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You're doing both awesome stories at the same time? You're officially one of my favorite writers on this site. Loving it!
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Week 6

Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring, looking as cocky and confident as ever. Behind her is Michelle McCool and Aksana, each holding extra large supe soakers. They all enter the ring and Stephanie grabs a mic.

Stephanie: Well, the results are in and last week's Raw was the highest rated show since 2006! We were the top trends on every social media and the feedback has been incredible. We've had women all over the world saying they'd love to stuff their panties in Summer Rae's mouth. We've had people exclaiming just how good Layla looked on top of Kelly Kelly last week. There's been a recorded 15000 reposts of Nikki Bella's tits just on instagram alone! I actually heard IKEA is going to start selling a Brie Bella brand chair after her little performance last week. And last but not least, the photoshops of me riding Paige have been legendary. As a matter of fact, let's have a look at a few.

We go to the titantron where multiple pictures of Stephanie riding Paige like a horse come up, photoshopped in different backgrounds. The first is a picture of them shopped into the Kentucky Derby, with Stephanie obviously winning. The next is a photoshop of them crossing Abbey Road, from the famous Beatles album. And the 3rd is a shop of Stephanie riding Paige while Alberto Del Rio looks on smiling.

Stephanie: Those are all just great. And you know, out of the kindness of my heart, I gave Paige the week off this week. She's at home, probably with an ice pack on her ass still because I did some nice damage to it! I even sent her a nice bag of dog food since she was such a good b*tch last week! But enough about Paige, she's not here this week. And neither is Brie, I decided to let her get her back checked out because I want her 100% for next week. But let's get down to business. You're probably wondering why we have these super soakers. In the interest of these wonderful fans here tonight in Dallas, we're going to give you a ittle bit of interaction. We're going to bring out two of these bimbos for a nice little wet t-shirt contest and you fans will be able to vote on the winner! We were even nice enough to provide them with the proper attire for this contest. Without further ado, bring out our first contestant!

Nikki Bella's music hits and after a few moments Nikki makes her way out to the stage. Nikki is wearing a white tanktop that is at least two sizes too small for her, with her breasts heavily pressed against it and the shirt barely passing her belly button along with a pair of orange short shorts. Nikki's nipples are poking through and are entirely visible in her tight top. Nikki is extremely embarrassed as she makes her way into the ring.

Stephanie: Hi, yes, I'll take a 12 piece buffalo wing and a Miller Li...oh it's just you, Nikki. I thought we were at Hooters for a moment here!

Nikki gives a sarcastic smile as Stephanie wipes the hair out of Nikki's face soaking in her embarrassment.

Stephanie: And her opponent...

Layla's music hits and Layla comes out in the same tight tanktop and a pair of black shorts, so short that both of Layla's ass cheeks are hanging out. Layla's nipples are showing through the top and due to her darker complexion, some of her breasts are already seen through the top too. Layla gets in the ring and stands next to Nikki. From behind, Aksana and Michelle each pull out a pair of handcuffs and cuff Nikki and Layla's arms behind their back. Stephanie laughs as Nikki and Layla look confused.

Stephanie: You two didn't thin I was going to let you use your hands,did you? And cover everything up? Not a chance! I want a fair competiton here, anything else would be a disservice to these wonderful fans!

The crowd cheers as Stephanie almost seductively stands in front of Layla and Nikki, staring their bodies up and down.

Stephanie: So, which one of you is up first?

Michelle smacks Layla's ass from behind, causing her to jump forward. Michelle hands her super spaoker to Stephanie and she aims it at Layla. She fires a few quick squirts, hitting Layla in the face rather than her body, giving Stephanie a good chuckle. Stephanie teases the crowd and just squirts a little at a time, right on Layla's tits. Stephanie finally lets loose and begins shooting right on Layla's breasts, causing Layla's perky nipples to show right through. As Stephanie keeps firing, the top is practically non existant now as Layla can do nothing to stop her. Her perky tanned breasts, being seen by the entire audience. Layla loved getting sexual with the other divas but hated being in such a humiliating position.

Stephanie: I think we need you to turn around, Layla. Show us that fat ass that won you the 2006 Diva Search!

The crowd goes wild as Layla slowly turns around and bends over. Stephanie walks over and holds the squirt gun right at Layla's ass and pretends it's a penis, prodding her a few times with it before stepping back and spraying her down. The water drips down Layla's tanned legs as her ass is slowly visible through the cheap, thin shorts. Layla's ass has so much jiggle to it that just the sheer force of the water is causing it to bounce. Finally Stephanie tells Layla to turn back around and gives her one last spray across their chest, her breasts completely visible through the top. Stephanie walks over to a sheepish Nikki and runs her hands through her hair.

Stephanie: It's your turn, Nikki! And I know you're into this kind of thing. You see, when we were in the process of hiring you, we did a little background check and found some of your college photos. Let's just say that Nikki is a 3x wet t-shirt contest winner and that wasn't even with these jugs! Oh and Nikki I found that little video you and your boyfriend made in college. Those dick suckin' lips certainly live up to their name!

Stephanie cackles as Nikki's face is about as bright red as can be. Stephanie shoots her with the second squirt gun, right in the open mouth.

Stephanie: Oops, sorry, Nikki, looks like you needed to cool down.

Stephanie smiles and steps back before blasting Nikki right in her massive chest. After just a few moments of Stephanie spraying, Nikki's entire breasts are completely visibile through the tight shirt. Nikki squirms back and forth, trying to free her arms from the handcuffs despite being completely futile. Stephanie laughs as she just continues soaking Nikki's top. Stephanie motions for Nikki to turn around and bend over and she reluctantly does so. Stephanie sprays Nikki's ass and immediately her bare booty becomes visible. Stephanie just can't as she sneaks over and gives Nikki two hard smacks, one on each ass cheek, causing the Bella Twin's ass to ripple. Stephanie eventually runs out of water and orders both Nikki and Layla to step forward.

Stephanie: Alright, ladies. Now that you're nice and wet, let's see what kind of athletes you are. I want to see both of you jump up and down as fast as you can!

Layla and Nikki both look at each other with lifeless looks of humiliation. They look back at Stephanie and begin hopping up and down. Layla's breasts jiggle with some force but at a quick pace. Meanwhile, Nikki's breasts are flopping up and down with authority, bouncing up and down and nearly hitting Nikki in the face at one point. Stephanie can't help but laugh at Nikki's humiliating predicament.

Stephanie: Looks like Nikki has the breasts that gravity remembered! Now you know, I was going to let this crowd declare a winner tonight. But I've changed my mind because I think it's too clear. The real winners tonight, are you fans here live and watching at home as these two bimbos humiliate themselves for your pleasure. The only real losers tonight...are you, Layla and Nikki.

Stephanie cracks up before noticing that the titantron has a live feed up from backstage. A locker room door opens and Naomi comes walking out. As she turns a corner, a leg comes out of nowhere and kicks her in the face. Summer Rae pounces onto Naomi on the ground and Kelly Kelly comes out of nowhere and helps. They toss Naomi into the nearest wall and each grab a hold of her spandex pants. They pull down, revealing Naomi's massive ass, just in a white thong, jiggling all over the place. Naomi tries to crawl away but Summer and Kelly each grab her by different parts of her hair. Summer takes Naomi and throws her onto a nearby make-up table, leaving her on her stomach. Summer takes Naomi by the hair and slams her face off the table multiple times before Kelly comes over with some baby powder. They dump the baby powder all over Naomi's huge ass. Many of the divas have nice and large asses but Naomi's was on a whole different level of massive. As Naomi's ass is covered in talcum powder, Summer delivers a hard spank to Naomi's left cheek, leaving a handprint on her ass in the powder. Kelly then smiles and does the same to Naomi's right cheek, causing it to jiggle and leaving another handprint. Kelly and Summer high five before turning and looking right into the camera, knowing Stephanie, Michelle and Aksana are watching.

Summer: You think you can control us, Stephanie? Well what are you going to do now? How about you come back here and fight me one on...

