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Old 12-01-2017, 02:03 AM
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Cool Material Perversions


As the middle aged gentleman entered club, he could immediately smell the cheap liquor, cheap vaping scent, and cheap cologne.

The dim lights forced him to pause as his eyes adjusted to the colored lights on the phallus shaped, pole centric stage. Choosing to sit at a side table; a scantily clad woman took his drink order and a few moments later his watered down scotch arrived. On his second sip the stage lights flickered and within seconds a dancer appeared on the stage.

“Gentlemen, welcome to the stage, Kitty Cat.” The announcer said in a less than excited nearly monotone voice. The music began and the curtains parted; she entered.

She was not largely buxom woman but still very tight in her bikini with sequined trim and blond locks. The music was a bit out of sync from her dance routine but no one was here for the quality of the dance. As she sauntered about, her top soon fell to the stage and her very perky puffed C cups were visible, they were darker than he remembered, but that was makeup. The woman's glittery body shimmered as she began working the pole. Spinning, she made her way to the top and began to ‘helicopter’ for what seemed like an eternity. The music ended and the hot stripper collected the many bills tossed in approval. She grabbed a wrap, placed it around her waist, leaving her boobs free and exited the stage; touching hands and granting approving looks to her adoring fans at the stage edge. One admirer slapped her ass but she just smiled and shook her finger in disapproval. She made her way to the side table and sat down, looking the distinguished gentleman in the eye.
“Did you enjoy that?” she smiled.
“Here,” he handed her a $20 bill, “this is to get you to put your top back on.” Cat gave a small frown, adjusted her wrap to cover her perky tits, and took the bill.
“I see you got my message.” Cat said.
“Of course, but you know the answer is still no.”
“Oh, come on, you could just give me another chance.”
“I could, but sometimes it is better to keep people on the outside. Besides your cousin is still dead set against it.” He grinned a bit as he took another sip, “he still doesn’t know you do this, does he?"
“Does your wife know you are in a strip club?”
“Its been over 10 years. I only do this because I need another thrill besides, you know.” She winked.
“What leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, running faster than a speeding locomotive, able to see though walls just ain’t enough for Super Girl anymore?”
“Hey, girls gotta get her kicks somehow.” She paused a second to think, “how did they get you back anyway? Thought you quit.”
“Long story. Wait,” He laughed, "Part time superhero and sometimes stripper; you are the best definition of a true feminist, and newly crowned CEO of a multinational media company Catco. Now I get it, Cat, guess its a better stripper name than Kara.”
“You are a little slow sometimes.” She giggled. “Do you remember when we first met?”
“Who can forget, you really hated me back then.”
“Only for a little bit,” she reached out and touched his hand tenderly, “don’t you miss that time, even just a little.” He pulled back his hand, raised it shaking the ring finger.
“Sorry still married.” She frowned. “Now why did you really call me, and don't tell me your car broke down again, I know better?”

The Adventures of Super Girl
Season 1 - "Material Perversions"

12 years earlier....

The timeline of this story takes place before my Superman/hero story from a few years ago and follows the first season of the CW/CBS Super Girl series.
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Old 12-02-2017, 03:37 PM
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What superman story? Not sure if I read it or not.
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Old 12-05-2017, 06:16 AM
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Cool Part I

The Adventures of Super Girl
Season 1 - "Material Perversions"

12 years earlier....

The timeline of this story takes place before my Superman/hero story from a few years ago and follows the first season of the CW/CBS Super Girl series.

Ms. Alex Danvers entered the First National City Bank with her cell phone pressed against her ear.
"Kara, I will be over tonight, just need to stop and deposit my check from the DEO."..."I know, a top secret government organization using the latest technology to hunt aliens doesn't have direct deposit. Go figure." Alex looked up and swallowed hard. Everyone was standing still holding their hands up in the air. "Got to go sis, the bank is being robbed."

'You, brunette, put the phone down and get over with the others!" One of three masked gun toting robbers yelled at her. As Alex was ushered toward the other bank customers and employees a fully metal suited figure walked over and in spoke to her in a mechanical voice.
"Now be nice, people deserve respect, especially one so smartly dressed." The metal evil doer scanned her head to toe. "I am guessing that suit is off the rack?"
"I'm a girl on a budget." Alex returned in a sassy tone.
"What are you a size 8?" The mechanical, almost Steven Hawking mimicking tone returned.
"6, thank you." Alex could not believe she actually answered.

