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Just wanted to add in, now that I read it, another amazing chapter, each one gets better than the last.
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Default Chapter 6 Part 1


I wasn't able to get as much done as I had hoped and I'm going on vacation this week so I'm going to be breaking this chapter up into THREE parts. The chapter spans three weeks so I'll be making each week into its own part and have the big climax (giggity) released on WrestleMania. Personally, I think it will actually work out better to have this storyline cumulate at the biggest event of the year and then let the new one start at the next event.

Chapter 6 - Star Making Performance

WWE Vengeance had received over 700,000 buys while WWE After Hours had garnered 400,000. Over a million households had bought WWE content that night. Those were numbers that were usually only reserved for WrestleMania. But WWE’s controversial new content meant that the attention on the WWE was at an all-time high. Analysts fully expected the premiere episode of WWE After Hours to follow the incredible trend of the second Raw Post-Show. The Mickie James vs Victoria match had now surpassed the first show with the Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix Match and was beginning to close in on two million buys. Perverts all over the world were tuning in to see Mickie James and what was now referred to as ‘WWE Porn’.

Mickie James had long since been the hottest act in the WWE. And now that she was a full-blown face she was causing a halo effect. Anyone facing her was booed like a monster heel, as seen with the Vengeance crowd’s harsh reception of Maria and Torrie Wilson while anyone that sided with Mickie was now considered a top-tier baby face as seen with their warm reception of ‘Broken’-Victoria. The Raw Writers scrambled to create an on-screen harem for the perverted Women’s Champion so that other divas would be able to receive a positive reaction from the crowd. But now that Mickie was such a monster baby face… the only option left in terms of opponents for her was to pit her against an actual heel.

Candice’s lack of wrestling ability kept her from being considered an actual contender for the Women’s Championship. So the writers’ attention turned to Amy ‘Lita’ Dumas and Melina Perez. The latter had finally caved and signed her new contract. Many believed that Melina had only agreed because she was sick of being considered the after-thought of the Raw Divas Division and wanted some attention for herself. Lita and Melina were both currently serving as valets for heel superstars Edge and Johnny Nitro. But after Mickie’s interactions with D-X had gone over so well, the common consensus was that having other talent share the screen with Mickie James-the-ratings-magnet would only be beneficial for getting the other characters over.


WWE Monday Night Raw - June 26 2006- Fayetteville North Carolina

Pyro explodes and the cameras pan around the arena to show the cheering crowd as Raw airs live from the Cumberland Crown County Coliseum.

J.R.: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw! This is going to be one of the biggest Monday Night Raws you’ll ever see! Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler at ringside!

A graphic appears on screen and on the TitanTron promoting the big tag team match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels - D-X taking on Vince and Shane McMahon.

King: Are you ready for this? There they are! In action! In the ring! Against none other than the McMahons! That’s right! Shane and Vince McMahon teaming up tonight to go against D-X!

J.R.: The McMahons against D-X! Oh what a collision that’s gonna be! And that’s not all…

A new graphic appears showing John Cena and WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam advertising the WWE Championship Match that Cena had been granted by RVD himself after he beat Sabu in an Extreme Lumberjack Match the night before at Vengeance.

J.R.: It keeps getting bigger! The WWE Title will be decided tonight! Cena, John Cena gets his rematch against the WWE Champion Rob Van Dam! What a main event!

A graphic of a widely smiling Mickie James appears on screen with the words ‘Mickie’s big surprise’ written on the bottom.

King: And that’s STILL not all! Women’s Champion Mickie James overcame the odds last night and she’s promised a special surprise for all of her perverts! J.R., you’ve been calling me a pervert for years!

J.R.: That I have, King.

sounds through the arena and the red hot South Carolina crowd comes unglued with a loud ovation of the Women’s Champion.

King: Oh boy! And here she comes now!

Mickie James comes jumping and skipping out from the back with the Women’s Championship on her shoulder. She wearing a brown top and brown boots with a brown camouflage skirt. The straps of her black bra and the waistband of her black panties are plainly visible.

But Mickie’s isn’t alone. Victoria is walking behind her. The broken diva is wearing black wrestling gear under an unzipped black hooded sweatshirt with the words ‘BROKEN B ITCH’ written across the front in red with black cracks going through them similar to the ECW logo. Vicky’s hood is up but her gaze is locked on Mickie so everyone can see her black face paint. This time instead of the word ‘broken’ there’s a thick, jagged, black crack going across her face that loosely resembles a long bolt of lightning. It starts at her right temple and goes across her eye and nose before it ends just about level with her mouth on the left side of her jaw.

Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia stands in the ring, “Please welcome the WWE Women’s Champion… and the woman who broke Trish Stratus, Maria, Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Torrie Wilson… MICKIE JAMES!” The red-hot, pervert-filled crowd gives Mickie an extremely loud welcome.


Mickie is a ball of energy as usual as she dashes from one side of the ramp to the other, greeting each cheering fan as she goes. Victoria follows behind her looking every bit like a silent bad-ass. The diva duo’s drastically different dispositions almost cause them to resemble a female version of Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

J.R.: In case you were one of the few people under eighteen who didn’t tune in to the premiere episode of WWE After Hours last night… it’s thanks to timely interference from that woman Victoria that Mickie James was able to overcome the odds and emerge victorious in her three-on-one Anything Goes Handicap Match last night.

King: Get with the times, J.R.! Victoria goes by ‘Vicky’ now.

Mickie reaches the bottom of the ramp and turns to the left. Her face lights up when she spots a group of men in camouflage uniforms similar to her skirt. It’s the 82nd Airborne Division from Ft. Bragg South Carolina. Mickie skips over to the soldiers and hops the barricade and proceeds to give each and every one of the ten men - plus a random woman who had gotten close enough - a long hug and a peck on the cheek.

J.R.: Well King, I think it’s safe to say that no one interacts with our great fans quite like Mickie James.

King: You’ve got that right! Did you see the show she and that one woman from the audience put on last night?

J.R.: I may have…

Mickie climbs back over the barricade and joins Victoria on the floor but she stops in her tracks when she spots a familiar face in the front row.

“IT’S YOU!” Mickie’s face lights up as she rushes over to the same slightly chubby, short haired woman from last night.

King: IT’S HER, J.R.!

J.R.: Yes, I see that!

Mickie once again hops the barricade and pulls the woman flush against her for a tight hug and then kisses her full on the lips which earns a loud pop from the live crowd. The female fan is wearing a brand new personally autographed Break a B itch t-shirt and was rewarded for her performance last night with a front row seat to the next night’s show.

Mickie eventually pulls away and leaves her die-hard fan with a wide smile. The proud pervert turns and sees Victoria waiting on the other side of the barricade and climbs over it straight into the broken diva’s strong arms. Vicky carries Mickie over to the ring and sets her down on the ring apron so Mickie can slip through the ropes and get in the ring.

Vicky joins Mickie in the ring while the Women’s Champion stands in the middle drinking in the adulation from the crowd. Victoria fetches a microphone and takes a deep breath as she stares down at it then turns and presents it to Mickie.

Mickie takes the microphone and the hot crowd finally quiets. “Okay… okay… so last night I said I had a special surprise for all my perverts. Well, you might remember that I competed in a special match two weeks ago…”

YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH! The crowd cheers and turns their focus to Victoria as they start up a familiar chant. SHE’S A FREAK! SHE’S A FREAK!!

Vicky looks surprised while Mickie quickly calls out, “NOT THAT MATCH!” The crowd quiets. “Before that match… my wonderful perverts helped me interject myself into in a special Wet and Wild Water Contest between Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. And, of course, I won! Well… I didn’t know this at the time… but it turns out that the winner of that match got a special prize. Raw Magazine and Smackdown Magazine are both merging to form one WWE Magazine and to celebrate the occasion we’re launching a special first issue. Ladies and gentlemen, perverts all around the world, you’re looking at the Covergirl for the WWE Summer Special Magazine!”

Mickie spins around and strikes an almost Trish Stratus-like pose as she points up at the rafters.


A giant-sized version of the magazine cover drops down from the rafters. There’s a white WWE Logo in the top right corner but WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James is front and center. Mickie is wearing the Women’s Championship on her shoulder and a sexy leopard print bikini. She is also wearing a pair of dark sunglasses which she has pushed up onto her forehead so it shows the sexy glint in her eyes to go with her sultry smile .

“This is the summer of Mickie James and I think that cover proves it,” Mickie continues, “You guys know I always aim to please! So I made this an extra special photo shoot! But instead of just telling you about it… I’ll show you instead!”

The lights dim and everyone’s attention turns to the TitanTron.

---TitanTron Video---

A smiling Mickie is on screen wearing her leopard print bikini, sunglasses and Women’s Championship and is on the set of a backstage photoshoot.

“Hey guys!” Mickie calls out. “I beat two Playboy Covergirls in a water fight and so now I’m the covergirl for the Summer Special WWE Magazine. Our theme is a backyard barbecue pool party so here I am in my bikini ready to have a blast.” Mickie raises her arms over her head and does a spin but makes sure to give her thick bikini-clad ass a sexy wiggle when she’s turned around.

The scene skips ahead to Mickie posing in front of a cloudy sky backdrop. Mickie goes through a number of sensual poses. First with her sunglasses down, then with them pushed up onto her forehead, with her title belt on her shoulder and then with it around her waist.

But the video slows back down as Mickie turns around and undoes the back of her bikini top. Mickie looks back over her shoulder and flashes an impish smile at the camera as she slowly slides down her right bikini strap then switches sides and lowers the other one. Mickie looks back with a devilish smirk as she pulls off her bikini top and lets it dangle from her hand as she turns back around.

But the fans in the arena can be heard booing when the video blurs out Mickie’s naked chest.

“Micke… what are you doing?” the off-screen director asks. “You’re supposed to cover up…”

“Why would I do that?” Mickie inquires. “I’m gonna pose topless to thank my perverts for all their incredible support.”

“It’s not that kind of magazine!” the director argues.

Mickie tilts her head to the side in confusion and is still making no move to cover up her blurred chest. “But you said I was gonna have a photo spread and a centerfold…”

“Yes… you are… but with your top on,” the director insists.

Mickie folds her arms across her naked chest and glares at the off-screen director. “Okay… well now you and I have a problem.”

---End TitanTron Video---

The camera cuts back to Mickie and Vicky in the ring while the perverts in the crowd make their displeasure blatantly known. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

“Yeah...” Mickie says, “So as you can see that director and I had some creative differences… But just to prove a point… WHO HERE WANTS TO SEE ME TOPLESS!?”

The Cumberland Crown County Coliseum practically shakes from the enthusiastic response. YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Mickie smiles and pretends to count the fans but waves that off. “Yeah… that’s what I thought. AND THAT’S WHY… WE FIRED THAT GUY AND GOT SOMEONE ELSE!”


Mickie’s charisma, perverted or otherwise, is undeniable at this point. She has the red-hot pervert-filled crowd eating out of the palm of her hand.


Mickie spins around and strikes another pose as she points her microphone up over her head.


Two more covers drop down from the rafters and hang in front and behind the original one. This cover shows a topless Mickie hugging the Women’s Championship to her chest. Her sunglasses are once again pushed up to her forehead and her head is tilted to side. But there’s an excited glint in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face. The magazine cover has an extra subtitle on the bottom that says ”Includes an exclusive topless photoshoot of Mickie James”.


This is the special version for my mature perverts only! It includes an exclusive topless photoshoot of yours truly and special centerfold where I’m only wearing wearing this championship… those sunglasses… and a big smile!”


Mickie steps back and throws her arm over Victoria’s shoulders then ‘whispers’ to her with her microphone still up. “It looks like they’re happy with the surprise. But I probably shouldn’t tell them that it’s the August Edition and doesn’t hit the stands until then…”

The crowd ‘overhears’ Mickie and is rather disappointed. BBBOOOOOOOOOO!

Mickie steps away from Vicky, “I know… I know… a month’s a long time to wait… SO HOW ‘BOUT I GIVE EVERYONE A SNEAK PEAK RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!”


