisy comments directed at her, snapped Barbara back into reality. Barbara looked down at herself and realized her clothing situation and mounting arousal.

"Lord, I've got a get out of here." she thought. Barbara saw the exit over her right shoulder and made a quick turn to run for it. One stride into her escape Barbara ran fully into Maria the cocktail waitress. Maria's tray flew into the air spilling drinks directly into her face and tossing coins and bills from her cash holder into the air. Barbara hugged Maria around the shoulders as both women fell to the floor, Maria on her back with Barbara directly on top of her positioned between Maria's spread legs.

Their faces within inches of each other Maria shouted "What the fuck? Get off of me b*tch!"

Barbara attempted to rise, but in her struggle, put both hands on Maria's round and full boobs using them for support. Barbara's skirt was rising up high on her thighs as she gathered her knees under herself giving those watching the hope of seeing more. Her skirt being little more than a belt, Maria was showing quite a bit. Maria reacted to Barbara's hands on her chest by placing her hands over Barbara's boobs. Maria felt the points of Barbara's hard nipples against the palm of her hands Barbara took full notice of the full breast in each hand and also took more notice of the pressure on her nipples from Maria.

"Oh I'm so sorry. Please let me help you." Barbara apologized.

"Just get off of me! God, you dumb b*tch."

Barbara got to her feet and forgetting about her exposed chest adjusted her skirt that had ridden up a considerable distance. She offered a hand to the fallen Maria. After regaining her feet, Maria looked around for her cash holder. She saw that the uncivilized and rude bar patrons had made off with the entire contents of the cash holder.

"My money! It's all gone! Oh no. It's all your fault." Maria accused Barbara.
One of the patrons stepped up to Barbara from the side and whispered in her ear "I'll give you five dollars if you take off the bra, how about it?"

"Bra? Take off my bra? What's he talking about?" Barbara thought to her self. Then she looked down and took stock of her situation. "Oh no" she said as she covered her chest once again. "I have to get out of here"

Again Barbara tried for the exit, but Maria would have none of it. Grabbing her by the wrist, Maria halted Barbara's retreat.

"There was at least two hundred dollars in that cash holder and you're going to replace it."

"Like hell I am." Barbara said as she pulled her wrist free and tried to run off. Maria was quicker and got the fingers of her right hand down the waistband of Barbara's skirt. Jazz the bouncer was about to step in but looked to Roxanne for the okay. Roxanne held one hand up as if to say "let things go, I'll tell you went to act."

Barbara tried to turn and face her pursuer, but Maria's hold on her skirt gave the advantage. A few dollars were thrown their way, which gave Maria ideas. Maintaining her hold with her left hand, Maria found the rear zipper to Barbara's skirt.

Barbara could sense what Maria was up to, "She's trying to get my skirt off. I can't let that happen to me in from all these people."

It took a couple tries on the stubborn zipper for Maria to get it completely opened. Barbara felt her skirt loosen at the waist and struggled with more intensity to try and escape. In her efforts to get away from Maria, Barbara momentarily lost her balance and fell face first over a table. This was the advantage Maria needed. With Barbara bent over the table at the waist, Maria pulled her skirt over her hips and down to her ankles. Barbara was now exhibiting some very sheer white silk panties, which gave a lovely contrast to her tanned skin. Barbara tried to kick at Maria but was foiled by her skirt bunched around her ankles.

The dancers had stopped performing in order to watch the commotion. One dancer said to her peers "That blond has cost Maria a lot of money, I'm going down help her."

With that the dancer made her way through crowd to the table Barbara had fallen over. Barbara had risen to her elbows but was still bent over the table. The dancer grabbed Barbara's wrists. "Going somewhere Mrs. Suburbia?"

"Let go of me you sl*t." Barbara protested.

Maria seeing that Barbara was secured, yanked her skirt free of the entanglement around her feet. Using her boots to good advantage, Maria positioned Barbara's feet a good three feet apart. This of course, combined with her high heels, created a very attractive view of Barbara's legs and ass.

Barber remained leaning on her elbows and looked back at Maria, "What are you doing! Leave me alone and let me go!"

"You lost my money, now you're going to earn it back. Just a little show for the customers." Maria said.

. Five, ten, and twenty-dollar bills came flying on to the table. "This might bring in more than I thought." Maria considered. She looked across the floor to Roxanne for approval. Roxanne gave a sly grin and nodded her head. Standing at Barbara's left side, Maria gently slipped her hand over the swell of Barbara's bottom and began slowly stroking the inside of her thigh. Barbara's head snapped up and Maria could feel Barbara's entire body tense.

"Maria has a lovely touch, doesn't she?" teased the dancer at Barbara's head. "Who knows where she's headed."

Barbara said nothing. The tantalizing touches had struck her speechless. She closed her eyes and tried to resist the feelings that were rising inside her.

Maria moved her hand up the back of Barbara's thigh and cupped the cheek of her ass. Giving several sensual squeezes, Maria's hand migrated to the other cheek. Again she tested the cheek with several slow and lingering caresses.

"I think it's time these came off," Maria said as she slipped the fingers of both hands under the waistband of Barbara's panties. Certainly not in any hurry, Maria slowly worked the waistband to the left and to the right as she pulled them down. Stopping halfway over the swell of Barbara's butt Maria stopped

Barbara had dropped her head to the table. Her eyes closed, her breath shallow and rapid, she gave in to her feelings.

Maria's right hand found its way under the waistband and was lost to view inside Barbara's panties. Slow movement of Maria's hand could be seen under the fabric. Barbara gave out a low moan and very subtly began to move her hips. Maria increased the rhythm in response to Barbara's reaction. It was a vicious circle Barbara was caught in. The more she responded to Maria's touch, Maria would correspondingly increased the intensity. Barbara was soon panting and bucking her hips wildly against Maria's strokes. When it seemed Barbara was at her apex, Maria abruptly stopped. Barbara at first collapsed on the table then quickly looked back for Maria wanting her to continue. Maria quickly stripped Barbara's panties down to her ankles and pulled them off. Tossing the panties in the crowd, Maria grabbed Barbara's hair and stood her up. Glistening with perspiration, Barbara's chest was heaving with rapid breaths. Maria's hands made quick work of unhooking and removing Barbara's bra. Her breasts now fully exposed with nipples cherry red and at their most aroused hardness.

Maria gave Barbara's nipple a gentle kneading with one hand as she cupped and squeezed Barbara's ass with the other.

"I think you more than made up for the money you've lost tonight, honey. If you'd like a private session sometime, just stop by here again." Maria purred into Barbara's ear. That she picked up a 20 from the table and placed it Barbara's hand, "Here's cab fare, lover." With that she gave Barbara a kiss on the cheek and walked off to gather the dollars littering the area.

Barbara was coming out of her sexual stupor and realized she was completely stripped in front of hundreds of leering men. She crouched low and tried to cover.

"Here Mrs. Anderson, I think you could use this." Roxanne said as she tossed the coat of Barbara's suit to her.

Pulling the coat over her shoulders and covering herself as best she could Barbara asked Roxanne, "What have you done to me?"

"Nothing that deep down you didn't want to experience all along Mrs. Anderson. I was just the facilitator."

Barbara bent down to retrieve her skirt that was in a pile on the floor. She briefly exposed her bare bottom to Roxanne. Roxanne took the opportunity and gave Barbara a friendly pat. At Roxanne's touch, Barbara shot straight to attention.

"Now tell me you didn't enjoy that." Roxanne said with her Cheshire cat smile, "Now get out of here and come back when you're ready."

Still in heels, Barbara slowly walked for the exit, her skirt in her one hand and her jacket around her, barely covering her bottom. As she walked through the door Roxanne called out "Think about Teresa Scalia, Mrs. Anderson. Imagine the possibilities."

Like Teresa, Barbara had reflective drive home with the constant thoughts going through her mind "Teresa, imagine the possibilities, imagine the possibilities."
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Default Teresa Scalia: The Final Confrontation

At the time this was written I thought I had gone as far as I could with these characters. Hence the "Final Confrontation" title. But as things turned out there were more adventures in store for these ladies.

Teresa Scalia: The Final Confrontation

Sitting at her desk with telephone in hand, Roxanne Starr put the finishing touches on a negotiation.
"Okay then we're in agreement. Guaranteed controlled access for the night of the 23rd, one person in-house who can operate stage lighting, curtains, and the automated video equipment, and I pay $5000 to rent the hall with a $200 kick back to you."

Roxanne paused for a moment as the party on the other end responded.
"Very well, I'll be in touch."

Thinking to herself, "The venue is rented, I've got 300 tickets sold at $500 apiece, now it's just a matter of getting the two principals to perform as expected and at the time I want."
Roxanne took pen and paper and began to compose two very special communications.
A week later a messenger service knocked on the door of the Anderson household. Chad Anderson opened the door.

"Message delivery for Barbara Anderson." said the driver.

"I can give it to her", Chad offered.

"Sorry young man, but I have to deliver this to the addressee only."

"Okay" Chad turned and called into the house. "Mom, there's a delivery for you."

Barbara came out from the kitchen wiping her hands with a dishtowel.

"Please sign here, ma'am," requested the driver.

After giving her signature Barbara took the envelope from the driver and closed the door as he left.
"I wonder what this is?" Barbara thought to herself. "Don't get many special delivery messages."
Barbara opened the Manila envelope and removed the contents. Inside was an envelope of obviously high-quality stationery with the hand-lettered name Mrs. Barbara Anderson.
"Looks like a wedding invitation, but I can't think of any weddings that are coming up."
Barbara turned the envelope over, broke the wax seal and removed the note. The text was as follows:

Mrs. Anderson,
You are invited to the Community Theater on the evening of May 23rd at 7 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to bring finality and resolution to the personal conflicts you and I have had. Be assured this meeting is confidential and is known only to your self and I. The location of the Community Theater was selected as a neutral site and as a historical reference to the origin of our problems.

Do not ignore this meeting. I have incriminating video documentation of your recent visit to a local gentlemen's club and encounter with a female employee. I will not hesitate to make this evidence public, especially to your husband.

Teresa Scalia

Barbara fumed as she read the note. "The nerve! She's calling me out and trying to blackmail me as well."
She also felt a pang of fear. If Teresa did indeed have some video of Barbara's humiliation at the hands of Maria the bar maid, Teresa could make life unbearable for her.

"I'll meet with Mrs. Scalia and this time things will be settled."

Another thought came to Barbara, a small voice from the back of her mind repeating "think of the possibilities, think of the possibilities".

A similar invitation was delivered to the Scalia household. Conveniently, Teresa was at home to accept the envelope. Reading the text, which was very similar to that of Barbara's invitation, Teresa saw red.

"Threaten me you little b*tch! You better believe I'll be there and how nice, no one around to interfere." Teresa thought. She also recalled what Roxanne Starr had told her at the conclusion of their encounter "You may want to try this on someone you know, like that little blond that gives you all the trouble." The wheels in Teresa's mind were spinning, "Yes, I may want to try something."

The invitations had been delivered a week in advance to give the principals some time to anticipate the confrontation. The 23rd of May proved to be a warm spring day and that continued into the early evening. Barbara considered her wardrobe and opted to wear denim shorts and a white short sleeved pull over blouse. Both the shorts and blouse were well fitted to show off Barbara's figure. The shorts, certainly not Bermuda length, highlighted Barbara's tanned legs and were snug enough to leave no doubt about the curves of her butt. She wore white athletic shoes. At 645 p.m. Barbara had finished cleaning up after dinner and stuck her head into the family room where husband Mark and son Chad were watching television.

"I'll be back in about an hour, I've got an errand to run." Barbara said as she started towards the door.

"Okay see you later" Mark replied, "Seems a little late for errands."

Barbara didn't hear Mark's reply; she had other things on her mind. Barbara got into her SUV and paused for a moment. Did she really want to do this? What was really going to happen? Taking a deep breath, Barbara backed out of the driveway and headed towards the theater.

At the Scalia house, Teresa announced. "Dominic I'm going out for while."

"Where are you going?" asked Dominic.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be home in a couple hours."

Dominic just shrugged his shoulders in resignation. There wasn't much he could say after Teresa had caught him with the very under dressed Kathy Benson in his lap at the gentlemen's club.

Teresa was also dressed for warm spring weather. A tight sleeveless blouse, pale pink in color with a 3-button closure, was worn over a similar colored pair of Capri pants. The Capri pants, were of course, well fitted around the derriere which was further enhanced by Teresa's wedge sandals.
Feeling ready for what was to come, Teresa pointed her car to the theater.

Barbara pulled into the empty parking lot of the Community Theater and stopped near the front entrance. Leaving her SUV, she tried the door and found it locked. Barbara walked around to the side of the building and found the stage door open. Walking onto the half lit stage, Barbara saw a single piece of furniture resembling a Roman chaise lounge. It was nearly as wide as a double bed with one end raised. The chaise was sumptuously upholstered in deep wine colored velvet. A single diaphanous curtain separated the stage from the rest of the house. The house lights were off and from the stage that area appeared to be totally dark. As Barbara walked to the chaise, which was at center stage, she saw a large flat screen television monitor on a portable base. When Barbara took notice of the monitor, the screen flickered to life. A scene from Barbara's recent past was about to be replayed. The setting was Roxanne Starr's Gentlemen's Club. Barbara was on the main floor sans her blouse. The video was shot from an advantageous angle and captured Barbara's encounter with Maria in great detail.

Barbara put her hand over her mouth in shock. "My God, how did that b*tch Teresa get a hold of this."

The video advanced to the point where Barbara is bent over the table with her skirt off and legs spread. Maria has full control of Barbara and has lowered her panties. Barbara watched the video replay with complete attention. She was taken back to that fateful afternoon and the experiences she had at the hands of Maria.

"Well, well, well isn't this an interesting piece of cinematic history!"

Barbara snapped back to reality at the sound of Teresa's voice. Standing in the wings, hands-on hips that were tilted at a saucy angle, Teresa had viewed the final moments of the video. The monitor screen went black.

"What do you think you're going to gain with this?" Barbara asked.

"Gain what? I didn't know you had such a public encounter Barbie. Do you have a preference for the Latin ladies?" Teresa said mockingly.

"Oh I'm sure you know nothing about this Teresa."

The monitor screen went bright again. The scene was again the Gentlemen's Club, but the players had changed. From an overhead view Teresa could be seen being paraded around by Roxanne Starr on the dancers stage which was surrounded by the bar patrons. Unfortunately for Teresa, she was clad only in her bra and panties. The video showed Roxanne leading Teresa behind a curtain. The scene picked up with Teresa over Roxanne's lap her bottom taking some punishment. Barbara watched in amusement as she saw Teresa's humiliation. She had only heard about this encounter and thought much of what she had heard was rumor. As Barbara was before, Teresa was in shock. Especially so when the scene played on further. Her spanking finished, Teresa was stripped and then brought to a tumultuous orgasm by Roxanne.

Teresa was thinking, "Barbara couldn't know about this. Now she's seen me helpless in the arms of another woman. I've never been able to forget that day. I've never felt like that before or since."

If Barbara was amused by Teresa's spanking, the events following aroused more than just her curiosity. Barbara felt that feeling in her lower belly, that tingling. She was intrigued by Teresa's response to Roxanne's ministrations. The video ended and Barbara couldn't let Teresa get by without a verbal jab.

"Red heads your weakness Teresa? I particularly enjoyed the primal grunts. I had no idea you could be so basic."

