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Old 03-12-2017, 02:26 PM
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Default Peeing in my car.

In one of my jobs I did a lot of driving in my car from place to place and so at times needed to pee, but I could not always find somewhere to pee unseen or if it was raining. I was in my workshop one-day when I found a large plastic syringe with a long clear plastic tube, the syringe was just the right size to put my thing into when the plunger was removed and the tube was about 1/4 in wide, I cut the top and plunger off and put some rubber tape around the cut hedge to soften the opening, I tried it out in the toilet to see it it would work, there was a funny feeling as the pee drained out the tube pulling air in past my thing. In the car between the seats was a square bin, at the bottom under the carpet I found a rubber bung, I pulled the bung out and was able to pass the tube out and so under the car. So from then on I could pee in the car anywhere. I did tell my girlfriend about this new addition to my car and she said that's right think of yourself.
One day as we were coming home from a day at a Cornish beach and were sitting in the ferry queue back into Devon, (this was before the Tamar bridge was built) I needed a pee so I got the tube and pulled out my thing and peed out onto the road, ( my girlfriend had seen me use it a number of times ). As we moved one car a day, she said seeing me pee made her want to go but said she would hold it, just then we saw the car in-front of us have some funny movement in the passenger seat and a few seconds later a small plastic sand castle bucket was poured out of the car window onto the road. That was the last straw and now my girlfriend was about to piss her knickers.
As luck would have it today she had on a light summer dress and only knickers under it, so as I put the tube in the hole of the car floor she pulled her knickers down and off, she then parted her pussy lips so that we could both see her pee hole, and placed the open end of my car pee tube over it and slowly she started her pee to see if it would work, and it did and so she let go, the look on her face was of relief. As she was peeing the cars started to move and as I looked at her peeing and then in the mirror to see my puddle and then her trail of pee behind our car I nearly hit the back of the car in front, and braked hard and this made her move the tube but just a little pee went onto the seat, she was able to stop and repositioned the tube to finish her pee.
Using her knickers to wipe with she was done. And soon we were on the ferry at this point she told me to keep my hands on the wheel and not to try anything. I was having trouble keeping my third leg off the wheel.

My girlfriend did use my in-car pee tube once more and that was when we where out for a day on the moors and it came pissing down with rain and we sat it out (hoped to see it stop but it did not) and she was busting to go this time, she was in jeans and knickers and I had to help her pull them down, as she held open her lips, I held the tube to her pee hole, then to tickle her I moved it just a little to let it suck air in, she liked the funny feeling but what came after that is not for here.
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Old 03-12-2017, 04:12 PM
nobby11 nobby11 is offline
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1) I is called a penis, cock, dick, whatever but not "my thing"

2) I find it inconceivable that one single male has seen so many females urinating.

Just saying.
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Old 03-13-2017, 05:55 AM
eviltwin eviltwin is offline
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1) I really don't care what people call it, it's not what I focus on in a story...

2) I've seen more females urinating than I can recount, it's not that big a deal in some parts of the world. Ever been to a music festival? The girls line up along the fence or whatever to pee by the dozens...
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Old 03-13-2017, 11:55 AM
DippsyDudel DippsyDudel is offline
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Default Ex

I had an ex who after a few drinks would lose what few inhibitions she had and drop and piss almost anywhere.

I watched her and pissed with her many times.

The peeing in the car story above reminded me of a time when we were at a drive-in movie and she had to piss. She rolled the top of our popcorn bucket down and squatted over it on the seat of my truck. The sight and sound of her piss hitting theat paper bucket was incredible. Unfortunately, the bucket wasn't very water tight! We had to wash my white seat covers afterwards, and they always had a bit of a yellow stain.

Another time we were out on a rural property that we rented doing some work on a corral with her dad. We had been having a few cold drinks all afternoon as we worked because it was quite hot, and the alcohol was getting to all of us. Suddenly, in the midst of a conversation with her dad, she dropped her jeans and panties and squatted for a piss right in front of him. I'm sure he got a good look at her bald pussy as she relived her bladder, because I was standing with my back mostly to her, and he was standing facing me, looking right in her direction. I casually looked over my shoulder a couple times, so I knew what he was seeing. I noticed him glance over a few times too, and I know what he saw!
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Old 03-14-2017, 05:39 AM
blob58 blob58 is offline
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Originally Posted by nobby11 View Post
1) I is called a penis, cock, dick, whatever but not "my thing"

2) I find it inconceivable that one single male has seen so many females urinating.

Just saying.
1. I was not sure that I could use those words on here.
2. I am nearly 60 and there were not many reststops about in my younger days
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Old 03-19-2017, 12:27 PM
blob58 blob58 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 99
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Default Trip to Bournemouth

My girlfriend and I where invited to one of her friends wedding in Bournemouth, (see:- At the Beach Hut). On route we had to drop my mother off at her younger brothers in Bath. We left home at about 1pm to go to Bath, and we arrived at about 5pm, after saying hello to all the family and having a cooked meal we did not leave until about 7:30pm. We had booked a small hotel about half way between Bath and Bournemouth for the night so that we could sleep and change into our best for the wedding at 10am at a church in Bournemouth. ( my mother asked if we had booked two rooms ?, I say yes {one at the hotel and one in Bournemouth Hee! Hee! }).
We where held up in traffic and when we got to the hotel for the night at just after 9pm the room was gone. So we drove on to Bournemouth. After an hour we decided to find a lay-by for the night, (the car needed fuel and all the petrol stations we pasted were closed for the night), after what seemed like miles we found a lay-by and pulled in.
It was dark and no traffic passing so my girlfriend jumped out to have a piss, with the car door open she stood facing to the front of the car and dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted with her back just pasted the rear door jam so all I could see was her knees and in the light from the interior light her piss stream, her stream jetted like as if she was pushing to get it out as it went up and down, went her stream stopped she bounced up and down for a long time before standing and turning into the car and look in the glove box for a small box of tissues that I had there, she grabbed two or three and standing up straight wiped her pussy and the her bum before placing the tissues on the ground, all the time I had a nice view of her pussy, (in those days she only used my hair clippers and a comb to trim her hair not to shave it off, once dry she pulled up her things and tipping her car seat back down got back into the car and we tried to get to sleep.
It was still dark when I awoke and as I did not want to get out into the cold and dark or to wake her I used my pee tube to pee in the car. ( see:- Peeing in my car)
Later when I awoke again it was light but misty, my girlfriend was the first to open the car door, to get out and this time with her back to me dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted with her bum to me and peed, before standing and wiping with one tissue that she placed on the ground, bending over and pulling up her knickers and jeans. Then jumping back in the car and closing the door.
We sat there for a time, (I had a morning hard-on) soon I got out of the car and walked around to her side to pee into the hedge. At this point I had two surprises. One this was not a lay-by but the entrance to a nice looking graveyard. The second was that she had not just peed the night before but had also had a poo, just by the rear car door. (This is the only time she had pooed outdoors in the hole of the 25 years I was with her)
Soon that I was done peeing we continued on to Bournemouth, stopping only once at another lay-by to change and pee, this one was a very quick squat but she had taken her jeans off to change before she peed.
Have you ever tried to change your trousers in the driving seat when you have three legs to deal with.
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