Mickie hands off her championship and her microphone to Victoria. Vicky stares reverently at the microphone and give a slight shudder but then steps back out of the way. Mickie crosses her hands over her chest and peels off her top leaving her in her black bra, boots and camo skirt. People can now see the dog tags Mickie’s wearing on account that they’re hanging in her exposed cleavage. Mickie tosses her top aside and then grabs her bra. The fans are going nuts.


sounds through the arena. Edge and Lita walk out through a cloud of smoke hand-in-hand and are immediately drowned in a raucous chorus of boos for crashing the party as they make their way down to the ring. Both Edge and Lita are in jeans with Edge wearing his ‘Sex and Violence’ Rated R Superstar t-shirt and Lita wearing a low cut spaghetti strap version of the same one.


Mickie scowls and remains standing in the middle of the ring in her black bra and camo skirt as she reclaims her championship and her microphone from Victoria. Edge goes around the ring and snags a microphone from the time keeper’s corner then he and Lita enter the ring.

“Hit the bricks, tramp,” Edge snaps. “Your little tits and ass show has just been cancelled. Get out of my ring before Lita beats your ass.”

But Mickie stands her ground and stares down Edge and Lita. “I’d love to see her try. I was here first. This is my ring. So how ‘bout you leave and come back when I’m done?”

OOOOHHH! The crowd cheers Mickie’s brash bravado.

“That’s exactly why I’m out here!” Edge yells. “I am sick of being disrespected! I’m the MVP of this show! I should be on the cover of magazines! I should be in the main event! And without a shadow of a doubt I should be the WWE Champion! I am sick of being overlooked in favor of John Cena, of Rob Van Dam and especially of some tramp who is only relevant because she tears women’s clothes off!”

“Refresh my memory, which one of us actually won their match last night?” Mickie counters. “You lost to one guy… while I took on three women and came out on top…”

OOOOOOOHHH! Mickie is not only standing her ground, she’s throwing shade!

“Shut up! Shut up!” Edge shouts. “I got screwed last…”

Mickie jumps all over that and cuts him off, “Screwed? No, no, honey. Vicky got screwed. I made sure of that.” Victoria shudders and gives an enthusiastic nod. “You ran head-first into a chair and got pinned clean in the middle of the ring.”


Edge takes a step back in surprise. He was out here to yell and complain. He didn’t expect to get taken to task by a woman in a bra.

“I… I can’t believe that people are actually calling you hardcore!” Edge eventually retorts. “I’m hardcore! At WrestleMania I stole the show by having the greatest hardcore match in history!”

“I’m a very special kind of hardcore,” Mickie replies. “But yeah… I remember WrestleMania… I went on after you and ended up winning this!” Mickie holds up her Women’s Championship. “I’ve been holding it ever since. Meanwhile, the last time you had gold was aaaall the way back in January when you cashed in your briefcase so you could spend two weeks as a transitional champion for John Cena!”


“For those two weeks Raw had the highest ratings it’s seen in years!” Edge exclaims.

“And now Raw’s ratings are even higher than that!” Mickie fires back. “We’ve been consistently pulling bigger ratings since Backlash!”

“You think you’re so special just ‘cause you’ve added sex to Raw!?” Edge demands. “Lita and I were having Live Sex Celebrations back when you were still trying to jump Trish Stratus!”

“Right, I remember that,” Mickie agrees, “You got ran off by John Cena and Lita was left unsatisfied.”


Mickie looks directly at Lita, “If you ever get tired of excuses and inadequacies… look me up. I’ll make you cum so hard that you’ll forget your own name!” Mickie points her mic at Victoria. “Right Vicky?”

“Oh God yes!” the broken diva gasps.

Lita goes to speak but Edge cuts her off. “Are you actually delusional enough to think that you could ever satisfy Lita as well as I can?”

“Weeeelll... I don’t like to toot my own horn… buuut… raise your hand if you’ve gotten a woman off in the ring!” Mickie raises her hand and makes a point of glancing around the ring then acts surprised when she notices her own raised hand. “Oh, would you look at that! Just me!”


“That’s ridi-”

Mickie once again steamrolls right over Edge. “You see, Edge, you may be the Rated R Superstar… but you keep forgetting one extremely important thing. I’M MICKIE JAMES, B*TCH! I’M RATED M! That means mature audiences only!!”


“THAT IS IT!” Edge roars. “It’s time you were taught your place! Lita… get her!” Edge steps back and nudges his ‘steamy sexpot’ forward.

“Easy, Vicky, it’s okay,” Mickie cuts off Victoria as she moves to cut off Lita. “I can handle her. These two decided to interrupt us when I was about to give the perverts a treat. I think it’ll be fitting if Lita ends up doing it in my place. Heads up Fayetteville! Looks like Mickie’s gonna have to break a b*tch!” Mickie drops her microphone and holds her championship in one hand as she starts bouncing on her toes while the fans cheer and start chanting. YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! BREAK A B*TCH! BREAK A B*TCH! BREAK A B*TCH!

Lita glares at Mickie and takes a step forward... then looks over at Victoria… and then shakes her head and bails out of the ring. Edge growls and follows after her.

“YOU KNOW WHAT!?” Edge yells. “THIS WHOLE SHOW’S A JOKE! You’re a joke! RVD as WWE Champion is a joke! The fact that John Cena has a title match tonight is a joke! These hicks don’t deserve to see us perform! WE’RE OUT OF HERE!”

Edge drops his microphone and leads Lita over to the barricade. The couple are escorted up the stairs by security but stop so Edge can harass ‘Humpty Dumpty’ the t-shirt vendor. Edge eventually takes all his t-shirts from the stand and then he and Lita storm out of the arena.

The camera cuts back to Mickie James who is still standing in the ring with Victoria.

“Wow…” Mickie remarks after she picks up her microphone. “What a drama queen.” The crowd pops and Mickie turns back to the camera. “NOW! As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…”

But the Women’s Champion is interrupted yet again.


The fans boo as the red carpet is rolled out and photographers swarm the stage as Melina and the new Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro strut their way out from the back. Johnny Nitro is wearing sunglasses, gray boots, his obnoxious gray fur coat and blue tights with his newly won Intercontinental Championship dangling out from the front. Melina is wearing pale blue boots and a short yellowy-beige dress that shows off her impressive cleavage when her boyfriend dips her.

The cameras cut back to Mickie in time to catch her giving an exasperated sigh. Nitro and Melina reach the ring and Melina does a wiggle before she lifts her leg up onto the ring apron and does her signature split entrance. But, of course, Nitro positions himself in just the right spot to keep anyone from seeing his girlfriend’s exposed panties while she does her split. Melina gets in the ring and stands with her legs spread so Nitro can slide in under the bottom rope and briefly pose on his side before standing back up.

Melina stalks forward and yanks Mickie’s microphone right out of her hand. Mickie blinks and stares down at her empty hand. Victoria goes to charge Melina but Mickie sticks out her arm and holds her back. “What do you want?”

“I’m actually impressed Mickie,” Melina announces. “You’ve been the top diva here in the WWE since Backlash. But I’m here to tell you that your time on top is so over. You’ve only been on top for as long as you have because you haven’t faced me.”

“Really?” Mickie asks without her microphone.

“Yeah, really,” Melina retorts. “Let me show you something…” Melina turns and motions to her boyfriend and the championship belt hanging out of his pants. “You are looking at the only man holding singles gold here on Raw. I give you the new Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Nitro!” Nitro holds his arms out and then strikes a pose while the fans boo. “And I’ve decided that it’s time for me to take my rightful place in the spotlight.” Melina looks up at Mickie’s magazine cover and scoffs with disdain. “You’re going to have to change your magazine cover. Because soon I’m going to have a championship to match Johnny’s. Your little ‘summer of Mickie’ is going to end early and I’ll be the new top diva in the WWE. So why don’t you just hand over that Women’s Championship now and save yourself the trouble and embarrassment.”

Mickie raises an eyebrow then slowly undoes the snaps on her belt and makes to hold it out towards Melina. But then she yanks it back and sets it down on the ground in front of her.

“NO ONE’S HANDING YOU ANYTHING!” Mickie shouts loud enough for most of the arena to hear her. “YOU WANT MY TITLE? COME AND TAKE IT!”

Melina glares at Mickie and takes a couple steps towards her… BUT GETS BLINDSIDED BY VICTORIA! Melina drops to the mat. Mickie grabs Victoria and pulls her back while Nitro scrambles out of the ring and reaches in to grab his girlfriend and pull her to safety.

But then Mickie dives after Melina and manages to catch her by the dress just as Nitro is pulling her out through the ropes. The cameras are in the perfect position to catch Melina staring up at Mickie with a shocked and horrified expression while the Women’s Champion leers back at her with her signature crazed gaze.

Johnny Nitro keeps pulling while Mickie holds Melina’s dress in place. The result is that Melina slides out of the ring and her dress.

YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! The fans pop as Melina lands on the floor and staggers backwards clad in only her low cut pale blue bra that shows off her impressive cleavage and nearly half of her large, tanned, surgically enhanced 38D breasts. The panties that Johnny Nitro had previously blocked from view are now exposed as a light blue thong that perfectly frames Melina’s round tanned ass. Melina wraps her arms around herself and lets out one of her signature high-pitched screams, ”EEEEIIIIIAAAHH!”

Mickie staggers backwards and holds her ears while Johnny Nitro pulls off his obnoxious gray coat and wraps it around his nearly naked girlfriend. Melina pulls the coat closed and glares at Mickie as she picks up her microphone.

“Sorry about that Melina!” Mickie calls out to her furious adversary. “Vicky’s a little overprotective of me. But that was a free preview of what’s in store for you if you’re serious about challenging for my title. What you and Edge both seem to forget is that here on Raw we earn our title shots! I had to earn my shot against Trish… and I won. Vicky, Beth and Maria all earned their shots against me… but they all lost. If you want a title shot… you’ve gotta get through Vicky to get it. And if you somehow manage that… chances are you’ll end up ten-times more embarrassed than you were just now.”

Obsession plays and Mickie and Vicky are left standing tall in the ring while Nitro and Melina beat a hasty retreat. The camera takes one last shot of the bra-clad Mickie James underneath her extra perverted WWE Magazine Cover before Raw goes to its first commercial.


Back from the commercial break, Mickie and Vicky are walking backstage. Mickie has her Women’s Championship on her shoulder and is still down to her bra.

Carlito appears in his yellow ‘Spit or Swallow’ bad apple t-shirt.

“Hey… nice job holding your own back there,” Carlito greets the Women’s Champion.

“Aw, thanks Carlito!” Mickie replies. “You were watching? I didn’t know you were pervert!”

Carlito takes a step back. “Carlito’s not a pervert. Carlito’s cool.”

Mickie shakes her head, “But haven’t you heard? Being a pervert is cool now.”

“Whatever,” Carlito says, “Last night I got screwed out of the Intercontinental Championship. Everyone saw that I had Shelton Benjamin beat… but Johnny Nitro stole it from me! And if he thinks for just one second that I’m gonna let him get away with my championship… he’s got another thing coming!”

Mickie flashes him a brilliant smile. “Carlito… are you offering to have our back dealing with Nitro and Melina?”

“Well… that girlfriend of his is always a pain-in-the-ass…” Carlito admits.

Carlito blinks in surprise when Mickie suddenly wraps him in tight hug. “I know you have your own reasons for helping out… but thank you! This’ll keep both of us from being screwed over!”

Mickie pulls away and skips off while Victoria remains behind. The broken diva takes a moment to stare at Carlito’s t-shirt but then she scoffs and shakes her head as she follows after Mickie.


The show continues with Umaga squashing Kamala and his handler Kim Chee and then shows the finalists for the 2006 Diva Search which is being hosted by the Miz and Ashley Massaro. J.R. and King hype the showdown between D-X and the McMahons and the WWE Championship Match between Rob Van Dam and John Cena.

The cameras go backstage and show Maria in the interview area. She’s wearing a snug black dress lined in silver that matches her silver eyeshadow. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, tonight he will challenge Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship… John Cena!”

Cena walks on screen in his black ‘Hustle Loyalty Respect’ t-shirt and camouflage baseball cap that does nothing to conceal the black eye he’s sporting from last night.

“And John,” Maria addresses her guest, “tonight you have a chance to regain your title for the first time since One Night Stand.”