Embarrassed and humiliated, Teresa was also feeling some arousal from watching the replay of her and Roxanne. The monitor went black once again and Teresa turned to face Barbara.

"You may think you're very clever with that video but it won't gain you anything." Teresa declared as she walked toward Barbara.

"Oh I think I've gained enough just seeing that red head push your buttons."

Both women were face-to-face and as if choreographed they simultaneously raised their right hands to slap each other. Each intercepted the other's slap with their left-hand, grasping the wrist with a firm hold. Teresa and Barbara struggled to gain an advantage but were at a stalemate. Neither would relinquish their hold on the others wrist and as a result neither could inflict any damage to the others clothing or person. Kicks were exchanged, but none landed solidly. They circled the stage several times in their struggle pushing each other back and forth. Barbara had a slight advantage with her athletic shoes giving more traction. Both women were beginning to tire and gasping for air when Teresa was pushed back against the chaise and sat down. Barbara pulled free from Teresa and remained standing while Teresa sat. Pausing to catch their breath neither woman made an offensive move. The arousal both had felt from watching the video had been amplified by their wrestling match. Barbara looked down at Teresa's heaving chest with just a hint of nipple showing through her pink top. Teresa's head was lowered but she was taking in the sight of Barbara's shapely legs. Barbara then made a momentous decision. She threw caution to the wind and gave in to her desires.

"Teresa I think I know what we both want."

With that Barbara opened the belt of her denim shorts as Teresa looked up at her. Slowly Barbara unbuttoned the fly all the while looking directly into Teresa's eyes. Barbara used both hands to slip the shorts part way down over hips revealing her white bikini panties. Teresa was almost in total disbelief of what was taking place, but somewhere in her mind was the thought that this was inevitable.

"What is she doing? Is this what I think it will be?"

Barbara took a step toward Teresa, leaned over, cupped her face with her hands and gave her a long passionate kiss. Barbara whispered as she lowered herself across Teresa's lap "Now you finish it for me."

Teresa looked at the offering before her, Barbara prone over her lap willingly in a vulnerable position. Her Daisy Dukes already partially lowered. Teresa had gotten Barbara over her lap in times past but always at the culmination of a struggle. Considering what she was about to do and the possible ramifications, Teresa also threw caution to the wind. Her left-hand touched Barbara's shoulder as her right hand began to explore Barbara's up turned derriere. Teresa first placed her hand on Barbara's thigh and caressed her smooth skin. Moving upward her hand glided over the hem of the denim to the belt line. Feeling the smooth texture of Barbara's panties Teresa's hand slipped between the denim and the satin. Barbara gasped at Teresa's touch, but remained still. Her hand exploring the curves of Barbara's ass, Teresa gave some probing squeezes.

"Her bottom feels wonderful. Much different from when I spanked her." Teresa thought. "I love the feel of it as I squeeze."

Barbara was having thoughts of her own "Her touch is so soft and gentle. I was certain she would take the advantage and punish me but this is so unexpected." Barbara was responding to Teresa's caresses. Her hips were moving slightly to match Teresa's touch.

Teresa removed her hand from inside Barbara shorts. She gave Barbara a little pat on the bottom as she requested, "Stand up Barbara." Barbara stood as asked. Teresa hooked two thumbs in Barbara's shorts and with a little tug had them down to her feet. Barbara stepped out of the shorts as Teresa beckoned for her to sit on the chaise. Teresa then offered a kiss of her own as she put her arm around Barbara's waist. Breaking off the kiss Teresa took hold of Barbara's blouse and slowly pulled it up. Stopping just below her breasts Teresa looked Barbara in the eye.

"How far do we go with this?"

"As far as we want and I know what I want." Barbara said and then kissed Teresa again.

"I hoped you'd say that."

Teresa put both hands under Barbara's blouse cupping her breasts. Barbara gave a long sigh and pushed her chest forward. Giving each breast a squeeze, Teresa could feel Barbara's nipples respond to tactile stimulation. Barbara's breaths became more rapid.

"Raise your arms, Sweet."

Barbara complied and Teresa finished removing Barbara's blouse. Teresa could see Barbara's nipples straining against the satin cups of her bra. Again they kissed and Teresa's hands move towards Barbara's back with intentions of removing her bra. Barbara gently placed her hands on Teresa's arms halting their progress.

"Why am I the only one who's in their underwear?" Barbara asked in a coy fashion with a demure look toward Teresa. Barbara's hands then opened the three buttons of Teresa's blouse. Both hands traced over the curve of Teresa's ample breasts as they moved down to find the edge of the blouse. Barbara pulled the shirt up and over Teresa's breasts and Teresa immediately raised her arms so the blouse could be removed. A pink lace bra supported Teresa's breasts. The sheer material showing the faint shading of her mocha colored nipples. Always intrigued by and curious about Teresa's breasts, Barbara could scarcely contain her self. Kissing Teresa's neck she worked her mouth down into the cleavage while her hands traced lightly over the pink lace. Teresa was also breathing rapidly with excitement when Barbara's hands found the waist of her Capri pants.

"Let's slip these off." Barbara suggested. Teresa reached behind her for the zipper but Barbara stopped her. "Please let me." Hands on Teresa's hips, Barbara guided her to stand and face away presenting her derriere to Barbara. Still seated on the chaise Barbara slowly opened the zipper. Teresa bent forward slightly and sighed. Fingers inside the waistband Barbara peeled the tight pants over Teresa's hips uncovering her matching pink lace panties. The pants came down over the swell of Teresa's butt and continued to her ankles. Barbara worked each pant leg over Teresa's sandals. Her hands then traced up Teresa's thighs coming together one on each cheek. Barbara caressed and squeezed that shapely derriere in front of her and added fleeting kisses. She then directed Teresa to again sit. Another kiss and Barbara's hands went for Teresa's bra clasp. Opening easily, Barbara slid the straps over Teresa's shoulders and down her arms. There was a slight but very enticing bounce to Teresa's boobs when they were released from the under wire cups. Barbara paused for a moment and took in the sight. Teresa's half dollar size areolas were slowly heaving up and down with her breaths. Slowly reaching out Barbara cupped Teresa's left breast her thumb tracing slow circles around the circumference of the areola. Teresa leaned back on her arms, threw her head back and pushed her chest forward. The nipple responded to Barbara's attention. Barbara watched in fascination as Teresa's nipple hardened and lengthened while the areola wrinkled and shrunk in diameter. Satisfied with her work Barbara started the same act with the right breast. Teresa looked down at Barbara's hand working its magic on her nipple. Her hips squirmed on the chaise and she was rubbing her thighs together to satisfy the need that was developing. Both nipples at full attention Barbara now took another step she had never done before. Kissing Teresa's cleavage, Barbara with slow soft kisses placed her lips at Teresa's left nipple. A tentative closed mouth kiss at first then Barbara's lips parted to take in what she had sought. Teresa gave out a moan as she felt Barbara's tongue swirl around. Barbara kissed again and then took the nipple and suckled. Teresa now held Barbara's head in her hands as she licked and gently nibbled. Coming up for a breath Barbara kissed Teresa this time using her tongue to enter the other woman's mouth. Teresa responded passionately and the two dueled with her tongues. Teresa guided Barbara this time to her right breast. Barbara did as she was gently requested, but placed her hand on Teresa's inner thigh. Stroking the thigh as she mouthed the nipple, Barbara worked her hand to the pink lace crotch of Teresa's panties.

Unbeknownst to the lovers the stage lights were slowly and very subtly becoming brighter. The curtain was silently rising, also unnoticed by Teresa and Barbara. Their attention was focused on other matters.
Barbara's hand had just made contact with the panel of Teresa's panties when Teresa stopped her.

"Not yet, not yet" Teresa whispered in Barbara's ear. Teresa gently guided Barbara away from her chest. "I want to see more of you." Teresa unsnapped Barbara's bra and removed it. Barbara's pink nipples were already erect and showing a rosy color. Her hands on Barbara shoulders, Teresa guided her back to lie on the chaise. Working one nipple between her thumb and finger Teresa hungrily mouthed the other. Barbara put one hand between her own legs and caressed herself. Teresa's hand met Barbara's and together they stroked her through the white satin. Sliding her hand under the satin, Teresa's fingers combed through Barbara's blond pubic hair. Teresa's long fingers gently stroked either side of Barbara's pussy intentionally avoiding contact with her clit.

"Please, please don't tease me." Barbara quietly begged. Teresa kissed her mouth and then slipped a long middle finger between her labia. Barbara's reaction was instantaneous as her hips thrust to meet Teresa's touch. Well lubricated by Barbara's juices Teresa's fingertip searched for the sensitive bud. Starting slowly with a gradual increase in speed Barbara's orgasm began to build. Hips bucking Barbara pulled her knees up and apart. Teresa slipped one finger then two into Barbara's pussy. Stroking firmly Teresa took Barbara over the top. Barbara grabbed the sides of the chaise and gripped tightly. She arched her back and submitted herself to pleasure. Teresa gently stroked Barbara's hair as she caught her breath. Teresa then gently kissed her. Barbara rose to a sitting position and returned the kiss.

"Now it is your turn" Barbara told Teresa as she guided her to lie back on the chaise, her back against the raised portion. Barbara started with light kisses along Teresa's neck moving down to her chest. A brief kiss and lick at each nipple briefly slowed her progress. Barbara moved between Teresa's legs, which Teresa obligingly opened. She kissed between the breasts and moved down to the belly lingering at the navel. Barbara's tongue traced circles there and then moved on. Reaching the edge of Teresa's panties, Barbara rose to a kneeling position. Barbara ran her hand between Teresa's legs.

"I think these should come off now." Barbara said as she stroked the pink lace.

Teresa looked at her with need "Yes please do what you must."

At this point the curtain was fully raised and lighting was 50 percent greater than when the women first arrived. The seating area of the theater remained in complete darkness.

Barbara slipped her hands under Teresa's bottom and found the waistband of her panties. Teresa raised her hips and pressed her knees together as Barbara slipped the panties out from under her and down over her legs... They tangled for a second on her shoes, but Barbara freed them and dropped them to the floor. With a hand on the inside of each knee Barbara spread Teresa's legs. Barbara kissed the inside of one leg starting at the knee and working up the thigh. Barbara's right hand found Teresa's trimmed bush and slipped her fingers through it. Barbara's lips were at the junction of leg and crotch. She kissed the borders of the pubic triangle working from one side to the other and then kissing the thigh. Barbara then pushed Teresa's knees back fully exposing her sex. Gently stroking Teresa's labia Barbara kissed Teresa's sex. Teresa gasped and pushed her hips forward. Barbara then broke all bounds by pressing her lips to Teresa's pussy. Mouth open, Barbara's tongue made its first contact with another woman's pussy. Teresa gasped again and put both hands on Barbara's head gently guiding her. Barbara licked the outer labia at first but soon moved in on the prime target. Spreading Teresa's pussy with her fingers the tip of Barbara's tongue found her clit. Teresa gripped Barbara's head tighter and moved her hips against her face. Barbara continued to lick as she used both hands to spread Teresa's pussy. Teresa was quickly building to climax. Her breaths had turned to pants and her hips were moving uncontrollably. Barbara looked up at Teresa while servicing her. She could see Teresa's head thrown back in abandon and her chest heaving. Teresa's nipples were pointed skyward at their most erect. Her olive skin glistened with fine perspiration. Teresa's moans became louder a she reached orgasm. At the crucial moment she held Barbara's face tight against her pussy grinding her hips. When the wave of pleasure had passed Teresa relaxed her grip. Barbara pulled back and took a deep breath.
Wiping away excess moisture from around her mouth Barbara laid next to Teresa kissing her as she did.

Holding Barbara in her arms Teresa said, "My God that was wonderful."

"I am so glad you enjoyed that." Barbara purred into Teresa's ear. Barbara was gently squeezing Teresa's breast and toying with her nipple as they snuggled. Teresa kissed Barbara and let her hand wander over Barbara's breasts giving each nipple a gentle pinch. Teresa sat up and said, "I have an idea." She stood up and had Barbara lie flat on the chaise. Teresa was near Barbara's head and was facing her feet. She bent and kissed Barbara on the shoulder. Leaving a trail of kisses Teresa found Barbara's nipple. Barbara sighed and closed her eyes as she felt Teresa's tongue flick and swirl. Her arousal building again Barbara opened her eyes and saw Teresa's nipple in close proximity. Moving her head slightly Barbara's tongue softly touched the tip, then she drew it into her mouth, each woman sucking the other's nipple. Teresa's right hand glided down Barbara's belly. Her fingers combed through Barbara's golden pubic hair. Releasing each other's breast Teresa placed a knee on the chaise and swung her other leg over straddling Barbara. Barbara pulled her knees back and spread her legs. Continuing to stroke and pet the blond pubic triangle with one hand Teresa kissed her thighs. Barbara looked up and saw Teresa's pussy within inches of her face. Her hands gripped Teresa's ass and spread those round cheeks. This pussy was now familiar territory for Barbara and she again made herself at home with her mouth. Teresa lowered her bottom slightly to aid Barbara's access and leaned forward to Barbara's crotch. Teresa's dark hair fell forward and brushed Barbara's thighs. First a kiss then Teresa's tongue split the pussy lips and found Barbara's dripping clit. Teresa's hands also gripped the cheeks of Barbara's ass. Both women licked and sucked each other and were lost in their passion.
The click of high heels could be heard on the wooden stage floor, but the lovers were oblivious. Roxanne Starr walked onto the stage and approached the chaise. Close enough for good view, Roxanne stopped a few paces from the pair and watched.

Both women were building to a climax. Teresa's tongue flicked and lapped on Barbara. Teresa's efforts increased to pleasure Barbara, which caused the blond housewife to intensify her efforts. Barbara clenched Teresa's ass, her fingers deep in the cleavage spreading the cheeks wide. Barbara was breathing heavily and changed her grip even tighter one fingertip brushing Teresa's velvety anus. Teresa's reaction was instantaneous; she threw her head back and sucked in her breath. Barbara's accidental touch put Teresa over the top. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her as her hips moved against Barbara's mouth. Teresa's primal moans were in time with her orgasm. Sensing her partner had been fulfilled Barbara slowed her attentions on Teresa's swollen pussy. Teresa took about a minute to catch her breath and then began finish what she had started with Barbara. Teresa's head returned between Barbara's legs and commenced her oral assault. Several licks from the top to the bottom of Barbara's pussy started things off. When Teresa heard Barbara's moans, she concentrated her attention on the clit. Teresa's hands were busy as well kneading the supple flesh of Barbara's ass. Barbara's reactions continued to build. Teresa allowed her fingers to wander as did Barbara, but not by accident but by design. Maintaining her tight grip Teresa probed for Barbara's forbidden area all the while continuing her oral ministrations. The tip of a middle finger found what it had been seeking and began slow circles around the wrinkled pucker. Barbara's dam burst. "Oh sweet Jesus" she cried as her body shook with pleasure. Both women were breathing as if they'd run a marathon.

Sensing that this was an opportune moment, Roxanne walked up to the chaise lounge. Resting her hand on the raised back Roxanne observed the lovers for a moment as they caught their breath and basked in the afterglow of their lust. Roxanne was feeling some stirrings of her own.

"Having fun ladies?"

At the sound of Roxanne's voice Teresa's head shot up from between Barbara's legs. She raised her torso and in doing so sat directly on Barbara's face.

"What! You're here!" Teresa said in shock as she covered her boobs with her arms. Barbara was beginning to struggle with her mouth smothered by Teresa's pussy and her nose firmly planted between the cheeks of Teresa's ass. Running out of air she pushed Teresa off.