From behind, Summer Rae is struck in the head with a lead pipe by Alexa Bliss as Lana hits Kelly Kelly in the back with a chair. They stomp away as the two vicious blonds beat down the now helpless blondes. Naomi is back up now too and gets some shots in. Back in the ring, Stephanie addresses this.

Stephanie: Well that plan sure failed! Michelle, Aksana, I want you to take these two backstage. Their work for tonight is over. But Lana and Naomi, how about you bring our little sleeping beauty, Summer Rae down to the ring. I had a plan for her later tonight but I think it's about time. Alexa, you keep Kelly company in any way that you see fit. She'll have her time in the ring after Summer!

Nikki and Layla are being led up the ramp towards the entrance, Michelle leading Layla by the hair and Aksana constantly spanking and pinching Nikki's ass. Michelle even reaches over and gropes Nikki's breast as they leave the ringside area. Backstage, Alexa has Kelly Kelly by the hair and is dragging her away while Lana and Naomi each grab Summer by an arm and lead her towards the gorilla position. Before bringing her down to the ring, Naomi takes the liberty to grab the top of Summer's yoga pants and yank them down, revealing Summer's purple thong clad ass. Naomi takes the yoga pants and puts them on herself. They barely manage to fit but they do, really showing off her huge ass. Next Lana makes sure to pull right off Summer's t-shirt, revealing a nice purple push-up bra. Naomi bends over and smacks Summer's ass hard, making it jiggle as we go to commercial break.

We return from the break and Stephanie has a bucket and two large burlap sacks in the ring. Summer Rae's music hits and Lana and Naomi drag the bra & panty clad performer down to the ring. Naomi has Summer over her shoulder, occasionally spanking her while lana taunts the slightly concious leggy blonde. They roll her into the ring and put her on her knees in front of Stephanie, each holding one of her arms back and pulling on her hair a bit.

Stephanie: Well, Summer. I knew one of you idiots would try something like that eventually, but I didn't think it would be you, Summer. I always thought you were spineless. I guess I was kind of wrong. But this is perfect because I had a punishment tailor made for you tonight! You see, this is a bit of an old school punishment. See, in the early days of this country, when someone needed to be punished, they'd be publically humiliated by being tarred and feathered!

Summer shakes her head no, begging Stephanie to stop.

Stephanie: Stop? Summer I haven't even begun yet! Maybe I was right, you are spineless. But you see, this works on anoter level too. We notice that on many of our social media apps, people think you look like a bird, Summer. And I can't say I blame them, I mean look at this beak. And you squwak like a bird during your matches. And you've got these think bird legs. But wouldn't some nice feathers just be icing on the cake? So what do you say Summer, let's put you in your natural state!

Stephanie hits Summer in the head with the microphone, putting her on her back. Naomi bends over and Lana takes Summer by the hair and stuffs her face right in between Naomi's cheeks as Naomi jiggles her ass, getting revenge for earlier. Lana pulls out Summer's face and slams the back of her head off the mat. As Summer lies there, Stephanie picks up a bucket of molasses and slowly dumps it all over Summer Rae, head to toe and even all over her back. Summer screams as she's covered almost entirely in the sticky liquid as Lana and Naomi mock her. Stephanie picks up the burlap sack and dumps out the contents, a massive amount of feathers onto Summer Rae. Summer makes Stephanie's job even easier, rolling over and allowing Stephanie to dump more feathers all over her back. Summer screams opening her mouth wide enough for Stephanie to stuff a few molasses covered feathers right in her mouth. Lana takes the second bag of feathers and dumps them all over Summer, causing so many feathers to stick to Summer that she's nearly entirely covered.

Stephanie: Aww, Summer this must be so humiliating for you! I hope you don't shit on my car because of this!

Lana, Naomi and Stephanie all laugh and high five as Summer is on her hands and knees, gagging and spitting out the remains of feathers and molasses. Lana pulls out her phone and stands over Summer's back. She pulls Summer's head up by her molasses covered hair and tells her to smile right before taking a selfie of herself and the humiliated leggy blonde.

Stephanie: You know what, I think Summer's hungry. I mean look at her, I can practically see her ribs! Luckily, I've got just the perfect thing for her.

Stephanie leaves the ring and comes back in with a large back of industrial sized bird seed. Stephanie kicks Summer in the ribs, causing her to roll over onto her stomach. Stephanie stands over her and dumps the entire bag of bird seed all over Summer causing her to screech. Lana immediately runs over and takes Summer by the hair, rubbing her face right into a pile of birdseed on the mat telling her “time for dinner!”. Lana finally lets go and Summer's face is now covered in molasses with large amounts of birdseed stuck to her face and in her hair.

Stephanie: Alright, Lana, time to get bird brains out of here! Her punishment is done...for this week. But Summer, you better be flapping those arms like the bird you are while you leave.

Lana takes Summer by the hair and tosses her out of the ring. Summer's entire bra & panty clad body is covered in molasses, feathers and birdseed. Lana follows her out and grabs her by a handful of Summers hair, once a beautiful head of hair, now covered in filth. Summer slowly begins flapping her arms like a bird but Lana smacks her hard in the ass, causing her to pick up speed. Stephanie and Naomi mock Summer from the ring and Summer humiliates herself even further flapping her arms. Lana gets a hard spank in on Summer's ass every once in a while, just to show her who's boss as they eventually go past the curtain to the back.

Stephanie: Now that I've taken care of that skank, let's see how our friend Kelly Kelly is doing. Alexa, do you have an update.

The titantron cuts to the women's locker room, where Kelly Kelly is tied to a chair in her white bra & panties with a big black ballgag in her mouth. Alexa is sitting on Kelly's lap, stroking her hair and smiling to the camera.

Alexa: Oh she's just doing wonderful! But I don't think she can talk right now, she's a little tied up!

Stephanie, Naomi and Alexa all get a good laugh out of the pun while Kelly tries to scream through her gag but just drools instead.

Stephanie: I'll tell you what, bring that little bimbo down here and we'll have some real fun with her. You can even untie her, it's not like she has the power to get away!

Alexa removes the ballgag from Kelly's face, causing droolto spill out of her mouth as she calls Alexa a b*tch. Alexa slaps the taste out of Kelly's mouth and even knocks the chair over, sending Kelly to the floor.

We return from the commercial break to Alexa Bliss bringing Kelly Kelly down to the ring, which has been cleaned off. She has a handful of Kelly's hair with one hand and has both Kelly's arms head behind her back with the other. Kelly's white push-up bra is doing it's best to make Kell's breasts look larger than they are. Bliss rolls Kelly into the ring and follows her in, kicking Kelly on the back of her thigh and forcing her onto her knees. She rips Kelly's bra right off, causing her breasts to fall into place and causing Kelly to scream in humiliation as Alexa quickly pulls Kelly's arms back. Stephanie has a black bag beside her and Naomi has removed her own pants and is just in her top and a thong.

Stephanie: Well, well, well, if it isn't our little barbie doll, Kelly Kelly? I bet you regret coming back to WWE, don't you? It seems like every time I see you, you've either got an ass in your father or you're being gagged by something! Except for much earlier tonight, when you thought it would be fun to strip down Naomi with your little partner in crime. And I'm sure you saw how I humiliated her. But first, Kelly, you need to apologize to Naomi. But we don't want to hear the words come out of that vapid mouth of you'rs. You see, actions speak louder than words. So pucker up and kiss Naomi's ass.

Kelly is so sick of this humiliation. She's had Stephanie's ass in her face, she's had Alexa Bliss' ass in her face and now barring a miracle, she's going to have the biggest ass on the roster in her face. Alexa drags Kelly over to Naomi, who is bent over. Kelly thinks about it for a second before remembering the power Stephanie McMahon possesses. She closes her eyes and puckers up. As Kelly leans in, Naomi twerks into her face, forcing Kelly to pull her face back.

Naomi: This isn't a barn, Kelly. How about you ask first? I know you like to put your mouth on anything you can but some of us have class. Ask me and ask me nicely!

Alexa grabs Kelly from under the chin and tells her to stop being a b*tch.

Kelly: May I please...kiss your ass Naomi?

Naomi: You may. I want you to kiss it like you would a guy you met just ten minutes ago.

