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Old 08-24-2017, 10:51 AM
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Default Fictional Blog Stories

A while back I started a thread for links to non-fiction blog stories. Here is the link to that thread -----> http://forum.oneclickchicks.com/showthread.php?t=103935

I thought it might be fun to be a little creative and write some of my own stories that would be like a specific blog post similar to the ones I posted in the non-fiction thread above. I have a few ideas for stories and will post them here in this thread. I don't expect any of the stories to be very explicit or contain sex (although I can't promise). Mostly just some ENF. I prefer stories that are more realistic, so I think most of my stories will be in the realm of possibility.

I'd be interested to hear your comments. Any feedback is welcome. I'm guessing most people on this site will not be interested in these types of stories, but there may be some who are. If there is at least a small number of people interested, then it will be worth it. I'll post my first story below this post. I don't know how regularly I'll be able to post, but I'll do my best.
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Old 08-24-2017, 10:56 AM
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Default #1 Free Breast Exam

About the blog: Karen, a 28 years old nurse from Chicago, Illinois working as a nurse in a small village in Uganda for six months.

Last week Friday I came home from the clinic where I work as a nurse. My host mother had some friends over for a gathering. The clinic where I work is having a day next week where we provide free breast exams for the women in the nearby area to promote breast health. I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk to the women about taking advantage of free breast exams. Very often the women in these small communities donít get good preventative healthcare. After I felt more comfortable talking to them I brought up the idea of them meeting at the clinic next week at the event to get their breasts checked.

They seemed curious, but skeptical. None of them had ever had a breast exam. I told them in the US itís common for women to get breast exams. One of the women who seemed to be the jokester of the group said she would get one, but only if I go first. All the other women laughed, so I laughed with them. I thought she was only joking. Then some of the other women said they would also go, but only if I went first. It was then that I realized they were being serious and wouldnít go unless I agreed to be examined too. I told them Iíd do it, hoping that they were only joking and that they would go for the exam.

Today was the day of the free exams. Let me tell you a little about the setup. When I got to the clinic today they said they were expecting a large group of women to attend from our town as well as surrounding villages. Because the clinic is very small and the women in this area are donít really consider breasts to be a private area that need to be covered, it was decided to conduct the exams outside in front of the clinic. When you walk about the villages you frequently see women breastfeeding their babies or openly working outside topless on hot days. Nobody really seems to care much about bare breasts.

We had three areas set up for the exams each staffed by a doctor and nurse. They were out in the open with the lines of women facing the exam areas, so it was almost like a show. One of the doctors is from Germany and is also on a medical mission, the other two are local Ugandan doctors. Other than me, the two other nurses working that day were Ugandan. We have a small medical staff and weíve been working together for the past three months and have formed quite a tight group and have become close friends outside of work.

Breast exam day was very successful as we had hundreds of women show up. Some made a day of it and brought their husbands and children to the clinic. It was almost a party atmosphere. It felt great to help these women to better their health.

A couple hours in I saw my host mother and her friends join the line waiting for the doctor I was working with. I was happy to see them and that my talk convinced them it was important to show up and take advantage. When it came time for them to be next they reminded me that I promised to go first. Again, I thought they were joking and mentioned that I had my last medical checkup 6 months ago and wasnít due. They said I promised them and they only came because I was so passionate about it and agreed to get an exam.

At that point, I felt that I had to go through with it. The doctor I was working with was Dembe, one of the local doctors. I told him that before he examined my host mother and friends he had to examine me. He gave me a shocked look like he thought I was crazy or didnít hear what I said until I reached down and took my shirt off. At this point I still had on my sports bra as I have C cup boobs and like the extra support. I looked out at the people in line and you could have heard a pin drop. All eyes were on me. Even though the women of the village were frequently topless I always kept mine on as itís not something I am used to culturally. I think because my skin was a different color than theirs the crowd paid a lot of attention to me.

It was too late for me to back down now, so I unhooked my bra and took it off. It felt weird to be standing topless in front of all those men, women and children, but even more strange in front of Dembe and the other medical staff who were my friends. Iíve never really liked my breasts. I have large areolas and long nipples, so I wondered what the onlookers were thinking or if they were judging me. I could feel my face was a little red and even though Dembe is black, I could see a little red in his face too. I donít think he knew what he was signing up for when he came to work this morning.

After I sat down on a chair Dembe went to work feeling my breasts for lumps. This is a guy I work with, eat lunch with and trade knock-knock jokes with and now heís feeling my bare breasts. After he finished examining each breast he squeezed each nipple. That was the most embarrassing part of the exam for me. Iíve probably lost the upper hand in our jokes with each other now that Dembe has tweaked my nipples.

After he was done, my host mom and friends started clapping. Amusingly many of the other people there also started clapping. I put my bra and shirt back on. I probably should have also taken a bow (LOL). After I was done it was my host momís turn and then the rest of her friends also lived up to their part of the deal.

