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Old 10-10-2017, 04:11 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
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Default Part 9:

Part 9:

Andrea looked at me shyly and tried to smile. During the breakfast she spoke no other word.
When we finished breakfast, I took the beach bag and filled it with drinks, sun cream, towels and fruit. Andrea watched me motionless. I felt her nervousness.

After brushing our teeth, I handed her a big towel. I said to her:
"Wrap your body, let's go to the beach."

She did what I told her and still said no word. I took the beach bag, opened the door and went outside. Hesitantly, my wife followed me, dressed only with shoes and a towel. The village was almost deserted.

She followed me with quick steps. When we arrived at the beach we already saw 6 people lying there. An older couple who were naked, 2 obviously gay men, only one of them naked and 2 young women, both in bikinis. It was very warm on this Monday morning.

My wife looked nervously. I asked her to choose a place. She went to the end of the bay and sat behind a huge stone.

I put the towels from the beach bag on the hot sand. Then I took off naked and sat down to my wife. She looked at me confused and took a deep breath.

I asked:
"When would you like to undress?"

Andrea answered:
"Please give me a minute."

She stood up and looked around for a good five minutes.

I looked up at her and spoke:
"Time is over."

Then I took her towel and pulled it down quickly. Suddenly my wife stood completely naked on the beach and tried to get the towel back from me. I held her towel firmly in my hand.

I stood up and hugged my naked woman. She tried to hide behind me. Slowly I went with her to the sea. Quickly she jumped into the water. Only her head looked out of the water.
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Old 11-15-2017, 04:02 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
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Red face Part 10:

Part 10:

After a good while in the water, I asked my wife when she wanted to get out of the water. She just looked at me in surprise.

I said:
"Little mermaid, at some point you have to get out of the water."

She still looked at me in amazement. Only her head was sticking out of the water all the time.

After spending at least an hour in the sea I said to Andrea:
"I'm going out of the water now. What about you?"

Andrea replied:
"I will stay for a while."

I shrugged with my shoulders and spoke:
"It's alright, little mermaid."

I went out of the water and sat on my towel. It was a gigantic feeling naked as God created me to just sit there.

I casually looked at my wife. Suddenly she jumped out of the sea and ran to me.
She immediately sat behind the big stone. That was the only way not to be seen by the other guests.

I looked into her eyes and said:
"I love you so much."

Then I kissed her passionately on the mouth.

Andrea did not go into the water that day. The big stone was her best friend that day. That should change in a few days ...

Gradually more beach visitors came. The nudists were in the minority all the time.

For some of the non-nudes, I had the impression that they sincerely admired the nudists for their bravery for nudity. The other people in swimwear just did not seem to care.

In the late afternoon we decided to go back to our apartment. Andrea wrapped herself in her big towel. I finished too and we went back. The beach was almost deserted. There were only three teenager girls in bikinis there.

I unlocked the front door and closed it behind my wife. As we stood in the living room, my wife hugged me like a wild animal and grabbed my cock.

Then we had indescribably good sex. Without much foreplay it went to the point.
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Old 12-07-2017, 08:20 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
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Default Part 11:

Part 11:

The next morning, I woke up very early. Andrea was still sleeping deeply. At first I did not know what to do. Then I decided to go to the beach. On the way back I could take breakfast. Andrea would be very happy about it.

So I made my way to the beach. No one except me was traveling at this time. When I arrived there, I was, as expected, all alone. It was already warm. I undressed naked, put my clothes on a stone and ran into the sea. It was wonderful. I decided to swim a little further into the open sea.

After 20 minutes, I swam back to the bay. I was still alone there. I went out of the water and went to the place where my things lay. Suddenly I saw that the shy girl I knew from the holiday complex was entering the beach. She had not seen me yet. She probably expected no one here at this time to meet.

I could not move a bit. A short time later, she saw me and startled. She automatically took a step back.
Then she spoke:
"Good morning, sir."

I replied:
"Good morning."

The situation was unpleasant for both of us. We looked at each other helplessly. While I looked only in her face, she looked alternately from my face to my penis.

It took a while until I came up with the idea. Why do not I just wear my clothes?

Suddenly the girl began to talk:
"How do you like the stay so far?"

I figured if I got dressed now, that would be kind of rude. As if I do not want to talk to her.

I spoke:
"My wife and I really like it. This beach is a dream."

The shy girl:
"This bay is really beautiful. I go here almost every morning."

"Are you just here in the morning? What about afternoon?"

The shy girl:
"I prefer to be alone here. I am ashamed a little bit, because of my fuller body."

"You do not have to be ashamed of your body. Look at me. I am not a james bond."

After this request, she looked at me really insistently from top to bottom. Her looks on my naked body were unpleasant but also somehow exciting at the same time.

