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Old 11-21-2017, 11:47 AM
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Default Community Center

I worked as a Maintenance Custodian for the city I live in and a portion of my job was managing three community centers. The people in the town rented the community centers for their special events and they often held baby showers, birthday parties, class reunions and other events in the facilities. My job was to open the facility and then return as the event would end to make sure the facility was cleaned properly before the people who rented left. This included making sure there was no damage to the building and that the floors were clean and that chairs and tables were folded and placed back on the carts.

One afternoon one of the community centers was hosting a bridal shower and I had gone to close the facility. When I walked in there were three black ladies remaining and they were cleaning up removing table cloths and decorations from the tables. There were all dressed nicely in above the knee dresses and heels, average looking and probably mid 30's or so. I started my walk-through of other areas of the facility as they continued and when I returned I quickly paid closer attention as I saw that they were having a very tough time as they were folding the tables down being very unladylike.

The one I paid most attention to was a brown skin black lady who was wearing a loose above the knee pink flare dress. As they were struggling to turn the tables over and fold the legs down she was bending straight over with her legs straddled and her dress was flared out and up exposing a pantyless well toned brown bottom. I knew instantly she didn't have any panties on as I could see her entire bottom and there was no thong or anything. I casually moved closer without alarming them and was easily able to see her dark crotch area and some black pubic hair.

I finally moved over to where I could help them as I didn't want to seem to much out of place. At that point, I really could not look anymore as we were all working to put the tables and chairs up.

While I can say that this no panty upskirt view was not the norm, I can say that during the clean-up I got to see a lot of bending over from women wearing skirts and dresses not paying attention and showing various types of underwear.
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Old 12-01-2017, 12:14 PM
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When I was in my 20’s there was this young woman I worked with who was pure Ukrainian and a platinum blonde. She also had very large pointy breasts and wide flared hips. She was intelligent too; her only flaw was that her body motions were very coarse and sloppy. But she could always have gone to finishing school, right? One other thing was that she was a Jehovah’s Witness, even though she seemed very uninhibited. She did have a boyfriend otherwise I would have been all in.

Anyway, I somehow ended up at a picnic with her and some other guys and girls. She was wearing a full style dress and at some point while sitting down she had her legs spread and I got a full view of her pantiless crotch. Wow, a true blonde; it turns out the only one I would see for decades. She invited me to her house for a party later on, but told me not to bring alcohol because of her religious beliefs. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a party with no alcohol, but after a half hour, it gets a bit slow. The strange thing was that during the party she mentioned that she had a huge crush on some girl she had met. That kind of floored me (as did the not wearing panties). I guess the Bible says two men should not lay together, but doesn’t say anything about women. I figured she was bi, religious and a nondrinker, so it wouldn’t have worked between us anyway, and never saw her again. Ah youth, if the same situation presented itself today, I’d be much more open minded.
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