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Old 03-17-2017, 01:32 PM
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Default WWE: Alexa Bliss vs Everyone.

This is going to be a four part series that will be updated weekly. All parts are already written so there's no need to worry about the fic not having an end. It's going to detail Alexa Bliss working her way up the card through humiliation. So without further ado...

Part 1: Alexa's Smackdown Debut.

"I can't wait to win my main roster debut" said Alexa Bliss. "It's my time to show all these divas from the old era that the NXT women are going to takeover, and I'm going to be leading the charge."

Alexa was cutting a promo backstage to hype up her debut tonight against Nikki Bella. Despite her boasting, she really was happy to be there, and had a tremendous amount of respect for the women who were up on the main roster before the women from her generation moved up. The ones left had managed to hang with the new generation, now that they were there for more than to fill time. She was just tired of being overlooked. Alexa often wasn't mentioned in the same breath as the four horsewomen. She always felt like she was just outside of them. Not getting the recognition she deserved despite being down there in NXT training with them. Alexa finally got moved up to the main roster, and she was going to prove she belonged there as much as anyone. She wanted to prove to the world that she was the best.


Meanwhile, in a room backstage, Nikki, Natayla, and Naomi were watching Alexa run down all of them in her promo.

"I can't believe this shit!" Screamed Nikki. "All these new girls keep coming up here, and try to make a name at our expense. I'm tired of it, and I'm not going to let it happen again. I'm going to take that b*tch down a few pegs. You girls want to help?"

"I'm going to take a pass on that." Said Naomi, as she got up to leave. "We were all young too, and we know what it was like to struggle to make a name for ourselves."

"Fine." Said Nikki. "I don't need you for this anyway. What about you Nattie?"

"Of course I'll help." responded Nattie. "These new girls need to learn some respect, and I have the perfect idea on how to teach her."


Alexa's music hit. It was time to show the world what she was capable. Not only were their millions of people watching at home, but she made sure her family and friends were all watching tonight. She preformed best under pressure, and she wanted to make sure they all saw her win her first match. She made some b*tchy faces to the fans. This tough girl persona always made her feel stronger for whatever reason. All she knew was her career took off when she changed her attitude.

Alexa made it to the ring, and turned around to see her opponent come out. Nikki came out with Nattie who was holding something in her hands. Alexa was confused on what Nattie was doing there, but decided that it wouldn't make a difference. As long as she focused on the match everything was going to be fine.

The bell rung, and Alexa charged straight at Nikki. Nikki quickly dropped down, as Alexa hit the ropes to turn back around. She was sure Nikki was going to still be on the ground, but to her surprise Nikki had already managed to get up. Alexa ran into a big forearm, which dropped her to the ground.

"Stupid!" Alexa thought. "I can't believe I got so careless"

To Alexa's surprise, Nikki didn't make the cover. Alexa struggled to her feet to try to figure out what was going on, but it was already too late. Nikki had crawled out of the ring and grabbed one of the items that Nattie had brought with her, then circled around behind Alexa as she was getting up. Alexa felt a pair of hands grab her shorts and yank them down to her knees.

"What the hell are you doing?" She yelled, as her she covered her exposed pussy with her hands.

Alexa turned around to look at Nikki, and her anger turned to fear as she realized what she was holding. She had a large pair of fabric scissors in her hand. Two snips on the straps on her shoulder and another down the middle was all it took for her top to come off in front of the crowd. Her perky B-cups came into view as the crowd started chanting "Holy shit!"

Alexa screamed and tried to cover her boobs with her other hand as Nikki threw her ruined top into the crowd. Then Nikki turned her attention back to the defenseless Alexa Bliss. Her shorts were around her knees and she was busy trying to cover herself up with her hands. Nikki grabbed her by the hair and slammed her down to the mat. She then grabbed her shorts, and pulled them completely off and threw those into the crowd as well.

Alexa was mortified. This was supposed to be her big debut, and she was laying in the middle of the ring, wearing nothing except for her ring boots on live TV. She couldn't believe this was happening.

"What's the problem Alexa?" Yelled Nikki. "Don't you want to show all these people who's going to be leading the charge?"

She grabbed Alexas arm and held them behind her back, and lifted her off the ground giving the crowd a good view of everything that Alexa was trying to hide.

"You can't do this!" Screamed Alexa.

"Why don't you try to stop me then." Said Nikki, as she carried Alexa around the ring to make sure every member of the crowd got a good look at her body.

"Please Nikki." Alexa pleaded, as she noticed all the cell phones recording her humiliation to be watched back whenever the owner wanted.