"Teresa what's wrong, don't smother me!" Barbara saw Roxanne. Standing over them. "Oh no!" Barbara said as she closed her legs and tried to cover up with her arms.

"Ladies I must thank you for a most entertaining evening. You both have performed beyond all expectations and I'm sure all of us here agree."

As she spoke Roxanne gestured toward the seating area as the house lights came up. To the lover's horror and disbelief every seat was filled. Mostly men, with a few interested women sprinkled in, some people they knew and some they didn't know. A single person began to applaud and soon all others joined in. Barbara and Teresa scrambled to gather their clothes. Of course they couldn't keep covered as they bent and searched for lost bras and panties, shorts, Capris, and blouses. Roxanne picked up a pair of pink lace panties and called to Teresa "Mrs. Scalia could you use these?" Roxanne tossed them to Teresa who sn*tched them quickly out of the air. Neither woman paused to try and dress. Both clutched their items tightly to themselves and ran offstage. The women stopped short of going out the stage door and into the parking lot.

"I can't go out like this." Teresa said. She tried to get her panties on but tangled her shoes in the fabric. She struggled for a moment and then quickly pulled them up. She tried to get her Capri pants on, but the tight fit prevented a speedy dressing. Barbara decided to forego her panties and stepped into her Daisy Dukes in the commando fashion. Satin bra and panties in one hand Barbara was pulling her blouse over her head when she heard numerous footsteps. Teresa tried to maintain a little more decorum and was getting into her bra when she too heard someone approaching. Barbara bolted for the door barely able to see and ran into Teresa's back.

"Come on! Somebody's coming. We have to get out of here." Barbara shouted.

Teresa kicked the Capri pants free of her feet and stooped to retrieve them. Both ran out the door to their cars,
Teresa just in her panties with her unsecured bra flapping about her shoulders. Both women open the doors to their vehicles, but before getting in they paused. No words were spoken, but a long look passed between them. They then got in their cars and headed home.
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Default Teresa Scalia: Riot in the Ring