“Maria, you look good!” Cena remarks. “I don’t know how to tell you this… but One Night Stand wasn’t my finest hour. I mean, there was a lot riding on that night and uh stuff didn’t exactly go my way. But you know as I saw earlier tonight, there’s two things I could do about it. I could interrupt Mickie James… I could march down to the ring and get my ass handed to me on the microphone by a woman in a bra. I could call her joke, I could tell everyone that they’re a joke and that it’s a joke that I’m not champion. And the guy who’s champion is a joke and the guy who’s fighting the champion’s a joke and get so mad that I just storm out of the arena with a sl*t on my arm and a stack of t-shirts that smell like fart juice.”

“But it turns out the mentally unbalanced Women’s Champion was the one actually making sense out there,” Cena continues as he starts to get hyped up. “This is Monday Night Raw! We earn our title shots here! Since One Night Stand I’ve had stitches in my head, my eye glued shut and I’m black and blue all over! Since One Night Stand I’ve been hit with TVs, put through tables, worn steel chairs as headgear and had chunks of singapore cane in my forehead! Since One Night Stand never once did I cry foul or beg for some sleazy one-sided rematch. What I did do was earn the respect of Rob Van Dam and got a shot at the WWE Championship!”

Cena stares into the camera and addressed his opponent directly, “Rob, thank you. Thank you for making the WWE Championship once again part of my business. But I got news for you. I’m bigger, stronger and more focused than ever! And tonight… simply put… I’m gonna take care of business!” Cena does his signature salute then walks off and leaves Maria alone.

But not for long. Before the camera can cut someone places their hands on Maria’s shoulders.

”Mickie’s looking for you.”

Maria lets out a terrified squeak and slowly looks back over her shoulder to see Victoria standing behind her.

“NOOOO!” Maria screams and tries to run but Victoria catches her by the back of her dress and easily hefts the backstage interviewer over her shoulder.

“No running this time,” Victoria states as she carries the kicking and struggling Maria away.

The cameraman follows Victoria all the way to the women’s locker room. The broken diva opens the door but stops short of going through. She turns and looks directly into the camera. “Mickie says you can come in.”

“I don’t want to go in!” Maria shrieks. “Please! Victoria! Put me down!”

“It’s Vicky now,” Victoria insists as she carries Maria inside the seemingly empty locker room. “Mickie! I got her!”

”I’m in the shower. Bring her in here.” Mickie’s voice responds.

Victoria carries Maria passed the benches and lockers and into the shower area where she sets the backstage interviewer/part-time wrestler down in front of a shower cubicle with its curtain drawn closed and the shower running inside. Maria is shaking and tries to run for it but Vicky wraps her arms around the smaller woman from behind and keeps her rooted in place.

A wet arm reaches out through the curtain and yanks it open. The crowd out in the arena erupts with a loud pop at the sight of a completely naked Mickie James. But she isn’t alone. An equally naked Torrie Wilson is pressed against Mickie’s back. Torrie’s right arm is wrapped around Mickie’s chest while her left one is going down between the Women’s Champion’s legs. Everything is covered but the fans can’t help breaking out a loud Holy Sh*t chant at the sight of the two naked divas in the shower together.

Torrie doesn’t even acknowledge Maria’s presence and continues suckling on Mickie’s neck.

Mickie smirks at Maria who is staring at her and her shower buddy in shock, “Maria… you didn’t think I forgot about you, did you?”

“I… I…” Maria stammers.

“You surprised me last night,” Mickie admits. “You hit me with some pretty good shots. But I think an apology is in order.”

“I’M SORRY!” Maria immediately blurts out. “Mickie, I swear I didn’t want to fight you! I didn’t make that match! But I fought because… because that’s my job.”

“And I might have been able to respect that,” Mickie replies, “But then you turned around and ran out on your partners when things got hard. I take care of my pets. And you owe Whorrie an apology. Weren’t you the one that gave the all for one and one for all speech before the match? After that, you can hopefully understand why simply saying you’re sorry isn’t going to hold much weight with me.”

“Then what do you want?” Maria meekly asks.

“The way I see it, you’ve got two options,” Mickie announces. “First… you can try to fight back. That will result in Vicky forcibly stripping you naked and throwing you out of the locker room. You’ll be banned from my locker room and you’ll have to spend the rest of your time here in the WWE regretting how you abandoned your friend like a coward.”

Maria bites her lip while Victoria’s hold on her tightens.

“Or… option two…” Mickie continues. “You can strip voluntarily and join us in this shower. I’ll take you in as my new pet and I’ll coach you through a proper apology to our dear Whorrie. You won’t have to spend the rest of your time here living in fear and looking over your shoulder.”

“T-Torrie…” Maria stammers as she looks at her blonde friend who has been silently nuzzling Mickie’s shoulder and neck this whole time. The same friend who up until yesterday had been encouraging her to fight back against Mickie’s bullying.

Torrie gives Mickie’s ear a quick nip before looking up and finally acknowledging Maria’s presence. “If you can’t beat her… join her. She’s very affectionate towards her pets. It’s so much easier being her friend instead of her enemy.” Mickie turns her head and captures Torrie’s lips for a steamy shower kiss. “Mmmmmm…”

Vicky steps back and cracks her knuckles. “Decision time. Are you stripping on your own… or am I doing it for you?”

Maria stares at the duo in the shower… then takes a deep breath and nods resolutely. Maria reaches down and pulls off her silver high-heeled boots and then peels off the simple black socks she had on under them. Mickie’s face lights up with a wide smile as Maria reaches up and removes her black collar then slides the silver straps of her dress off her shoulders. Maria’s dress drops down and pools around her bare feet leaving her in just her silver bra and panties.

But then Maria freezes and stares at the camera with her now-signature doe-eyed deer in headlights look.

“C’mon… you’re almost there,” Mickie encourages her while Torrie smiles softly behind her.

Maria takes another deep breath and reaches back to undo her bra. She slides the straps down her shoulders one at a time then wraps one arm over her chest as she pulls her bra free. Maria tosses the bra away and once again staring to the camera and gives a quiet plea. “Don’t look…”

The cameraman can’t help but heed the innocent interviewer's request and steps back to film her from behind. But this puts the camera in the perfect position to film Maria’s cute round ass as she peels her panties down.

“There’s a good girl,” Mickie praises Maria as she looks the naked backstage interviewer up and down and licks her lips. “You look delicious.” Mickie holds out her arms invitingly. “Now get in here… my new pet.”

Maria slowly steps out of her panties and into the shower and Mickie’s embrace. Maria’s hair gets darker as its soaked by the shower spray while Mickie wraps her arms around Maria for a snug hug and then gives her a soft, but drawn out kiss. Now there are three naked divas in the shower with their wet bodies all pressed fully against each other.

Mickie uses her hold on Maria to spin them around so Maria is pressed back into Torrie while Mickie’s back is facing the camera. Mickie looks impishly back at the camera and gives her thick naked ass an enticing wiggle before she slowly sinks down to her knees.

Maria’s silver eyeshadow and other makeup is starting to run. But Torrie’s arms around both wrapped around her chest shielding her boobs from view while Mickie is blocking everyone’s view of Maria’s lower privates.

“Vicky! Hair!” Mickie calls out. Victoria removes her black wristband and hands it off to Mickie who uses it to tie her wet hair back.

The perverts all know what’s coming next. There’s been a very clear pattern with Mickie’s tied hair and certain oral-based activities that she seemed to enjoy performing.

But then Mickie looks back over her shoulder with an apologetic smile. “Sorry perverts… but if we show this next bit on regular cable television… we’ll be kicked off the air faster than you can say ‘steamy shower threesome’...”

Mickie grabs the shower curtain and yanks it closed.

There is a brief boo from the crowd out in the arena but Maria’s loud gasp silences everyone as it cuts through the locker room.

“Ah! Oooh! Oh my! Mickie! Your… oooh!”

Victoria shakes her head and leaves the shower area. The cameraman opts to follow her in favor of filming a closed shower curtain.

Vicky sits on the locker room bench and picks up a small book. The camera moves to film over her shoulder and catches the title before she opens it: ’Mickie’s Band of Broken B itches’. The book is revealed to be a photo album. The first picture on the inside is of Trish Stratus stripped to her underwear and barking like a dog for Vince McMahon. The familiar photo has the word ‘BROKEN’ written across it as usual.

Maria’s cries can still be heard in the locker room. “AAH! Torrie! Don’t pinch my nipples so hard!”

“Sorry… Maybe I’ll suck them instead…”


Victoria turns the page on the album. On the left side is the picture of Maria, stripped to her underwear and being spanked by Mickie James. On the right side is the picture of Beth Phoenix trapped in the ropes with Mickie’s hand working in her thong. ‘BROKEN’ is written across both photos.

“Sorry yet Maria?” Mickie calls out tauntingly.


Victoria turns to the next set of pages. The left picture is of her, handcuffed bottomless in the corner with Mickie shoving a microphone inside her. The ‘BROKEN’ written across the photo perfectly matches Vicky’s face paint from last night.


But the right picture is new. It depicts an underwear clad Mickie lying on top of a completely naked Torrie Wilson. One of Mickie’s hands is busy between Torrie’s legs while the other is holding a microphone in the blonde’s face. Torrie’s expression is desperate and she’s caught in the middle of desperately shrieking “I… I’m Whorrie Wilson… and… and I’m Mickie James’ b*tch!”. As with all the others, the word ‘BROKEN” is written diagonally across the photo.


Victoria looks up from the photo album and shakes her head wistfully. “Lucky b*tch.” She turns to the camera. “Alright… show’s over. I’m gonna go and get me one of those.”

Vicky shows the cameraman to the door then shucks off her hooded sweatshirt as she makes her way back across the room. The cameraman gets one last shot of the broken diva peeling her top off and walking topless into the shower area before the locker room door closes.

”And so another soul succumbs to madness…”

The cameraman turns and is surprised to find Candice Michelle doing her impression of an emo kid as she leans against the wall outside the locker room with her arms folded across her chest. It's uncertain if she's been kicked out of the locker room or is out here hiding. Candice pushes off of the wall and gives her head a weary shake as she walks off alone.

The camera finally cuts and goes out to the ring where Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are sitting at the commentary table both staring in open mouthed shock after what just transpired in the locker room.

“Um… I think I need a shower…” King announces.

“You’ll stay right where you are!” J.R. orders. “Eh-hem…” He clears his throat and like the consummate professional that he is, continues with the show. “No one can amass a following quite like Mickie James. Earlier tonight we saw Melina stake her claim on the Women’s Championship. But if she really wants to be the new top diva on Raw… it looks like she’s going to have her hands full dealing with Mickie James and her… uh... pets.”

Val Venis’ music plays and the show goes on. Later, Triple H and Shawn Michaels come out dressed as the McMahons and play the infamous ‘Stand Back’ video… and have sh*t rain down from the rafters on the real McMahons and the Spirit Squad when they come out on stage. Needless to say, there is no match. And in the night’s main event championship match, Cena looks to have the title won when he has RVD trapped in the STF-U in the middle of the ring. But Edge returns to the arena and attacks Cena causing the match to end via disqualification and RVD to retain.

Of course, Mickie was aware of none of this on account that she, Vicky, Torrie and Maria weren’t seen outside of the women’s locker room until long after the end of the show.


And so Mickie’s Harem is officially formed. This part was mostly talking and set up. I’ll see you guys in two weeks for part two where the action starts as Mickie takes on Lita while Victoria and Carlito face Johnny Nitro and Melina with a shot at Mickie’s Women’s Championship on the line.
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So if I'm not mistaken, that leaves Lita, Melina, Ashley Massaro, Candice, and technically Lillian Garcia as currently unbroken. Can't recall other 2006 divas. Maybe Christy Hemme and Michelle McCool?

What do you plan on doing if Mickie runs through the roster and there's no more unbroken divas?

And I dig the historical accuracy. Makes this feel like it was part of the show back then. Nice job as always!
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Default Fastlane

So it turns out Fastlane is actually in THREE WEEKS on March 5th. I guess I thought it was December. I'll see everybody in March.

Originally Posted by MKDude View Post
So if I'm not mistaken, that leaves Lita, Melina, Ashley Massaro, Candice, and technically Lillian Garcia as currently unbroken. Can't recall other 2006 divas. Maybe Christy Hemme and Michelle McCool?