Kelly puckers up and lightly kisses her on the left ass cheek. As she goes to lean away, Alexa shakes her head and grabs Kelly by the hair. She forces Kelly's face right against Naomi's right cheek, making her lips pucker up and forcing her to kiss Naomi's ass all over. Then she pulls Kelly's face back for a quick breath and launches Kelly's face directly in between Naomi's cheeks. Kelly can't breathe and is literally gasping and gagging while being engulfed in Naomi's ass. To add further humiliation, Naomi drops lower and twerks, lodging Kelly's face even deeper. Alexa finally pulls Kelly's face out and holds her under the chin, mocking her. Naomi turns around and kicks Kelly in the gut for injury to insult. Stephanie has Alexa position Kelly on her knees in front of her and pulls out her black bag.

Stephanie: To be honest, Kelly, when my dad decided to hire you, I was skeptical. I mean you were nothing more than a trashy bimbo and you had no wrestling skills. And after watching your time in WWE pass by with you not improving one bit, I thought you literally sucked at everything. But then I found out from the boys in the back that there's one thing you are good at Kelly. And ironically that one thing...is sucking! Apparently this little bimbo gives the best blowjob in WWE history and quite a few of the boys rave about that sucking power. So I'm going to be nice Kelly, I'm going to let you do the one thing you're good at tonight.

Stephanie pulls out an eight inch purple strap-on dildo from the black bag.She waves it in Kelly's face and even mockingly slaps it off each of Kelly's breasts, getting giggles out of Naomi and Alexa. Stephanie puts on the strap on and smirks at Kelly.

Stephanie: So it's time to get suckin' Kelly!

Alexa holds Kelly by the hair and under the chin, keeping Kelly's mouth open as Stephanie inserts the dildo right into Kelly's mouth, Kelly's thick dick sucking lips wrapping around the fake cock. Kelly was completely humiliated and not because she was sucking someone off in the ring. Kelly loved sucking cock and she loved giving blowjobs. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed giving this one. The humiliating part was being at the mercy of Stephanie McMahon and her goons, who are all mocking her. Kelly can't think of a much more degrading position to be in but she's certainly been in many degrading positions. From kissing Naomi's ass to sucking Stephanie's cock in just a few minutes. Kelly knew she was the weakest member of her team and constantly being played with.

Stephanie pushes deeper and deeper, causing Kelly to gag a little. Alexa smiles at Stephanie before winding up and giving Kelly a hard smack on the ass causing Kelly's ass to ripple and causing Kelly to gag on the fake cock.

Stephanie: Easy there Kelly, wouldn't wanna choke you out!

Stephanie slowly removes the dick from Kelly's mouth and Kelly begins swirling her tongue around the shaft. Stephanie smiles as she slaps Kelly in the face with the dildo.

Stephanie: Woah, Kelly, you're really getting into this! I think she likes it, guys!

As Stephanie is taunting Kelly with the cock in front of her, Kelly begins licking the base of the dildo and presses her lips against it, kissing it. Stephanie re-inserts the cock between Kelly's plump DSLs. Kelly sucks so hard that drool begins coming out of her mouth and dripping down her body. To speed her up, Alexa takes Kelly by the hair and pulls her forward and back on the cock, causing Kelly to briefly choke. Alexa pulls Kelly off the dick and throws her onto the ground. Stephanie mounts Kelly's body and places the dick right between Kelly's breasts. Alexa holds both of Kelly's arms above her head while Stephanie presses Kelly's breasts together and begins titfucking her in the ring. Kelly feels immense pleasure in being titfucked and completely fails to hide it. Naomi stands over Kelly's face and drops down, planting her ass into Kelly's face and using her thighs to trap Kelly's arms. Alexa lets go and admires from afar as Stephanie continues to titfuck Kelly as Naomi twerks on top of her face. You can slightly hear Kelly mumbling under Naomi's ass until finally Naomi stands up and Kelly is out cold. Stephanie stands up and picks up and unconscious Kelly by the hair, literaly pulling her to her feet. She ties Kelly up in the ropes and pulls out a pen. Stephanie autograph her signature onto Kelly Kelly's left breast and steps back to admire her work. She wipes the hair out of Kelly's face and smiles.

Stephanie: Look like my work here is done, Smelly Kelly. It turns out you're the cock sucking wh*r* that everyone assumed you were. Tune in next week for some more humiliation!

Stephanie runs over and b*tch slaps Kelly Kelly before leaving the ring with Naomi and Alexa, satisfied with her work.
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great story don't have a bad word about it the only thing I personally would of liked to see is paige being defiant at her humiliation and being forced to do it
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Monday Night Raw!

Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring with a smile on her face. She's wearing a sexy red dress showing off some cleavage.

Stephanie: The results are in and yet again, Raw's ratings are through the roof! You guys love seeing these little sl*ts get what they deserve. And I'll tell you, there was no more satisfying feeling than having Kelly Kelly suck off my strap-on last week. However it was also fun dumping that disgusting, smelly slime over Summer Rae and turning her into the bird she is. But to thank you fans for tuning in, tonight is officially called Fan Appreciation Night. So tonight, we'll be giving you some options. First one, Paige is making her return since being my b*tch. And she's facing off against Naomi. Now you, the fans, get to choose the stipuation. Does Paige have to A. wear a blindfold, B. have her hands tied behind her back or C. have her legs tied together? Knowing the dirty girl Paige is, I'm sure she'll be turned on by all three ideas! And then our other voting segment of the night. Summer Rae, WWE's new resident bird will be facing either A. Michelle McCool, B. Alexa Bliss or C. Aksana? So cast your vote on that! Oh and Summer, since you like your bikini shoots so much, you'll be wearing one tonight for your match! But our very first segment of the night is going to be for the fans in this very arena tonight. And for that, Kelly Kelly, we're going to need you to come on down here! I'm sure you're embarrassed from giving me a blowjob last week in the middle of the ring, but just remember, the fun never ends.

Kelly Kelly's theme hits and she slowly makes her way down to the ring, looking solomn. Kelly is so sick of being humiliated every week. From having dildos stuffed into her mouth to having her face stuffed in asses, Kelly Kelly has been nothing more than a toy so far. Kelly comes out in a tan dress with her hair in a ponytail and high heels on. Probably not the best option but she was backstage and had no time to change when Stephanie called her out. Kelly slowly gets into the ring as Stephanie stares at her, almost aroused. Kelly cowers before Stephanie, causing Steph to laugh.

Stephanie: What's the matter, Kelly? You look scared. Don't be scared. I mean, aren't you supposed to be a pro wrestler, Kelly? As much as I consider you a talentless skank, these people seem to sort of like you. So as some appreciation for the fans, they're going to get to have some fun with you tonight, up close and personal!

As Kelly says “what” and looks confused, Stephanie hits her in the head with the microphone, knocking Kelly out on her back. Stephanie stands over Kelly and dances over her, much like Sable did to Stephanie at Vengeance 2003. Stephanie drops it low on Kelly and even slaps her in the face. Stephanie first takes off Kelly's left high heel and tosses it into the front row. She comes back over and takes Kelly's right, tossing it right over to Jerry Lawler at the announce table. Then Stephanie takes the straps down on Kelly's dress and slowly drags the dress down her body, putting Kelly in just her white push-up bra and a skimpy pair of white panties. Stephanie takes the dress and tosses it to a lucky fan in the crowd. Stephanie mounts Kelly's stomach and gropes Kelly's breasts through her bra. She looks down at Kelly smiling as she takes Kelly's bra from the very center of it and rips, pulling it right off of Kelly and revealing what Kelly truly has for breasts. Stephanie twirls the bra on her finger before giving it to a male high school student, who's day was certainly made. Stephanie puts her hands on Kelly's hips and grabs the wasitband of her panties. She drags them down, revealing Kelly's pussy and pulls them completely down her legs, ripping them off. Stephanie tosses those into the crowd as well, where a lucky male fan catches them.