Teresa Scalia: Riot in the Ring

Mark Anderson and Dominic Scalia were meeting in Dominic's office planning a major fundraiser for their Men's Club. The club was providing financial assistance and support to construct a new recreation facility for the youth of their city. The event, catering to the more affluent male population, was to be a night of boxing followed by an auction of donated items. The donations ranged from restaurant gift certificates, auto service coupons, and works of art, up to the grand prize of a 10 day tour of Europe.
"Mark I think we have everything in place for the big night. We could use someone to assist the auction, any ideas?"
Mark thought for a moment, "Why don't we have Barbara and Teresa work the auction? I think you and I can afford to give them a small budget for some new dresses. And it would be a nice touch to have them involved."
"Well, it might be all right." said Dominic somewhat dubiously. "They've certainly had a history, but things have been relatively quiet for almost a year. I'll approach Terri and see what she thinks. Let me know what Barbara says and we can finalize things."
"Did anything get settled on hiring round card girls?" asked Mark.
"I left that in Bill Wilson's hands and he's told me it's all taken care of."
"Any ideas who he hired?"
"Nope, I just told him to make sure he gets two girls that look good in bikinis and don't mind strutting their stuff. I talked to him yesterday and everything is finalized."
"Okay great. I'll talk to Barbara about the auction and let you know. Looks like we're going to have a big success." said Mark as he got up to leave. "I'll talk to you in a couple of days."
Indeed, things had been very quiet between Barbara and Teresa for almost a year. Surprisingly the exhibition they had put on at the community theater remained a secret kept from all except those in attendance that night. Both women had maintained their normal lives but had little contact with each other. Socially or otherwise. Roxanne Starr, owner of the gentlemen's club and orchestrator of Barbara and Teresa's public tryst, still ran her business and was prospering. She had no contact with either woman since that night and had not used any of the extremely incriminating video, shot that evening, to her personal advantage.
Dominic Scalia walked into his home calling for his wife "Teresa where are you?"
Teresa answered "I'm down here in the exercise room."
Dominic went down the stairs to the finished basement where the Scalias had a variety of exercise equipment including a treadmill, an elliptical machine, the stair climber and several free weights. Teresa was on the stair climber and Dominic enjoyed the view from behind as he watched the movements of her ass while she exercised. Her powder blue leotard had more than just the beginnings of a wedgie that Teresa had evidently not yet noticed.
"Well I think Mark and I have the fundraiser planning finally put to bed. How would you like to help with the auction?" Dominic asked.
"I thought this was an all-male affair. Why do you want me to help with your auction?" responded Teresa.
"Mark and I thought it'd be a nice touch to have you and Barbara assist the auctioneer. You know, two attractive women in the ring to help run the price up on the auction items."
"Barbara! Of all the people in the world! Are you serious?"
"Yes I am serious. I see no reason why you can't do this little thing for a very good cause. Besides it's been a long time since you and Barbara have had any problems." said Dominic sternly.
Teresa got off the stair climber. Picking up the towel from the guard rail, she wiped the perspiration from her face and arms. Flipping the towel over her shoulder she put her hands on her hips and regarded her husband.
"Look Dominic, I've stayed away from her for a year for more reasons than you'll ever know. I'm not interested in doing this at all."
"Grow up and start acting like an adult. You will participate, you will act like a lady, you will be charming and that's that. And to soothe your wounded pride, I'll give you $5,000 to buy a new outfit for the evening. Just make it something that will make those bidders get out their checkbooks. You know show off those assets." Dominic gave Teresa a pat on the fanny as he walked away from the exercise room.
"Barbara Anderson, I can't believe it." thought Teresa. Memories and feelings were stirring. Things that Teresa had tried to suppress. Teresa reached back with both hands to pull the leotard free from between her cheeks.
"Well, at least I can buy some new clothes."
Over at the Anderson household, a similar conversation was taking place.
"Oh no Mark, there's no way, I'm not doing that." said Barbara across the dinner table from her husband. "I am not going anywhere near that woman, much less participate in anything with her."
Mark countered "You and Teresa's problems are in the past. Here's a chance for you to prove to everyone that bygones can be bygones and that you two can behave as adults around each other."
"Mark you know as well as I do it's never my fault when Teresa and I have a dustup. She always starts it." complained Barbara.
"Baloney" said Mark "you've been as much as fault as Teresa or possibly more so. Plan on being there. Buy a new outfit, I want you to look nice for the donors. Get something that shows off your legs, you know, something that looks good with heels. I want those bidders so distracted by you they won't realize how much they're spending."
"Well I suppose if I'm being forced into this. How much can I spend on clothes?" asked Barbara.
"Spend as much as you like dear. I want everyone to see and appreciate how lovely you are." said Mark in his most flattering tone.
Later that evening, Barbara was alone with her thoughts. She recalled all the events in her life with Teresa. The last being most unique. "I suppose it won't be too bad. We'll just stand around trying to look like we don't know each other."
Everything was set for the big night. A boxing card of five contests was scheduled with the auction immediately following the last bout. The attendance exceeded all estimates. There were a number of invitees, but as word got around town about the event, many tickets were sold at the gate. And at $250 a ticket, the money was adding up. Hors d'oeuvres, an open bar, and fine cigars were available. There were close to 500 guests in the house all of which were male. The only females were the waitstaff and the round card girls. Bill Johnson had done an outstanding job. Both girls were very attractive and a nice contrast to each other. One was obviously Hispanic with dark hair well past her shoulders and dark eyes. About 5 foot four in height, she had strong but attractive legs that led to a nicely rounded and full Latin derrière. This girl also had a very ample bust to balance out her bottom half. The other round card girl was very "girl next door". Her hair was light brown and just to her shoulders. Having an athletic look, her breasts weren't overly large, one could say average, but were very perky. This girl's best feature were her legs. Which were long by any standard and perfectly defined. And she had a very cute bottom. Both were wearing Hawaiian print string bikinis with ties at the middle of the back and neck for the tops and at each hip for the bottoms. And to provide a small bit of modesty both girls wore a short wraparound cover up that also tied at the hip.
The bouts were well under way. Mark and Dominic were watching how the evening was progressing.
"Well buddy, if things keep going as they are it looks like we're really going to have a success." said Mark to Dominic as they were counting the gate receipts in the cash room.
"I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to watch any of the fights. How are they going?"
"The matches have been competitive and I think our donors are enjoying them. The last fight is a 10 rounder and they were just starting the eighth round when I came back here. Actually they're right on time. It's about 10:45 and I told Barbara to be here around 11."
"That's good, I told Teresa the same thing."
"I'll tell you one thing Dominic, Bill Wilson did an outstanding job with the round card girls. They are both gorgeous."
"Do you know where you found them?"
"No he didn't say. Come on we can lock this up and take care of the cash later. Let's go out and catch the last couple rounds then get set up for the auction. Our wives will be here by then and we can get them started."
The husbands walked out of the cash room and onto the arena floor where ringside seats had been held for them. Bill Wilson was also at ringside seated next to the round card girls. Mark and Dominic took their seats just at the end of the eighth round. Hearing the wolf whistles and cheers, Dominic looked up into the ring. His mouth dropped open when he saw none other than Kathy Benson parading around the ring with a large number nine held over her head.
"Bill, where the hell did you get these girls?" Dominic asked.
"I hired them both from that strip joint out at of the edge of town. You know the one that red head with the big boobs runs."
"Shit, that's the dancer Teresa caught me with in that club. If she sees her Christ only knows what will happen." Dominic whispered to Mark.
"It's too late to do anything now, we'll have to just see what happens." Mark told Dominic.
The ninth round was getting under way and Kathy made her way down the steps from the ring. She spotted Dominic and immediately took the empty chair next to him. Seeing where Kathy was seated, the Hispanic girl walked over and took the empty chair next to Mark. Bill Wilson had made sure both girls knew who had hired them for this evening. For whatever reason, Bill had hinted to the girls that there might be opportunities for more compensation than just the agreed-upon fee. All depending upon their behavior towards their employers.
"Hello Mr. Anderson, my name is Maria. I'm very grateful you hired me for this for this event. I think it's such a worthy cause and I think you're to be commended for doing all this work."
Mark was flattered by Maria's praise and turned slightly in his chair to face her.
"Thank you very much and I must say that you are an important part of tonight's events. I think more people are paying attention between rounds rather than during the rounds."
Mark and Maria continued their conversation and pretty much ignored the boxing action going on in the ring. Maria placed a hand on Mark's shoulder and slid over to be closer to him and so she could be heard over the cheering of the crowd. At the same time Dominic and Kathy Benson were getting reacquainted.
"Mr. Scalia I'm so glad to see you. I was so worried about you after that incident at the club." Kathy said in wide-eyed innocence.
"Please call me Dominic and everything is fine. You're looking as lovely as ever."
"Why thank you Dominic. I can tell you're keeping in shape." Kathy said this as she slid her hand over Dominic's arm. Kathy also got closer to Dominic to be heard over the crowd noise.
Outside the arena, a Lexus SUV pulled up to the entrance and stopped. The driver side door opened and first one then two black stockinged legs appeared. Teresa stepped out and surveyed the scene while she fluffed her hair with her hands. She made a quick inspection of her appearance and adjusted the hem of her skirt that had ridden up during her exit from the Lexus. Teresa had indeed followed Mark's instructions on her apparel for that evening. Her selection was a black strapless cocktail dress. Cut low in the front to display Teresa's rounded cleavage, the fit closely followed her curves. The skirt portion was very snug over the hips and was only slightly longer than midthigh in length. The total effect of Teresa's fashion choice was to highlight three areas of physical importance. In top to bottom order Teresa was featuring her breasts, her ass and her legs. Teresa also wore a matching short sleeved, short waisted jacket. The black fabric, of which the outfit was made, had many reflective spangles. Black high heels completed her look. Teresa's hair was worn loosely about her shoulders.
Teresa handed the keys to the valet parking attendant and was about to enter the arena when another vehicle pulled up. Of course she immediately recognized the vehicle and the driver.
Barbara carefully exited her Escalade making sure to keep her knees together as she swung them out to the pavement. She stepped away from the vehicle as the parking valet took over and drove away. Also making a quick inspection, Barbara ran a hand over the back of her skirt hoping to smooth any wrinkles created in driving to the arena. Barbara's fashion selection for the evening was a white halter top cocktail dress. The neckline did have a sufficient plunge to draw attention to Barbara's cleavage. The halter closed behind her neck and flattered Barbara's attractive shoulders and the open back extended to her waist. While Barbara's cleavage was indeed attractive the hemline of the flowing skirt was designed to highlight her legs. It was a varied hemline with the front nearly 4 inches above Barbara's knees and tapering to calf length in the rear. Obviously a design to highlight Barbara's outstanding legs. Those legs were encased in sheer white stockings and topped off with white heels. Barbara's hair was done in an up sweep and added to an air of sophistication.
Barbara and Teresa were about 20 feet apart when they turned to face each other. A slight breeze fluttered Barbara's flowing skirt. The same breeze wafted through Teresa's hair. The former adversaries and former lovers took a moment to appraise each other.
"Teresa has managed to pour herself in that outfit, but it fits her perfectly. It certainly shows off her chest. I wish she would turn around, I'd love to see how that skirt fits that butt of hers." Barbara was thinking.
Teresa had thoughts of her own "She does have a set of legs and she knows it. And that halter does make the most of what she has in the boob department. I bet poor Mark paid a pretty penny for that outfit."
Barbara took the initiative and approached Teresa. "Hello Teresa, you really look stunning tonight."
"Thank you Barbara, you're looking very well yourself."
Barbara took a deep breath "Look, Mark asked that I be here tonight to help with the auction. That's all I want to do. Can you understand that?"
"Yes I understand completely. Dominic asked me to be here as well. I don't understand this logic, but then I wasn't given much of a choice. Let's make the best of this evening."
"Fair enough, well I guess we should go in and see what we're supposed to do."
Inside the arena the 10th round was underway. Dominic and Mark were still in their ringside seats with the company of Kathy and Maria on either side of them. Both girls had gotten particularly friendly by keeping a hand around the shoulder of their companion and occasionally letting their other hand stray. And both men were not doing any complaining about what was going on. Barbara and Teresa walked into the arena area side by side. Halfway down the aisle to the ring Barbara got a clear view of the husbands in their seats. Barbara stopped in her tracks and grabbed Teresa by the arm. She recognized both women who were cozying up to the husbands.
"Teresa look over there to the left of the ring. It's Mark and Dominic and I know those two b*tches who are sitting next to them."
"I can't believe it! It's that little sl*t Kathy Benson. Who's that Latin girl trying to get her hooks in the Mark?"
"Oh I'm afraid I know her quite well. That's Maria. She worked at that club Roxanne Starr owns."
"Barbara is that the cocktail waitress you tangled with in the strip club?"
"Yes that's her all right. Look at our husbands. Those two sl*ts have their hands all over them." Barbara paused for a moment "How did you know about the strip club?"
A sly smile came over Teresa's face when Barbara asked that question.
"Barbara" Teresa said in a mock serious tone "don't you remember the videotape? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had a look at that footage."
Barbara succinctly replied "Oh, yes." She had forgotten that her debasement at the hands of Maria had been recorded for posterity.
"Why did she have to remind me of that? Damn her." Barbara thought to herself.
"Why are they wearing bikinis in here? Good Lord do they purposely want to look like wh*r*s?" Teresa wondered out loud. Of course neither woman was familiar with boxing and the tradition of round card girls.
Teresa was beginning to fume. She wasn't going to tolerate any misbehavior with Kathy Benson and her husband. Barbara was upset as well, but again recalled how Maria had bested her in front of the gentlemen's club patrons.
"Come on Barbara, let's go say hello to our hubbies."
The wives slowly walked up to where Mark and Dominic were seated. Deep in conversation with their bikini-clad friends they had no idea their wives were watching their every move. Kathy and Maria were engrossed in their conversation as well, possibly with dreams of enhanced income earned through special favors. Maria had her hand around Mark's neck and was slowly stroking his earlobe. Her other hand was resting high on his thigh and with an occasional gentle squeeze was dangerously close to invading crotch territory. Truth be told, there was a bit of "tenting" to be seen in the front of Mark's Dockers. Kathy was twirling a lock of Dominic's hair around her index finger as she slid her other arm around his waist.
The wives observed this behavior for a few seconds then Teresa broke the spell.
"Hello Dominic, I'm here for the auction. What are we selling? A 2 for 1 deal on under dressed sl*ts?"
Barbara spoke up "Good evening Mark. Getting acquainted with a new friend?"
Both husbands looked up in shock having realized what they were doing and that they were busted. Mark and Dominic jumped to their feet to greet their wives.
"My goodness both of you look exquisite tonight, don't they Mark. Teresa was going to surprise me with her new dress. Teresa you look stunning." Dominic was trying to smooth things over.
"Barbara you look great and that dress is terrific." Mark blurted.
"Save the complements for a few minutes boys. There's something I need to take care of." Teresa said as she turned her attention to Kathy Benson. "I don't know what you're up to. If you know what's good for you, you will leave now. We don't need any little b*tches around here."
"Listen Mrs. Scalia don't order me around. I am here being paid to do a job and I don't work for you." Kathy stood to face Teresa.
Barbara placed a hand on Teresa's arm "Take it easy Teresa. We are going to be ladies tonight."
While Kathy and Teresa were having words, Maria rose from her chair and stepped to Barbara's side.
In a mocking low tone Maria whispered "Why I do believe it's Mrs. Barbara Anderson. How lovely to see you. And I indeed have some fond memories of you. Bent over that cocktail table with my hand in your panties. Was it as good for you as it was for me?"
Barbara quickly spun to face Maria. Her expression at first was fearful but quickly evolved into self-righteous confidence.
"Shut up. I'm not taking any of your crap. As Teresa said why don't you and Ms. Benson leave?"
"Well Mrs. Anderson I have to work for a living and this is a paying job. I don't get paid until the job is finished and as of right now it is not finished. So I'm not going anywhere."
Up in the ring the last bout had finished and a table was being set up to hold the auction items. The auctioneer completed his preparations and made announcements to the crowd.
"Okay gentlemen our auction is about ready to begin. We have many valuable items all donated for this most worthy cause. We ask that you bid high and bid often. To help us show off the items for sale will be our two lovely round card girls Kathy and Maria! How about a big hand for the lovely ladies."
At this announcement Kathy and Maria broke off the confrontation with the wives. They climbed the stairs to the ring apron and stepped through the ropes. Of course the whistles and catcalls came to a crescendo when each girl would straddle the rope and bend over as they entered the ring. Both girls would linger for a moment, in that position, to arch their backs and show off their derrières to the appreciative crowd. Once in the ring the girls discussed their treatment by Teresa and Barbara.
"I don't know about you" said Maria "but I'm not letting any suburban housewife talk to me like that. I know Mrs. Anderson all too well and I can handle her, who's that busty Italian all in black?"
"That is the famous or infamous Teresa Scalia. She's the one who had the fight with Roxanne in the bar. Didn't she tell you about it?"
"Yes, Roxanne did tell me about her. Roxanne fought her in the bar. Guess the place was packed because of happy hour. Anyway Roxanne managed to strip the b*tch down her bra and panties and had her up on the dancers' stage. And then she pulled her by the hair into the private dance room. Roxanne didn't tell me what went on in there." offered Maria.
Kathy relayed a little more history "She's the b*tch who caused all the problems at the swimming pool when I was still coaching. I didn't see it, but I guess her and the blond really got into it."
The auctioneer again addressed the arena.
"Gentlemen, as a special treat to assist with tonight's auction, we have two of the most lovely ladies in our community. You all know Mark Anderson and Dominic Scalia, the organizers of this event. Helping with the auction will be none other than their wives Barbara Anderson and Teresa Scalia."
Teresa shot a glare at Dominic "You mean I'm supposed to get up in the ring with those two hookers? I'm not having any of that."
Barbara looked at Mark "I'm not doing that. It puts me on a level with them and they're nothing but streetwalkers."
Dominic tried to calm them both down. "It's for charity, please help us out everyone is expecting you."
Kathy and Maria were equally surprised that the wives were to join them in the ring.
"I can't believe they're going to come up here." Maria told Kathy. "As far as I'm concerned this is our territory and I don't have to listen to their insults."
Evidently some of the comments from the wives involving hookers and streetwalkers were heard all the way up in the ring.
"Maria, if they do come into the ring let's have a little fun with them. After all we will have them on our turf." suggested Kathy.
"You're right Kathy, let's see what we can do. I think I've got a little interest in that in that package wrapped in black dress."
As if on cue the ring announcer solicited the crowd to encourage the wives to make their appearance in the ring.
"Gentlemen, please let's have a big hand for Teresa Scalia."
The crowd responded with a big ovation. Dominic used this as leverage to get Teresa to comply.
"Listen to that crowd Teresa, they're waiting for you." Dominic pleaded.
Teresa looked at Barbara, then looked at Dominic.
"All right I'll do it, but when this is finished not only will you have much explaining to do but it will cost you big time."
Teresa walked to the stairs that led to the ring apron. A white spotlight from on high illuminated her as she negotiated the stairs. With her tight skirt, the stairs were just a little difficult and it was necessary for the hem to raise slightly. Of course the more leg that was exposed was an added treat for the crowd. Teresa got to the ring apron and delicately pulled down the hem of her skirt. Looking at the ropes, Teresa was at a loss on how to get through them and into the ring. Kathy Benson noticed Teresa's uncertainty and stepped over to offer assistance.
"Here Mrs. Scalia let me help you."
With that Kathy put one foot on the middle rope and pushed down to create a gap for Teresa to pass through.
"Why is she helping me? thought Teresa.
