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Old 03-21-2018, 01:18 AM
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oh yeah, more settings would be good... it's quite a shame he didn't want to go on that trip... perhaps he doesn't realize all the potential "shows" he could get out of that? ...especially anywhere with bikini being normal attire... plenty of bend over shots, or "suddenly see-thru due to water", or "wrap/sarong that is supposedly *mistakenly* showing too much" other good oops moments.

That one shot in the kimono is a killer... I think it's the best out of the latest pack.
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Old Yesterday, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by tim81 View Post
The last two weeks have been slow indeed. Not much to report, and almost no progress at all. Our friend hasn’t visited us the past two weekends, but we did send him some pics showing my wife in various stages of undress.

She allowed me to send the first three pics below this post. The first is taking by our webcam, and show the two of us laying on the couch. I was actually surprised she let me send the second one: it shows my wife wearing only her bra and panties, with even the straps of her bra lowered. It very clear she is showing her underwear in the pictures, so the fact I could send that one indicates she is becoming less and less shy about her underwear. Quite a good development if you ask me . The third picture we send him has my wife wearing a Japanese style kimono of sorts, again with her sexy white panties in full view.

The last pictures below this post were taking just before my wife went to bed and I asked her to perform a little striptease. I had my camera at the ready (ofcourse), but unfortunately the pics are a little blurry and out of focus. After my wife did went to bed I started texting with our friend for some time, and before long I was sending him some highly revealing pics of my wife. The striptease in the pics below are some of them. Our friend indicated he very much liked what he saw, and once again expressed his admiration of my wife’s breasts. The pics turned him on a lot, but I am not sure he masturbated to them as he did not admit to that.

A couple of days ago we had a fall out with him, again. This time it centers around the fact we made a deal to go parasailing next summer and even booked the occasion, but later he cancelled the whole thing saying it was too expensive. Since he knew the cost beforehand and this is not the first time he cancelled something we agreed on and even booked, I let him know I was not amused. I do hope things will turn out okay, but for now progress is probably going to be somewhat slow to say the least...

But on the other hand, I do love to show my wife to other people and I do think she is into it too. so perhaps we can find some other occasion to do so without being limited to him alone. Since this thread is about showing my wife to our friend specifically, what do you think about taking things in a new direction and exposing her in other settings too? Would it be okay to continue this thread?
Amazing photos Tim! I agree I think expanding the thread to include all of your experiences exposing your wife is welcomed!

I have also thought, have you thought about negotiating for a larger event over small events? I have thought about this with my wife. For example you can tell her that if she lets your friend touch her tits, she can then dress more concervative for a certain amount of time or something.

I also wonder if you couldn’t talk to her and have her use YOU as a way to deny that this is what she wants. For example she can flash him completely bare or grab his hand and put it on her tit and then say something like “there! Are you happy!” Maybe this can help with the “deniability”? Not sure just some ideas and hopefully they make sense.
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Old Today, 03:01 AM
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Default Please...

Please... let the show go on... I'm so hot about your wife, your friend and you... I hope in future she will show him much more, a wish he would toch her breast and pet her hole body sometimes...

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