What do you plan on doing if Mickie runs through the roster and there's no more unbroken divas?

And I dig the historical accuracy. Makes this feel like it was part of the show back then. Nice job as always!
You missed a couple. And don't forget about ECW, where there's a certain exhibitionist who wants to strip naked.

Melina is going to be Mickie's main opponent in this chapter. In the meantime I'm building towards a Mickie/Lita match at SummerSlam. In between those two feuds Mickie may decide that since she's worked through all the talent on Raw that she might want to show the girls on Smackdown and ECW some love.

It may help to actually watch those episodes of Raw to see what changed because of my Mickie. I never thought I'd quote a John Cena promo in this story but I did it anyway just to show that Mickie's presence is even effecting him.

And after SummerSlam I'll be moving into the story's final phase.
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Default Chapter 6 Part 2

Mickie's Title Rampage

Can I just take a minute to say how much I love the WWE Network? It makes rewriting these classic episodes of Raw incredibly easy and very convenient. Now I don't have to suffer through vague reports or scour a series of ten videos to find one segment. The WWE Network has classic episode of Raw in their entirety. They simply gave this one a TV-14 Rating and were even able to keep the sexual Triple H and Candice Michelle table scene! Heehee.. speaking of which... wait until you read my version.

And also, Nikki Bella needs to watch herself. I established all the way back in October that Mickie James is the one who breaks b*tches.

Chapter 6 - Star-Making Performance - Part 2

Monday Night Raw - July 3rd 2006 - Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Raw is airing live from the Wachovia Center in the City of Brotherly Love. The show starts with a recap of D-X parodying the McMahons and then raining sh*t down on the real McMahons and the Spirit Squad. Triple H and Shawn Michaels are shown arriving at the arena but are barred from entering the building by Jonathan Coachman and a team of eight event security guards. Coach informs D-X that Mr. McMahon has banned them from the building. HHH and HBK resolve that they'll have to find something else to do tonight.

The Raw intro plays and the cameras go into the arena where the pyro goes off and the fans are shown cheering while Jerry 'the King' Lawler welcomes the viewers at home to the show.

King: Oh, you ready? Are you ready? Hold onto your seats! Because we are LIVE tonight on Raw! And as you saw D-X is banned from the building. But uh I didn't like the look on the face of Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

The split-screen match graphic appears and shows Johnny Nitro and Melina on one side and Carlito and Victoria on the other. The words Number One Contender Mixed Tag Team Match are written underneath.

King: And as you can see, tonight Johnny Nitro and Melina are going to face Carlito and Vicky in a Mixed Tag Team Number One Contender Match. If Melina's team wins: she becomes the Number One Contender for Mickie James' Women's Championship... but if Carlito's team wins: he becomes the Number One Contender for Johnny Nitro's Intercontinental Championship!

A new series of graphics appear showing John Cena and a mystery partner... WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam and a mystery partner... and Edge and a mystery partner before bringing the three together to hype the night's triple threat tag team match main event.

King: But baby that is not all! Get ready for this main event. John Cena, Rob Van Dam, and Edge will each select a partner and then square off in a triple threat tag team match! A lot of bad blood in that!

A final match graphic appears showing Women's Champion Mickie James on one side and Lita on the other.

King: And there's still more coming! After their confrontation last week, Women's Champion Mickie James is going to go one-on-one with a former Women's Champion Lita! And you don't have to wait one second longer because that match... IS RIGHT NOW!

plays and Edge and Lita walk out through a spewing cloud of smoke and fog. They're both wearing 'Sex and Violence' t-shirts but Lita's has a much lower cut to show off her cleavage. Lita is wearing black pants while Edge is in his usual black and red 'Rated R Superstar' tights and a gray camouflage skull cap.

Jim Ross finally gets his microphone problems sorted out and quickly recaps the opening announcements that King had just made while Edge and Lita walk hand-in-hand down to the ring. Edge snags Lilian Garcia's microphone before the ring announcer can start her pre-match introductions and forces her out of the ring.

"Beat it!" Edge growls. "Lita's all set to give that tramp Mickie James the worst being of her life. But before that I've got something to say. This isn't the Summer of Mickie James. No. No. Mark it down people! The Rated R Superstar will OWN this summer! See, tomorrow night I go into the 'supposed' hardcore surroundings of ECW. And when I get there, I will defeat Rob Van Dam for my second WWE Championship. And then, then it's on to Saturday Night's Main Event... where I will DEFEND my WWE Title against two guys I loved puttin' the beat down on last week: RVD and John Cena."

The fans boo but Edge's heat isn't anywhere near the level that it was from last week when he was in the ring with Mickie James.

"Let me put it in terms you people can understand," Edge continues. "You see, RVD is like the Philadelphia Phillies. Yeah, yeah, he's bland, over-rated, and has absolutely no heart whatsoever. And John Cena, well, Cena's like the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh don't get me wrong, he's good. He's really good. He's just not good enough to be champion."

Edge mocks the fans and sticks his tongue out as the Philadelphia fans boo hm for ripping on their local sports teams. But his heat is still leagues below the response he was getting from the North Carolina crowd when he was being lambasted by the Women's Champion.

"Where as me... well, I'm like Terrell Owens... I just wanna get the hell out of this town."

BOOOOOO! Edge's needling is starting to work. But the crowd definitely isn't red hot and is nowhere near electric.

"But make no mistake about it!" Edge insists. "This is my summer! And to prove that, in just a few more minutes, Lita is going to beat Mickie James' ass and show her what a real covergirl is supposed to look like! But tonight, tonight, I'm in a triple threat tag team match. And without further ado... I'm gonna tell you who my partner is gonna be... He's a man who's..."

My Time Is Now finally cuts off Edge and John Cena storms out from the back in his black Hustle, Loyalty, Respect t-shirt, black shorts and black baseball cap.

J.R.: I don't know what kind of man he's gonna be... but it's definitely not THIS MAN. It looks like our divas match is gonna have to wait... because here comes John Cena!

"Oh, how impolite. How impolite, John!" Edge calls out as Cena marches down the ramp. "You don't wanna find out who my partner's gonna be? What? What's the matter?"

Cena slides under the bottom rope and goes right after the man who cost him the WWE Championship last week with hard shots to the face. Edge and Lita quickly bail out of the ring and leave Cena standing on his own. Edge sits in front of the commentary table and fingers the fresh gash that Cena had just made on his forehead.


Pyro explodes on the stage and dual champion Rob Van Dam comes out. He's wearing a black ECW t-shirt over his colorful green singlet ring gear and has both the WWE Championship and the ECW Championship wrapped around his waist.

"So..." RVD starts to speak but the ECW Original is cut off by the hardcore Philly crowd coming alive and chanting his name. RVD! RVD! RVD! "So... I had this match last week with John Cena. And since then, everywhere I go alls I hear is this talk. About how close John Cena came to making me tap out. That's what they're saying. RVD, were you really going to tap out? Well, I guess we'll never know what could've happened last week. But what I do know is that I am a fighting champion. CENA! Why don't you forget about this triple threat match. You want one more shot? One-on-one for the WWE Championship? I say let's do it tonight!"

YYEEEAAAAAHHH! That certainly got the crowd's attention.

"Whoa-whoa! HOLD ON A MINUTE!" Edge yells. "I don't-WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Okay, so, so, if John Cena beats RVD tonight then my-then my WWE Championship match tomorrow would be null and void! That's not fair to me! I'm not gonna get screwed again! IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!"

"No, you're right," RVD agrees. "That's not gonna happen. We all know you're just gonna interfere anyway, Edge. So... let's do this... I say we do Saturday Night's Main Event... TONIGHT! Edge... versus Cena... versus RVD... in a triple-threat match for the WWE Championship!"


King: Can that really happen?

JR: I certainly wanna see that! And I don't wanna wait until Saturday Night's Main Event.

Cena still doesn't have a microphone but nods his approval.

Edge responds vocally, "Fine! Fine! Because I can't think of a better place to win my second WWE Championship than in front of these hardcore neanderthals! Because the new WWE Champion... is gonna be Rated R!"

Music hits. But it's not Edge's Metalingus, RVD's One of Kind or even the still silent Cena's My Time Is Now... IT'S MICKIE JAMES' OBSESSION!

Mickie skips out from the back and stops next to Rob Van Dam. She’s wearing a black Break a B itch t-shirt and a black skirt with her title around her waist. The Philly crowd cheers as the Women’s Champion stands on the stage with the WWE and ECW Champion.

“Okay, is everybody happy now?” Mickie asks. “I was told that I’d be opening the show in a one-on-one match with Lita. I guess since Mr. McMahon’s not here yet and Coach is occupied keeping D-X out of the arena… then that means we can all just do whatever the hell we want! People have been calling me crazy for months… but it looks like the inmates are running the asylum now!”

YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! The WWE is much more fun when it’s utter chaos. The Philly fans are happy. They’ve already gotten a big title match out of the deal.

“Now let me just make sure I’m up to speed on what’s going on here…” Mickie resolved as she reached out and threw her arm over RVD’s shoulders. “RVD wants to reinforce that he’s a fighting champion by having his third WWE Championship Title defense in the span on two weeks. And his fourth championship match if you include his ECW Championship Match against Kurt Angle from last Tuesday Night. He also wants to redeem himself from looking like he was going to tap out to Cena last week… Does that sound about right, Rob?”

RVD nods and the Philly crowd gives a loud pop for the fighting champion.

“Okay… and Cena’s happy because he gets another shot after getting screwed over when he was seemingly seconds away from winning the WWE Championship last week. And at the same time he also gets revenge on the guy who screwed… uh… cost him the belt. So you’re all set then, right John?”

Cena nods and the crowd near the birthplace of hardcore gives him his usual split reaction.

“And then there’s Edge!” Mickie continues as she pulls her arm off of Van Dam and takes a step towards the ramp, “You just can’t seem to stop interjecting yourself into situations that you have no business in. You interfere in other people’s matches, you interrupt other people’s segments and you rile everyone until you get your way… Edge, honey, all you really proved was that you have no clue how to use your tongue properly.”

Mickie mocks Edge by sticking her tongue out and waggling it around like Edge had been doing earlier when he was mocking the Philadelphia sports teams.

“That’s not Rated R… that’s barely PG-13,” Mickie insists, “I, on the other hand, have already proven that I am an extremely talented cunning linguist and have used my tongue to break b*tches! I guess that’s the difference between us Edge, you’re barely Rated R… and like I told you last week… I’M RATED M, B*TCH!

Mickie grabs the bottom of her Break a B itch t-shirt and tugs it out from inside the title belt around her waist and then pulls it off to reveal another shirt underneath it. Mickie’s second shirt is dark pink in color and has the sleeves cut off while the bottom is cropped short to show off her toned stomach. The dark pink shirt is notably snug and right on Mickie’s chest is a black tv rating box with white lettering that reads TV-MA. And above the rating box is slanted white writing that says Rated M. RVD is currently the only one in position to see the word B ITCH written across the back in the same slanted white writing from the front.

The fans cheer and start chanting RA-TED M! RA-TED M! RA-TED M! so that they can taunt Edge and cheer Mickie at the same time. Mickie smirks and tosses her black Break a B itch t-shirt to a cheering fan alongside the entrance ramp.

“That’s just great!” Edge growls. “So now you’re stealing my catchphrases!?”

“Your catchphrases are gonna be the least of your worries when I’m done here tonight!” Mickie immediately fires back. “Because once you, Cena and RVD clear out… I’m gonna handle my business in the ring…” Mickie pauses for a effect. There’s a wild look in her eyes as she sticks out her tongue again and gives it a quick flick. “...and I’m gonna steal your girlfriend!”

The camera quickly cuts and is in the perfect position to see Lita’s eyes go wide in surprise from where she had been standing silently beside Edge. The fans pop and started chanting BREAK A B*TCH! BREAK A B*TCH! BREAK A B*TCH!

“Yeah right, if you think–” Edge starts to argue but Lita surprises everyone when she grabs Edge’s microphone and steps past him.

“You need to watch yourself because–”

Mickie steps back in surprise and cuts Lita off, “WHOA! She’s speaks! She’s spent some much time hiding behind her boyfriend that I was sure she’d forgotten how!”