Holding the top rope to steady herself, Teresa bent one leg at the knee and tried to pass it over the middle rope. Unfortunately her tight skirt again prevented that. It was obvious she would have to compromise her skirt length to get through the ropes. Pinching the fabric at mid thigh with her fingers, Teresa hiked up her skirt a few inches so she could pass one leg over the rope. With a little difficulty Teresa swung her left leg back and over the middle rope. She then bent at the waist to pass under the top rope. This provided a great view for those with seats in the proper orientation. Brightly illuminated by the spotlight, Teresa's skirt was above mid thigh and as tight as could be around her butt. Her legs were straddling the middle rope. Just as she was directly over the middle rope and under the top rope, a convenient accident happened. Kathy quite casually slid her foot off the ring rope. The tension on the rope caused it to snap straight up like a rubber band, which of course was in direct line with Teresa's crotch. The hem of Teresa's skirt was pushed upward and just over the curve of her derrière. Teresa whooped in shock and her knees buckled when the ring rope made a fleeting contact with the crotch panel of her pantyhose. She did maintain a grip on the top rope while she practically sat on the middle rope. Kathy and Maria exchanged smirky glances while Kathy went to Teresa's aid. Mark and Dominic covered their eyes and shook their heads in dismay. They were truly fearful of what might happen next. Barbara watched the whole episode and truthfully had to suppress a smirk herself at seeing her old nemesis in such a situation.
"Oh Mrs. Scalia I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. My foot slipped. Please let me help you." Kathy said with feigned sincerity.
"Yes I'm sure that was an accident you little b*tch. What are you doing? Let go of my arm!"
Kathy grabbed Teresa's upper left arm and pulled her into the ring. Of course Teresa had not yet gained her footing and Kathy's "assistance" caused her to tumble into the ring on her side. By now there are more than a few hoots of laughter from the assemblage as Teresa's dignity was taking some serious damage. Teresa rose to a sitting position and looked up at Kathy Benson, who was having a little chuckle herself. Teresa stood up and ignored the fact that her skirt had now worked its way up to a point where her black lace panties were viewable from the front. From behind the view was equally delectable, the hem had risen over the curve of Teresa's butt for all to see. The spotlight operator was doing a fantastic job of keeping Teresa fully illuminated. Teresa had selected a very sexy pair of high waisted black lace panties to wear underneath her black pantyhose. Her pantyhose was the sheer to the waist type that afforded a good view of her panties. Teresa walked over to Kathy oblivious to where her skirt had ended up.
"You did that on purpose. I should teach you a lesson here and now." Teresa fumed.
"Mrs. Scalia," Kathy countered "I think before you start anything you should make a few clothing adjustments. After all do you usually wear your skirts above your waist?"
"Skirts above my waist? What the hell is she talking about? thought Teresa.
Teresa then looked down and saw the bunched skirt. She also saw a good length of firm thighs all the way up to the black lace that covered her pubic area. She quickly used both hands to pull her skirt down and regain some modesty. Before she could make a move on Kathy the announcer stepped between them.
"And now let me introduce our second special auction assistant for the evening Barbara Anderson!"
A second spotlight swung over to Barbara's location at ringside. Barbara said nothing, but gave Mark a look that later in the evening the accounts would be balanced. Barbara made her way to the stairs and negotiated them with no problems, her flowing skirt did not impede her. At the ring apron Barbara had the same dilemma as Teresa. That is how to get through the ropes in a ladylike manner. Determined not to let anything happen to her as did to Teresa, Barbara raised her left leg and tried to pass over the middle rope while she pushed down on it. Teetering a bit on her heels, Barbara's first attempt was unsuccessful. Seeing that she was having difficulty, Maria approached Barbara from behind to "assist". Approached from the rear and with her head down and bent over at the waist, Barbara had no idea Maria was behind her. Barbara tried again to swing her foot over the rope. This time she made it, although she was still having a slight balance problem. When Barbara paused and regained her balance, Maria very surreptitiously took hold of the hem at the back of Barbara's skirt. The spotlight operator evidently had an idea what was going on and kept the light on Barbara's location. Very slowly Maria raised the hem revealing the back of Barbara's thighs clad in the white hose. The crowd reaction was spontaneous as more of Barbara's legs came into view. As the hem went higher the cheers grew louder. The lacy tops and garters of Barbara's stockings were revealed. Maria reacted to the cheers of the crowd and continued to expose Barbara. Barbara had no clue what was going on. As the skirt hem went to greater heights, Barbara's tanned thighs above the stocking tops were illuminated by the spotlight. Unknowingly Barbara assumed a posture that was displaying her exposed areas to their best advantage. Her back was straight and her torso was parallel to the ring rope. Standing straight legged, her hips were at a saucy angle. Ringside viewers were surprised and most appreciative when the hem rose further revealing the uncovered globes of Barbara's derrière. For she had chosen to wear a thong with her white lace garter belt that evening. In sharp contrast to the tanned skin of her thighs, Barbara's bottom was flawless creamy white and showed the borders of the bikini bottoms she wore while tanning.
"What's all the cheering about" wondered Barbara. Barbara finally felt something going on with her skirt as the front hem was pulling back against her legs. Maria adroitly let the hem drop. As it d****d over Barbara's back, Maria stepped back to admire her work. Still grasping the middle rope for balance, Barbara swung her right leg over. It was then she felt her skirt skim off the back of her shoulders. As Barbara righted herself, Maria walked up to her.
"Lovely outfit Barbara. I especially love the garter belt. And the thong, what a nice touch."
Barbara blushed at hearing this from Maria.
"How does she know about my underwear?" Barbara thought.
Teresa had turned her attention from Kathy to watch Barbara's entrance. And she herself was amused at seeing Barbara so unaware of her exposure. She had to stifle a laugh herself. Barbara walked over to stand beside Teresa.
"Barbara, do you have any idea what Maria was doing with your skirt when you were climbing through the ropes?" Teresa asked.
"I never saw Maria until I was into the ring. What was all the cheering about?"
"Well dear let's just say Maria raised the hem high enough so we all could appreciate your taste in lingerie. By the way do you always wear regular bikini bottoms when you tan?" Teresa said with a touch of sarcasm.
Barbara thought for a moment "That may well be, I think you had a bit of a show yourself. You always did look good in black lace. Are they Victoria's Secret?"
Teresa was going to counter Barbara's comment, but decided to maintain a discreet silence.
With all the assistants in place, the auction began. The auctioneer would give a description of the item up for bids and Kathy or Maria would parade around the ring holding the item for the inspection of the attendees. Helpers were in the crowd to assist the auctioneer in keeping track of the bids. Barbara and Teresa still had no idea what their function was. They stood at one side of the table. Maria or Kathy would circulate past them with the sale item. Of course wicked glares were exchanged by all the ladies in the ring. When the auction progressed to the higher dollar items, the auctioneer gave them their instructions.
"Okay ladies this is where you come in. These are the most expensive items in the sale and I want you to display them as the other girls have. Just carry them around and let the bidders get a look at what they're buying. Simple enough?"
Teresa looked at Barbara and said "I suppose I can handle this, think you can Barbara?"
"Yes" replied Barbara having no appreciation for Teresa's condescending attitude.
"Let's get this over with."
"Mrs. Scalia that's such a lovely outfit you're wearing, but you would look so much better if you would remove your jacket and let everyone appreciate you." the auctioneer requested.
"I suppose I could do that, as long as it helps things along." Teresa replied. Of course it didn't hurt that Teresa was well aware of how she looked in that dress without the jacket. She did enjoy the whistles of the crowd and was fully aware of what the reaction would be when she took the jacket off.
Teresa slipped off her jacket revealing her smooth shoulders and arms, but the real show was in the cleavage. Teresa's breasts certainly filled the cups of her strapless dress. The bodice acted like a push up bra, as if Teresa needed one. More whistles and cheers came forth as Teresa laid her jacket on the table. Demurely placing her hands behind her back Teresa made a slow turn towards the audience while pulling her shoulders back and subtly thrusting her chest forward. The crowd reacted as Teresa had hoped with tumultuous cheers and whistles.
Teresa's actions were not lost on Kathy and Maria. They stood together at one side of the ring while Teresa took center stage.
"Will you look at that b*tch work the crowd. She's actually enjoying this. I wonder how much her husband paid for that set of boobs." Maria said to Kathy.
"There are no implants there Maria. I guarantee you those boobs are the real deal."
"How do you know they're real?"
"Remember, I told you about the problem at the middle school swim meet. Our dear Mrs. Scalia over there was stripped out of all her clothes including her bra and panties. I got a good look at those tittles and they are all hers." Kathy testified.
Barbara was taking in Teresa's exhibition as well.
"She really is getting into this. I can't believe how she sticks her chest out. As if that dress doesn't show off her boobs enough as it is. Well two can play that game and I'll get my chance." Barbara thought to herself.
The auctioneer described the next item which was a certificate for an overnight stay at a resort in upstate New York.
"What do you want me to do now?" Teresa asked the auctioneer.
"Just walk around the ring and hold the certificate, pretend you're Vanna White." The auctioneer said with just a bit of exasperation.
Teresa held the paper 8 x 10 inch certificate in front of her at waist height. She slowly walked around the ring carefully placing one high-heeled foot directly in front of the other. Walking in this manner, Teresa was knowingly putting more than the usual sway in her hips.
The bidding was furious and soon the sale was finalized for considerably more money than was anticipated. Teresa walked back to the table to put the certificate in the area where the sold items were kept. She passed close to where Maria was standing. As Teresa passed, Maria could not help her self as she gave Teresa a quick bump with her hip. Teresa was pushed a couple steps to her left. She quickly turned to face Maria.
"Watch it you b*tch don't try anything with me." warned Teresa.
Maria laughed "Oh my goodness! I'm so afraid!"
Teresa made no retort. She merely turned her back to the haughty Latina and walked to the other end of the table. Maria couldn't help but stare at Teresa's ass as she slowly walked away. That could make one wonder if Maria had some slightly different inclinations of her own.
"Mrs. Anderson, I'd like you to present the next item please." requested the auctioneer. "It's another certificate so just walk around the ring as Mrs. Scalia did."
Barbara was thinking to herself "Oh sure, I should parade around like that."
The auctioneer interrupted Barbara's thoughts "And if you could put a little spice into it, it really helps the sale."
"Okay fine if you think it will help that much."
Barbara held her head up, pulled her shoulders back and tried to put on her most alluring look. Walking around the ring she calculated a way to comply with the auctioneer's request for more spice. Barbara would take a few steps and then do a quick spin. The spin would allow a fleeting glimpse of Barbara's legs in their entirety nearly to the stocking tops. Her first spin was greeted with cheers. As she did more twirls the cheering increased. As did the bidding. Again the sale was made for an unexpected high price. As Barbara walked to the table to replace the certificate, Kathy extended her foot and intentionally tripped Barbara. Barbara fell forward but luckily the table was there and prevented her from falling to the mat. She turned and faced Kathy.
"Don't trip me you sl*t." Barbara exclaimed
"Don't call me names Mrs. Anderson or I'll have Maria give you the treatment again. But perhaps that might be something you would find enjoyable. How about it Barbie?"
Barbara was speechless at the mention of Maria giving her the treatment. For she knew full well what the treatment entailed. And quite frankly, Barbara would occasionally reminisce to herself about that night. Without a snappy comeback Barbara joined Teresa at the other end of the table.
The next item up for bid was a watercolor done by a local artist who had recently been given worldwide accolades. The canvas was approximately 4 by 3 feet. It was Teresa's turn to present the painting. Picking up the canvas by the edges, she held the painting in front of her low enough to see over the top, but effectively blocking everyone's view of her body. The auctioneer started the bids, but soon it was apparent the bids were slow in coming. Also shouts were coming from the crowd encouraging Teresa to hold the painting in a different manner. Sensing that there may be a problem getting a fair price for this piece, the auctioneer whispered at Teresa as she passed near him.
"Hold that painting up above your head. They want to see you." Little did the auctioneer know how prophetic his words were."
"Oh all right..." Teresa replied.
When Teresa was looking at dresses for this event and chose this particular style, she didn't take into consideration that, for this event, her physical movements may be more than the usual. Suffice it to say Teresa never tried reaching up over her head during the fitting of the dress and had no inclination that movements such as that may cause her problems.
Teresa extended her arms over her head holding the painting by the edges at the bottom. Unfortunately for Teresa and fortunately for the bidding patrons, Teresa was going to suffer a bit of a costume malfunction. Her boobs being packed into that form fitting top, both pulled free of the cups when her arms went above her head. The crowd reaction was instantaneous with a groundswell of cheering. Teresa had no idea what was going on and neither did Barbara or the bikini girls until Teresa turned to walk back to the other side of the ring. As she turned towards Barbara, it was obvious that two light brown nipples had popped free of the black cups of the dress. Teresa's areolas were about the diameter of silver dollars. Her "pencil eraser" nipples had just slipped over the edge of the cups. As she moved about the ring it became clear that more of Teresa's breasts were rising over the top. The entire nipple and areolas of both breasts were quickly exposed as they worked their way out of the bodice. There was suddenly more boob out of the dress than in. Evidently Teresa was enjoying the increased attention and finding it somewhat of a turn on. Her nipples were slowly becoming erect. Not yet to their full rock hard glory, but a noticeable change had taken place. Teresa maintained her pace, slowly walking with a hip swinging gait. The painting held over her head, Teresa was still unaware of the tit show she was putting on. Actually she was too busy looking into the audience and vamping for them. The auctioneer missed the whole show as he was too busy keeping up with the bids. The sale was going fast and furious. When Maria saw Teresa's state she nudged Kathy in the ribs.
"Will you look at that! Her tits are all the way out of her dress and the dumb b*tch doesn't even know it!" Maria laughed. Maria also took note of Teresa's nipples and their slightly increased state of arousal.
"Do you believe me now, I told you there were real." chided Kathy.
A late arrival walked into the arena just in time to see Teresa's embarrassing exposure. Acting as agent for her employees, Roxanne Starr was in the house. Stopping in the aisle to watch the show, Roxanne discovered what all the cheers were about. She laughed to her self at seeing Teresa once again exposed to the public. What was especially amusing was that Teresa had no idea of the state she was in. Finding her way to where Dominic and Mark were seated, Roxanne greeted the husbands.
"Well boys, looks like one of your wives are having another episode of her recurring public nudity." Roxanne said with amusement. All the husbands could do was to shake their head in dismay and take comfort in the fact that they were raising more money in this auction than they ever had anticipated.
When Barbara first glimpsed Teresa's exposed boobs, her first inclination was to stand back and let events happen as they may. Barbara had taken a personal hand in a few of Teresa's public exhibitions. After all Teresa had caused Barbara more than a little public humiliation herself. But Barbara's better side took control and she went to Teresa's aid. Teresa was almost to the end of the table where Kathy and Maria were standing. Barbara rushed over to Teresa and was passing in front of the bikini girls. As Barbara approached, Kathy extended her leg to attempt another trip. Kathy was successful and Barbara tripped on Kathy's high heeled foot, stumbling into Teresa from behind and giving her a bit of a push. Of course being jostled like that even more of Teresa's breasts popped out of her dress. Teresa looked back at Barbara with annoyance.
"Barbara what you doing. Can't you be more careful?" Teresa snapped.
"Teresa for God sakes you're coming out of your dress. Looked down at yourself."
Teresa did indeed lower her gaze and was shocked to see both her breasts completely unfettered by the cups of her black dress. Instantly she dropped the painting in front of her to attempt to cover up.
"Barbara take this thing and hold it in front of me."
Barbara did as requested. Turning her back to the crowd, Teresa cupped her left breast with her right hand while using her left hand to pull up the top of her dress. She repeated the process and returned her other breast to the confines of her dress. Hearing laughter close by, she looked over to see Kathy and Maria having a good laugh at her expense. Kathy could not resist a verbal jibe.
"I must ask you Mrs. Scalia. It seems you find the need to bare some parts of your body every time we're near each other. You have a secret crush?" Kathy taunted.
Maria felt the need to chime in "Having a little problem Mrs. Scalia? Lovely rack you have there."
"Those b*tches. I've had all I'm going to take from them." muttered Teresa to Barbara.
"I've had it with them too, but let's be smart about this and wait for our chance." Barbara advised.
"All right, I guess so." Teresa conceded.
The painting was sold and given the commotion caused by Teresa's impromptu titty show, the auctioneer decided to let the bikini girls present the next items. Two more paintings were being sold as a set so both girls would have something to show to the attendees. The girls were facing the crowd and were standing about 6 feet in front of the table, each with a painting in hand as the auctioneer gave his description of the items. Barbara motioned to Teresa and both women stealthily slipped in behind the girls. Neither Kathy nor Maria was aware that the suburban wives had come up behind them. Barbara pointed to the string ties that secured the bikinis. She mimicked grabbing the string and pulling slowly. Teresa nodded that she understood Barbara's plan. Barbara had strategically noticed that all the ties were simple bows and it would be no problem to release the knots.
Teresa was positioned behind Maria and Barbara was behind Kathy. Teresa had delicately captured one string of both the top and back ties of Maria's bikini bra. Shockingly, Barbara was a bit more devious. She had taken hold of not only the string tie securing Kathy's cover up, but both ties of her bikini bottoms. At the auctioneer's cue the girls moved forward. On the first step the slack was taken out of the strings. On the second step the knots started to come undone. The knot at Maria's back was first to come loose, quickly followed by the tie at her neck. Maria thought she felt a little something as she began her walk, but failed to stop in time. Just as knots were released, Maria made a quick turn to her right which helped gravity take over. The top fell to the floor allowing everyone and un-fettered view of Maria's breasts. Very firm, Maria's breasts barely swayed when unencumbered by the bikini. Her areolas were dark brown and her nipples were the size of gumdrops. Maria felt the fabric of the bikini bra brush against her nipples as it slipped off and she felt it again as it brushed against her lower belly and thighs on its trip to the mat. At first Maria gave a casual glance down to her chest, then did a double take as she realized her boobs were out for everyone to see. She dropped the painting and covered her boobs with her arm while she squatted down to retrieve her top.
Holding two strings in one hand and one in the other, Barbara let Kathy virtually walk out of her bottoms. The cover-up dropped first and brushed the front of Kathy's thighs as it fell off. The front and rear panels of the panties drooped immediately, but the bottom was briefly held up between Kathy's thighs at the crotch. Kathy took another step and the bottoms fell completely off. This brought a roar from the crowd that topped all others to that point. It was evident that Kathy was creative with a razor as her pubic hair was shaved into the shape of a heart. Kathy had no clue the cover-up had been stripped from her and she continued to display the painting. However when the air of the arena swirled over her bared ass and pubic area, she made a quick visual check. Seeing her bikini bottom laying on the mat and her honey brown pubic hair exposed for all to see, Kathy quickly dropped the painting and tried to replace her bottoms. It was a quick peek for the crowd as Kathy scrambled to cover up. Teresa and Barbara of course were roaring with laughter having turned the tables on their two antagonists.
"I love it when a plan comes together Barbara." Teresa crowed. "Oh Maria, Maria something wrong there? Did you lose something?" mocked Teresa. Maria had her back to both women as she put her bikini bra back on. Pretending not to hear the insults, Maria was preparing herself to take action.
"I think she did lose something Teresa. Hey Kathy dear, you are most creative. Before you took up stripping, I thought you were a physical education major not an art major. And what an unusual medium to work in, pubic hair! Who knew!" Barbara said with obvious glee.
Kathy heard the taunts as well, but was in the awkward act of getting back into her bikini bottoms. Humiliating as it was, Kathy didn't hesitate in slightly spreading her legs to correctly orient the article of clothing. She didn't bother retrieving the cover-up, but did tie more than a simple bow to secure the bottoms. Kathy was preparing her self for more than just a return to modesty.
Maria picked the painting up from the mat, turned and walked towards Teresa. Maria tossed the painting onto the table to free her hands. Face-to-face with the Italian soccer mom Maria wasted no time with words. Quick as a flash she gave Teresa a slap flush on the right cheek. Maria followed that with a quick slap from her left hand on Teresa's other cheek. Having gotten the advantage of surprise, Maria then used both hands to get a solid grip on Teresa's hair. Teresa responded with a couple slaps of her own, but they were ineffective as Maria's arms were blocking. Rather than grab Maria's hair, Teresa clutched at her bikini top. Tugging left and right Maria's breasts were soon freed from the top. As they struggled Maria pushed Teresa back against the table. Teresa's butt was against the edge of the table and she was almost pushed off her feet and onto her back. Just as she was about to go backward the table began to slide on the mat.
While this was going on Kathy had charged at Barbara. Barbara was ready and managed to land the first slap. Kathy returned the favor and soon they were both locked up with grips on each other's hair. Their struggles took them to the middle of the ring.
Seeing her girls locked in battle with the suburban housewives, Roxanne gave the husbands a prediction.