Stephanie stands over Kelly and bends over to hold her under the chin. She shakes Kelly's face back and forth until Kelly finally wakes up. She slowly gets to her knees before looking down and realziing she's completely nude. Kelly's entire body and face turn a bright ride in pure humiliation. Kelly tries to run but Stephanie grabs and yanks her by the ponytail, putting her head between her legs in the pedigree position. Stephanie runs her hand down Kelly's back and gives each of Kelly's bare ass cheeks a couple spanks, watching Kelly's ass jiggle. Stephanie hooks the arms and delivers the pedigree, knocking Kelly out. As Kelly's body hits the ground, her ass, which has certainly grown since her first WWE run, jiggles. Stephanie picks up Kelly by the hair and stands her up in the corner. Kelly is out cold but on her feet.

Stephanie: Now that you're in a more natural state, Kelly. Let's get to the first event of Fan Appreciation Night. These lucky fans are going to get to do whatever they please with a real life barbie doll!

Stephanie picks up Kelly Kelly over her shoulder and parades Kelly around the ringside area, giving her ass the occasional spank. Stephanie finds a group of 40 year old men in the crowd and gets an idea.

Stephanie: Let's go make you some friends, Kelly!

Stephanie puts Kelly on her feet but tosses her over the barricade and lands right across the laps of four men. The men catcall and taunt Kelly as she lies across them, her mouth just centimeters away from one's crotch. The men each take turns giving Kelly a spanking, smacking her ass until it turns entirely red. The men feel up and grope Kelly before Stephanie takes Kelly by the ponytail and drags her back over the barricade.

Stephanie: Hope you had fun, boys. She's staying in room 148 at the hotel tonight and I'm sure she'd gladly give you guys the full service later. Let's make you some more friends Kelly!

Stephanie drags Kelly over to another side of the ring and finds a drunk woman that seems to want Kelly. Stephanie tosses Kelly over the barricade and climbs over herself. She picks up Kelly by the ponytail, showing her off to the drunk woman.

Stephanie: Hi, maam, what is your name, where are you from and how do you feel about my little friend here, Kelly Kelly?

Woman: My name is Cassie, I'm from Houston Texas and I hate this bimbo. My boyfriend sits at home, drooling over her like the piece of meat she is! Now I want to see what all the fuss is about!

The woman immediately dumps her beer on Kelly's head and gropes her breasts as Stephanie is stil holding her.

Stephanie: Have your fun with her!

The woman takes Kelly by the hair and d****s her over the barricade with her ass hanging in the air. The woman rubs each of Kelly's ass cheeks before winding up and smacking Kelly's left cheek with authority, leaving an instant handprint and causing Kelly to yelp. She then lightly spanks Kelly's right cheek, just to enjoy the jiggle.

Cassie: Is this what all the fuss is about, Tom? This is what you drool over? This flabby old thing?

The woman pinches Kelly's cheek, causing her to yelp before pulling Kelly forward a little and holding her by the ponytail. The woman proceeds to dry hump Kelly's ass while pulling on her hair, causing Kelly to even moan. Stephanie smiles knowing that Kelly's humiliation tonight might even rival last week's. The women then shoves Kelly over the barricade and back into the ringside area.

Stephanie: Thanks for taking out the trash for us Cassie. Enjoy your evening!

Stephanie heads back over to Kelly and picks her up over her shoulder. Fans are cheering and screaming for Stephanie to bring them over to her. Stephanie finds a short Asian woman with a make-up bag and cell phone in her hand and stops. Stephanie asks the woman if she'd like to have some fun with Kelly.

Woman: You see, I do. I'd love to take a selfie with her. But there's just one problem. She's too damn ugly!

The woman grabs Kelly under the chin while Stephanie holds Kelly by the ponytail.

Woman: See? Look at these chubby cheeks, and these ugly fat lips, and all these little bits of acne. And this head looks like it's never had an intelligent thought come through it. But there's nothing I can do about that! But Stephanie, with your permission, I'd like to give Kelly here a makeover so that she becomes presentable enough for a selfie with me.

Stephanie: Well our makeup team puts about 7 layers of work into her a week and she still looks like this, so you might be playing an unwinnable game here, but hey, why not, go for it!

Stephanie holds Kelly back as the woman pulls out a stick lipstick and aims for Kelly's face. She begins to actually apply the lipstick to Kelly's lips before veering off and drawing on her cheeks. She proceeds to write “bimbo” on Kelly's forehead in red lipstick. Then she goes down to Kelly's nude chest and writes “skank” with the same lipstick. She proceeds to pull out a can of spray deodorant and sprays Kelly down, a throwback to when Laycool did the same thing to her.

Woman: I don't know about you, Stephanie, but I think she looks perfect now!

Stephanie slams Kelly, back first, into the barricade right in front of the woman. The woman grabs Kelly from under the chin and leans over the barricade with her camera out, getting both of them in the shot.

Woman: Smile Kelly!

The woman takes multiple snapshots, all of which, Kelly is looking mortified in. Stephanie high fives the woman and picks Kelly back up over her shoulder.

Stephanie: Those will look just lovely on Instagram! I'll make sure that we have all our WWE social media outlets posting re-posting them. Now let's go Kelly, I could stay out here all night doing this, but the night is young!

Stephanie takes Kelly up the ramp, while still getting the occasional smack of Kelly's bare ass in. Both cheeks getting redder and redder by the second and as they pass through the curtain.

Backstage in Nikki Bella is in her locker room, wearing just a pair of red bra and panties. Lana sneaks into the room and tosses Nikki, face first, into the wall, sending her to the ground. She picks up Nikki by the hair and throws her into the lockers. Lana drags Nikki over to the door and throws her through it, right into the hallway. Nikki struggles to get up as Lana stands before her.

Lana: Remember when I was new here, Nikki? And you made me change in the hall? It was humiliating! Is it funny now, huh?

Lana picks up Nikki by the waist band of her panties and bends her over right as a few wrestlers walk by and catcall. Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler get a nice look at Nikki's ass before walking down the hall. Lana throws Nikki into an equipment trunk and holds her by the hair.

Lana: But you know what? I know you're insecure Nikki. Why else would you get these big fake tits? I know what really humiliates you Nikki. Or should I say Piggi Bella? You didn't like it when Stephanie called you that, did you? No, you didn't!

Lana takes Nikki and drags her by the hair into a room labeled 'catering'. Lana finds a table with some plates of scraps and leftovers on it and throws Nikki onto the table. She even takes Nikki and rubs her face into one the plates before tipping the table over with Nikki on it. Nikki tries to crawl out of the door but Lana grabs her foot and drags her back over to catering. Lana has Nikki on her knees right before the big food table. Lana takes a handful of mac & cheese and stuffs it into Nikki's mouth, causing Nikki to choke and gag as Lana just laughs. Lana stands back up and dumps and entire bowl of spaghetti over Nikki, getting it all in her hair, on her face and chest. Lana laughs as she forces a meatball into Nikki's mouth and then picks Nikki up by the hair and rubs her face right into a plate of them.

Lana: Gosh, Piggi Bella, you're such a mess. Don't be such a pig! You look like you've packed on a few, Nikki, I think it's time you had some salad.

Lana takes Nikki by the hair over to a bowl of salad and rubs her face right into, even spanking Nikki's ass while her face is engulfed in the bowl. Lana finally pulls Nikki's head out and leaves her on her knees in front of her. Lana pulls out a squeeze bottle of ranch dressing.

Lana: Now, Piggi Bella, for the part that I think you're most familiar with!

Lana take the ranch dressing and squeezes it, shooting ranch right onto Nikki's mouth and chin as Lana laughs. Lana squeezes once more and gets it all over Nikki's chest. Nikki looks at Lana with rage that slowly turns to humiliation as another load of ranch hits her in the face.

Lana: Oh yeah, Nikki! I heard you just loved being blasted in the face and on these massive tits! You're a dirty girl, aren't ya?

Nikki goes to crawl away but Lana takes a cup of hot bacon grease and dumps it on Nikki's ass, causing her to scream out in pain.

Lana: Where do you think you're going, you stupid swine?

Lana takes Nikki by the hair and throws her across the food table, scattering food everywhere. Lana comes over and wipes some of the food off Nikki's face.

