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Old 01-08-2018, 12:37 AM
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Default Enf

Originally Posted by Ohioredlover View Post
How many women got posted on OCC and became an ENF do you think ? How many do you think get downloaded LOL ?LOL
The definition of stupid is posting the above and not realizing I had an album open in my profile duhhhh
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Old 01-08-2018, 10:50 PM
Dookieman Dookieman is offline
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Thumbs up

probably an odd one-- I've noticed it's a recurring one in my mind...usually the "platonic friend" scenarios:
  • Roommates unexpectedly walking in each other.. it's hot as hell either way for me; she walks in on me naked or jerkin' off... or I walk in on her while she just happens to be getting dressed or undressed or whatever.
  • Female friend that is normally prim and proper doesn't realize how transparent her dress is..
  • Wife of a friend walking around the house in t-shirt/panties..or a short bathrobe.....bends over in front of me then realizes "...OH OOPS SORRY!" "oh sorry I forgot you were there" etc.
  • Various windblown upskirt scenarios.
Sounds tame, sure but these are the absolute hottest scenarios for me...often on repeat in my mind whenever I'm jerkin off. There's a "forbidden fruit" aspect of it all, since the girl in those scenarios is "just a friend" and you're not "supposed" to see each other in that way....and a sudden flash or glimpse, wardrobe malfunction as she hurries to cover up and is clearly embarrassed...goddamn it blows me up every time.
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Old 01-10-2018, 12:51 AM
JacksonSG-1 JacksonSG-1 is offline
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Strip searches. Love them, but prefer they border on some fork of reality. Extended nudity is fine, but no sex with guards etc.

Strip searches are interesting to me because of the control and embarrassment, yet fairly clinical like setting. You get people of all ages and walks of life who might be forced to just strip down naked and be intimately examined in front of one another.
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Old 01-13-2018, 04:19 PM
Ohioredlover Ohioredlover is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
Location: Ohio
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Default Strip searches

Saw your post re strip search.i agree with you completely .i do work in Central America and last summer paid two cops to detain my wife in a jail in a remote town for several hours .they made her strip naked in full view of the men’s lockup and did a prolonged cavity examination while the guys behind bars howl at the american “puta “.she had no idea she was setup
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Old 01-14-2018, 09:35 AM
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Talking caught

a number of years ago, i had a affair with my boss who was smoking hot, and stayed horny all the time. anyway, one summer night, just for the hell of it we were walking close to her apartment, and saw a house off the road by itself with just the porch light one. on a dare, we decided to strip all the way, leave our clothes by a bush at the front of their yard, and just walk up to the house. it was exciting as everything with her was, but we werent really worried because other than the porch lights, no other lights were on, we were off the road pretty good, so really noone could see us. she was batshit crazy at times, and beat me getting undressed and headed toward the house. for some reason it took me longer, maybe because i stopped to watch her, but i was about 20 yards behind her. she got almost to the porch when a car turned into the driveway. I ducked behind a tree, and saw her jump to the side of the house. the car drove up to the house, and i knew we were stuck. i could have just made a run for the clothes, but it would have meant leaving her so i stayed where i was. unfortunately their car lights had shined on her, and a man got out and yelled he saw her, and to come out of the bushes. my heart was pounding watching this. he said he would call the police if she didnt come out, and sure enough she came out. i decided to come out too as i couldnt let her face this alone. he was an older man, and i walked up to him as did she - both naked - and said we were just doing this on a dare, that we meant no harm. we talked with him, and after a couple of minutes of him questioning us, he figured we were telling him the truth, and we ending up laughing with him while we stood there naked. it was clear he wanted more, and i looked at her, but could tell he was a little too old for her, so we did the next best thing, right there on his front porch, under the light we fucked while he sat and watched. i made it a point to last a long time so he could enjoy the show. i fucked her in every position infront of him, and she let him hold her tits while i took her from behind. we eventually finished and left, and never went back there, but that started many adventures for her and I.
"any naked girl is a good naked girl"
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Old 01-16-2018, 03:24 PM
MsKittyVicki MsKittyVicki is offline
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I am with splotch. I love it when a girl is exposed for stuffing her bra. For some reason it turns me on and I have been doing it since I was 12. I think its the LIE that really makes me enjoy it and the utter feal and humiliation they feel for getting CAUGHT!
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Old Yesterday, 08:06 PM
Derelict Derelict is offline
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Originally Posted by SPLOTCH11 View Post
I like ENF scenarios where the woman actually is embarrassed of her body. Too skinny, big butt, thunder thighs, something like that. A woman that's still beautiful, but actually has something she wants hidden from the world and is all the more embarrassed when it's revealed. Most real women are this way. Too many ENF scenarios just describe a standard huge boobed supermodel and act like she'd really be that embarrassed about being seen naked.

My all time favorite ENF scenario focuses on small breasts. A lot of the women I find attractive have small breast, they look amazing, but women can be so insecure about them it makes for a great embarrassment. I would recommend giving the women in a ENF story some kind of physical character like this.
Yes, I think this is a great hook for ENF stories. For me, it is a nice, hairy pussy. The woman believes that society expects her to be clean shaven, but she is uncomfortable with spending much time on grooming her privates. So, she might only trim enough to just barely contain her bush behind a pair of cotton briefs.

Since anything is possible in fantasy, I prefer some sort of antagonist to expose her against her will (versus a wardrobe malfunction or mishap). It could be a classic comeuppance tale or something supernatural, but our damsel in distress might face blackmail, bondage or fantastical magic.

At the same time, I think there's a lot of fun in the buildup... Exposing just a bit of hair at first while threatening to make her bare all. Convincingly prolonging the E in ENF can become increasingly difficult in longer stories, so pacing can be important.
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