It was now the air was filled with the sound of police sirens and screeching police cruisers. The three with guns began acting nervous.
"Relax, their arrival was just a matter of time. Just get the money." With that the two of the three filled duffel bags with as much cash as they could liberate from the teller drawers.
"You know only a coward hides their identity, why not take off that mask off." Alex stated in a challenging tone. The metal masked robber walked carefully toward Alex, the with Alex's hand still raised, walked around her, scanning every curve of her body in the tight business suit.
"Left or right?"
"Excuse me?"
"I said left or right?"
"Ah, left."
"Good choice." The metallic crook then touched Ms. Alex Danvers left sleeve and swiped their hand toward the left. With that motion Alex' entire outfit, including panties, bra, stocking and shoes shifted one full place to the left leaving her completely and totally naked. The clothing held its shape, matching its owners body, then fell to earth. Alex screamed, placed her hands over her C cups and crouched down to the floor to try and hide her nudity. The villain next went over to the security guard. Looking over the slightly overweight senior man the question was repeated. "Left or right?"
"Right." He stated without hesitation looked directly over at the totally naked Alex Danvers.
A hand touched his right shoulder and then swiped right. His uniform, including gun belt, shoes and socks was shifted one place to the right, just like the previous time but his white boxers remained. He turned red and crossed his legs, covered his crotch. For next few minutes, without asking the question, the metal clad robber began randomly swiping shoulders, left and right. Seemingly favoring the younger ladies to the left. Naked young ladies all fell to the floor while several men were left in their underwear, except for one teller male in his early 20's. As his clothes fell to the left his sizable manhood rolled out if you will. Alex now briefly regretted not accepting his invitation for a date. Two ladies were left in tears as each reveled just how padded they were under their bras. Many of the gentlemen could not hide their appreciation of the nude women.

Outside the police had set up a perimeter and were about to call out the bank with a bull horn as the familiar "whoosh" of National City's own blue and red clad superhero flew down. At this moment the bank's main doors flew open and leading the exit our of the building was Alex, she had one arm unsuccessfully trying to conceal her breasts while the other was buried concealing her bush. Super Girl just stood there in shock, as all the naked and semi naked hostages ran toward the police. The 20 something well hung teller did not escape her attention. Breaking her stunned look, she walked to meet her caped sister.
"Alex, what happened."
"Shut up and just give me your damned cape."

More later this week,

Comments Welcome,
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Wink Next Additions

Part II
The next day, inside the main office so Catco World Wide media, photojournalist Jimmy Olson and company tech wiz Me. Wynn ogled a computer monitor.
"Who knew under all that tactical gear was all that." Jimmy said with smile.
"Go figure, and really what a figure." On screen was a full body shot of Alex Danvers exiting the bank in all her naked glory. Her adopted sister, Kara, aka Super Girl in disguise, entered the offices, rounding a corner as the two drooled over the picture.
"Wynn!" She called out. "Please tell me you managed to get all the footage of the bank robbery."
"Yes, yes I did." He looked at Jimmy, pressing a key on his keyboard turning his screen into a spread sheet. "I downloaded all the footage from the police dash cameras, the bank security feed and two iphone cloud uploads.”
“And did you do what I asked?”
“Yes, all the footage has mysteriously been deleted from the police, bank and cloud. Your sister’s image is safe and will not appear on any internet site.” He held his breath hoping she didn’t suggest he remove his copies.
“Thank you very much.
“Doesn’t keeping the footage from the police hinder the investigation?” Jimmy asked.
“Keeping nude pictures of my sister off the web is more important.” Kara snapped back.

Walking over to her desk in her short skirt and Wal-Mart blouse she could hear her boss Cat Grant, CEO of Catco Worldwide Media, humming through the open glass door to her office. She sat at her desk and began sorting various memos and documents. The main elevator let out a loud ding and everyone in the office seemed to look up as a young gentleman dressed smartly in black step off carrying a large envelope. He approached Kara’s desk.
“Excuse me, I have a delivery for Ms. Grant.” Kara looked up to see the dark haired, twenty something male with green eyes.
“How did you, um, I am sorry, Ms. Grant does not take mail directly. You should have been told to leave it downstairs. How did you get up here?”
“I can be very persuasive.” He smiled a bit. “So I can just go in.” Kara jumped up and ran around her desk blocking his path to the open door to Cat’s office.
“Ms. Grant doesn’t like to take mail directly. You can give it to me.”
“I am so sorry, but this is for her only, and well neither rain nor snow etc.” As he tried to step around her Kara continued to move to block him.
“Please, no. Do I have to call security?” She pointed away.