Lana: Ew, you're a mess. Let me help you out with that.

Lana comes over with a giant bowl of lemonade and dumps it all over Nikki, 'washing' her off. Lana grips Nikki under the chin, making her look her in the eyes.

Lana: You look much, much prettier like this!

Lana slaps the taste out of Nikki's mouth and leaves her on the table, in her underwear, covered in food.

**Commercial Break**

Summer Rae comes down to the ring, wearing a very skimpy black bikini that shows off much her ass and pushes up her breasts. Stephanie McMahon comes out onto the stage.

Stephanie: Well Summer, at least you look better than last week. Let's get a look at what our fans have voted for. Who is going to get the opportunity to humiliate Summer Rae in front of this sold out crowd?

The results come up on the screen and it appears that Alexa Bliss, Aksana and Michelle McCool all received 33.3% of the votes. Each getting 35, 244 votes, making it completely even.

Stephanie: Well, this is truly incredible! It seems that you'd like to see each of these women face Summer. So I think it's only fair if this match now becomes a 3 on 1 handicap match!

Summer looks nervous as Stephanie smiles on from the ramp. From out of the crowd, Michelle McCool and Aksana rush the ring and go after Summer. Summer dodges both attacks and they run into each other. Summer clotheslines Aksana and spinning wheel kicks Michelle. Summer escapes the ring and slowly walks backwards up the ramp before feeling hands tugging on her hair. Alexa Bliss came from behind and grabbed Summer's blonde locks. Alexa pulls Summer back, slamming her head down on the entrance ramp. Alexa smiles.

Alexa: Where did you think you were going, Summer? Forget about me?!

Alexa takes Summer and rolls her into the ring where Aksana and Michelle begin stomping away at her.

Match 1

Summer Rae vs Alexa Bliss, Aksana & Michelle McCool

Summer tries to scamper away but Michelle kicks her directly in the ribs, sending her onto her back. Askana mounts Summer and immediately puts her hand around her throat, choking her. Alexa takes a seat on the top ropes and admires as Aksana chokes Summer and Michelle talks trash.

Michelle: What's the matter Summer? Can't breathe? Isn't what that beak of your's is for?

Aksana picks up Summer and irish whips her into a clothesline from Michelle. Michelle stands over Summer and puts her boot on Summer's throat, causing her to cough and gag. Aksana gets on the ground and wipes the hair out of Summer's face, showing her in 'all her glory'. Michelle and Aksana both pick up Summer and hit a double suplex, followed by Aksana dropping her thick leg onto Summer's neck. Michelle gets on the ground next to Summer and covers Summer's face with her hand. She proceeds to do push-ups, while still covering Summer's face for insult to injury. Alexa can't help but laugh as she watches Summer kick her legs around as Michelle embarrasses her.

Alexa: Alright ladies, bring that sl*t over here!

Michelle and Aksana toss Summer, back-first, into the corner where Alexa is sitting. Alexa wraps her thick thighs around Summer's head and squeezes, causing Summer to wait out in pain. Alexa jerks back and forth, causing more pain to Summer. The camera cuts to a close-up of Summer's face which is completely squished between Bliss' thighs. Alexa leans off the side of the turnbuckle and hangs upside down outside the ring while still choking Summer with her legs. Aksana and Michelle point and laugh as Summer struggles. Alexa lets go with her legs and flips, landing outside the ring on her feet. She trips Summer, sending her right on her face. Alexa gets back in and grabs Summer by the waist of her bikini bottom, lifting her up. She gives Summer a massive wedgie, revealing her toned yet plump ass. Summer screams and tries to get away but Alexa has her right by the bikini and any movement from Summer is only going to lodge it deeper in her ass. Aksana comes over and smacks Summer's left cheek, loud enough that the whole audience can hear it. Alexa bends Summer over, still pulling up her bikini bottoms, giving them an easier target. Michelle and Aksana each pick a cheek and begin shining up Summer's bottom before going to town, smacking her ass with authority. Summer yelps and begs the three vixens to stop but Alexa quickly gets tired of that and uses her other hand to cover Summer's mouth, effectively gagging her.

Alexa: God, do you ever shut up Summer? Sadly we don't have a cock to stick in your mouth, I'm sure that would feel natural to you. But I can shut you up with my hand!

Summer's face turns red as she tries to yell at Alexa while still being spanked by Michelle and Alexa.

Alexa: Ew you gross b*tch, stop drooling on my hand!

Alexa removes her hand from Summer's mouth, only to wipe her drool all on Summer's forehead.

Alexa: There we go, much prettier! You know, I think these bottoms have become a bit of a formality, Summer.

Alexa takes the bikini bottoms and pulls them down Summer's long smooth legs, all the way to her feet. Michelle and Aksana each grab one of Summer's arms and hold them behind her back. Summer screams as her entire as an pussy are now exposed. Alexa pulls out the bikini bottoms and slaps Summer in the face with them before tossing them out of the ring. Alexa takes Summer by the hair and slams the back of her head off the mat. Aksana and Michelle each take one of Summer's long legs by the ankle and slowly spread her legs apart, revealing Summer's completely shaved pussy. Summer cries and begs for them to stop, which only makes all three laugh. Alexa watches Summer try to squirm before bending down and slowly running her hand up and down Summer's thighs and lightly rubbing Summer's pussy. Summer gets light sensation out of it but is turning bright red, humiliated that her opponents are getting her off. Alexa rubs Summer's pussy but stops every time Summer starts to feel a little bit of sensation. Alexa stands up, takes a step back and kicks Summer right between the legs. Summer wails out in pain as she cups her crotch and rolls over onto her stomach, with her face on the ground and her ass in the air. Michelle kneels down next to Summer and makes sure to get a few more ass smacks in on the defenseless blonde. Alexa stands over Summer and looks around at the crowd, admiring her position. She's standing over her victim, who happens to be much taller than Alexa, but is currently in no state to be giving Alexa a fight. A thought rubs into Bliss' head and she grabs Summer's bikini top from the back. She pulls Summer up onto her knees and immediately yanks the top right off, revealing Summer's small but perky breasts to the crowd. Summer can't believe it. This isn't even the first time her entire body has been exposed to the crowd but it never gets less embarrassing. Before she can cover up, Michelle and Aksana each grab an arm and hold them in the arm, giving the crowd a perfect look at Summer's breasts. Alexa walks behind Summer and kicks her directly in the left ass cheek, sending Summer face first onto the mat as she screams. Alexa irish whips Summer into the corner and Aksana slowly walks over to her, removing one of the straps from her leotard and pulling out one of her breasts.

Aksana: Time to go to sleep Summer!

Aksana takes Summer by the hair and forces her mouth onto Aksana's exposed breast, making her suck on it. The humiliated blonde eventually gives in and complies and Summer is seen by an audience of milllions of people, sucking Aksana's breast like a baby. Alexa and Michelle can't help but laugh at how submissive Summer has become. Alexa and Michelle point and laugh as sucking noises can be heard coming from Summer's mouth. Summer's humiliated eyes look up at Aksana, who merely laughs. Finally Aksana pulls Summer's mouth off her breast and slams the back of her head off the turnbuckle, putting Summer in a seated position. Michelle McCool calls off the other two and says she has an idea. She walks up to Summer, turns around and begins rubbing her ass directly into Summer's face. Back and forth, back and forth as Summer tries to scream, only to be muffled by Michelle's small but fit ass. This is followed by Alexa who stands at the opposite turnbuckle and runs directly at Summer, hitting the Bronco Buster. Alexa bounces and grinds her crotch right across Summer's face multiple times as Summer begs her to stop. Alexa gets enjoyment slamming her ass onto Summer's chest and rubbing her pussy right in her face. After 6 or 7 thrusts, Alexa holds onto the middle ropes with her hands and wraps her legs around Summer's head, squeezing her head between her thighs. Alexa smiles as the life drains out of Summer's face while she chokes on Alexa's massive thighs. Summer slowly begins to fade as her cheeks are being squished together by Alexa's legs. Alexa finally lets go as Summer has passed out. She drags Summer's body to the center of the ring. Alexa puts her knee on the side of Summer's face and pulls one of her legs up for the pin, showing off Summer's pussy to the crowd in the humiliating cover. The ref counts 1...2...3 and declares Alexa Bliss, Aksana & Michelle McCool the winners.