"Gentlemen, your two precious spouses are in deep trouble. I guess you're getting more than of a show than what you'd planned on. And I think I'll help things along. You boys just stay here and enjoy things."
Mark and Dominic were certainly not moving from their seats. Roxanne rose from her chair and went up the stairs to the ring apron. Standing in one corner she watched the action. Both cat fighting pairs were still on their feet and amazingly all four were still in their high heels. Maria and Teresa were struggling against the table trying to get an advantage over each other. Maria's hold on Teresa's hair was solid. Teresa had each of Maria's wrists in her hands as she tried to break the hold.
Kathy and Barbara were in a back-and-forth battle in the open ring. Kathy's attack on Barbara's hair had pulled the up sweep hairdo loose and Barbara's blond locks were trailing down her back and shoulders. Thwarted in her effort to break Kathy's hold on her hair Barbara changed the focus of attack. Both hands groped over Kathy's boobs searching for some fabric to clutch. Finding a grip on the bikini top, Barbara pulled it down allowing Kathy's boobs to pop free. Firm and perky Kathy's tits were very similar in size to Barbara's. The classically pear-shaped boobs had medium brown nipples that always pointed up. Thinking she could get Kathy to break off the fight, Barbara groped for Kathy's bikini bottoms. Her hands found the string ties on Kathy's hips and were pulling hard trying to loosen the knots. Unfortunately for Barbara, the knots were no longer simple bows and would not be easily untied. Finding no success there, Barbara grabbed the bikini bottoms in an attempt to inflict on Kathy an uncomfortable wedgie.
Barbara had her back to the corner where Roxanne was located and was too busy struggling with Kathy to notice anyway. Kathy did manage a look in that direction and saw Roxanne standing on the ring apron. Roxanne signaled to Kathy to try and work her way over to the corner. Kathy welcomed the change in strategy as Barbara's attacks on her bikini were starting to turn the tide. She started pushing Barbara closer to the corner and managed to position her a couple feet from the ring post. Staying outside the ropes, Roxanne reached over and acquired a good handful of Barbara's hair. Barbara's head jerked back and she nearly fell as Roxanne pulled her into the corner. Trying to prevent being pulled backwards, Barbara released her hold on Kathy. Barbara reached behind her head and grabbed the wrist of whoever was attacking her. This gave Kathy a chance to break away. Kathy took a step back, took a few deep breaths and looked to Roxanne for instructions.
"Kathy go help Maria with that other b*tch. I'll take care of Blondie here." ordered Roxanne.
After pulling the wedgie out of her ass and slipping her top back over her boobs Kathy was unable to resist a cheap advantage. Kathy let Barbara have a parting slap on the face as she turned to go to Maria. A twinge of fear knifed through Barbara's belly. She knew that voice.
"Oh no it can't be that's Roxanne Starr" Barbara thought in a panic.
Fighting harder to get away from the grip on her hair Barbara struggled mightily grabbing at Roxanne's hand and wrist, but Roxanne was holding fast and had an idea on how to further secure Barbara. With her left hand firmly gripping Barbara's hair, Roxanne used her other hand to grab the fabric of Barbara's skirt. Barbara felt the pull on her skirt and began to worry about what Roxanne was up to.
"What's she doing?" Barbara thought. "Get your hands off me Roxanne." warned Barbara.
"Now, now Barbara, let's not get snippy. I just think these fine people here should see a little more of you." Roxanne chided.
Pulling and raising the hem, Roxanne had the intentions of using the skirt to tie Barbara to the ring rope. The hem rose in front, again revealing Barbara's stockings and garters. Barbara could feel her skirt being pulled up against her will, but could do nothing to prevent it. She tried to squat down, but the grip on her hair prevented that and when she did lower herself she caused her skirt to rise even higher. Barbara could feel the fabric slide across her legs that were becoming more and more exposed. She squirmed and tried to cross her thighs over each other in a futile attempt to stay covered. Roxanne continued gathering the fabric and soon Barbara's skirt was entirely above her waist and tightly pulled behind her. Barbara did create a fetching sight. Her flat tan belly was heaving in her exertion and provided a contrast to her white lace thong, matching garter belt and stockings. As her derrière was uncovered, Barbara could feel the cool metal of the ring post against her skin. Wrapping the material around the middle ring turnbuckle, Roxanne effectively used it to secure Barbara. Barbara was tiring and could no longer keep up the intensity of her struggles plus she was aware of her state of undress.
"Hello Barbara nice to see so much of you again and hopefully in a few minutes I'll see even more of you." cooed Roxanne into Barbara's ear.
Barbara's eyes went wide in fear as she now knew what Roxanne's intentions were.
At the other side of the ring up against the table Teresa and Maria were still on their feet with a solid grip on each other's hair. Maria's bikini top was literally hanging by a thread and both of her boobs were in the open-air. Those gumdrop nipples were stiffening and her areolas had wrinkled. Surprisingly, Teresa was still fully covered, but Kathy's arrival would change that. From behind, Kathy grabbed Teresa's hair. Teresa felt this new challenge, but could do nothing about it. She wasn't going to let go of Maria knowing if she did her fate would be sealed. Teresa tried to kick at the attacker behind her and the attacker in front, but was ineffective with both. Part of that was caused by Teresa's increasing fatigue. Although she worked out regularly her stamina was no match for Maria's.
"Kathy I've got this b*tch handled. Let's put on a real show. This housewife likes to show her self off so we'll help her. Find the zipper to her dress." ordered Maria.
Now it was Teresa's turn to get a scare. When she heard the word zipper she knew full well what the two bikini b*tches we're going to try. Teresa gave another effort to pull free of Maria, but just didn't have the strength. Kathy needed no encouragement to follow Maria's instructions. Even though Teresa was moving quite a bit in her struggles, Kathy quickly found the zipper tab at the back of Teresa's dress. With a quick tug the zipper opened its full length to Teresa's lower back. At once the back of Teresa's dress pulled apart and she immediately felt the effects. Although they stayed up, the cups of her dress fell forward and away from her breasts. And she could feel the cool air invading what was once securely covered skin. Fearing the worst, Teresa fought as hard as she could. Her struggles caused the top of her dress to flop back and forth against her nipples. Even though she was in the middle of a battle Teresa was feeling the effects of her dress tapping and rubbing the tips of her nipples. She was slightly distracted as she felt some pleasurable sensations as her nipples stiffened even more. Kathy slipped the palm of her hands up the front of Teresa's dress. Fumbling for a grip Kathy managed to brush her fingers over Teresa's stiffening nipples. Feeling her nipples tweaked Teresa jerked forward with some force into Maria. All three women took a few stumbling steps but maintained their balance. Kathy finally got a grip on the dress's bra cups and pulled down. The bodice of the dress was equipped with stays that maintained some rigidity in construction and allowed for the strapless style. Because of the stays, the bodice folded forward in a single piece, revealing the white lined bra cups, rather than crumbling together as loose fabric, when Kathy tugged. Because of the tight fit around her hips and butt Teresa was temporarily saved from a complete divestiture of her clothes. Kathy couldn't get the dress down any further.
Watching Kathy and Maria at their work, Roxanne got some ideas of her own. Barbara was firmly secured with her skirt tied to the turnbuckle and Roxanne's grip on her hair. This gave Roxanne a free hand with which to work some mischief. Barbara continued to make a few halfhearted struggles, but was beginning to resign herself to her fate. Roxanne examined the back of Barbara's neck and specifically was looking for the closure on her halter. Running her fingers underneath the fabric of the halter Roxanne found the clasp.
Barbara knew immediately what Roxanne was up to and tried to put up more of a fight. What she didn't realize was that her struggles were weakening the stitches of her dress in the waist area. After all that dress wasn't constructed to be used as a restraint device.
With Barbara moving back and forth and tossing her head Roxanne was having a little trouble opening that clasp one-handed. On the fourth try it popped opened and the halter straps fell forward. Her halter dress having low back style, Barbara wasn't wearing a bra. As the halter fell forward Barbara's bare breasts made their debut in the spotlight. Barbara had a very respectable set of boobs with quarter size pink areolas. Her nipples could be described as pencil eraser sized and were certainly showing some arousal. What was unusual, and in fact very attractive, was that Barbara not only had tan lines on her butt but also on her chest. Her creamy white boobs with the pink nipples really stood out against the background of her lovely tanned skin. Barbara had both hands on Roxanne's wrist. However if she didn't give up her grip she'd be topless. Barbara opted for modesty and relinquished Roxanne's wrist. Crossing both arms in front of her Barbara kept covered herself.
Barbara was merely postponing the inevitable as Roxanne had more mischief afoot. With the halter released, Roxanne's hand probed between the ring post and Barbara's back searching for a zipper. Roxanne's fingers followed along the curve of the scoop back dress knowing she'd find the tab at the bottom of the curve. And sure enough it was there.
Again Barbara knew what was going on when she felt that hand on her back. She tried to press into the ring post and prevent Roxanne from finding the zipper. Her efforts were a failure. Roxanne found the zipper tab and tried to lower it. Evidently caught in some fabric, the zipper would only moved a couple inches. Roxanne worked the zipper and back and forth two or three times to free it. To Barbara's distress the zipper was freed and Roxanne opened it up to the maximum.
Teresa was still locked in battle with Maria. The top of her dress down to her waist, and she could do nothing to cover up. Kathy was determined to get Teresa's dress completely off and had hooked her fingers around the fabric at Teresa's waist. In her haste Kathy had also captured the waistband of Teresa's panty hose. Pulling with all her might Kathy was making slow progress. The dress had just passed over the top of Teresa's hips when Kathy realized she was yanking the pantyhose as well as the dress. Kathy pulled her hands free and got a new grip on the dress alone. Still tugging hard on the tight fitting skirt, Kathy had barely gotten it down to the swell of Teresa's ass. Maria was frustrated with the slow progress.
"We're not done b*tch. I want to get a real good look at that big ass of yours." Maria told Teresa.
Teresa was now more fearful than ever for she thought Maria was after something more than just her clothes.
With that Maria let go of Teresa's hair. Shocked that Maria had given up her advantage, Teresa reached to her waist and grabbed the bodice of her dress. Maria got a firm grip on the material as well. The two women struggled back and forth with Teresa pulling up as Maria was pulling down. While this tug of war was going on, Kathy was squatted behind Teresa, her face level with Teresa's ass and both hands gripping the skirt portion. The dress wasn't going to take much more of this abuse. Kathy's constant jerking succeeded in splitting the seam on either side at Teresa's hips. Yanking down on the fabric, each side of the skirt began to split open. Kathy could feel the fabric giving way and gave a strong pull. Both seams failed completely and Kathy tore the fabric all the way down to the hem. Teresa immediately ceased the tug of war with Maria when she felt the fabric tear away from her bottom. She looked back over her shoulder to see that Kathy had completely exposed her derrière. While Teresa was distracted, Maria jerked the front of the dress away from Teresa's hands. That was all that was needed. The ruined dress fell to the floor, bunched at Teresa's ankles. Teresa made futile attempts to cover herself with one arm over her breasts and the other over the front of her crotch.
Kathy and Maria both took a step back out of the spotlit circle to admire their work. The spotlight shone on Teresa in all her distressed glory. Her hair was a mess and she tried to push it back out of her eyes. She made no attempt to gather the dress at her ankles in fact she forgot it was there. She began looking for an exit but it was difficult to see anything out of the spotlight beam. She dropped her hands and turned to the right. This afforded the many patrons a clear view of Teresa. As Kathy had explained to Maria, Teresa's breasts were all her's. Nicely round and with a minimum of sag they were truly magnificent. Aroused by her combat and the dress rubbing on them Teresa's nipples were very hard. The areola puckered and wrinkled. Of course her boobs were heaving up and down as she was trying to catch her breath. The waistband of Teresa's black pantyhose had been rolled down to the top of her butt but the hose itself had not suffered any runs. She was having a slight problem with her high waist black lace panties as a serious wedgie had occurred. Pushing her hair back with both hands she thought she heard Barbara.
Teresa had indeed heard Barbara. Barbara was doing her best with the predicament Roxanne had put her in. Her halter top released and the back of her dress unzipped, Barbara was yelling at Roxanne to leave her alone. Desperate to get away from her, Barbara bolted forward as Roxanne let go of her hair. 50% of the stitching failed and it gave Barbara the false indication that she was pulling free. Barbara lunged forward again and the remaining half of the stitching was torn lose. Barbara took four or five stumbling steps forward. The straps of her halter pulled through her hands as she was tripping. Catching herself in the middle of the ring Barbara regained her balance. Looking down at herself Barbara saw that her escape came with a penalty. She realized that she had pulled herself completely out of her dress. Naked to the waist, a shocked Barbara did nothing to try and cover herself. Barbara's quarter sized pink areolas were showing the same stimulation as Teresa's. Nipples hard and pointing to the sky everyone could see the excellent tan lines on Barbara's boobs. Her chest was heaving as well from her exertion. Highlighted in the spotlight of her own Barbara was a sight for the crowd. High heels, stockings, and garter belt were on view but the highlight was her thong. Hiding nothing of Barbara's very cute butt, the white lace thong was most attractive.
Teresa took two steps toward Barbara but caught her ankles in the remnants of her cocktail dress. Pitching forward Teresa fell to the mat. At this point Roxanne entered the ring carrying the two stools used by the fighters between rounds.
Roxanne called to Maria and Kathy "I think you know what comes next for these two. And this furniture will come in handy."
Kathy and Maria knew exactly what Roxanne was talking about and each took one of the stools and placed it in ring center directly across from each other. Barbara was still frozen even after seeing Teresa trip and fall. Teresa was trying to get to her feet and had gotten to her hands and knees. Maria took a position directly behind Teresa. Before she could rise Maria began to peel Teresa's pantyhose over her hips and butt.
"What are you doing!" screamed Teresa.
Attempting to escape, Teresa tried crawling forward on all fours. Maria's hold prevented her from getting away and actually helped her peel the pantyhose completely away from Teresa's ass to her thighs. Teresa's panties stayed in place. Maria then pulled Teresa to her feet by the hair.
Barbara was shocked out of her stupor when Kathy stepped up in front of her and got a handful a blond hair. Leading the soccer moms around the ring both girls approached the stools.
"Now we'll really have some fun you stuck up suburban b*tch." threatened Maria.
Taking a seat on the stool, Maria yanked Teresa down over her lap. She controlled Teresa's left arm which was pulled behind her back. The stool gave Maria just enough space to get Teresa positioned across her thighs. Teresa kicked her legs and tried to slip away, but Maria pulled her back onto her lap. Teresa stopped her kicking and lowered her legs with her toes just touching the mat. Maria looked down on Teresa's round ass and contemplated her next move. Slipping her hand under the panty's waistband Maria gave Teresa's left butt cheek a squeeze. Teresa gasped and jerked her head back.
Still feeling defiant, Teresa protested "Get your hand away me."
"What's the matter honey? I was told you like girls." Maria said as her hand made his way to Teresa's other butt cheek.
Teresa dropped her head in resignation. Her bare boobs were rubbing against Maria's firm thigh and Teresa could feel the heat emanating from Maria's bare skin to her belly. Maria continued her gentle massage and with the back of her hand worked the wedgie out of Teresa's butt. Teresa shuddered when the fabric pulled free. Sensing that her victim was right where she wanted her, Maria slowly worked Teresa's panties down.
Directly across from the brunette duo, Kathy took a seat on the stool and pulled Barbara across her lap. Barbara squirmed and kicked but was controlled by the grip Kathy had on her hair. Barbara was slipping off Kathy's thighs when Kathy used Barbara's garter belt as a handle and pulled her back into position.
"Mrs. Anderson it's time we stopped struggling because you know what's coming next." Kathy said in a most snotty manner.
"What do you mean what's coming next?" Barbara responded as if she didn't know.
"Just this sweetie." Kathy said as she smacked her hand against the right cheek Barbara's white bottom.
"Oh, oh, my." Barbara groaned.
Barbara's head jerked back in reaction to Kathy's spank. Kathy laid on another this time targeting Barbara's other cheek. Barbara dropped her head and Kathy could tell, as Maria had with Teresa, that her victim was in the palm of her hand. Releasing Barbara's hair, Kathy put her left hand over the small of Barbara's back and began a concerted spanking effort. After a couple smacks Barbara's head rose and she arched her back trying to look back at what Kathy was doing to her ass.
Teresa's panties had joined her pantyhose at the mid thigh level. Maria continued her caresses and squeezes almost soothing Teresa. Sensing that Teresa had given up Maria released her arm. Teresa moved her freed arm to the mat and used it to support herself. With her left-hand free Maria traced her fingertips down Teresa's side. Finding the swell of Teresa's boob Maria cupped it in her hand. The hard nipple finding space between her index and middle finger. After giving the breast a few gentle squeezes Maria then put her arm over the small of Teresa's back. Lying over Maria's thighs with her head down Teresa had relaxed and was unprepared for what followed. With a force Teresa had never experienced in her life, Maria laid the first spank onto Teresa's ass. Taken totally unaware, Teresa gasped and her head shot back. Maria followed with another spank on the other cheek.
"OH MY GOD!" Teresa cried.
Pausing diabolically between blows, Maria distributed equal punishment to both cheeks. Teresa had experienced spankings in the past at the hands of a number of people both male and female. Her husband, Mark Anderson, Roxanne Starr and of course Barbara Anderson had all punished her beautiful butt. But those encounters were nothing compared to this. Evidently Maria had a technique that could put more force into her hand than any of Teresa's previous spankers.
Teresa's head would drop and she'd raise it and drop again. She squirmed and bucked and cried out but Maria held her in place. Teresa clenched her fists in pain and frustration as Maria punished her ass. As Barbara had done, Teresa pushed her torso up with her arms and arched her back to look back at what Maria was doing. In wide-eyed wonder Teresa could see Maria's hand rapidly making impact with her round bottom. Teresa's ass was rapidly turning a hot cherry red as Maria showed no sign of stopping. Teresa's thighs had been held tightly together at the beginning of Maria's assault. As the spanking went on her thighs parted and her legs were spread as wide as the bunched pantyhose would allow.
Barbara's white bottom was achieving its own change of color with red being the primary hue. Barbara's thighs were coming apart as well. Kathy took advantage and laid on a few slaps just below Barbara's butt. Barbara would look back and then drop her head. Finally she gave up and dropped her head into submission, but curiously she arched her butt slightly. Kathy's smacks to Barbara's ass stopped. Barbara reacted by looking up in Kathy's eyes. As Kathy looked her in the eye she put her right hand between Barbara's thighs and cupped her pussy.
"Next time honey, we'll pay little attention to this." said Kathy as she gave the white panel of the thong a subtle rub.
Kathy shoved Barbara off her lap and onto the ring floor. Kathy looked over to Maria to see how she was progressing.
Maria's punishment of Teresa's ass had not slowed. Teresa had grabbed the leg of the stool for support and was pounding her fist on the mat. As quickly as it began the spanking ceased as abruptly. When the spanking stopped Teresa laid still over Maria's lap. Using both hands Maria lightly caressed the sphere of Teresa's ass. The red glow had spread from Teresa's sacral dimples over the curve of her buttocks to her upper thighs. Maria's right hand traveled over the swell of Teresa's ass to the thigh of her right leg. Maria's fingertips gently worked their way to the inside of the thigh and then upward to the terminus. Teresa made no effort to prevent Maria's exploration and even tried to spread her legs a little more, but she did again raise herself with her arms and looked back. Slowly the fingertips explored the lips of Teresa's pussy and found an abundance of wetness. Cupping Teresa's face with her left hand, Maria bent down and pulled Teresa to face her.
"You did enjoy that didn't you? I knew you would. Let's meet again some time and I'll teach you a few things. But I have to tell you, you've got the best ass I've ever had my hands on." Maria whispered in Teresa's ear.
Releasing her face Maria gave Teresa a shove and pushed her to the floor. Maria stood and again covered her breasts with her top. Kathy walked over to her and arm in arm they exited the ring with Roxanne Starr. Both Teresa and Barbara had risen to a kneeling position and were trying to soothe their abused bottoms with her hands.
Absolutely no one had left the arena during this entire episode. The auction, of course, had been prematurely stopped and there are still items to sell. However no one in the crowd was interested in buying anything. Dominic and Mark entered the ring with blankets and covered their defeated wives. The husbands led their wives out of the ring and the arena.
Postscript: Although all the auction items were not sold, including the European trip, the event was an outstanding success. As was earlier stated, there were some very well to do gentlemen at this event. In show of appreciation for what they had witnessed one of them made a donation for 50% of the construction costs on the new recreation center. He also challenged his fellow attendees to match that donation. Which they did in short order. As a result the project was fully funded!
What remains to be seen is if there will be a balancing of accounts other than financial with suburban wives and strip club employees.
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Default Formating