I found the experience a little embarrassing, especially with the large crowd with all eyes on me, but it was worth it. I feel strongly about womenís health and was able to participate in this great event. Itís interesting how different culture view breasts. I think I may participate and free the nipples when itís a very hot day and Iím around the house. At this point I think I could be comfortable topless in front of my host family and their friends.
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Old 08-28-2017, 11:01 AM
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Below is my second fictional blog story. Just wanted to point out that these are unrelated vignettes featuring different women in case it's not clear.
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Old 08-28-2017, 11:04 AM
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Default #2 Reporter at Carnival

About: Maddie, 30 years old from St. Louis, now lives in Los Angeles working for a travel magazine.

As my friends know, I work for an online travel magazine. My friends are always telling me how lucky I am since I get to travel to cool places as part of my job. Although I enjoy the travel, itís still hard work.

Iím part of a team at the magazine that travels to locations all over the world. The magazine sets us up with accommodations and people to meet, places to see, tasks to do, etc. It is all pretty much laid out for us. There are always arguments about who goes where and does what, so the editors enacted a new process where the team members draw locations from a hat to make sure we each have the same chance of an assignment.

In this past round, one of the items was a trip to Tahiti. That is somewhere Iíve always want to go, so I was rooting for that assignment. Tahiti was one of the first items picked out of the hat, but unfortunately, I didnít get it. What I got instead was a trip to Brazil to cover Carnival.

The magazine set me up with a woman named Sylvia who has a dance group that performed at Carnival every year. I was going to join her as a dancer and write about my experience. They also gave me a local photographer to take pictures for the article.

I flew into Rio and Sylvia met me at the airport. I noticed her right away as she would be hard to miss. She is about 5í8Ē and mostly legs and ass with beautiful dark skin. Sheís exactly what you think about when you imagine beautiful Brazilian women.

After a quick stop at the hotel to drop off my stuff we went to her dance studio. For me to dance with her team, I had to show that I can learn the moves. Luckily for me Iíve had some dance training and was a cheerleader in high school, so learning the choreography wasnít too difficult. Itís mostly just shaking your hips a lot. Sylvia was very patient and encouraging as she showed me the moves. I was a little worried about the dancing beforehand, but now that I knew I could do it I wasnít worried anymore. I also met the photographer Luiz who showed up to take pictures of me practicing for the magazine.

A few days before the big event Sylvia brought me to get our costumes. I realized there wasnít much to it as I tried it on. The top was mostly wire, not very comfortable and just barely covered my nipples and areolas. Actually, there were gaps in the wired top, so you could see hints of my bits. The bottom was nothing more than a high cut g-string. I knew that Brazilians were OK with showing their butts, but thought Iíd be wearing more than this. Good thing I crossfit, so at least my body is in shape.

When I looked in the mirror I was worried because my tan lines were showing. Sylvia said not to worry because we would also be painted. It made me feel better that while I would be half naked, at least I would be ďwearingĒ paint.
Once we were done with the fitting Sylvia took me down the block to a salon. She said we had to get waxed since we would be wearing skimpy costumes. Guess I was about to get an authentic Brazilian waxing.

We sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and then the waxer called Sylviaís name and motioned for me to come with. Are group waxings normal in Brazil? Sylvia said she would go first and pulled down her shorts and underwear and hopped on the table like a pro. I tried to keep eye contact as I talked to Sylvia about Carnival. After her front was waxed she got on her knees and the waxer did the back end. Luckily, I was sitting near her head the whole time, so I didnít see much.

After she was done the worker asked me to strip off my bottoms and climb on the table. I thought there was a chance Sylvia would leave when she was done, but then she started talking to the spa worker in Portuguese. Ok, weíre all girls here, so I pulled off everything from the waist down and assumed the position on the table. The worker started waxing and she and Sylvia continued to have a conversation. Once the waxer was close to done Sylvia moved down to inspect and critique. She pointed out a few areas that were missed, and when I say point I mean she came within about an inch of touching me to point it out. When the front was done I turned over and the waxer did my bottom as Sylvia watched intently to make sure she did a perfect job. I guess itís good to have friends that have your back, or backside.

On the day of the event I met up with Sylvia and Luiz. Luiz drove the three of us to a nearby trailer where Sylviaís group was getting ready. I was in for a little shock as we walked in the trailer. There werenít any individual changing areas. All of the male and female dancers were in various states of undress. Lots of helpers and other workers walking about. They gave me my outfit which they had fitted after the day we tried them on. I saw an area in the trailer that was less inhabited and quickly went there and changed into my outfit. After years of changing in gym class I was decent at changing without showing much. Luiz had wandered away with Sylvia, so at least he didnít see me changing.

I went and found Sylvia and she said they were ready to paint us. Our painter was a local artist named Raul who was about 50 years old. He had us spin around in our costumes so he could get a 360 degree look to come up with a color pattern that would work with our costumes.

Then he said he would paint me first. He started with my arms and legs, then Sylvia said I would have to strip off so he could get good coverage in case the costume shifted when I danced. I wasnít expecting that, especially in a room full of strangers. Reluctantly I took my top off and he painted my torso and back. Luiz was standing by taking pictures of me being painted to document the experience for the magazine. I told him I hoped he is being cautious because although I know the magazine wonít publish naked pictures, I still donít want them being sent to the magazine where my co-workers may see them. Luiz promises I didnít have anything to worry about.