Winners: Alexa Bliss, Aksana & Michelle McCool

As the bad girls celebrate their victory, they decide to have a bit more fun with Summer. Alexa picks up Summer by the ear, causing her to scream out in pain. She hands Summer over to Michelle McCool, who puts Summer's head between her legs. Aksana and Alexa each grope and spank an ass cheek before Michelle forces Summer into the Faithbreaker, hitting it and knocking her out.

Suddenly, Layla runs down to the ring and tries to make the save. She slides into the ring but is immediately caught with a kick to the face by Michelle. Aksana immediately grabs Layla by the hair and lifts her to her feet. Alexa comes over and slaps her in the face. Michelle big boots Layla in the face, sending her back to the mat. Aksana lifts Layla back up and hits a spinebuster. Alexa Bliss walks over, stepping on Layla's stomach and walking over her. She climbs to the top rope and hits the Twisted Bliss, completely knocking her out. Alexa smiles as she reaches down and removes Layla's top, revealing a black bra. Aksana pulls off Layla's belt and begins sliding her jeans down her body. Layla's plump ass, merely covered by a thong is revealed as the denim slides down her legs. Michelle comes over and gives Layla's ass a hard smack as Aksana continues to remove the jeans. Aksana finally rips them off and tosses them out of the ring. Alexa then stands over Layla, who is on her stomach, and unclasps her bra, pulling it off and swinging it around her finger. Michelle proceeds to remove Layla's thong, completely exposing her and making her completely nude. Aksana picks Layla up by the hair and holds her arms behind her back, showing off both Layla's sizeable breasts and pussy.

Michelle: Remember how you just loved groping the other ladies, Lay? Grabbing Mickie James' big tits? Slipping a little finger down Eve's shorts? Spanking Rosa Mendes' fat ass? Well guess what? I think it's time you got your's, Layla!

Michelle begins slowly rubbing just one finger against Layla's nipple, making it completely erect, then does the same with the other. Michelle begins squeezing Layla's breasts while Aksana continues to restrain her. Aksana bends Layla over and holds her by the hair while Michelle and Alexa turn their attention to Layla's big ass. They each grab a cheek and grope it before smacking each ass cheek, causing Layla's ass to bounce. Michelle takes Layla by the hair and shoves her head between her legs. She smacks Layla's ass a couple times before picking her up for the Faithbreaker. She hits it, knocking Layla out completely. Alexa gets an idea and drags Summer Rae over to the center of the ring, flat on her back. She then drags Layla over and places her on top of Summer Rae in the 69 position, with Layla's pussy directly on Summer's face and Layla's face shoved right between Summer's legs. Aksana even has some fun and takes Summer by the hair, rubbing her face into Layla's ass before letting Layla's crotch smother her face. Alexa, Michelle and Aksana all stand tall, each placing a foot on Layla's back.


We return from the break to Paige in the ring and Naomi and Stephanie McMahon on the entrance ramp.

Stephanie: Well, bondage freak, Paige, let's see what kind of confines these fans want to see you in tonight. Will it be the blindfold? Or how about the tying of those legs together? Or maybe the people want to see those hands tied behind your back?

The results come up on the screen and it's a resounding 69% for hands tied behind the back with 20% for legs tied and just 11% for blindfold. Naomi smiles as she heads down to the ring where Paige has a look of fear on her face as the referee begins binding her wrists. Naomi gets in the ring, rubbing her hands together, ready to humiliate Paige.

Match #2

Paige vs Naomi

Naomi mockingly sticks her hand out to shake Paige's hand. Paige sticks her leg out and kicks her hand away, laughing at Naomi's anger. Naomi charges at Paige and forearms her in the face, sending her to the ground. Paige gets up to her knees but Naomi puts her foot on Paige's chest and shoves her onto her back. Naomi picks Paige up by the hair and tosses her face first into the turnbuckle. Naomi smiles and smashes Paige's face off the turnbuckle over and over again knowing Paige has no way to stop it. She leans dazed Paige against the turnbucke, facing her. Naomi smiles as she unzips the front of Paige's top and immediately pulls it open, revealing Paige's perky bare breasts. Paige screams and you can see her trying to free her arms to no avail while she yells “please, Naomi, stop!”. Naomi is having none of that and quickly pulls Paige's top down her arms and past her tied up wrists, completely removing it. Paige tries to turn herself towards the turnbuckle to hide but Naomi immediately turns her around and begins running her fingers around Paige's nipples, making them completely erect. Naomi takes Paige by the hair into the middle of the ring and hits the facebuster. Naomi stays seated with her legs spread and grabs Paige by the hair, rubbing her face against her crotch while she laughs. Naomi stands up and walks over to Paige's lower half. She puts her hands over the waistband of Paige's black trunks and pulls down, revealing Paige's entirely bare ass. Naomi pulls the trunks all the way down to Paige's ankles but leaves them there, shackling her legs as well. Naomi gets a dazed Paige to her feet and holds her by a clump of hair. She slaps Paige across the face and then backhands her with the same hand, waking her up. Naomi takes a step back and smiles as Paige realizes she's entirely nude and there's nothing she can do about it. She struggles to free her arms before trying to take a step backwards and falling over her own bound feet onto her bare ass. Naomi laughs at Paige's expense before coming over and stomping on her. Naomi stands over Paige and twists Paige's nipples with her hands, causing her to moan. Naomi takes Paige by a handful of hair, putting her on her knees. She drags Paige around the ring, with Paige barely being able to keep up while her hair gets pulled from her head. Naomi takes Paige over to the corner and sits her down. She stands in the center of the ring and shakes her massive ass before bending over and pulling down her own yoga pants, revealing just a white thong covering her massive ass. Naomi blows a kiss to Paige before turning around and backing her ass right up into Paige's face. Naomi gyrates up and down, back and forth, engulfing Paige's face between her cheeks. You can just barely hear Paige's muffled begging from between Naomi's cheeks. Naomi finally lets up and drags Paige by the hair to the center of the ring while Paige gasps for air and coughs. Naomi gets Paige to her feet and runs off the ropes, hitting the Rear View. Naomi stands over Paige and drops down, pinning her with her ass directly in her face. 1....2....3.

Winner: Naomi

Naomi celebrates while Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring, laughing at Paige's humiliation.

Stephanie: You know I'd say that's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen but I faced Kelly Kelly a few weeks ago and that was truly pathetic. But you should be ashamed of yourself Paige. That was humiliating. And you're going to see more of that in 13 days at Survivor Series. Because I'm out here to announce our match card.

Stephanie smiles as she puts one foot on Paige's stomach while Naomi talks a little trash to her.

Stephanie: First up will be Aksana vs Layla...in a paddle on a pole match! Aksana told me personally that she wants to give that wh*r* the most humiliating spanking of a lifetime. And I won't put it past her! I mean did you see what she did to Layla in that gravy? Next up we've got Nikki Bella taking Alexa Bliss on in an I Quit Match. Alexa told me that she wants to see if Nikki is truly 'Fearless' and that she thinks she'll have her squealing like a pig. And after Lana humiliated, what did she call her?, 'Piggie Bella?' earlier tonight? I could see it happening. And last but not least, there will be a not so traditional Survivor Series match. It will be myself, Michelle McCool, Naomi & Lana taking on Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella, Summer Rae and you, Paige. However eliminations only occur after the opponent is stripped naked and pinned or submitted. Oh and whoever the final losing member of the losing team is...will have their head shaved on the following Monday Night Raw!

Stephanie kneels down and plays with Paige's hair.

Stephanie: So maybe you should just go out there, strip down and lay flat on your back first. Let one of your pathetic teammates get their little haircut instead!

Stephanie's smile goes to confusion as the big screen cuts to a hard camera in a random locker room. Lana is seen stripping off her top and just standing around in her bra and panties. From behind her comes Brie Bella, who takes her by the hair and throws her against the lockers. Brie stomps away at Lana on the ground before taking her by the hair and hitting the Bella Buster on the floor. Brie drags Lana right over in front of the camera and gets her on her knees. Brie takes Lana by the ponytail and yells at her.