The shy girl:
"I deeply admire your shamelessness. I could not do it. Stand naked in front of someone else. I already have a problem with showing myself in a bathing suit. Naked, unimaginable. I wish I was not so prude. "
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Old 12-14-2017, 03:33 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
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Default Part 12:

Part 2:

Then she looked away from my face. Her eyes were aimed directly at my penis. She just stood there silently, watching my cock.

I said to her:
"I do not even know what your name is. Could you please tell me that?"

With my question, I woke her from her trance.

She only said:

Now she looked at my face again.

I spoke:
"Eve is a nice name. Your namesake in the Bible was naked, right? Too bad that you have a problem with that. You do not need to hide."

Then I looked her up and down. I thought, now it's my turn. I stared directly at her breasts.

I spoke without looking away from her breasts:
"You are dressed, unfortunately I can only judge it badly. But I would bet that you have beautiful breasts."

Then I slowly looked back at her face. Her face was red as a strawberry.
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Old 12-15-2017, 03:54 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
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Default Part 13:

Part 13:

"Do you really believe that?"

"Could you please take off your T-shirt?"

She looked at me shyly and uncertainly pulled her t-shirt over her head. Then she covered her breasts with her hands as if she were naked. But she still had her old-fashioned swimsuit on. I looked at her and just nodded my head. Slowly she put her hands down.

Her face was still bright red. I noticed how this whole situation aroused me. I hoped that I would not get a stiff penis. Now I looked in detail at her breast. I thought, I really did not lie. Her breasts seem really pretty. Big and solid. I wished to see the tits without her swimsuit.

"As I see you have beautiful breasts. It's a pity you hide them like that. Would you please show me your breasts without your swimsuit?"

She looked at me in horror.

"Are you serious?"

"After all, I also allowed you to have a good look at my penis. That would only be fair if I could see something of you."

She thought for a moment.

"I do not know. You were already naked. I had to see you naked. I had no choice. Whether I like it or not. I must confess that I admire your lack of shame. I would like to, but ..."

"Ok, it would have been great. No one else is here except us."

Unexpectedly, eve pulls down the top of her bathing suit.

Only for a second I could see her naked breast. Eve quickly pulled her bathing suit back up. She quickly took off her pants and ran into the sea. Once in the sea she swam fast and did not look back. I thought, did that really happen? She really showed me her breasts. I did not think that would work. And her breasts were really great. Her nipples were not too big and not too small. Wow!

Suddenly I realized that my penis had been erected. How long has that been? Did she see that? I quickly got dressed. My penis just did not want to fit in my pants. I was really horny.

I looked out to the sea. Eve was still swimming straight ahead.

I went back to the village. In the supermarket I bought fresh croissants and fruits. Then I went back to our apartment. I slowly opened the door. I did not want to wake andrea. And in fact she was still asleep. The blanket was only half on her body. Her chest was covered, but her pussy was free. My penis was already erected again. What a day! And it's not even midday.

A short time later, andrea woke up slowly. She spotted me with the shopping bags in my hands.

Andrea was still half asleep and said:
"Good morning, sweetheart. Have you been shopping yet?"

"I wish you a good morning, too. I have fresh croissants and fruit with me."

Then she saw my hot look on her pussy and my bulging pants.

Andrea smiled at me and asked:
"Would you like to come to bed again?"

Without saying anything, I put the bags aside, undressed and lay down in bed with my pretty wife. Andrea immediately took my penis in her two hands and took it in her mouth. Then we had stunning sexual intercourse. What a day? What a day?
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Old 12-20-2017, 04:00 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
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Default Part 14:

Part 14:

When we were done with the sex I sat down naked at the table. I watched my wife making coffee and how she prepared the breakfast. I realized that she was obviously not bothered by her constant nudity. Her body language was clear. My experiment has been more than good so far.

After breakfast we packed everything for the beach in our bag. I got dressed and threw her towel to my naked wife.

Andrea said:
"Thank you sweetheart. Without you I would not have thought of the towel."

I replied with a smile:
"I now regret that I threw to you the towel. I would like to see you naked on the street."

Andrea smiled at me and covered her body with the towel. Then we both left the apartment and made our way to the beach.

Shortly after we entered the path I said to her:
"Honey, you do not need the towel anymore. We have already left the village."

In a flash, I took the end of her towel and pulled hard. Now I had the towel in my hands. My wife was suddenly naked on the footpath. My wife surprised me. I had expected a loud scream and angry words.
She just looked at me and said:
"Thank you."

Then she just went on the path. I took the towel, put it in my bag and I followed my naked wife.

When we arrived at the end of the trail, my wife became much slower. We heard voices.

There are already people on the beach. Andrea turned to me anxiously. I just passed my wife and went to the beach. My wife did not follow me. I just kept going.

On the beach was already a group of young people. They all wore swimwear. I passed them a good bit and then put our things in the sand. This time there was no hiding place. Then I looked to my wife. Andrea was still standing at the end of the path. I waved her to come to me.