"It's a bit late now you dumb b*tch. Maybe you should of thought about the consequences before running your mouth" Nikki responded.

Alexas eyes darted to the jumbo tron showing a close up view of her naked body. She couldn't believe all her friends and family back home were going to see her like this. How was she ever going to live this down? Weirdly enough, the thoughts were starting to turn her on, and she noticed she was getting wet.

"Oh no." Alexa thought. "If Nikki realizes that I'm getting horny then this is going to get even worse"

"Are you actually getting wet you little sl*t!" Screamed Nikki.

"Shit." she thought, as Nikki shoved her to the ground.

"Nattie, toss me the zip ties. I'm going to make this b*tch cum in front of the world."

"No! please Nikki. You can't do this, my life will be over if everyone sees me like that"

"Well why don't we just ask the crowd then" Said Nikki, as she tightened the zip ties around her wrists and ankles. Nikki then grabbed a mic "WWE Universe! Who wants to see this sl*t cum in the middle of the ring!"

"YES! YES! YES!" the crowd chanted

"Sorry b*tch." Said Nikki, as she tossed the mic away.

Nikki then sat Alexa up on her knees on hard camera exposing her body to the cameras and cell phones once again. Nikki sat on her knees right behind Alexa reached her arm around and stuck two fingers into her pussy.

Alexa couldn't believe this was happening. She had to avoid cumming at all costs. How was she going to look anyone in the eye, when everybody she knew had seen her cum. Try as she might, nothing was working. Every time she thought about the entire world seeing her cum, she just got more and more turned on.

"I can't cum" Alexa thought, as Nikki's fingers started going faster and faster. "Whatever I do I can't cum."

It was too late. Alexas let out a loud moan, as her back arched. The pleasure of the orgasm was the best she had in her entire life. It went on for a solid 30 seconds before she collapsed in a heap.

"I don't think she'll ever disrespect her elders again" said Nikki, as she left the ring, leaving the ruined superstar behind.

"Thank you Nikki!" was the last chant Alexa heard from the crowd before passing out in the middle of the ring.
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Old 03-18-2017, 03:27 AM
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Finally, Alexa gets her punishment.
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Old 03-20-2017, 08:19 AM
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I actually recognize this from the WWE Divas Nude fanfic section. Neat to see you on multiple sites.
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Old 03-23-2017, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by MKDude View Post
I actually recognize this from the WWE Divas Nude fanfic section. Neat to see you on multiple sites.
Where do you find this page. Is their a link you could post.

Thanks in advance
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Old 03-23-2017, 01:36 PM
Knicks455 Knicks455 is offline
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Great story. Hope to see more of Alexa getting dominated
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Old Yesterday, 01:12 PM
Dadud Dadud is offline
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Part 2: Alexa's Revenge

"This is it." Thought Alexa, as she looked at the video on Nikki's phone.

Alexa had been mortified ever since Nikki stripped her naked, and made her cum in the ring. She had lost every ounce of respect she had built up over the years. The guys she had known for years had mostly stopped talking to her. Some of them still tried to, but most of them would openly tell her that they jacked off to her cumming in the ring, and it was just too weird for her. The girls were somehow worse, most of them helped pass around the video, and would tell her straight to her face that they thought she deserved the humiliation. She couldn't even just focus on her in ring action, because every time she had a match, the crowd would chant "Take your clothes off!" at her. It was completely degrading and she was sick of it. The only thing she could think of that would win her back respect, was revenge. She needed Nikki to experience a worse humiliation, so she wouldn't be the laughing stock of the division anymore. Luckily, Nikki wasn't without her fair share of enemies.

Once she told Carmella that she was planing to try to get dirt on Nikki, she jumped at the chance to help, and she put her plan into action. Alexa had Carmella go out to the ring and cut a promo on Nikki, and just like Alexa suspected, Nikki left her phone in the locker room when she went out. She quickly got on Nikki's phone, and started looking through the pictures and videos. She found nudes of the tanned babe, but she knew these wouldn't be enough for what she had in mind. Then she saw the video. She couldn't help the smile that started to form on her face. It was too perfect. She quickly sent it to herself, and put the phone back where it had been before.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Said Carmella, as she came back from distracting Nikki.

"You bet I did." Said Alexa, smiling as she showed Carmella the video.

Carmella took one look at the video and busted out laughing.

"So you want to help?" Asked Alexa.

"Of course I do!" Responded Carmella. "I can't wait to take that b*tch down a few pegs."

"Great." Said Alexa as she explained the plan to Carmella.