Brie: Who do you think you are humiliating my sister like that? Huh? You think you're so funny Lana? Well let's see who's funny now!

Brie laughs as she unclasps Lana's bra and pulls it away. Lana screams but before she can cover up, Brie overpowers her, holding her arms behind her back. Lana turns bright red as her tits are exposed to the whole audience.

Brie: Aww what's the matter? The Raving Russian turning beat red! Consider this just a taste of what you'll see at Survivor Series!

Brie licks Lana's cheek before shoving her to the ground and running out of the room, knowing Stephanie is on the way.
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Monday Night Raw

Stephanie McMahon is in the ring with Maryse.

Stephanie: You're all probably wondering why Maryse is out here, but I'll explain in a moment! First, to address Brie Bella. You think you're funny Brie? Humiliating Lana like that? Lana was merely giving Nikki the six courses a day she requires. Well guess what Brie, you'll be getting your humiliation soon enough!

Stephanie smiles as she looks over and sizes up Maryse.

Stephanie: Now back to you, Maryse! You see at Survivor Series, the final member of their team to lose will have their head shaved bald after already being stripped down. It will be the ultimate humiliation. But you know what? I think these fans need to realize just how humiliating it will be. Perhaps I could set a little example to those bimbos in the back...

Stephanie smiles at Maryse as Maryse begins to realize who is about to happen. Maryse goes to run but Stephanie grabs her by the ponytail and throwing her to the ground. Maryse tries to crawl away but Stephanie grabs her by the ankle and drags her back.

Stephanie: Where do you think you're going, what's the matter?

Stephanie pulls in Maryse and starts stomping on her. She takes the end of Maryse's black dress and strips it right off, revealing Maryse's small black bra, barely containing her breasts and her black lacy panties. Maryse screams and tries to cover up but Stephanie grabs her arms and holds them behind her back. She pins Maryse's arms to her back with one hand and holds her by the ponytail with the other hand.

Stephanie: C'mon Maryse, show us what those tits can do! Hop for us! Hop, b*tch!

Stephanie pulls Maryse's hair and she hops up and down as the crowd goes wild, seeing Maryse's big breasts bouncing in her bra and her large ass jiggling. Stephanie puts Maryse's head between her legs in the pedigree position. Stephanie mocks Maryse and grabs her by the waistband of her panties, giving her a massive wedgie and spanking her. Stephanie goes back to business and pedigrees Maryse. Maryse is out cold but her ass is still jiggling from the impact. Stephanie motions for someone to come down and multiple crew workers come down to the ring with a barber chair and a small metal table with various hair products on it. They put all of this into the ring and leave as Stephanie licks her lips. She puts Maryse onto the chair and uses the straps on the chair to strap Maryse's arms and legs down. Stephanie dumps some water on Maryse's face and bra-clad chest, waking her up. Stephanie holds Maryse from under the chin as she wakes up and screams, realizing she's restrained. Stephanie laughs as she makes sure the whole crowd can get a good look at the fear and humiliation on Maryse's face. Stephanie takes the elastic out of Maryse's hair, letting her ponytail down and playing with it a little, much to Maryse's chagrin. Stepanie slowly runs her hand down Maryse until she reaches the middle of Maryse's bra. Maryse begins struggling in the chair, realizing what's about to happen. Stephanie pulls as hard as she can and in one fell swoop, Maryse's bra is gone and her large, wet, breasts are revealed to the crowd. Maryse screams and screams as Stephanie basks in her humiliation. Thousands of fans in the audience are frantically snapping photos on their phones of Maryse's bare breasts. Stephanie smirks at Maryse as she grabs a can of shaving cream and shakes it up.

Stephanie: I'm sure this will be a familiar sight for you, Maryse.

Stephanie sprays the shaving cream onto Maryse's tits, spelling out “bimbo” across her breasts. Stephanie puts the can down and begins rubbing the cream on Maryse's tits as Maryse tries to look down and away. Stephanie rubs each of Maryse's tits together, mashing them back and forth as Maryse winches. Stephanie takes Maryse under the chin and b*tch slaps her.

Stephanie: Those are some nice tits you have there, Maryse. But while I could play with those for hours, it's time for the main event. Prepare to become a bald b*tch. Paige, Summer and the rest of you wh*r*s, I hope you're watching!

Maryse squirms and squirms as Stephanie grabs some scissors and begins running them along Maryse's face, lips and even breasts. Stephanie takes a handful of Maryse's hair and cuts it right off. Maryse yells and yells, begging Stephanie to stop as Stephanie cuts off another clump of hair. Maryse screams and Stephanie stuffs Maryse's mouth shut with her own hair. Stephanie keeps cutting and cutting, leaving Maryse's hair falling onto her soaked breasts and the mat below. Stephanie puts down the scissors and grabs some clippers.

Stephanie: I think it's time we speed this up. Although you look so pretty right now!

Stephanie runs the clippers across Maryse's head, instantly leaving a large line of baldness. Stephanie continues until Maryse's entire head is bald, minus a couple tiny spots with hair. Stephanie unstraps Maryse from the chair and grabs her by the ear, pulling her to her feet. She takes one arm and holds it behind Maryse and walks her around the ring, showing off Maryse's new haircut.

Stephanie: Isn't she just beautiful? This could be the fate of Paige, Summer, Kelly or Brie come Monday! But that's not the only thing that's going to happen to them, and while I have my little example here, let's have some more fun.

Stephanie takes Maryse over to the ropes and d****s her up, half over, the top rope. Stephanie shines up Maryse's ass cheeks and makes sure the crowd has a good view. Stephanie smacks Maryse's flabby left ass cheek, making it jiggle significantly. Stephanie nearly suffers from second hand embarrassment at how Maryse's ass practically turns into jello.

Stephanie: Jeez Maryse, haven't been doing too many squats, have ya? This must be the least toned ass I've ever seen!

Stephanie continues to spank Maryse, alternating between her big ass cheeks. Steph even reaches in and pinches her big glutes, getting a moan out of Maryse. Stephanie pulls Maryse off the ropes and lets her fall back into the ring. Stephanie stands over Maryse with a foot between Maryse's bare breasts.

Stephanie: Paige, I've humiliated you before and I'll do it again. I hope you're getting a good look at my little bimbo here, because it could be you next week. Oh and by the way Maryse, we hired you because of your looks, plain and simple. And considering you're nothing more than a bald, out of shape, bimbo now, I've got some news for you...You're fired b*tch!

Maryse begins to tear up as Stephanie picks her up and takes her by the underwear, dumping her out of the ring onto the floor.
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Survivor Series

Match #1 – Spanking match

Layla vs Aksana

To win this match, the person must make their opponent submit and give up to a spanking. Around the ring are a couple tables with various spanking related toys. Paddles, flogs, riding crops, rulers, wooden spoons, leather straps and more. Layla makes her way to the ring first, wearing her usual pink gearwith a tight top and some small booty shorts. Aksana comes out next wearing her red and black bodysuit, feeling herself up as she makes her way to the ring. Layla and Aksana lock up and Layla quickly goes behind and gives Aksana a quick smack on the ass, laugh as Aksana pulls away and looks angry. They lock up again and Aksana quickly grabs Layla by her hair, bending her backwards and talking trash.

Aksana: You think you're funny Layla, huh? It's not going to be so funny when your fat ass is bright red and you're begging for mercy!

Aksana goes to slap Layla but Layla catches her arm and hip tosses her to the mat. She quickly grabs the zipper on the back of Aksana's bodysuit and yanks it down. Aksana screams as Layla mounts her back and pulls the shoulders of the bodysuit down, followed by yanking it past her waist, thick ass and thighs. Aksana's black strapless bra and black panties are on display as Layla finally pulls off the whole bodysuit. Aksana gets to her feet and uses her hands to cover her massive breasts bouncing in her bra. She charges at Layla but Layla ducks and flapjacks her, hanging her up on the top right. Layla gets a sinister smile on her face as Aksana's ass is just hanging there. Layla rubs Aksana's ass cheeks before signaling to the crowd who pop big time. Layla reaches back and delivers a hard smack to Aksana's right ass cheek. She gives a few lighter smacks to mock her before switching over to the left cheek and giving it a hard smack. Aksana kicks her legs and forth and is screaming but Layla shows her no mercy, giving a few more hard smacks to the left cheek, leaving a handprint on it.