I could see her breathing deeply. Then she quickly went in my direction. The teenagers turned to look at her. She was unable to look at the young people. As she walked directly behind the teenagers, she almost started to run.

Shortly after she reached our place. I had already put the beach towels on the sand. Andrea lay down quickly on one of the towels.

She whispered to me:
"Oh my God. I almost had a heart attack."

"Chill out. You have to rest first."

Then I tenderly turned my wife on the back, stroking her hair and put a napkin over her eyes. I noticed that her naked body was shaking slightly. Her nipples were stiff. She did not move a bit.

I whispered in her ear:
"Please stay that way. I love you."
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Old 12-29-2017, 06:10 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: germany
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Default Part 15:

Part 15:

The beach was filling slowly. Andrea lay motionless and naked on the blanket.

I leaned down to her and whispered in her ear:
"At the moment you are still the only one who is naked here."

Andrea asked nervously:
"What about you?"

"I take a little time before I undress."

"You're an asshole! I do not know what to do. How many people are already here?"

"I counted 9. With us we are 11 on the beach. No, there's just one more family coming. Now we are 15."

Andrea took a deep breath.
I saw the approaching family looking around. Father, mother, son about 15 years old, daughter about 16 years old. The son of the family immediately discovered my naked wife. He could not avert his gaze.

The family chose a vacant space right on the water. The boy put his towel so that he could see directly between the legs of my wife. It was clear to me immediately. As the boy lay down, he lay, as expected, on his stomach. Shyly he looked at the body of my naked wife. Andrea had no idea. Her eyes were still covered.

I whispered to my wife's ear:
"You are still the nudest one here. You already have a worshiper. A teenager is just examining your body."

Then I took one of her knees and pulled it slowly towards me. Her beautiful pussy was now much better to see. Andrea did not resist, which surprised and pleased me. She did not say a word. I looked at her body and saw goose bumps.

The boy could not believe his luck. He was enthusiastic about the view. He looked very nervous and lustful. His sister looked at her brother and had to grin. She knew. The whole family stayed in their bathing suits.

A short time later came a group of 5 gay men. They lay behind us. The men were all nudists.

I whispered again in the ear of my wife:
"You are no longer the only naked person here. Shall I free you from the napkin on your eyes?"

Andrea whispered:
"I do not know if I want to look at my situation with my own eyes. I am ashamed. On the other hand, I am positively excited. I'd like to fuck you right now."

I put my hand over her eyes and slowly pulled the napkin away. Her eyes lovingly looked into mine. Slowly she sat down. She first discovered the young man I told her about. The boy suddenly looked in a different direction. The legs of my wife were far apart. I was surprised by my wife. Even when my wife wore a bathing suit I never saw my wife sitting so wide-legged.

My wife continued to look around. She saw the naked men and the other dressed people. Andrea looked very confident.
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Old 01-04-2018, 12:21 PM
Cdldrvr Cdldrvr is offline
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Default Please continue

Iím loving your story, and the images of your wife in my mind. Please continue.
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Old 01-10-2018, 03:38 AM
Fred Wasserstein Fred Wasserstein is offline
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Default Part 16:

Part 16:

I spoke to her:
"Should I take off my clothes as well?"

Andrea did not respond to my question. She looked at the male teenager. The boy had still shyly turned his head away. But suddenly he turned his head back to my bare andrea. Andrea now looked in a different direction. Her legs remained wide spread.

The young man now openly looked at the naked body of my wife. He paid no attention to me. This situation made me horny. My naked wife, the only naked woman on the beach and a young man who desires my wife. I would never want to share my wife with another man. Oh no, no way! My wife is only mine! But the fact that another male being find my andrea attractive makes me horny.

I looked to my wife. Her head was turned to me. Her facial expression was this particular one. The special expression that she always makes only with sexual intercourse.

Andrea looked me straight in the eyes and smiled. She looked very happy.

Andrea whispered:
"I love you."

"I love you too. But why are you whispering?"

Andrea whispers again:
"No idea. This situation confuses me. I am between pure lust and absolute shame. I'm just glad that nobody here knows me. At home I would never have done something like this. Is he still watching me, Fred?"

I glanced at the young observer and then at my wife again.

I whispered too:
"Yes, he just can not get enough of you. You are just delicious. I would like to massage your beautiful pussy with my hands. Knead your breasts and caress your nipples with my tongue."

Andrea spoke louder:
"Fred, stop that. You make me crazy."

Andrea spoke so loud that the rest of the family and the gay men looked over at us. I just had to laugh.

Andrea whispers again:
"Shit. Why are you laughing so stupidly?"

Shortly thereafter, she started laughing too. Now we laughed together and we were both just happy at the moment.

Just a fantastic day in paradise.
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