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Old 03-14-2017, 11:28 AM
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Default High Risk Loan Interest Payment Demand

This is a fictional story account.

It was late afternoon on a lazy hot August day back in 1982, with just my wife and I hanging out in the trailer. We were lying on the living room floor with our mattress pulled out on the floor and the rest of the trailer shut off to contain the window air conditioner as best as possible. We were both lying on the mattress directly in front of the air conditioner watching an old movie rerun on the television and drinking beer.

There was a loud banging on the metal trailer door and I jumped up and opened the door still wearing only a pair of old tighty whities that were several sizes too small and had several holes in them. There was a man outside the door, he had a very strong and aggressive persona as he asked for me and my wife by name and just entered the trailer pushing me to the side followed by another guy. Once inside he looked around and asked if we were alone. I told him yes as my wife was lying on the mattress wearing a pair of tiny shorts and a tight top with no bra. There was half a case of beer cans or more lying around the floor of the living room. As the second guy stood silent in the doorway the first guy told us they were from a loan company we had borrowed money from a few weeks ago, times had been very tight with only sporadic work and we had missed our last two weekly payments. We knew the guy we borrowed the money from was less than honest but we were desperate and it was the difference between keeping our car or losing it at the time.

The first guy called us bums and told us we were useless and better figure out a way to make good on our debt. I tried to explain but each time he cut me off and continued his tirade as he scavenged through the trailer tossing our stuff around. My wife had a temper and for 19 she could go toe to toe with the best of them with her 105 pound 5’4” frame. I could tell she was getting pissed still lying on the floor and she finally jumped up and began to mouth back at the man who had yet to introduce himself by name. For a moment, it was hot as she stood with her erect nipples poking almost through the thin material of her light shirt from the air conditioner. She was hollering at the guy who towered over her as he stepped back momentarily before reaching out and grabbing hold of her calling her a b*tch. I tried to spring to her rescue but before I got moved the guy at the doorway grabbed me from behind and I felt a sharp pain to my side as his fist landed squarely into me causing me to lose my air. I blurted out “leave her alone or else…” and before I could get the words out fully the guy behind me pulled me up off the ground by the waistband of my tighty whities as they went up my crack in the tightest most painful wedgie I ever felt and the material ripped slightly. He continued holding me up off the ground by my underwear with my feet dangling as I cried out in torment to let me go. I was brought back to the confrontation between my wife and the collector as he slapped her and she told him “take whatever you want, we don’t have any money. Just leave us alone.” I could see tears swelling in her eyes, her face was red and I knew she was mad and ready to go off.

The guy laughed and grabbed my wife around her waist as she replied kicking, swinging and hollering at him to put her down and I tried to get away. Both men were strong and I was held helpless as the other guy ripped my wife’s top off her revealing her milky white flesh and her tits to his gaze. She was telling him to stop and that he better let her go as he picked her up and turned her over putting her back down on the mattress on her back as he pulled the waistband of her shorts and panties peeling them down her legs as he lowered her leaving her now naked laying in front of him. He was hovering over her, telling her we needed to work out something to resolve this situation as she protested with her torn shirt on the floor and her shorts and panties thrown above the mattress. I was threatening them unable to move from my captors grip as the guy over my wife looked remarking “Now, let’s see what you have that I can take to cover your interest for the last two weeks.” He looked up and told the guy holding me at the doorway “You see anything we want here?” The guy just chuckled and said “I think we can work something out and then see where we stand with next week’s interest until they can pay Tony back his principal.” They both laughed and the guy over my wife pulled his large cock out of his pants and slapped my wife upside her face a few times before saying “Shut him up and come help with this wild little piece of ass.” I saw red as I heard his statement and again felt a sharp pain as the guy behind me punched me hard a few times as I went to the ground. Before I could get away my underwear was ripped off me and stuffed in my mouth tied behind my head muffling my vocal protests. The guy took his neck tie off and tied my hands and feet together above me securing them to the leg of the couch. I was spread eagle and placed to be able to see everything they did to my wife totally unable to move or help in anyway at all.

The first guy got his cock into my wife’s mouth as she struggled against him. He had her pinned down sitting on top of her as her mouth stretched to accommodate his massive cock before she finally gave up and started to suck him. The other guy stood watching and slowly stripped out of his clothes taking time to fold each item and place them onto our couch behind him. He had a nice body, where I was lanky and thin he had probably 100 pounds on me and it was all muscle. His job was obviously being muscle and he spent time in the gym. He also had a large cock and a huge set of balls as he stood semi erect watching my wife suck his partner in front of him. Finally the guy on top of my wife getting his cock sucked pulled out and pointed over at me saying “If that’s the biggest thing she has had I bet this little b*tch is tight as a virgin.” I was embarrassed and angry but unable to do anything but watch. The guy who had been watching replied “Oh, this is going to be one good piece of ass.” He picked up wife up like a rag doll and turned her around bent over the couch as he moved behind her and poked his cock into her ass cheeks. She was on the pill but she plead with him to use a condom. We had always used condoms since we could not afford to get pregnant. Without pausing he pushed his bare cock into my wife fully as she cried out from his size. Once he began fucking her his speed increased and her moans of discomfort turned to enjoying herself. He continued hard and fast for about ten minutes and then blew a huge load of cum as deep inside her as he could. As he pulled out there was a popping sound of suction as his cock left her. I watched as my wife had cum leak from her pussy. It was the first load of cum she had ever had inside her. I swore I heard my wife climax as she was being fucked hard by this guy.

The other guy picked her up and was now naked. He had a great body and obviously was no stranger to he gym either. He laid my wife across the mattress on her back and raised her legs up over his shoulders and pushed inside her and continued where his friend left off. The guy who had just finished was still breathing heavy and commenting on how incredibly tight she was and how her pussy had milked his cock and balls dry. The guy fucking her was having fun and telling his friend how tight she still was and I could hear my wife moan in obvious pleasure as she was filled completely. The guys changed positions several times and had her flat on her stomach as he pumped her from behind making her firm tight little ass cheeks jiggle with each inward thrust he made. I got a hard on watching her but was being completely ignored by everyone in the room as I struggled in vain against my bonds. He finally flipped her back onto her back and began fucking her again with enough force that he pushed her off the mattress and across the carpeted floor, scooting her with each thrust until she was laying up against me and he filled her pussy with the second load of cum of the afternoon. He rolled off her and lay on the floor catching his breath as my wife lay against my side catching hers. I could smell their cum as both guys got up and began to get dressed.

They finally left saying they would be back again next Tuesday at 6 pm to collect our payment or collect on the interest. They left out the door leaving my wife on the floor leaking their juices and I tied unable to move. My wife left me like that as she crawled back over the mattress and fell off to sleep for over an hour. I was still hard but not able to move. Once she woke up she untied me. The next Tuesday we were still not able to come up with any money to make the payment before the men arrived. I told my wife to be quiet and we would not answer the door but she was wearing her bathrobe and walked over and opened the door telling them to come inside. They looked at me and asked “So, are you paying the principal today?” and before I could answer my wife dropped her robe revealing her naked body and replied “No, we are still broke so I will just have to pay the interest tonight.” Almost immediately I was grabbed, stripped and tied across the mattress laying face up. Once they had me secured they pout my wife kneeling doggy style over me with her pussy directly over my face and I watched from beneath as the first cock pushed inside her.
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