“That’s because you’re not even worth my time,” Lita responds. “Do you know who I am?”

“No, but give me a minute and I’ll go backstage and call Matt Hardy and ask him,” Mickie offers, “Although, I doubt he’d say anything flattering…”


Mickie’s got her verbal claws out again! Lita glares at the crowd then turns her attention back to Mickie. She goes to speak but the Women’s Champion once again cuts her off.

“I remember this one diva called Lita,” Mickie continues. “They called her the Extreme Diva. She was considered to be Trish Stratus’ greatest rival. She used to pull her top off and do moonsaults from the top rope. She wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the guys and was considered to be one of the all time greats… but that couldn’t possibly be you.”

“She’s got a point there,” RVD speaks up, “Over on ECW we know a thing or two about extreme and hardcore. Way back once upon a time… yeah… Lita was extreme. Was. That’s not the case anymore. Now… Mickie James is the most hardcore woman in the divas locker room.”

Mickie grins at RVD and the Women’s Champion and the ECW Champion slap hands for a quick high-five. Lita glares furiously at the two champions on the stage.

“Of course, if you’ve got a problem with that… we’re supposed to have a match,” Mickie reminds her, “So now that the main event’s been settled, why don’t the guys clear out so you can try to prove me wrong? Otherwise I’ll just go on thinking what everyone else here is thinking… that you’re a sad, pathetic, burned out shell of your former self.”


“I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” Edge yells as he tears the microphone away from Lita.

“You weren’t even supposed to be out here in the first place!” Mickie counters. “This was scheduled to be a one-on-one match. But since we’ve already shown that we’re just gonna do whatever the hell we want until Mr. McMahon gets here… I can see this playing out two ways... “ Mickie casually throws her arm across RVD’s shoulders, “Since you like interfering in matches so much… I’ll ask my new friend and fellow champion Rob Van Dam to stick around and even the odds. And this way he can keep an eye on his opponent for later tonight.”

RVD shrugs, “I’m down.”

“I’m out here to support my girl,” Edge insists. “This has nothing to do with you! It’s none of your business!”

Mickie surprises everyone when she uses her arm around RVD’s shoulders to pull the WWE Champion into a heated kiss.

The camera got back to the ring and show that even John Cena is starting up at the ramp in in surprise while the Philly crowd starts chanting. HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!

King: WHOA! I wish I was Rob Van Dam right now!

J.R.: I don’t think you’re alone in that one, King. You’d be hardpressed to find a man in this arena who wouldn’t want to be in RVD’s place. And a fair few women too, I’d wager.

Mickie finally releases RVD and pulls away. The usually mellow Rob Van Dam is left staring straight ahead in wide-eyed surprise.

“It looks like I just made it his business,” Mickie remarks. RVD nods silently. “And by the way, Edge, that is how you use your tongue.” Edge is as dumbfounded as everyone else while Lita looks disgusted. Mickie doesn’t bother letting him respond yet. “Now if you don’t like option one… then you’re probably going to hate option two… John Cena’s been standing in that ring this whole time and looks really bored. I bet if I asked him real nice, he’d be willing to remove you from ringside for me.”

Cena nods eagerly and pulls off his ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ t-shirt to show that he’s ready for a fight. He doesn’t really even need an excuse to attack the man who screwed him out of the WWE Championship last week.

Lita takes the microphone back to Edge, “Babe, don’t worry. I’ve got this. I can spare the five minutes it’ll take to put this uppity troll pretending to be Women’s Champion in her place.”

“Oh… sorry Lita…or whoever-you-are...” Mickie mockingly apologizes. “But you must not have been paying attention. Edge leaving voluntarily wasn’t one of your two choices.” Mickie smirks, “John, I think they just picked option two.”

Cena rolls out of the ring and goes right after Edge. The Rated R Superstar tries to fight back but the Cenation Leader is extra motivated and is all over him and has Edge doubled over so he can lay in some hard shots to the back. J.R. and King stand up and back away from the table as Cena and Edge brawl right in front of them. They moved just in time, because Cena suddenly drags Edge back up and grabs him by the collar then chucks him clear over the announce table.

Edge knocks over the chairs and lands in a heap on the other side of the table but Cena still isn’t through and tries to go around the table to dish out more punishment. But Lita suddenly gets involved and grabs onto Cena’s arm to hold him back. The momentary distraction is enough time for Edge to grab King’s fallen water bottle and throw it at Cena. The cheap plastic bottle bursts when it impacts with Cena’s face and sprays water everywhere.

Cena staggers backwards and attempts to wipe the water out of his eyes while Edge crawls out from behind the commentary table, scrambles back up to his feet and then hops the barricade and high tails it the hell out of there. It’s worth noting that Edge is going the same way that he and Lita had gone last week when they stormed out of the arena in North Carolina.

Cena recovers from the water explosion and sees Edge escaping. He rushes to the barricade and quickly leaps over it. Edge looks back and sees Cena coming after him and starts full-out sprinting up the steps as Cena chases after him.

“THANKS JOHN!” Mickie shouts from up on the stage. She turns and smiles at Rob Van Dam. “I can handle things from here. Good luck in your title match tonight.”

RVD nods and heads to the back while Mickie starts making her way down to the ring. The Women’s Champion’s eyes are locked on Lita who is still standing in front of the commentary table on the other side of the ring.

J.R.: It looks like we’ve finally got things under control, folks! Tonight’s main event is now a Triple Threat WWE Championship Match. RVD versus John Cean versus Edge. We may crown a new WWE Champion tonight!

King: But first we’re finally going to see Mickie James take on Lita.

J.R.: Mickie James has threatened to steal Edge’s girlfriend. We’ll see if she can do it… after these messages!

The screen fades to black as Raw goes to its first commercial break. Mickie James has once again proved why she’s one of the top talents in the WWE. She came out with Raw’s top stars and looked like she belonged there. Of course, fans looking back on the segment would eventually realize that Mickie’s kiss with RVD had actually been her infamous Kiss of Death. Because Rob Van Dam was about to have a very bad night and an even worse week.


Raw comes back from the commercial break with the cameras outside of the arena. A long stretch limo pulls up and Vince McMahon gets out. Coach greets him and assures the boss that ran off D-X and there will be no problems tonight. Vince McMahon and Coach head into the arena and completely miss Triple H and Shawn Michaels driving up in a convertible with a bunch of cheering girls in the back.

The cameras go back out to the ring Mickie James and Lita are waiting in opposite corners with divas match referee Jack Doan and ring announcer Lilian Garcia between them.

Lilian finally does her introductions, “Ladies and gentlemen, the following non-title match is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from Richmond Virginia, she is the WWE Women’s Champion… the Covergirl of the WWE Summer Special Magazine… and the woman who broke Trish Stratus, Maria, Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Torrie Wilson… MICKIE JAMES!” Mickie nods along as Lilian runs down her extensive resume. The crowd cheers for Mickie while Lilian glances over at the Women’s Champion to ensure that she’s happy. Mickie flashes her a jaunty thumbs up. Lilian lets out a sigh of relief then continues. “And her opponent… LITA!” Lita glares at Lilian and looks annoyed by her comparatively much shorter introduction. Mickie hands off her championship and Lilian Garcia vacates the ring. Jack Doan takes one last glance at the two combatants to ensure they’re ready and then calls for the bell.

They meet in the middle of the ring and Mickie almost immediately ducks a slap from Lita then spins around and nails her with spinning back kick. Lita doubles over and Mickie grabs her in a side headlock, MICKIE-DT… but Lita grabs Mickie’s arm and counters out with a wristlock then spins Mickie around and pulls her down into a side headlock of her own. LITA DDT… but Mickie surges forward and shoves Lita back first in the ropes and starts teeing off with shots to stomach. Jack Doan rushes over and orders the two divas apart. Lita releases her hold on Mickie and Mickie raises her arms as she backs away for a clean break. But Lita lashes out with a cheap shot and kicks Mickie in the knee. Lita grabs Mickie’s arm again and spins around so they’re standing side-by-side then falls backwards and hits a Russian legsweep before doing her signature float over into a pin.


Mickie pushes herself up onto her hands and knees while Lita shoots back up and runs to the ropes then bounces off and jumps up to drive both her feet into Mickie’s side for a front dropkick. Mickie goes rolling across the ring and eventually stops near the ropes. Lita goes after her and drags her back up to her feet then whips her into the corner. Mickie hits the turnbuckles back-first while Lita steps back into the middle of the ring then charges at Mickie. But Mickie leaps out of the corner and gives Lita a helpful shove as she goes passed causing Lita to go through the ropes and slam shoulder-first into the ring post. Lita is left doubled over and hanging out of the ring in the corner. Mickie smirks as she steps up behind Lita. “The Lita I remember used to wear colorful thongs. Let’s see if you are!” The perverted diva briefly grips Lita’s lower back before she jams her hands down her pants. Lita’s head snaps up and nearly hits the turnbuckle as Mickie grabs hold of her panties and yanks up. Lita lets out a howl of pain as Mickie yanks up her waistband of her bright red thong. MICKIE JUST GAVE LITA A WEDGIE!

Frantic and desperate, Lita pushes herself away from the corner and drives a wild elbow into Mickie’s jaw. Mickie is rocks backwards and Lita quickly grabs her and sweeps Mickie’s legs then falls backwards and drive Mickie face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Mickie is left slumped in the corner as Lita briefly backs away and winces as she reaches back to adjust her uncomfortable thong. Lita smirks as she turns back to Mickie and easily flips up the back of the Women’s Champion’s black skirt to reveal her dark pink panties. “Let’s see how you like it!” Lita bunches up the back of Mickie’s panties and returns the favor by giving Mickie a wedgie of her own. But the Shameless One doesn’t miss a step and suddenly shoots her leg out behind her and kicks Lita’s knee. Lita is caught off guard by the fast counter and Mickie is able to shove her back and then spin out of the corner to hit a hard forearm to the face. Lita lurches backwards and Mickie quickly hoists herself up so she’s sitting on the top rope then stretches her legs out and wraps them around Lita’s head. Mickie pushes out of the corner and sends Lita flying across the ring with her signature rope-aided hurricanrana… MICK-A-RANA!

Lita crawls to the opposite corner and drags herself back up with the ropes but Mickie surges after her and jumps up into the air. Mickie’s chest collides with Lita’s as she squashes her opponent in the corner with a running turnbuckle bodyspalsh. Mickie bounces off and briefly leaves Lita slumped against the corner. But the Women’s Champion dashes back into her opponent’s personal space and cups both sides of the other woman’s face… AND THEN KISSES HER FULL ON THE LIPS! On commentary, King raves that Mickie really is trying to steal Edge’s girlfriend. The crowd cheers and wolf whistles while the referee runs over and orders Mickie to break her ‘hold’ and get Lita out of the corner. Mickie pays him no mind and proceeds to jam her tongue down Lita’s throat as she intensifies her lip lock. The hardcore perverts in attendance cheer loudly and start chanting, HLA! HLA! HLA! Referee Jack Doan once again warns Mickie that she has Lita illegally trapped in the corner and starts the five-count that will disqualify her. The fans count along with him.






Mickie backs away from the corner and leaves a flustered Lita leaning against the turnbuckles. Lita’s mouth his hanging open and she’s breathing heavily. She’s staring at Mickie with a look that seems to be a combination of shock and disgust. Mickie smirks as she raises her hand to her mouth with two of her fingers in a familiar ‘V’ shape then flicks her tongue between them. The fans pop and once again start chanting HLA! HLA! HLA! Lita is suddenly incensed by Mickie’s lewd taunt and surges out of the corner looking for a clothesline but Mickie easily ducks it then quickly spins and lashes out with her arm. CRACK! A loud smack echoes through the arena as Mickie slaps Lita on the ass as hard as she can. “YAAAH!” Lita yelps and staggers forward clutching her butt. She whirls around and glares at Mickie who is looking back with an impish grin and a playful glint in her eyes. Lita charges Mickie again and goes for another wild swing but Mickie easily ducks under it then grabs Lita and flips her passed her with a snapmare. Mickie runs to the ropes, bounces off and knocks LIta flat on her back with a dropkick to the face. Mickie jumps back up and raises her arms overhead while the crowd cheers and chants her name. MICKIE! MICKIE! MICKIE!