Apologies for the look of this story. Evidently there was some loss of formating during the upload that makes the text a little difficult to read. I would edit the post if I could figure out how that is done.

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Default Teresa Scalia: Spying Comes with Consequences (repost)

Teresa Scalia: Spying Comes With Consequences
A Teresa Scalia Story

by obo
Copyright© 2009 by obo

It's 2 a.m. on a Tuesday night in the Scalia household. On one half of the King size bed in the master bedroom Dominic Scalia snores contentedly. On the other half of the bed, Teresa was having another bout with a recurring dream. In her dream Teresa finds herself again in the boxing ring at the Civic Center. Her outer clothing stripped from her, panties and hose lowered to mid thigh Teresa is again over the lap of Maria the Latin stripper. As she relives that night once again, Teresa tosses and turns in the bed fighting against the arousal that is building within her. Her black satin shorty nightgown is riding up and bunching at her waist. In Teresa's mind the scene is vividly playing out as Maria's hand explores the curves of Teresa's upturned ass. Her unconscious mind knows full well what is coming next with the anticipation and the arousal becoming nearly unbearable. As she dreams of Maria, Teresa instinctively seeks relief. Teresa's legs are churning under the covers, her thighs are pressed together tightly as they scissor against each other. Teresa's strong thighs part as her right hand caresses herself through the satin material of her panties. Her hips rise and fall in time with her petting hand. The dream continues as an accurate replay of the boxing ring events. Maria's caresses suddenly stop and there is an ominous pause. Teresa's masturbation increases in speed and intensity. In the dream, Maria commences with Teresa's punishment. The real time masturbation keeps pace with the dreamtime spanking, both creating an intense fervor in Teresa. Teresa's hand moves inside the panties to give her direct contact. Her pussy is well lubricated as she slips two fingers inside. Teresa groans and arches her back as her orgasm comes simultaneously with the end of the spanking. The dream ends here and Teresa slowly comes to consciousness. Chest heaving up and down, panting for breath, with a hint of perspiration in her cleavage, Teresa awakens and finds her hand still in her crotch and dripping with wetness. She flips the covers from her, adjusts her panties and swings her legs over the side of the bed to sit up.

"My God I can't believe this is happening again." Teresa thinks to herself as she holds her head in her hands. "At least the lord of the manor over there sleeps like the dead." Teresa sarcastically comments.

Stepping out of the bedroom, Teresa enters an adjoining bath and shuts the door. Switching on the light, she sits on the commode to think about what to do.

"I can't let this go on; it's driving me up the wall. I need to get something on Roxanne Starr and those two sl*ts Maria and Kathy. Something I can use on them. Maybe then I can get this out of my head." Teresa was strategizing. "I'll get Barbara to help me. She's got as much against them as I do. But it's got to be something major, something I can really use to humiliate them."

The next morning at the Anderson house, Barbara is folding and putting away laundry. Barbara's alone in the house as husband Mark and son Chad are at work and school respectively. Barbara opens a drawer in her dresser to put some of her freshly laundered lingerie. In the bottom of the drawer Barbara sees a white lace garter belt, matching thong, and a pair of white stockings. Barbara remembers well the night she wore those particular items and how that was all she was wearing when she left the Civic Center. Barbara picks up the garter belt and holds it out in front of her. As she looks over the fine white silk appliqué, her mind goes back to that fateful evening. She starts reminiscing of her being over the lap of Kathy Benson wearing nothing but the white lingerie and Kathy applying forceful corporal punishment to Barbara's bottom. Much as she tries to repress it, Barbara has more than a few stirrings of arousal as she replays those events in her mind.

"This is wrong, this is wrong." Barbara struggles with her thoughts. "I cannot feel like this. And it's their fault, Maria, Roxanne and Kathy."

Just as she's going over her humiliation at the hands of Kathy Benson, Barbara's cell phone rings.

"Hello this is Barbara."

"Barbara this is Terri Scalia. Before you hang up on me, please let me say something."

"I can't imagine that you have anything to say to me that I would be interested in. I've had more than my fair share of problems involving you and I don't wish to add to that so good..."

"How about getting even with Roxanne Starr and her two sl*ts?" Teresa interrupted. There was a few seconds of silence on the other end.

"Oh I'm sure you have a wonderful plan. No thank you, but I'll pass. I don't need another repeat encounter with those three. Perhaps you enjoyed being on the receiving end from Maria, it wouldn't surprise me if you did." said Barbara.

"Barbara don't be stupid. I have no intention of directly confronting them, at least not all three at the same time. Keep in mind Barbara it was your idea to pull the ties loose on their bikinis. Look what that led to."

"Don't call me stupid Teresa; you're the one who paraded around with her boobs hanging out."

"Hear me out on this please! What I've got mine is something more covert. Let's dig up some dirt on them, something we can use to humiliate them without putting us in jeopardy. Maybe something we can get on video or still pictures."

There was a pause in the conversation while Barbara thought for a moment. "Well I've heard some rumors, through Mark's friends, that Roxanne and her two little playmates have late-night liaisons in the back room of her bar. That might be something we could use."

"That's interesting, we'll have to check it out, but it sounds like something we could run with. We don't dare go into the bar ourselves. It would be great if there was a window in that back room. There's no one around that place in the morning, I think the earliest they get there is three or four o'clock in the afternoon. I can drive by some morning and scout it out."

"All right Teresa let me know what you find out, but we have to use the utmost care. Getting caught would be disastrous." warned Barbara.

Teresa did indeed perform some reconnaissance on Roxanne Starr's gentlemen's club. There was a back room nicely concealed from the parking area. In fact no one would know someone was on the outside of the building in that area unless they happened to walk there. The back room was in a corner and there were windows on either side of the corners, unfortunately the sill of the windows was about 6 feet above the pavement. If Barbara and Teresa were going to see anything through those windows they would have to be standing on some sort of platform. There were a few metal trash cans next to the windows that could be used, but they would be an unstable platform at best.

"I wonder if that's the room Barbara was talking about behind those windows? There's no way to see anything from the ground, we'll have to drag a ladder along or something. Maybe I could try those trash cans. God they're disgustingly dirty" Teresa said to herself.

There were three metal cans by the window. None of which had lids. Teresa reluctantly tipped the cans over to form a platform. It was a bit of a stretch, but she steadied herself with a handhold on the window sill and made the long step up on top of the can. Peering through the window Teresa had a good view of the inside of the building. Evidently the space was being used for Roxanne's office and had the usual office furniture. There was also a couch and what looked like a massage table.

"This is perfect I can practically see the whole room." Teresa thought. Teresa shifted slightly on the cans to change her perspective. The cans teetered a little and Teresa had to grip the window sill tightly to keep from falling. "Damnit that was close." Teresa thought as she regained her balance. "I think Barbara will be the one in the elevated position and I can be the lookout."

Teresa informed Barbara of the information she gathered on her reconnaissance mission. They made plans to meet near the gentlemen's club late on the next Saturday night. Actually it would be early Sunday morning. They would have to be there after the usual closing hour when their three victims would hopefully be in the office.

"Okay Barbara we'll have to park someplace away from the club and sneak in from the backside of the building."

"We can park in that vacant lot that's only a block west of the club. I know there are some trees we can park behind and that will give us the approach we want. Are you bringing the camera?"

"I've got the camera taken care of. Do you know how to work a camcorder?."

"I'm sure I can, but why do I need to know how to use your camera. Can't you do it?"

"Oh I'll be busy with other things. Don't worry it's really easy to operate." Of course Teresa knew full well why she wanted Barbara to run the camera. "Now remember Barbara, wear dark clothes so we can stay concealed."

"All right I'll meet you in that lot around 1: 30."

"It's all set then. Here's where we get even." Teresa said confidently.

It was a clear calm moonlit night when the scheming pair met at the vacant lot. Temperatures were in the brisk 50s and both women dressed accordingly. Teresa wore a dark blue sweatshirt, designer jeans with a black baseball cap. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail that exited the back of the cap. Barbara had taken the dark clothing/covert operation to heart. Black turtleneck over black stretch pants finishing up with a pair of black athletic shoes.

"Here Barbara you carry the camcorder, I've got the still camera in this case."

"Okay I'll take it, but wait a minute let me put this on before we head over there." Barbara produced a black balaclava and pulled it down over her head effectively hiding her blond hair and giving her a very ninja look. As they started their walk, Barbara could hear the clicking of Teresa's footwear.

"For God sakes Teresa are you wearing heels?"

"Well yes. What about it?"

"How do you expect to sneak up on anybody with the racket you're making with your shoes? What were you thinking? We're not going to some bistro for lunch. Take those off and get some other shoes." ordered Barbara.

"I don't have any other shoes with me. These will be fine. Quit worrying about shoes."

"I'm not worried about your shoes, I worried about getting caught. And it doesn't help things with you click clacking around with those heels."

"Well I'm not going bare foot so deal with it."

Barbara just shrugged in acquiescence, knowing full well that further argument was futile. As they approached, they could see the lights were on in the office. It was around an hour after closing time. The women stealthily walked up to the building and took the position below the windows, Teresa walking on her tiptoes to minimize the sound of her shoes. Speaking in whispers they hatched their plan.

"Barbara you'll have to stand on top of these cans to get a look inside the office. When you get up there I'll hand you the camcorder."

"Why don't you climb up on the cans? It's your camcorder you should know how to work it."

"I can't get up on those cans with these heels; besides my jeans are too tight I can't raise my leg that high."

"Fine then. Help me tip these cans over so I can stand on them."

Each grabbed one can and positioned it directly under the window. Teresa went back for the third and brought it next to the makeshift platform.

"Leave that one Teresa. These two will be enough. Now help me up."

Raising a leg high at the knee, Barbara got one of her feet on the flat surface of the trashcan bottom. Barbara put one hand on Teresa's shoulder and Teresa put a steadying hand on Barbara's hip. The can teetered slightly as Barbara took the step up onto the can. Teresa's hand slipped under Barbara's derrière as she rose. It allowed Teresa took up a cheap feel unintended perhaps or perhaps not. This did not go unnoticed by Barbara. Barbara took a rocky stance atop the overturned trash cans. She got her first good look into the office. The lighting in the office was subdued, but sufficient for her to see most of the area. The rumors she had heard were true and they could not have picked a better time for some spying. All three of their nemesis, Roxanne, Maria and Kathy, were in the office. Barbara first spotted Maria lounging on the sofa. Maria was relaxing on the couch legs crossed in front of her and a drink in her hand. She was wearing a very short denim skirt with a halter top. The halter made of material similar to a red bandanna. Barbara noticed that Maria was intently watching something across the room. Barbara followed the line of Maria's gaze and saw Roxanne stretched out on the massage table. Naked save for a towel across her derrière, Roxanne was face down on the table with Kathy administering a massage. Kathy was clad in a terry cloth robe. Barbara turned and squatted to face Teresa. The can on which she was standing rattled back and forth tapping against the brick wall of the building.

"For God sakes be careful, quit making so much noise." Teresa said in a loud whisper.

"Give me the camcorder! All three of them are in there and Roxanne is getting massage from Kathy."

Teresa handed the camcorder to Barbara who very stealthily and quietly stood up from her squatting position. She hit the record button and began documenting Kathy and Roxanne. The angle wasn't perfect and Barbara had to turn as far she could to the left to get them in the frame. A minute or so had gone by when Maria rose from the couch and walked over to the massage table. She approached the front of the table near Roxanne's head. Something was said but could not be heard outside and Roxanne raised her head to receive a kiss from Maria. Kathy continued her massage and had worked her way down to Roxanne's hips. As Maria and Roxanne continued kissing, Kathy slowly removed the towel and exposed Roxanne's ample derrière. Picking up a bottle of oil, Kathy distributed a small amount on Roxanne's buttocks. Using both hands, one on each cheek, Kathy began massaging.

"Teresa this is great." whispered Barbara. "They're in there making out like the b*tches in heat they are. I need to get a little further to the left to get the whole frame."

Barbara had 1 foot on each barrel top and was leaning hard on her right foot when the barrel began tipping. Barbara started struggling to keep her balance.

"Oh Shit!" Barbara said in a much too loud voice.

"Will you hush up and be quiet!" Teresa hissed.

Barbara continued to struggle for balance. The cans were banging against each other beginning to make quite a racket. Teresa tried to assist Barbara in regaining her balance and put both hands on Barbara's hips. Barbara was still slipping from one side to the other when Teresa's hand accidentally slipped down over Barbara's bottom. Teresa's thumb found its way between Barbara's nether cheeks just as Teresa pushed up to keep Barbara up right. Barbara let out a yelp as Teresa's thumb pressed against her crotch. The camcorder flew into the air as the barrels began tipping over with Barbara's feet quickly backpedaling to try and keep from falling. Barbara's struggles were of no use as the barrels flew to the left with a crash and Barbara fell backwards. Serendipity once again played a factor as Barbara descended butt first into the open top trashcan. Barbara was dazed for a second and then realized what had happened. She was stuck in the can, bent at the waist with her legs pointing straight up and her back wedged against the metal can wall. Barbara tried to pry herself from the can with her arms, but was not moving anywhere. She looked over and saw Teresa standing there dumbly.

"Teresa get over here and help me out! Hurry up!"

Teresa trotted over to the can and got her arms underneath Barbara's and began to pull. The commotion outside did not go unnoticed in the office. At the first sound of crashing trash cans Roxanne broke off with Maria and looked to the windows.

"What the hell was that?" asked Roxanne. All three women could definitely hear feminine voices in between the banging of empty metal cans.

"Sounds like someone's outside." said Maria.

"Maria, you and Kathy get out there and check it out while I get something on." ordered Roxanne.

Outside Barbara was desperately trying to extricate herself from the trashcan. Teresa made futile efforts to assist, but was of no real help. As they were struggling, a bright security light came on illuminating them fully. Both women froze for a moment.

"Teresa, come on get me out of here!"