Layla: Time to take out the trash!

Layla takes Aksana by the legs, smacking her thighs a couple times before tossing her legs out of the ring, sending Aksana to the floor. Layla taunts her in the ring before following her out. She takes Aksana by the hair and tries to drag her over to the spanking table Aksana fights free and shoves Layla, face-first, into the ring post, sending her to the floor. Aksana stomps away at Layla and even stands on her stomach for a moment. Aksana drags Layla over to the barricade and smashes her face off of it. A fan hands Aksana their cup of water and she mockingly dumps it over Layla's chest. Aksana delivers a hard chop to Layla's chest before grabbing her top and pulling it right over her head, revealing her white bra, stained by the water with Layla's hard nipples slightly poking through. Aksana gets Layla on her knees and chokes her with her own top.Layla frantically swings her arms around as she coughs and gags, before Aksana finally lets go and whips Layla in the back with her own top. Aksana picks up Layla by her shorts, giving her a wedgie and drags her over to the spanking table. Aksana tosses Layla onto the table, knocking some of the spanking tools off. Layla moans in pain as she lies on her back on the table. Aksana grabs Layla's belt and unbuckles it, tossing it to the side. She rolls Layla onto her stomach and takes Layla by her hair, rubbing her face into the hard, wooden table. She then reaches down and grabs Layla's shorts, slowly pulling them down past her ass, all the way down her legs and completely offer. Layla is left in just a white thong as she uses her hands to try and cover her ass, however Aksana easily swats them away. Aksana smiles as she tosses the shorts into the crowd for a lucky fan. Aksana picks up Layla's belt and uses one hand to press Layla's face against the table.

Aksana: You've been a bad girl Layla. And it's time for you to be punished like the little sl*t you are!

Aksana pulls back with the belt and whips Layla right across the ass with it. Then she gives Layla a few whips across the lower back, each one making Layla squeal. Aksana spanks Layla across the ass a few more times with the belt before she just starts mockingly rubbing the belt against Layla's ass. Aksana hears Layla crying as her face is against the table. Aksana picks up the wooden spoon and wedges it under Layla's chin, making her look her in the eyes as she cries. Aksana laughs as Layla makes an extremely humiliated face.

Aksana: Aww what's the matter Layla? Why are you crying? You can dish it but you can't take it? What was it you called me? A piece of trash? Looks like you're the only trash here now!

Aksana tips the table over, sending Layla to the ground as she laughs. Aksana tosses the spoon, the paddle, the riding crop, a spatula, a bottle of baby oil and the leather straps into the ring before picking up Layla by the hair. Aksana wraps the belt around Layla's neck and begins dragging her around the outside of the ring, making her crawl like a dog. Aksana walks to each side of the area, allowing the fans to mock and get pictures of bra & panties clad Layla on all fours. Finally, she pulls off the leash and tosses Layla in the ring. Aksana gets in after her but Layla spits in her face and tackles her to the ground. She bashes Aksana's head off the ground a few times before ripping off Aksana's bra. Aksana screams as she covers up her chest, only to get kicked in the head. As Aksana hits the ground, her breasts continue to jiggle for seconds. Layla grabs the riding crop and gets Aksana on all fours. Layla sits on Aksana's back and grabs her by the hair.

Layla: Giddy up b*tch! We're going for a little ride!

Aksana screams but begins crawling as Layla reaches back with the riding crop and spanks Aksana on her ass. Aksana moans as she crawls around the ring, with Layla spanking her over and over again, making her ass become a slight red tint. Layla finally gets off her, only to take a step back and punt Aksana right in the ass. Layla runs at Aksana but Aksana kicks out her knee, sending Layla to the ground. Aksana lifts Layla up and spinebusters her to the ground, causing Layla to moan in pain. Aksana reaches down and grabs Layla by the thong. She gives her a massive wedgie, making Layla scream out before pulling the thong down and leaving Layla in just her bra. Layla screams and tries to cover her and ass and pussy but Aksana sees this as Layla continues lying on the mat. Aksana sneaks out of the ring and pulls up the apron to reveal a pair of handcuffs. The crowd pops as Aksana slides back in and grabs Layla's arms, she handcuffs Layla's hands behind her back and rolls Layla onto her back. Layla screams as she tries to cross her legs but Aksana pulls them apart and the crowd pops as they get a full look at Layla's shaved pussy. Layla screams and begs as Aksana kicks her right in the gut and rolls her onto her stomach, showing off her bare ass. Aksana grabs the baby oil and begins squirting it on Layla's ass and thighs before mounting her back, facing her legs, and begins rubbing it in.

Aksana: We're gonna shine this fat ass up real nice so that all the fans can see what I do to it. You look so pretty when you're helpless Layla!

Aksana gets up and grabs the wooden spoon first, and begins spanking Layla's left ass cheek with it. Layla's cheeks are slowly starting to redden up while Layla moans in pain. Aksana picks up the spatula and delivers a hard spank to Layla's right cheek, leaving 'grill marks' on Layla's cheek. Layla keeps whining and Aksana gets annoyed. She sits Layla on her knees and stands before her.

Aksana: You shut up, naughty girl! Perhaps this will do the trick!

Aksana holds Layla under the chin, forcing her mouth open, as she inserts her breast right into Layla's mouth, forcing her to suck on it. Aksana laughs as Layla tries to struggle free, only to look completely pathetic. Layla begins drooling and gasping for air as she's completely engulfed by Aksana's big tits.

Aksana: This must be so humiliating for you Layla. Being forced to suck my amazing tit on live television as fans snap pictures of your red ass!

Aksana grabs Layla by the hair and tosses her face first onto the mat. Aksana picks up Layla's thong and walks over, stuffing it in Layla's mouth. She picks up the riding crop and begins teasing Layla's ass with it before giving it a couple good smacks on the left ass cheek. Aksana watches as Layla's beautiful ass jiggles with each smack. Layla tries to block her ass with her hands, promting Aksana to smack them with the riding crop as well. Aksana drops the riding crop and picks up the paddle. She forces Layla into a face down, ass up position and licks up the paddle. Aksana begins spanking away on Layla's ass, now completely red and a different color from her dark skin. Aksana smiles as Layla moans with each smack from the paddle. Aksana drops the paddle and smiles to the crowd. She takes Layla by the hair and bends her over her knee. She begins rubbing Layla's ass with one hand and making sure to keep Layla's hair out of her face with the other.

Aksana: And now, time for the grand finale. Give up Layla, before your ass is completely raw! I want to see this pretty face says those two words!

Layla shakes her head in disapproval as Aksana begins mockingly poking her nails into the flesh of Layla's ass, getting some light whimpering out of her. Aksana winds up and spanks Layla's right cheek. Aksana begins rapid fire spanks, alternating between Layla's ass cheeks, causing her to wimper with each strike. Layla finally manages to spit out her thong and cries out.

Layla: I quit! I quit! I give up! You win! Please stop, please!

Aksana smiles and mocks Layla, playing with her hair as she shows off Layla's crying face.

Winner: Aksana

Aksana: Aww pretty girl. Your punishment may be over, but for the rest of your life, you'll have this moment to remember. Being spanked like the little b*tch you are in front of thousands of live fans and millions at home. Folks, remember to post all of your live candids of Layla's ass on social media and tag her in them! And how about just one more for fun Layla?

Aksana winds up and delivers one last hard smack onto Layla's left ass cheek. Layla cries out in pain as Aksana tosses her off her knee onto the ground, still handcuffed. Aksana poses over Layla before leaving the ring and heading to the back. In the ring, Layla is still crying as she tries to used her hands to cover up her brutalized butt, but her arms can barely reach it as the crowd mocks her before she finally slides out of the ring and runs off.
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