J.R.: We’ve seen Lita fight in some of the greatest divas matches in history, King. But Mickie James has her completely off balance here tonight!

King: I don’t know what Lita was expecting when she entered this match. But you and I both know that there’s no diva in that locker room who is better at mind games than Mickie James.

J.R.: Well, it’s safe to say that Mickie is firmly in Lita’s head.

King: It looks more like she’s trying to get in her pants to me. Lita’s learning the hard way that there’s nothing you can do to prepare for Mickie James.

Mickie turns her attention back to Lita and sees that she’s rolled over and has pushed herself back up to her knees. Mickie grabs Lita and pulls her up into a front facelock then forces Lita back into the middle of the ring with a series of hard knee strikes. Groggy and flustered, Lita tries an act of desperation and once again lashes out to kick Mickie in the knee. Lita pulls Mickie down into a side headlock and once again goes for her signature snap DDT, LITA DDT… but Mickie spins out of it with a wristlock, grabs hold of Lita and bends her backwards and then once again seals her lips to Lita’s with a hard kiss. The crowd cheers and once again chants HLA! HLA! HLA! But Lita is a little bit more prepared this time and starts flailing wildly and eventually manages to force Mickie off of her. Mickie takes Lita’s push in stride and uses it to increase her momentum as she spins around and drives her heel into the back of Lita’s head for a big reverse roundhouse kick. MICKIE JUST GAVE LITA THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT! Lita drops to the mat unconscious. She’s out cold.

YYEEAAHH! MICKIE! MICKIE! MICKIE! Mickie raises her arms and does a spin for the crowd but as usual makes no move to actually pin her opponent.This isn’t an Anything Goes Match but it’s clear that Mickie has an agenda and is doing whatever she can within regulation WWE rules to break her opponent. Mickie drops to her knees in between her prone opponent’s legs then leans forward and slips her hands underneath Lita to undo her pants. The crowd cheers as Mickie grabs the waistband of Lita’s pants and quickly yanks them down to her ankles and then tears them off. YYYEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH! Lita’s red thong is now fully revealed and with the way it’s wedged between her cheeks it makes Lita’s ass look even more naked than it already is. Mickie grins as she bunches Lita’s pants under one of her arms then reaches out with her free and hand gives Lita a hard series of swats on her mostly naked ass. YYYEEEAAAHHH! MICKIE! MICKIE! MICKIE!

The referee comes over and tries to pull Lita’s pants away from Mickie. “What? It’s not like I’m gonna use them as a weapon or anything!” But while Mickie argues with the referee, Lita finally wakes up and realizes she’s nearly bottomless and let’s out a shriek of horror. “NNOOOOO!” Lita pushes herself up and makes a mad crawl across the ring which causes her nearly naked ass to wiggle with each stride. Mickie drops Lita’s pants and chases after her but is too late to stop Lita from diving through the ropes out of the ring. Lita sits up on the floor and hugs her bare legs to her chest. Mickie looks on from the ring and then sits down on the middle rope and holds the top one open for Lita. “What’s the matter? Weren’t you going to put me in my place? Get your naked ass back in here!” Jack Doan comes over and starts the ring out count while Lita continues to glare at Mickie from where she’s sitting at the bottom of the entrance ramp.





Lita finally stands up. She hands her hands clamped down between her legs to cover the front of her thong. The fans cheer while Mickie is still holding the ropes open and waves for Lita to get back in the ring. Lita shakes her head, “FORGET YOU! I’M TOO GOOD FOR THIS!” Lita waves Mickie off, turned around and stalks up the ramp. The referee continues his ring out count while the fans boo furiously and start chanting all sorts of horrible things at Lita. BOOOOO! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! SHE’S GOT HERPES! SHE’S GOT HERPES! YOU SCREWED MATT! YOU SCREWED MATT! SHE’S A COCK TEASE! SHE’S A COCK TEASE! Lita’s heat in this one moment is louder than anything Edge got in the entire opening segment. Mickie gets off of the ropes and glares at Lita as her opponent walks out on her.







Jack Doan calls for the bell and awards Mickie the match via count out but she doesn’t look happy about her victory at all. The Women’s Champion pulls away from the referee when he goes to raise her arm and rolls out of the ring. She snags Lilian Garcia’s microphone before she can even start her post match announcement and takes a quick few seconds to reclaim her championship belt before she slips back into the ring.

“So that’s it, huh? That’s all you are now, Lita?” Mickie calls after her opponent. “All that build up and no climax? You sure know how to leave a crowd unsatisfied.” The crowd shares Mickie’s displeasure and let’s out a resounding boo. BOOOOOOOOOO! “The Lita I remember never ran from a fight. Maybe that was you once. But it’s clear to everyone in this arena… the legendary Lita… the Extreme Diva… IS DEAD! Keep running Lita… I’m not gonna bother chasing you. You’re a b*tch alright… but you’re not worth the time and effort it would take to break you!”

Obsession plays as Mickie drops her microphone and rolls out of the ring. She’s still scowling at the disappointing ending to her match and is lacking her usual exuberance.

The cameras got to the back where Vince McMahon is in his office complaining to Coach. Vince is suspicious but Coach insists that D-X aren’t in the building. The Chairman orders Coach to explain why his toilets are stopped up and why his catering never arrived. He orders Coach to go and investigate the matter.


Bagpipe music is playing in the arena after the successful debut of the Highlanders against the team of Rob Conway and Matt Striker… who after realizing how crazy the two kilt-wearing scotsmen were decided not to tag into the match and left his partner high and dry. After Lita walked out on her match with Mickie earlier... the Philadelphia crowd was extra hostile towards ‘their teacher’.

The cameras go out to the parking lot and show Triple H standing behind a table that is covered in a red tablecloth and countless cups of beer. It turns out, since Vince McMahon had banned D-X from the building they decided to stay outside and throw a festive Fourth of July barbecue… which probably explained where Vince McMahon’s catering had gone.

“Hey, Hunter!”

The Game casts a quick look to the side as Mickie James walks over and stands next to him behind the table. She’s still in the same dark pink Rated M top and black skirt from before but now she’s all smiles. The reasons for this is probably the smoking hot Torrie WIlson hanging off her arm. Torrie is wearing the incredibly short and snug pale blue bottoms and the barely-more-than-a-bra blue top that consist of her revealing ring gear.

“Oh… uunnghh… hey Mickie…” HHH greets her. He seems distracted as he stands with the lower half of his body hidden behind the table.

“Thanks for sending that girl to invite me to your party,” Mickie chirps. “It came at just the right time. First, Lita ran out on me during our match… and then I learned Melina and Johnny Nitro petitioned to have me banned from ringside during their match against Vicky and Carlito. Apparently it’s no problem when they interfere in each other’s matches. But when the other side has the numbers advantage I’m suddenly not allowed to be at ringside to support my girl. Whorrie was doing her part in cheering me up when your invitation came so it seemed only natural for me to bring her as my date.” Mickie grins and turns her head to share a steamy kiss with Torrie. “Mmm... thanks, sweetie.”

“Oh yeah… yeah… uh so… where’s the rest of your uuuugh-entourage?” Triple H asks.

“Well, Vicky’s still getting ready for her match and Maria’s overseas visiting the troops in Iraq,” Mickie explains. “So for now it’s just me and Whorrie.”

“That’s g-good… great… OH…” Triple H stammered. He reaches out and bangs his fist on the table in front of Mickie.

Mickie looks over at the Game curiously, “You okay, Hunter? You sound funny. If I didn’t know any better I’d say there was someone su–OH! OH!” Mickie suddenly goes ramrod straight and her eyes fly wide open. But then they narrow as she glances over at Helmsley and smirks, “So it’s this kind of party… Mmm… you uuuh… sure know how to show a girl a guh-good time.”

“D-X… always has… a good time…” HHH grunts.

Torrie has a knowing smile on her face. She easily slips around Mickie and wraps her arms around her from behind. Torrie reaches down with one hand and pulls up the front of Mickie’s black skirt to the point where it’s above the table and holds it there. The blonde uses her other hand to reach up and caress Mickie’s chest.

“Oooh… ohmygosh… ohmygosh…” Mickie whimpers, “OH! OH! OOOH!”

There are no pretenses anymore. It’s clear that there is someone under the table going down on Mickie James. And there’s probably somebody else blowing HHH. But unlike Mickie who has her skirt flipped up leaving an expanse of bare skin above the table… Triple H’s jeans can still be seen when he bucks erratically against the table. His lips quirk as he glances to the side at the show Mickie and Torrie are putting on.

“OOH! UUH! HUUH! NYUUH!” Mickie gasps. Her mouth is hanging open and she starting to buck and thrash against her hidden assailant. But then Torrie cups Mickie’s chin and Mickie starts moaning into Torrie’s mouth as they share a heated kiss. “MMMM! MMMHHM!

“UUGH! Uggh…” Triple H’s notably staged moans have been dialed back. Of course most people in-the-know are aware that behind-the-scenes he’s married to a certain McMahon. So obviously he wouldn’t really be doing this. But the same can not be said for one Mickie James who is quite possibly bottomless behind the table and is letting out moans that seem genuine.

HHH groans and grabs a random mustard bottle and sprays mustard all over the place to simulate ejaculation.

Mickie, on the other hand, breaks her kiss with Torrie so she can throw her head back and scream as she has real orgasm live on cable television. “OOOOHMYYYYYGAAAAHHHHHHD! UUUUUAAAAUUUGGHH!”

Torrie releases Mickie who falls forward onto the table and sends beer cups flying everywhere. Mickie pushes herself up onto her elbows. She has a dazed expression and her breathing is ragged. “Thank you… kind stranger…”

Torrie smirks and once again wraps her arms around Mickie’s waist from behind before she pulls Mickie away from the table. Mickie’s skirt flips back down just in time to avoid revealing anything. Mickie is being fully supported by Torrie who pulls her backwards until the dark pink panties around Mickie’s knees are visible.

Mickie’s eyes go wide and she blurts out in surprise as a familiar face emerges from under the table.

“MARIA!? I thought you were in Iraq!”

“Nope! I was under the table!” Maria chirps. There’s further ‘evidence’ of Mickie’s real orgasm plastered all over the bottom of her smiling pet’s face.

“Yes… I can see that,” Mickie replies. “But why were you under the table?”

“Candice approached me and said that she really wanted to go to Iraq instead,” Maria explains.

Mickie looks back at the blonde holding her, “Were you in on this?”

“She wanted it to be a surprise,” Torrie answers, speaking for the first time.

“Were you surprised?” Maria asks eagerly.

Mickie smiles fondly, “Very surprised.”

“Can you stand?” Torrie inquires. Mickie nods and the blonde releases her. Once she sees that the Women’s Champion is standing under her own power, she turns her attention to Maria. “Because I was bribed for my silence.” Torrie steps forward and grabs Maria so she can pull her into a kiss. The blonde doesn’t seem to mind-or rather-seems to enjoy that there’s ‘essence of Mickie’ all over Maria’s face. Torrie pulls away and gives Maria a sexy grin. “My turn.”

Maria giggles as she and Torrie sink down and disappear under the table.

Mickie looks over at Triple H who has a wide, pervy grin on his face. “Did you know she was under there?”

“Of course,” the Game answered. “She asked me if I could call you out here so she could surprise you. Like I’m gonna say no to a request like that.”

Suddenly Torrie Wilson’s moans begin to emanate from under the table. “OH YES! MARIA, RIGHT THERE! GOOD GIRL!”

A dark haired vaguely asian woman in a skimpy Degeneration X shirt pops out from under the table and stares at Triple H in surprise. “They’re uh… really going at it under there…”

“You bet they are!” Mickie exclaims as she pulls a band off of her wrist and ties her hair back. “Hunter, I’m going in!” Mickie drops down and dives under the table after her pets.

HHH chuckles as he puts his arm around his D-X groupie, “I knew she’d be great to have at a party.” The screen fades to black and Raw goes to a commercial.