Teresa wrapped her arms around Barbara's chest underneath her arms and lifted as hard as she could. All she succeeded in doing was to pick Barbara and the can off the ground. It was at that point they heard a door open and hurried footsteps coming toward them. Teresa released her grip around Barbara and let her drop to the ground. They can hit the ground on one edge, teetered for a moment until it slowly fell to one side with Barbara still firmly attached. Hearing the footsteps coming closer, Teresa decided that discretion was the better part of valor and beat a hasty retreat. Even though she was on her side and stuck in the can, Barbara could see Teresa's desertion.

"Teresa, Teresa get back here and help me." Barbara yelled. Teresa had just disappeared into the darkness when Barbara turned her head to see Kathy and Maria standing over her.

"Well what do we have here?" said Maria as she looked down on the figure in black jammed into the trashcan. Barbara looked up to see Maria standing over her with her strong legs, in that denim skirt, slightly apart and her arms crossed over her full chest. Next to her was Kathy Benson taking in the scene with her hands on her hips in a pose that showed a lot of attitude.

"Kathy help me get this prowler out of the barrel and show Roxanne what we've captured."

Still not knowing the identity of their captured intruder, Kathy and Maria each grabbed one arm and placed one of their feet against the rim of the barrel pulling on their prisoner and pushing on the barrel at the same time. With more than a little effort, Barbara was released from her trap. Pulled to her feet by her captors, Barbara struggled to free her arms but was held tight.

"Settle down now, you're not going anywhere. Let's pull this hood off and see who we have here." Keeping a firm grip on Barbara's arm with one hand, Maria grabbed the black balaclava and slipped it off.

"Oh my goodness it's Barbara Anderson!" Kathy mocked as Barbara's identity was revealed her blond hair cascading down over her face and shoulders. "So nice to see you again. Maria can you believe it? Barbara liked us so much she's come back for a return visit."

Barbara shook her head to get the hair out of her face. She looked defiantly at Kathy, but said nothing.

"Well, well, well Blondie we meet again. And I wonder what you are up to tonight? Was Teresa with you tonight? I thought I heard two voices. Pity she left so soon as I would love to see her again." Maria turned to Kathy. "Let's take Mrs. Anderson inside so Roxanne can see who was lurking around here."

"I'm not going anywhere with you two. Let me go. I want to get out of here." Barbara protested.

"Oh no you're not going anywhere. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Either by the law or by us. Do you really want us to call the police?" Maria said.

Barbara's struggles ceased for a moment as she thought "Prosecuted? What do they mean, prosecuted by us?"

Maria and Kathy lead Barbara into the office. Roxanne was just emerging from the bathroom fixing the tie on a bathrobe as she walked out.

"Roxanne, look who we caught snooping outside our window. And stuck in a trash can to boot." Maria crowed.

Kathy released her hold on Barbara and went back outside. Roxanne looked Barbara up and down.

"Barbara dear, it's quite late for you to be out and about. What could you possibly have been up to. Certainly no good. And to think that after the session my girls had with you at the Civic Center, you would have the good sense to stay away from here."

Kathy walked in the door flourishing the camcorder. "Look what I found outside on the ground." Kathy took it over to Roxanne where they rewound the tape and monitored the last few minutes that Barbara had recorded.

Roxanne looked at Barbara severely. "What were you trying to do? Get something incriminating on me and my girls? Barbara, Barbara this is very bad behavior. Now I could call the police and have you arrested for trespassing or at the very least being a peeping Tom. Wouldn't that be embarrassing for you. After all, how would you be able to face your country club friends with a criminal record such as that? Roxanne stepped closely to Barbara. She lifted Barbara's chin with her right hand. "You don't want me to call the police now do you?"

Barbara was terrified at the fact the police may be called. Roxanne was right, the embarrassment would be too much to bear. She answered Roxanne "No I don't what you call the police."

Roxanne paused for a moment. "All right then, we won't call the police. But I can't let this go, I can't let you spy on me without some sort of punishment. The problem is what sort of punishment fits this infraction?"

At the word punishment Barbara's thoughts went back to the boxing ring. She certainly had been punished there. Roxanne had stripped her in public and Kathy had administered an over the knee spanking. The thought of the spanking or receiving another one at the hands of these women was both frightening and arousing to Barbara. Barbara involuntarily trembled slightly.

"Well then Barbara you agree that you should be punished?" Roxanne inquired.

Barbara quietly responded "I'll take your punishment rather than have the police in here." Barbara conceded to this punishment thinking that it would be another spanking. Although she would be ashamed to admit it, Barbara was becoming aroused at the prospects of another spanking, especially from another woman.

"Over by the massage table and take off your clothes. Leave your bra and panties on for now." Roxanne ordered. Roxanne then whispered something to Maria.

Maria looked back at Roxanne with a strange look and said "You want what?"

"You heard what I said. Go get those things." Roxanne said calmly.

Kathy and Maria released her hold on her arms, Barbara walked over to the massage table. Looking at Roxanne with a combination of fear, contempt, and aroused anticipation, Barbara pulled her black turtleneck over her head. She then untied each of her black athletic shoes and slipped them off. Hooking her thumbs under the waistband of her black stretch pants, Barbara slipped them over her hips and down her legs. Barbara then stood at the table in her white sports bra and boy type jockey panties. Toned and fit, Barbara could almost pass for a model in a fitness magazine. Her tanned skin was smooth and she gave the image of much natural beauty. Kathy and Roxanne stood back and leered at the show they were getting. Roxanne walked over to the table and stood next to Barbara. Stroking Barbara's blond hair she gently took a grip on it. Barbara was anticipating Roxanne's intentions and turned to bend over the table, presenting her derrière. Barbara rested her elbows on the padded tabletop. She kept her legs straight, feet apart and arched her back slightly as she looked back towards Roxanne. Barbara's breath was beginning to quicken as she was soon expecting to feel Roxanne's fingers slip in and under the waistband of her panties and lower them in preparation for spanking. Roxanne erupted in mocking laughter and Kathy joined in.

"Oh my dear. You're getting yourself so ready for something. And it's not what you expect. But I'll keep this in mind for the next time. You certainly are the little sl*t." Roxanne said as she gave Barbara's bottom a condescending pat.

Maria came out of the bathroom carrying a couple folded towels, a washcloth, a washbasin with warm water, a can of shaving gel and a razor. Barbara turned around and saw the items Maria had. She was shocked.

"What are you going to do?" Barbara asked with some incredulity. Barbara had an inkling of what was about to happen, but refused to believe it.

"What we're going to do Mrs. Anderson, is give you something to take home that will cause you to have to do some creative explaining to your husband. That is of course if you and your husband ever have sex." Roxanne explained. "Now get up on the table and lay down at your back."

Barbara did as ordered. She was trembling in fear of what Roxanne was going to. Not in fear of pain, she was in fear of what was going to be done to her at the hands of another woman. Kathy adjusted the table so that Barbara's head was slightly raised and she could clearly watch. Maria had set the washbasin towels and other items on a small table near Roxanne. Roxanne looked into Barbara's eyes "Here's where we begin." Tracing her fingernails over Barbara's belly Roxanne hooked her fingers in the waistband of the panties. Roxanne then slowly removed Barbara's panties. Barbara's tan lines became evident as the panties went south. As Roxanne slipped the panties down over Barbara's hips and towards the pubic area it became clear that Barbara's blond bush had been untended for quite sometime. Barbara raised her hips voluntarily to allow her panties to slide over her buttocks. Roxanne pulled the panties free of Barbara's feet and ankles and dropped them on the floor. Maria stood near the table by Barbara's head. Kathy was at the foot of the table opposite Roxanne. Once the panties were off Barbara stretched her legs flat on the table.

"Well this is so precious. Look girls, the curtains actually match the d****s." Roxanne said. Of course, what Roxanne was referring to was the fact that Barbara was indeed a natural blond. "Now if we are going to do a good job of this, Barbie, we'll have to open up a bit more." Roxanne said as she traced her long fingernails on the inside of Barbara's thighs. Barbara responded by opening her knees and raising her legs so that her feet were flat on the table. Roxanne continued velvety caresses on the inside of Barbara's legs. From the upper thighs, past the knees and then to the calves and back. Roxanne's technique was having the desired effect on Barbara. Her breathing had quickened as she and Roxanne looked each other in the eye. Under her sports bra Barbara's nipples betrayed her as just a hint of erection could be detected. Roxanne then slowly traced her right hand up Barbara's thigh and combed her fingers through Barbara's blond pubic hair. Barbara reacted with a slight gasp and an ever so subtle flinch.

"Kathy, soak that washcloth and give it to me." Roxanne asked. Kathy dipped the washcloth in the warm water and wrung it out. Taking the washcloth Roxanne gently dampened Barbara's thatch of pubic hair. Barbara was watching this with growing arousal and anticipation. From her position by Barbara's head, Maria was taking note of Barbara's reactions and was feeling more than a bit turned on herself. She was especially interested in the growing prominence of Barbara's nipples.

Roxanne handed the washcloth back to Kathy. Taking the can of shaving gel, Roxanne placed some on her fingers. She started at the top of the pubic triangle massaging the gel into foam slowly working her way down towards Barbara's pussy. As Roxanne's fingers touched Barbara's outer lips, Barbara voluntarily spread her legs even wider and tilted her hips.

"I do believe you're enjoying this Barbie." said Roxanne. Maria placed one hand on Barbara's shoulder and gently massaged. With the back of her other hand she stroked Barbara's hair and cheek. Barbara's arousal continued to build. She took notice of Maria's attentions but did nothing to discourage them. Maria was fascinated in watching Barbara's breasts move up and down with her breaths and especially the two points straining against the sports bra fabric. Roxanne paid close attention and massaged the gel into foam around Barbara's pussy. Occasionally one of Roxanne's figures would stray between Barbara's labia, but it was just a fleeting touch. Roxanne took one of the towels and wiped her hands free of foam. Picking up the razor Roxanne held it so Barbara could see. Barbara gasped. She wondered if Roxanne would leave any trace when she was finished. Again starting at the top of the pubic triangle, Roxanne went to work with the razor. Barbara laid her head back on the table and closed her eyes. Her breathing coming ever quicker with an occasional quiet moan. As Barbara laid back and accepted what was coming, Maria slipped a hand over Barbara's shoulder and cupped her right breast. As Maria gave a gentle squeeze Barbara moaned even louder. Roxanne looked away from her work to see what Maria was up to and gave a sly smile. Kathy had been intent on watching Roxanne as she worked the razor. She too looked up to see Maria caressing Barbara's breasts. Roxanne continued working with the razor, periodically rinsing it in the bowl and using a towel to wipe off excess foam and see if her work was satisfactory. Maria was now cupping both of Barbara's breasts. Sensing that it was time to take things up a level Maria hooked her fingers under Barbara's bra. Slowly she pulled the bra up and exposed Barbara's perky breasts. Her white breasts and pink nipples were in sharp contrast to her tanned skin and this fascinated Maria. Slowly and methodically Maria cupped both breasts and captured the nipples between her index fingers and thumbs. Barbara arched her back to meet Maria's caresses. Barbara's nipples were reaching new heights of erection. Maria was feeling more than a bit aroused herself as she touched Barbara. Her red halter did nothing to hide the fact that her own nipples were pushing out against the bandanna fabric. Unexpectedly Barbara flinched and for a moment came out of her reverie. Roxanne had begun shaving around her labia. Barbara raised her head to see what Roxanne was doing. She spread her legs even wider to accommodate Roxanne's ministrations and laid her head back with a sigh. Maria continued tweaking Barbara's nipples and was gently kissing her on the cheek. All the while Kathy seemed mesmerized by what Roxanne was doing. Roxanne took a few final strokes with a razor then set it in the basin. Taking a towel she thoroughly dried the now very barren landscape of Barbara's pubic area.

"So very soft and smooth Barbie. You really have a very pretty little kitty." Roxanne purred. "But we are not quite done yet. Kathy get me a pillow."

Kathy did as ordered and retrieved a pillow from the couch.

"Maria if you could tear yourself away, I'd like our guest here to turnover on her tummy."

Maria gave each nipple one last gentle tweak and whispered into Barbara's ear "Do what she says and turnover like a good girl." Maria gave Barbara kiss on the cheek as Barbara shifted her position.

"Put this under your tummy" Roxanne said as put the pillow on the table. "I want that cute tush of yours up in the air." Barbara did as Roxanne ordered lying on her tummy with her butt elevated and legs spread. Roxanne put a small amount of gel on her fingers and looked at the round hemispheres of Barbara's ass. "We do need to do a complete job and there's this one little area that we've got to address." Barbara rose on her elbows and looked back to see what Roxanne was about to do. "Maria come over here. I'm going to need you and Kathy to assist me." Maria left Barbara's head and moved to the foot of the table. "Now ladies I want you to spread Barbie's cheeks so I can barber her cute little rosebud." Barbara let out a most audible moan at this new indignation. Maria and Kathy each took a butt cheek with both hands and gently spread them. Barbara flinched again as Roxanne's fingers again to spread the gel and massaged it into foam. She dropped her head back to the table and sighed. Ever so gently Roxanne moved the razor in that particular valley being most careful. After a few strokes she was finished and wiped the area clean the towel.

"All right little Barbie let's turn back over." Roxanne said as she again patted Barbara's fanny. From a shelf under the table Roxanne produced a bottle of lotion. Drizzling some of lotion onto her hands, Roxanne began to spread it over the newly shaved area. Again Barbara's thighs readily parted and she tilted her hips. This time Roxanne had something more in mind than just soft and smooth skin. She spread the lotion high on both of Barbara's thighs and worked her way directly to Barbara's pussy. Roxanne soon got into a rhythm in her massage that Barbara matched with her pelvic thrusts. Barbara was gripping the sides of the massage table as she began to let herself go. Maria softly kissed her on the mouth and then with butterfly kisses worked her way down Barbara's neck, over her clavicle to her breast. The tip of Maria's tongue gave an exploratory flick to Barbara's right nipple. Already quite erect, the nipple responded even more. As the nipple disappeared into Maria's mouth, Roxanne's fingers entered Barbara. Barbara's hips bucked even more forcefully to meet Roxanne's touch. Speed and intensity increased as Barbara's moans became louder and more frequent. Maria maintained sucking one nipple and was tweaking the other with her hand when Barbara finally reached the summit. Groaning loudly, Barbara's ass was leaving the table and slamming back down to meet the finger fucking Roxanne was giving her. A red flush covered her face and upper chest as she strongly came. Roxanne withdrew her fingers as Barbara was gasping for air. Maria released Barbara's breasts and gave her a kiss on the mouth.

"Well Mrs. Anderson, I think that's enough for tonight. Just remember what happens when you try to spy on someone." Roxanne said. "Kathy, give this little b*tch her clothes and show her the door."

Kathy tossed Barbara's clothes onto her belly as she lay, quietly reclining on the massage table recovering from her experience. Slowly she rose to a sitting position and looked down on her now completely smooth pubic area. Barbara slipped on her underwear and the rest of her clothes and headed for the door where Maria was standing. Barbara tried opened the door but Maria stopped her for an instant.

"You have to admit that was fun. Just tell your friend Mrs. Scalia that I haven't forgotten about her. And I do hope that she and I will meet soon. Keep that in mind Mrs. Anderson, after all it was Mrs. Scalia that deserted you."

Barbara walked through the door and made the long walked to her car. All the time she was thinking about how she was deserted by Teresa and what she was going to do about that.
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