"Now I'm going to see what Nikki has to say about this video." Said Alexa as she got up to confront the Bella twin.


Nikki was sitting in catering fuming. She couldn't believe that Carmella had the audacity to keep messing with her. She was sure that these girls would have learned their lessons after what she did to Alexa, but they still kept coming after her. She knew she had to let it go for now. She had a match with Naomi in a a bit, and she was going to need to prepare for that.

"How's it going, Nikki?" Said a voice.

Nikki looked up to see Alexa Bliss sitting down across from her.

"What the hell do you want, sl*t?" She asked, in disbelief that Alexa would dare talk to her after what Nikki had done.

"I just wanted to show you a funny video I found." Said Alexa, as she pulled out her phone.

"Yeah, I'm not really interested in whatever you want me to watch." Said Nikki, as she stood up and got ready to leave.

"Oh, I think you'll like this one." Said Alexa, as she started the video in the middle.

Nikki couldn't believe her eyes, It was the sex tape that her and John filmed a year ago. She saw herself bent over doggy style wearing nothing but her hat, as John fucked her from behind, but that wasn't even the worst part. You could clearly seen John's dick as he fucked her, and it was really obvious that he had a small problem. John wasn't well endowed, only about four inches hard. Nikki still loved him, and it honestly didn't bother her, but he was extreamly insecure about it. The only reason he let her take the video, was because she promised that her eyes were the only ones that would see it. If this got out, their relationship would be done and both of their careers would be finished. Alexa had her and she knew it.

"Isn't it a funny video?" Said Alexa Bliss, as she noticed Nikki's reaction to it.

"Please, Alexa." Nikki pleaded. "I'll do anything you want, just please don't let anyone see the video."

"Alright, here's the deal." Said Alexa. "You're going to do everything I tell you too for the rest Smackdown tonight, and I'll delete the video. If you hesitate for even a second though, I'm leaking this video to every website I can."

"Just for tonight?" Asked Nikki.

"Yup. Then you're free"

"Fine." Said Nikki.

"Alright. Well you should go get ready for your match then." Said Alexa, as she walked off.


Nikki waited to make her entrance for her match. She has surprisingly hadn't seen Alexa since earlier in catering. Maybe she just wanted her to know that she could end her career if she wanted? Just as she was thinking that, Alexa walked up to her, smiling.

"Take off your ring boots, and give them to me. You're going out there with bare feet." Said Alexa.

It was a weird thing to ask, but Nikki knew what would happen if she didn't do what she said. She quickly took them off and handed them to Alexa.

"Good, now your shorts." Demanded Alexa.

Nikki knew this was coming. After what she did to the poor girl, there was no way she wasn't going to be exposed in front of the crowd tonight. She swallowed her pride as she tucked her fingers into the waistband of the shorts, and pulled them off. With her shaved pussy exposed to the outside air, it became really obvious how wet she was.

"Good God. You're soaking wet!" Exclaimed Alexa "And you called me a sl*t?"

Nikki tried to hide the fact that she was absolutely humiliated. She thought if she just played it cool, she would make it through this.

"Now I want you want you to make your entrance like you normally do, but I want you to rip both shirts off and throw them into the crowd." Ordered Alexa. "Oh, and if you try to cover yourself up, everyone is going to see this video."

Nikki couldn't believe this, she was about to go out there, and be seen in nothing but her birthday suit. Her dignity was going to be in shreds by the end of the night, but she had to do this for John.

Nikki's music hit.

"You better get going, b*tch" Said Alexa, as Nikki started to walk out.

The crowd popped as soon as they saw the bottomless superstar walk out from the back. Nikki couldn't believe how degrading this was, as she did her usual turn, exposing her tanned ass to the crowd. Now it was time for the part she was least looking forward too. She grabbed a hold of her shirts and ripped them off, exposing her perky breasts to everyone watching at home. So could only imagine what people were thinking, watching the proud women do her entrance with no clothes on. As she walked to the ring, she noticed all the flashes of the camera. She had done such a good job at making sure her nudes she took were never shown to anyone for her entire career, and now it was all in vain. Everyone that she talked to from now on we'll have seen her naked body. She couldn't believe that she was doing this.

Naomi watched as a naked Nikki walked down the ramp, and she knew exactly who this had to do with. This is why she told her not to do anything to Alexa. She knew if she humiliated Alexa Bliss, then it would only be a matter of time before she would try to get her back, and that was obviously what was happening now.

"I'm glad I decided against getting involved in this." Thought Naomi, as the naked superstar got into the ring.