Back from the break, D-X has taken over a production truck and the men who at the beginning of the show had claimed to not know how to work a computer proceeded to use their inexplicable technical production know-how to torment Vince McMahon. First by broadcasting him while he was urinating in a public restroom (because his personal bathroom’s toilet was still stopped up) and next by messing with the Chairman’s microphone while he addressed them from the ring. A furious Vince McMahon announced the Spirit Squad versus D-X in a five-on-two elimination match at Saturday Night’s Main Event on July Fifteenth. D-X responded by playing a laugh track. A thoroughly humiliated Mr. McMahon asked for D-X to at least play his music so he could leave. Degeneration X surprisingly obliged and started playing No Chance... but then quickly switched it over to the embarrassing Stand Back music video which caused the Chairman to storm to the back in a furious rage. After another commercial break, the cameras go out to the ring.


The red carpet is rolled out and Johnny Nitro and Melina strut out on stage while photographers swarm them and start snapping pictures of the A-List Power Couple. Johnny Nitro is wearing one of his usual ‘roadkill’ coats, dark sunglasses and a pair of black and brown tights with his Intercontinental Championship dangling out of them. Melina is wearing furry white wrestling boots, a short white skirt and a snug but extremely low cut black top that shoves off her impressive cleavage.

Nitro spins Melina on the stage and dips her backwards which further shows off her cleavage and then they strut their stuff down the red carpeted entrance ramp as Lilian Garcia does her introductions. “The follow contest is a Mixed Tag Team Number One Contender Match and is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles California… the team of Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro and Melina! If Melina’s team wins... she will become the Number One Contender for Mickie James’ Women’s Championship!”

Nitro and Melina reach the bottom and Melina strikes a pose in front of the ring then stretches her leg up onto the ring apron then grabs the bottom rope and pulls herself up into her signature split on the ring apron. The cameras are given a split second view of Melina’s black panties peeking out from under her skirt before Nitro spins to the side and blocks the view much to King’s immense irritation. Melina swings her body under the bottom rope then stands up with her legs spread so her boyfriend can run and slide through them as he slips into the ring. Nitro poses on his side in the middle of the ring while Melina was over and strikes her own wide-legged pose behind him.

YES, I LOST MY MIND… Victoria’s theme All The Things She Said plays. Victoria walks out in the same black wrestling gear and hooded Broken B itch sweatshirt from last week. The hood is up but the same lightning-like crack face paint is still visible on Vicky’s face. “And their opponents… first, the Broken Diva… Vicky!” Lilian looks nervous in the ring as she surveys Victoria and hopes she got her new introduction right. After spending that one show in her underwear two weeks ago, the Raw Ring Announcer is an unofficial member of Mickie’s Band of Broken B itches and doesn’t want to do anything to piss off the impulsive and mentally unsound Women’s Champion. Vicky doesn’t seem to object as she stares silently at Melina her entire way down the ramp before finally breaking eye contact when she turns to go around the corner. Vicky climbs up onto the side of the ring and slowly reaches up to lower her hood then reaches up and grabs the top rope with both hands so she can do a smooth backflip over the top rope and land on her feet in the ring. Victoria leans back in the nearest corner and glares across the ring at Nitro and Melina.

I spit in the face… of people who don’t want to be cool! The Caribbean beat of Carlito’s theme Cool fills the arena as Carlito makes his way out onto the stage. He’s wearing his yellow Spit or Swallow t-shirt and his cool blue short tights, knee pads and boots. “And her partner… from the Caribbean weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… Caarlito! If Carlito’s team wins… he will become the Number One Contender for Johnny Nitro’s Intercontinental Championship!” Carlito makes his way down the ramp and goes up the stairs into the ring with little fan fair.

J.R.: Well you just heard it from Lilian Garcia, folks. Two different Number One Contendership Spots are up for grabs in this match. If Johnny Nitro or Melina pick up the victory in this match… then Melina gets a shot at Victoria’s um girlfriend Mickie James’ Women’s Championship. But if Carlito or Victoria get the win… then Carlito gets an Intercontinental Championship Match against Johnny Nitro!

Lilian Garcia exits the ring and both teams split up and go to their separate corners. Everyone removes their extra entrance gear and the referee looks about ready to call for the bell to start the match. But before he can, a familiar voice sounds through the arena over the speakers.


Everyone’s attention turns to the TitanTron which cuts away from the ring to show Mickie James sitting behind a control panel in the production truck. The Women’s Championship is resting on top of the control panel.

Maria leans into the shot from Mickie’s right side and gives a cheery wave as she practically sings, “HIIII VIICTORIIA! D-X invited us to join them in the production truck!”

Torrie leans in from the other side and rests her head on Mickie’s shoulder. “So even though we can’t be out there cheering you on… we’ll still be supporting you from back here.”

“Do us proud Vicky!” Mickie encourages her broken girlfriend. “And oh, Melina, I didn’t forget about you. Since Lita turned out to be a deadbeat disappointment… I’ve got my full attention on you now. But here’s a free piece of advice, girlfriend. Don’t wear a skirt to the ring unless you’re willing to show off what’s underneath it!” Mickie turns and calls out to someone off screen. “HIT IT, SHAWN!”

The TitanTron cuts back to Johnny Nitro and Melina making their entrance. But then switches into slow motion as Nitro spins Melina and dips her backwards. The shot goes even slower and enters super slowmo as the camera films straight down Melina’s shirt. The edge’s of the shot are then cropped out so Melina’s chest and cleavage completely fill the screen.

Then the video skips to further along in the couple’s entrance and shows the short split-second clip of Melina’s black panties being exposed under her white skirt while Melina does her split on the apron before Nitro leans in to block the shot. The second-long clip is played on loop and Melina’s black, partially see-through panties are shown over and over on the big screen.

The video cuts to a few seconds later from a different camera angle where Melina is swinging her upperbody under the bottom rope. Melina is leaning down and a camera that was filming from the other side of the ring is shooting straight down her shirt. This time it’s not done in slow motion or on a loop but instead is played forwards and then reverses so Melina swings back and forth over and over again under the bottom rope on repeat.

The video montage finally ends and Melina is shown flipping out in the ring while the crowd and commentary team laugh at her embarrassment.

King: Haha ha! I love D-X and I love Mickie James!

J.R.: That’ll be TiVo-ed about three million times this week…

The camera switches back and shows Mickie, Maria and Torrie sitting together in the truck. “GOOD LUCK, VICKY!” They all call out together before the cameras return to the ring.
Melina is furious and pushes passed Nitro so she can climb out on the apron. She’s no longer interested in starting this match with perverts like Mickie James and D-X running the show from the production truck. Carlito shares a glance with Victoria and they switch places so that Carlito can start the match against Johnny Nitro. Jack Doan is refereeing again. He sees that everything is finally under control and calls for the bell to start the match.

Carlito and Nitro lock up in the middle of the ring and start grappling for position. Carlito looks to be overpowering Nitro but Nitro spins them around and forces Carlito back into his corner. Carlito raises his arms as Nitro goes for a clean break but Nitro suddenly staggers backwards and clutches his eye. The referee turns to check on him and Melina quickly shoots her flexible leg up over the top rope and kicks Carlito in the back of the head from the apron. Carlito staggers out of the corner and Nitro pushes passed the referee and clobbers him with a clothesline. Nitro drags Carlito up and pushes him back into the ropes then goes to whip him across the ring. But Carlito reverses and sends Nitro into the ropes instead. Carlito ducks down and goes for a back body drop but Nitro jumps up and rolls across Carlito’s back before landing on his feet behind him. Nitro taunts Carlito and goes for a clothesline which Carlito runs under it. Nitro hits the ropes and bounces off but Carlito jumps straight up onto his shoulders and sends him flying across the ring with a hurricanrana.

Melina lets out one of her signature shrill screams from the apron. Carlito looks back at her and picks at his ear then follows after Nitro into his corner. He reaches out towards Vicky and offers her a tag that will automatically bring in the screeching harpy in the other corner. But in reaching for Vicky, Carlito took his eyes off of his opponent for a split second which allows Nitro to push himself back up and nail Carlito with a shot to the stomach. Carlito doubles over while Nitro spring up and bends Carlito backwards then drives him head-first into the mat for a reverse DDT. The Intercontinental Champion follows up by pushing his legs up over his head then swings them around and slams them down on Carlito’s back for his signature corkscrew leg drop. Nitro spins around so he’s facing Melina in the corner and briefly poses on his side before he rolls Carlito over and hooks his legs for a pin.

ONE… TW–Carlito kicks out!

Carlito rolls away from Nitro and crawls for the corner. Now he’s taken some offense and is actually in need of a tag. But Nitro grabs Carlito’s leg and pulls him away from the corner then drops an elbow across Carlito’s back. Nitro drags Carlito back into the middle of the ring and sits him up then hooks Carlito’s own arm around his throat and pulls back for a seated cobra clutch submission hold. Vicky starts slapping the top rope in the corner while the fans start chanting CAR-LI-TO! CAR-LI-TO! to motivate him back into the match. Carlito digs deep and fights back up to his feet and his a series of elbow to Nitro’s sculpted stomach to break the hold. Carlito swings at Nitro for a forearm but Nitro ducks it and boots Carlito in the stomach then whips him into one of the neutral corners. Nitro runs after Carlito and hits a running hip attack against the turnbuckles. Nitro backs away from Carlito’s then shows off his athleticism by launching himself backwards with a crazy jumping triple-spin so he can land on one knee in the middle of the ring. Melina, of course, cheers like it’s the greatest thing anyone has ever done in a wrestling ring ever. Nitro poses for his cheering girlfriend but Carlito suddenly surges out of the corner and levels Nitro with a hard clothesline. Carlito crawls for his own corner… AND MAKES THE DIVING TAG TO VICTORIA!

Vicky ducks through the ropes which automatically brings in Melina under mixed tag rules. Victoria rushes across the ring and takes down Melina with a clothesline. Melina scrambles back up only for Vicky to send her flying with a Japanese arm drag. Melina rolls across the ring and slips under the bottom rope so she can drop down to the floor and escape. Victoria glares after Melina and chases after her. Vicky reaches the floor just in time to see Melina spin around and crawl under the ring. The Broken Diva attempts to pull Melina out but Nitro finally slides out of the ring and distracts her. Victoria is facing Nitro so she doesn’t see Melina as she slips out the other side of the ring, runs around the corner and nails her with a hard shot from behind. The referee comes over and orders Nitro to get back to his corner but the damage has already been done. Melina grabs Victoria in a front facelock then rams Vicky back-first into the side of the ring. The A-Lister rolls her reeling opponent back into the ring under the bottom rope and gets in after her. Victoria tries to roll away from Melina and pushes herself up onto her hands and knees but Melina briefly flashes her panties as she swings her leg up over her head and brings her heel down on Vicky’s back for a big ax kick. Victoria drops onto her back and Melina follows up with a pin.


Melina screams out in annoyance but the Broken Diva is too tough to be put away so easily. Melina growls and pulls Victoria up into a front facelock then grabs the side of her Vicky’s trunks and swings her up over head before slamming her back down with a quick snap suplex. Victoria groans and thrashes on the mat as she slowly sits up. Melina runs to the ropes, bounces off and flies fee-first into Victoria’s back for a low dropkick. Victoria pitches forward and rolls over onto her stomach. Melina scrambles after her and starts laying into Victoria’s back with a hard series of forearms shots and elbows all directed to the same vulnerable area. But then Melina pushes herself up and plants her knee in the middle of Victoria’s spine. She keeps her knee wedged there as she reaches over and grabs Vicky’s jaw for a chinlock and then starts wrenching back. Unlike with most submissions in the WWE, Melina doesn’t have Victoria facing the hard camera. But the awkward positioning suddenly pays off as Mickie’s voice once again sounds through the arena’s speakers.

”HEY VICKY! It’s me again!”

The TitanTron switches over to show Mickie back in the production truck. “Vicky… You look like you’re in a tough spot so I thought I’d provide you with some more motivation while also making this match a little sexier. I just sent Whorrie and Maria off to find some handcuffs and a microphone. Make me happy and I’ll use them on you. And you know what? I had so much fun stripping Melina to her underwear last week that I think we should do it again. Bring me Melina’s shirt and skirt… and I’ll be very happy.”