Ms. Grant now stopped her internal musical interlude and called out to the door.
“Kara, is there some problem?”
“No problem, Ms. Grant, nothing I cant handle.” Kara returned.
“Ms. Grant, I have a letter for you.” The man said. Ms. Grant approached the door.
“Sir, as I am sure you have no doubt been told, I do not take correspondence directly.” She said in a dismissive tone, then eyeballing the man up and down. “No matter how handsome the delivery boy is.”
“It is from the League.” He stated firmly.
“The league? The League of Women Voters, the National Basketball League, if the latter please tell Lebron I am still not interested and the restraining order is still in place.” Cat Grant turned to walk away with Kara still standing between them.
“No, ma’am, its from ‘The League’.” He pronounced the last two words with more definitiveness.
“You mean ‘The League?” He nodded in agreement. Cat Grant’s face dawned a slight smirk then she motioned Kara to move and led him into the office. The door closed behind the two. Kara stood dumbfounded as Jimmy and Wynn approached her looked through the glass walled office at the two inside.
“What was that all about?” Jimmy asked.
“Something about a league?” Kara said.
“Can you hear what they are saying?” Wynn asked Kara, aka Super Girl.

After a few moments Kara had a dumbfounded look on her face. She even stepped closer toward the closed office doors.
"It doesn't make sense." She said as her two office mates looked to her for more information. "I can hear Ms. Grant but not him?" She shook her head but it did not change the information.
"What?" Wynn asked.
"Ms. Grant is clearly agreeing with whatever is in the letter and I can see his lips moving but I cannot hear him."

About five minutes passed and Ms. Grant and the stranger shook hands, he exited her office, the office team scrambling to look busy as he exited. He walked up to Kara.
"Pardon me, I believe I owe you an apology. I was very rude to you before and I do know you have a job to do."
"You take delivery boy seriously." Wynn said under his breath.
"It seemed to work out." Kara returned.
"Let me make it up to you I am going to be in town for a couple of days, let me buy you dinner tonight." He didn't really ask.
"Sorry, but no, I have plans." She was lying and he knew it.
"Very well, maybe some other time." He headed toward the elevator.

Kara was pounced upon by her two office mates.
"Maybe you should; find out what this league is." Jimmy said.
"For all we know it is a bowling league Ms. Grant has joined."
"I doubt it. The reporter in me tells me there is more to this." Jimmy commented. Kara took a deep breath and ran toward the elevator, caught Ian before the elevator door closed. They spoke for a few moments, Wynn and Jimmy wishing they had super hearing. She returned.
"We are meeting tonight at Chester's for dinner."

Part III

As the day was coming to a close, Ms. Grant having left early, as she often did, the office was winding down.
"What time is the big date?" Wynn asked as he was still a bit jealous as he had asked Kara out dozens of times only to be rejected, he was in the friend zone.
"We are meeting at 7." Nearly all of the monitors playing various news feeds lit up. Everyone's attention was now drawn toward them.
"Breaking news, National City Savings and Loan is being robbed. Police are reporting several hostages were taken just as before the bank was about to close.
"On it." Kara said as she ran to a private balcony. Her blouse buttons flew as the familiar "S" on her costume came into view. Seconds later Super Girl was flying across the city, her red cape and skirt fluttering in the wind. From above she could see several police cars positioned in front of the bank. Exactly as before, the doors opened and over a dozen people ran from the bank, mostly all naked, several in various forms of underwear. She caught herself looking a bit longer at a few of the younger men, all of which were totally naked. One woman, despite still wearing a bra, had her large breasts bounce free. Super Girl could not help but notice some of the men were sporting erections. There was one middle aged gentleman running in small bikini briefs and suspenders on his dark socks. Not being fooled, Super Girl flew toward the back of the bank and landed in the alley. As she did the back door opened and three masked robbers exited followed by one fully metal clad one.
"Metal Man! Give up." She said with a stern voice.
"Really, Super Girl." The mechanical voice returned. "Go I got this." The three non metallic bad guy ran down the alley.

Metal and Super faced off toward each other.
"There is no where to go." Super Girl puffed her chest.
"I was thinking the same thing. Right or left?"
"Excuse me?" Just as Super Girl answered the villain lunged forward. Super Girl easily used here speed to dodge the hand headed toward her shoulder. She then used her super strength to push the metal suited foe down. Fate came to fruition as she stood over her foe about to give a witty retort.
"You know I don't need the shoulder." With that the metal villain touched Super Girls leg, she reacted by jumping to the side only to be swiped right. The Super Girl costume hung in mid air for a brief moment. For a brief moment Super Girl stood before the criminal, wearing only her boots and a tiny thong.
"I never figured you for a thong girl." The metallic voice said.