Just then Naomi was hit from behind. Naomi looked to see who it was, and saw Carmella standing over her. Alexa then ran in, and both of them started stomping on Naomi.

"You just stay right there!" Said Alexa, as she pointed to Nikki.

Carmella and Alexa sat Naomi down with her back to the ropes facing the entrance ramp. Then they both zip tied the dazed superstar wrists to the top rope. Naomi was now completely defenseless as Alexa pulled out a large pair of fabric scissors.

"Wait!" Screamed Naomi, as she realized what Alexa was planing. "I didn't have anything to do with what Nikki did to you!"

"You think I give a shit?" Said an angry Alexa Bliss, as she went to work on Naomi's ring gear.

Naomi continued to plead with Alexa to stop, as more and more of the ebony superstar was exposed. Alexa ripped away part of her top, and her large black boobs spilled out. Moments later, Naomi's bush was exposed. She could do nothing but beg for Alexa to stop, until she was wearing nothing, but her light up ring boots with her tattered ring gear laying around her in the ring. Naomi started crying as she realized that the WWE Universe could see her in all her glory. How was she going to look Jimmy in the eyes tonight after everyone had seen her body.

Alexa looked at her handy worked proudly, and then turned to Nikki.

"Eat Naomi out, now. Don't stop until she cums." She ordered firmly.

Nikki couldn't believe what she was hearing. Being naked was one thing, but eating a girl out was something she didn't know she could do.

"Please." Begged Nikki. "Anything, but that. I can't do that in front of everyone."

"Do it now. Or everyone is going to see your little film."

Nikki let out a cry as she dropped to her hand and knees between Naomi's legs.

"Please don't do this, Nikki." Begged Naomi. "I'll never be able to live this down."

"I'm sorry, Naomi. I have to do this." Said Nikki, as she stuck her tongue into Naomi's bush.

Naomi was overcome by pleasure. She was straight, but this entire situation was turning her on, in ways she couldn't imagine. She tried to think about anything else. She knew she couldn't afford to cum in front of the whole world like this. The more she tried to avoid it, the wetter she got. She tried not to think about Nikki's tongue attacking her pussy. She noticed all the cameras in the audience, and knew that it was too late too save her dignity. She would be disgraced in everyone eyes after tonight. The thoughts of her humiliation kept swirling around her head until she finally exploded in Nikki's. She let out a loud moan, as her body shot forward. Her body started twitching as her back arched causing her boobs to jiggle. She quickly passed out from exhaustion.

Nikki stood up, and turned to her temporary master with the taste of Naomi's pussy still in her mouth.

"Please end this." She pleaded.

"Alright, all you have to do is sit down, and masturbate till you cum in the middle of the ring, and then I'll delete the video." Said a smiling Alexa.

Nikki quickly sat down and stuck her fingers in her pussy. This was almost over, and she just had to cum. She tried to drown out the "This is awesome" chants from the crowd, and closed her eyes, trying to imagine she was anywhere else. With her eyes closed, she failed to notice Carmella making her way to the back. Nikki started thinking about her situation, and started to realize that she might not even have a relationship with John after this whole thing was over no matter what she did. How was he going to look at her after everyone saw her masturbating. Would he want to marry a girl that everyone had seen cum? What would Brie and Daniel think? All these thoughts caused her to have the most intense orgasm she had ever had, and she fell to the floor. She noticed the crowd had actually quieted down because of how loud she was screaming as she cummed. She couldn't believe that everyone had seen her at her most intimate.

Before she could process what had happened, she felt Alexa dragging her across the ring. She didn't even have the energy to fight as Alexa zip tied her to the ropes next to Naomi.

"What are...you...doing?" Said a tired Nikki, as Alexa just smiled at her.

"Your dick is adorable." Said a voice over the stadium speakers.

Nikki's eyes went wide as she realized that it was her voice. Alexa stepped out of the way to give Nikki a good view of the tron. She saw herself kissing John's tiny dick, and then take it into her mouth. Alexa had lied. Carmella went to the back while Nikki was playing with herself to play the video over the tron.

"No!" Screamed Nikki, as she and the entire crowd watched her sucking on a dick. "Please, you have to turn it off!"

Alexa just laughed at the naked superstar struggling against the ropes. The humiliation was complete. She turned around, crawled out of the ring, and walked back up the ramp.

Nikki was forced to watch the scene transition to John fucking her. The laughing crowd started a "John Cena's smalllll" chant. She had humiliated herself for nothing. Her life and career were ripped apart in front of her eyes. John would never forgive her for this. The crying naked superstar could only sit there and regret humiliating Alexa Bliss.
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