The camera switches back to the ring. Melina still has Victoria in the chinlock but she’s frozen as she stares at the TitanTron in horror. Melina’s view of the TitanTron puts her in the perfect position to see the twisted slasher smile stretch across Vicky’s face. The Broken Diva has reached her demented second wind and suddenly surges back up to her feet. Melina is left dangling off of Vicky’s back in surprise. Victoria runs backwards and rams Melina back-first into one of the neutral corners. Melina grunts in pain while Vicky walks out of the corner and easily swings her opponent up into a fireman’s carry. Victoria spins around in the middle of the ring for a brief airplane spin then swings Melina off of her shoulders and nearly drives her through the mat with a vicious swinging sidewalk slam. SPIDER’S WEB! Victoria doesn’t even bother going for a pin. She rolls Melina over, grabs hold of her low cut black top… AND PULLS IT OFF! Melina’s been stripped down to her black bra which like her panties is half see-through. Melina pushes herself up and realizes she’s been stripped again. She lets out a loud, shrill scream. Vicky lurches back as Melina ended up screaming right in her ear. Melina takes advantage of the distance Victoria put between them by scrambling to the ropes and slipping out of the ring.

Victoria shoots back up. She isn’t going to let Melina get away this time. She chases after her and catches Melina by the boot as she tries to slip under the ring again. Vicky growls and Melina starts flailing wildly which causes her skirt to flip up and expose her panties while Victoria drags her out from under the ring kicking and screaming. Vicky flips Melina over onto her back and leans in as she goes for her opponent’s skirt but Melina pulls her legs in and then shoots them both out into Victoria’s stomach, force the Broken Diva away from her. Vicky drops down and rolls away while the A-Lister pulls herself back up and goes running around the corner. Victoria slaps the floor and scrambles back up as she chase after Victoria. A camera shoots Melina as she runs passed Nitro on the corner. Her bra-clad chest bounces and heaves with each stride. Victoria is outright sprinting after her opponent and is starting to close in as Melina rounds the next corner then quickly rolls into the ring. Victoria follows Melina in but Melina stretches her leg up overhead and greets her with a big axe kick to the back. Melina gets in another two quick stomps to Victoria’s back before she reaches out to tag Nitro back in. But before the A-List Couple can slap hangs, Victoria surges back up and spears Melina down to the mat.

Victoria remains on top of Melina as she starts wailing on her with hard forearm shots to the face. Melina wraps her legs around Vicky waist and the two women thrash together on the mat as Melina attempt to cover herself and defend from Victoria’s barrage of blows. Vicky eventually climbs off of Melina and then hefts her opponent clear off of the mat and up into the air before she drives her down on her bent knee for a pendulum backbreaker. Melina rolls off of Victoria’s knee and lands on her back on the mat. Vicky steps over so she’s facing the hard camera and plants her feet before leaping up into the air with a backflip and hits Melina with her signature standing moonsault, VICTORIA’S SECRET! Vicky smoothly rolls off of Melina and lands on her knees between her opponent’s legs then grabs Melina’s short white skirt and whisks it down her legs. MELINA’S BEEN STRIPPED TO HER BRA AND PANTIES AGAIN! The crowd is going wild and starts chanting THANK YOU VICKY! as Victoria tosses Melina’s skirt into the corner where the A-Lister’s top had landed. Now there was only one thing left to for the Broken Diva to do: win the match. And then she can join Mickie, Torrie and Maria for sexy fun time. The only people who seem unhappy with this development are the angry Johnny Nitro and the mortified Melina.

Victoria stands over Melina and pulls her half-naked opponent up off the mat and jams her head between her legs. She’s going for the Widow’s Peak. Melina starts screaming bloody murder as her horrible situation dawns on her. “JOHNNYYYYY!” Nitro gets in the ring illegally looking to break up the move but Carlito comes rushing into meet him and hits him with a dropkick to the knee and then a forearm shot to the face that sends Nitro out through the ropes and onto the floor. Carlito glances over at Victoria and sees that she has things well in hand then grabs the top rope and launches himself over it AND TAKES OUT NITRO WITH A PLANCHA! Everyone’s attention is back on Vicky as she hoists Melina up into the air and then over shoulder into a familiar Gory Hold, WIDOW’S PEAK… BUT MELINA ELBOWS OUT! Melina swings downward and between Victoria’s spread legs for a sunset flip powerbomb which causes Victoria to slam back-first to the mat. Melina scrambles to rearrange herself and folds Vicky over in a jackknife position. Referee Jack Doan drops down to check the shoulders and doesn’t see Melina’s grabbing Victoria’s trunks for extra illegal leverage. Broken Diva's crack, hell, her entire ass is hanging out as the referee counts the pin from the other side.


Paparazzi plays as Melina immediately releases Victoria and bails out of the ring. Victoria gets right back up and looks furious as she turns to the referee then turns around so he can see her bare ass still hanging out from when Melina had been pulling her trunks. Jack Doan looks sheepish at having blown the call. Johnny Nitro rushes over to Melina and throws his roadkill fur coat over her like last week. Carlito slaps the ring apron and looks pissed while Lilian Garcia makes the post match announcement, “Here are your winners… Johnny Nitro and Melina! Which means Melina is the new Number One Contender for the Women’s Championship!” Melina jumps up and down and cheers like she just won the lottery.

The music cuts and once again shows Mickie James back in the production truck. The disappointed duo of Maria and Torrie once again lean into the shot.

“But we got the microphone…” Maria pouts like a sad puppy as she holds up the microphone.

“And the handcuffs…” Torrie adds as a set of metal cuffs dangle from her hand.

“Girls, easy, it’s okay,” Mickie says as she pushes them out of the shot so she can lean forward and stare into the camera. “Vicky got distracted doing what I told her to do. Vicky… I’m a woman of my word. Bring me Melina’s top and skirt and we’ll still play with you.”

The camera goes back to Victoria in the ring. She trudges to the corner and picks up Melina’s discarded clothing and stares down at the articles for a moment but then, with a look of utter fury on her painted face, she turns and throws them down on the mat. She drops down and rolls out of the ring and storms to the back looking absolutely furious with herself.

J.R.: I suppose Vicky didn’t think she deserved to be rewarded…

Nitro and Melina give Victoria a wide berth as she storms passed then slip back into the ring.

Mickie reappears on the TitanTron and reaches forward to pluck her championship off of the control panel, “Right… and then there’s you. Melina, you didn’t win clean but you still won. So that means you’re the Number One Contender for my Women’s Championship. Let’s not put this off… how’s this? You and me, next week, one-on-one in an Anything Goes Match for the Women’s Championship at WWE After Hours.”

Melina gets a microphone and responds, “I’ll have to check my busy schedule… but I think I can pencil you in for next week so I can win your championship.”

“Good, good,” Mickie replies. “Now… since that match is Anything Goes… technically there’s nothing stopping Johnny Nitro from being at ringside. But... if you agree to leave your boyfriend in the back… then I’ll leave all of my pets in the back so you and I can fight one-on-one. What do you say? Are you a woman? Or a little girl hiding behind a man?”

“Fine!” Melina agrees. “I just beat your favorite pet without any help! I won’t even need Johnny to beat you and take my rightful place as the top diva in the WWE!”

“Great, then it’s a date!” Mickie resolves, “I’ll see you next week! Oh… and as a show of good sportsmanship… the guys and I compiled a special replay with highlights from your match so you can look back and always remember your biggest win yet.”

Obsession sounds through the arena and acts a background music for the video montage.

The first clip is of Melina screaming after Vicky stripped off her top to reveal her black partially see-through bra. The speed switches to slow motion with a close up on Melina’s jiggling bra-clad chest as she crawls towards the ropes.

The next clip shows Melina flailing as Vicky drags her out from under the ring. Melina’s skirt is flipped up and her wiggling panty-clad ass is in full view as Melina thrashes on the floor.

The third clip looks like something out of Baywatch and has Melina’s boobs jiggling in slow motion as she runs away from Vicky outside of the ring with a look of terror on her face.

The fourth clip shows Melina down on her back with Vicky on top of her. Melina’s legs are wrapped around Vicky’s waist as the two women writhe together in a compromising position.

The next clip shows Vicky whisking off Melina’s skirt and then switches to slow motion as Melina is left lying on the mat in her matching black partially see-through bra and panties.

The following clip is in two parts. First it show Melina’s bent over with her head between Vicky’s leg as she prepares for the Widow’s Peak. The camera has a great close up over Melina’s ass. And then second part is from a camera on the other side of the ring that filmed Melina as she dangled fully exposed over Vicky’s shoulder in the Gory Hold.

The seventh and final clip shows the deciding pin-fall where Melina has Vicky rolled up. It has a close up of Melina’s panty-clad ass but also of Vicky’s naked ass as Melina holds her trunks for illegal leverage.

The camera cuts back to the ring where a red-faced Melina is starting at the TitanTron in shock. She eventually throws her head back and lets out a shrill, high-pitch scream the reverberates throughout the arena. “AAAAAAAH-AAAAAAAH-AAAAAAAAHHH!”

Mickie’s voice sounds through the speakers… "Oooh… It sounds like you didn’t like my Melina’s Greatest Hits Montage. Well… if you can’t handle that… you might as well not even show up next week. Because you’ll really hate what I do to you then.”

Melina is still screaming in the ring as the cameras cut and go into the backstage where RVD is taping up his wrists for his big title match tonight.

Paul Heyman walks on screen in an ECW baseball cap, a ponytail and a suit jacket. But the and scientist behind ECW formerly known as Paul E Dangerously looks nervous. “Listen, I respect you so much as a double champion. And no champion has ever kept up your schedule. I mean, last week alone… Edge... John Cena… Kurt Angle. But… it’s enough that it’s their ring, their rules, their referee on their terms. But this is a triple-threat match with John Cena and Edge. I mean, forget about the fact that the odds are against us… well I-I… I have to tell you… This scares the hell out of me.”

Rob Van Dam turns to look at Heyman. “I understand your concerns. They’re justified. But… I believe in myself, Paul. And I believe in ECW. Alright? I got this.”

RVD walks off but Paul Heyman still looks uneasy. Paul Heyman’s concerns turn out to be perfectly justified because that night Mickie James’ bad luck Kiss of Death takes its toll on RVD. The championship ends with Cena planting Van Dam with a big F-U, only for Edge to run in and nearly bash his head in with the WWE Championship and then pick up the scraps with a pin on RVD to win the championship. Edge leaves Raw as a two-time WWE Champion.

But RVD’s week gets worse the next night on ECW where he’s defending the ECW Championship against the Big Show in an Extreme Rules Match. Van Dam looks to have the match won but is betrayed by Paul Heyman and then pinned by Big Show to lose his second world championship in the span of two days. And if that wasn’t enough, after ECW Paul Heyman issued a statement on WWE.com that Rob Van Dam had been suspended for thirty days (which is coincidentally the same amount of time for a wellness policy violation). This meant that RVD wouldn’t get either of his contractually obligated rematches and was removed from the title match at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Now with heels Edge, Johnny Nitro and the Spirit Squad holding all the male gold on Raw, the only face champion left is Women's Champion Mickie James who will be putting her title on the line against Melina next week.


Some people might not be happy that I got the guys more heavily involved in this chapter. But to me it makes sense and seems like the logical thing WWE would do. When you have a Mega Star like Mickie, you want to use her to try and bring the rest of the roster up a level. That’s why this chapter is called Star-Making Performance. It’s not just about Mickie.

Edge and Lita have both gone up a notch as major heels which will help as I slowly build towards the Mickie vs Lita match at SummerSlam. Melina’s become more relevant as the hungry new challenger with something to prove and she’s dragged Nitro up with her. Carlito is seen as an even bigger face by siding with Mickie and Victoria is benefiting majorly from being Mickie’s leading lady. Meanwhile, Torrie and Maria have settled themselves into their new comic relief/sexy fan service roles (which really isn’t that far of a stretch from what they usually did).

People might be upset that there’s actual wrestling in this wrestling story and won’t want to deal with extra plot in their porn. But I think the storylines that add extra drama are what set professional wrestling apart from ‘real’ sports. What I really wanted to start exploring is the ripple effect that perverted Mickie James is causing in the WWE.

So I hope you’ll all continue to read and enjoy my sexy wrestling fanfiction. I’ll post the final part of this chapter from my hotel room in Orlando before I leave for WrestleMania.
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