Crossing her arms over her naked breasts, the nearly naked Super Girl flew away in a streak. With her heart beating very fast she hoped no one else was able to see her this way.

With a loud "whoosh" Super Girl flew into the window of her loft apartment and took a deep breath. She stood for a moment hoping no one saw her nudity flying across the sky. Looking over she now spotted Jimmy Olson, Wynn and her sister Alex standing there with their jaws open. Alex quickly, nearly as fast as Super Girl, put her hands over the eyes of the two gentlemen. Super Girl yelped and attempted to cover her nudity. It was too late, now the sight was burned into everyone's brain. Utilizing her super speed she put on some clothes in a flash.

Still uncomfortable, the now dressed in civilian clothes, Kara confronted her guests.
"What are you three doing here?" She asked felling still exposed.
"We asked Alex here to help us with this League thing." Jimmy said, all the while looking at his shoes.
"They told me about your date and I think any excuse to get you to go out is a good one." Alex said. "When was the last time you went on one anyway?"
"You know." Kara said. "I don't think I am in the mood now anyway."

Kara related the tale about her encounter with the bank robbers.
"Do you think the two are related, maybe the guy in the office is the leader of this gang?"
"I checked the database at the DEO and there is nothing about a league. However, I don't think they are related, Cat Grant would never associate with such an obvious sexist."

As seven PM approached Kara was convinced to go out and at the very least fake some sort of social life. Being Super Girl for a year now has put a damper on her free time.
"Very well, Wynn I need a back up costume." Kara knew since Wynn helped her create her first suit, he would be able to get her another one. As she left with Alex, Jimmy and Wynn both just looked at each other. The door closed behind the two ladies and the two men just fist bumped. They are guys after all.
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Thumbs up IV

Part IV

Sitting in a dimly lit restaurant, Kara and her mysterious date ate their pasta and made some small talk.
"It must be exciting working for Catco." He said.
"Well, it has its perks." Kara replied.

Over an hour passed and Kara found herself actually enjoying the moment. For over a year now she had been so caught up on saving National City from bank robbers, burning buildings and aliens she had missed the normalcy of going on a date.

"You know most people I meet ask me about Super Girl." She said, fishing for an answer.
"Why? I am sitting across from a beautiful, obviously smart woman, why on earth would I bring up the Super Girl."
"Well." She lost her thought for a moment. For over an hour they discussed her job, her family, what makes her happy and she was no closer to finding out about this "League" he was involved in. "You know we have been talking and I have to admit I don't recall you telling me your name."
"Sorry, its Ian."
"Well Ian, it is very nice to meet you."
"You want to ask me something." He was direct.
"Um, well, yes. What is this league you spoke of."
"Curiosity, I like that." He sipped his wine. "Sorry cant tell you. Maybe sometime."

As he paid the check, the two stood up; Ian pulled out her chair and helped her with her coat.

"Thank you for a nice evening." Kara said with a gleam in here eye.
"It was my pleasure."

As the two started to leave the restaurant, a new flash was playing in the bar area. Both of their attention was drawn to the TV.
"...again a tanker crash on the beltway is causing quite a backup. The fire is spreading and threatening to spread to the National City Zoo." Spoke the new anchor.

Kara said good night and left him standing at the door to the restaurant. Even without her costume, she flew to her apartment in hopes Wynn had a backup outfit for her.

"Wynn, so you have a backup?" She said as she landed in the living room.
"Well, kind of." He blushed and held his head low.
'"What do you mean, kind of." She said in a dismayed voice.
"Well I didn't have any extra bullet and fireproof material so I had to use on of the outfits we originally worked on."
"Please don't tell me it was the...."

"As Super Girl flew to the site of the highway tanker fire all eyes looked upon the sight. She could see the fire spreading to the nearby tree line, meaning it was only moments before it would spread to many of the Zoo's animal habitats. Using her super breath she blew out the flames just in the nick of time. Onlookers cheered and simultaneously gasped.

Comments Welcome,
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Old 12-13-2017, 07:07 PM
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Being a fan of all the DC CW shows, I'm really enjoying what you're doing here. Can't wait to see which rejected costume she has to wear!
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