The paint dried quickly and I put my top back on. Then he told me to take off the bottoms. I was feeling a little bare after the Brazilian and swear I felt a breeze, even though we were indoors. I think there may have been windows open, so maybe I didnít image it. He knelt down in front of me for a better view and sprayed my bare crotch to make sure I was covered in case the bottom moved. Then he asked me to turn around so he could spray the back. Because there wasnít much of a back to my outfit he told me to spread my cheeks so he can make sure he didnít miss anything. I bent over slightly and parted my cheeks so he could finish up. Man, that was ridiculous. The things I do for my ďglamorousĒ job. My friends donít think about this part of my job when they envy me.
Luiz and Sylvia were watching me get painted, but hopefully most of the strangers in the room were too busy to notice. I found out later that Raul is really a great and accomplished painter in Brazil. Somehow that made me feel a little better about the situation since he was an artist.

The day of Carnival was amazing and a lot of fun. I couldnít believe the huge crowds of people. The article turned out great and the pictures the magazine included were mostly modest, but one showed my g-stringed butt. The editor asked if he could include it to show the cultural differences and I gave the OK. I never saw all of the pictures that were sent, so Iím hoping Luiz kept his word and only sent the modest ones.
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Default #3 I Was on a Japanese Game Show

About: Melissa, 24 years old, originally Toronto, Canada. Now living in Japan and teaching adult English as a second language classes.

I want to tell you one of my craziest stories after living in Japan for two years. Not sure if many of you have seen Japanese television, but they have some of the craziest shows. Many involve outrageous stunts which would probably not be allowed in Canada or the U.S.

Last week I was invited by Rieko, my best friend here, to go to a gameshow. She won two tickets (apparently, they are hard to get your hands on) and invited me to go with her. She thought it would be a lot of fun to see the craziness first hand. Little did I know Iíd become a part of the craziness.

On this show, they give you a hat when you enter the studio and if your hat lights up, then you are asked to do a stunt to win prizes. None of the prizes are worth much. The stunts usually involve situations to make the participant look silly and gives the audience in person and on tv a chance to laugh at the situations and the people in them.
A man was selected for the first stunt which involved eating weird foods that nobody would ever want to eat as the audience groaned and laughed. The second stunt involved a man getting tied up to a large dart board while other people threw ďnerfĒ items at him.

When it came time to pick the next contestant everyone was looking at me. I didnít realize that my hat lit up until Reiko informed me. I didnít really want to go up there, but thought Iíd look like a bad sport if I didnít. Everyone was having so much fun. Now it was my turn for the fun to be at my expense. Maybe I could at least win a toaster or some other item I didnít need.

I walked up to the stage to the cheers of the crowd. The game I was selected for was trivia. Iím OK at trivia, so not bad so far. Then they announced the penalty. For every wrong answer, I have to remove an article of clothing. I thought about backing out, but the people in the crowd kept cheering me on and encouraging me. I had seen nudity on Japanese tv (boobs and butts, genitals are always censored), but figured for this show Iíd only have to strip to my bra and panties which is similar to a bikini, so I agreed to play.

I got the first few questions right, but then got a few wrong in a row. The crowd roared a little louder after each miss. Eventually I was down to my bra and panties. I figured this was the end until they read the next question. I said wait a minute, I donít have anything else Iím willing to remove. Then the crowd started cheering for me again and chanting my name (Me-lis-sa, Me-lis-sa). I looked up at Reiko and she was also cheering me on. It surprised me because sheís usually reserved, but she was getting into it. Itís her favorite show. I didnít want to let her down so I said Iíd continue, the crowd cheering me on.

That was a bad decision on my part as I got the next questions wrong and was soon standing in front of the crowd completely naked, hands covering my full frontal nudity. They brought my clothes backstage to get dressed, so I had to do a walk of shame past the crowd to the backstage area. As I was walking back the host stuck out his hand for me to shake. Not wanted to offend (I am Canadian) I briefly uncovered my crotch for a quick handshake.

I was hoping theyíd at least blur it out my nudity on tv to save me embarrassment. Well, the show aired tonight and they did do some blurring, but not as much as I had hoped. I used my arm to cover my breasts most of the time, but you can see them, nipples and all when I take off my bra. You can also see my bare ass when they shot from behind. They did blur my lower frontal nudity, which I was grateful for. The funny thing is, that Iím a redhead and Iíve had at least a few friends, both male and female ask if the carpet matches the d****s. They werenít trying to be funny, to them it was a legitimate question. I always tell them itís none of their business in a kind way. Although they blurred my crotch, you can still see color and a blur of red. Any of my curious friends who watch the show will now have their answer. So will any of my ďEnglish as a second languageĒ students who watched. Good grief.
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Default offer

interesting premis and nice stories. would u consider writing one about my wife? if the setup is right, maybe we can accompany it with a couple pics - u can get an inspiration in my albums, she is a nurse, she might even fit ur general theme with nurse in a foreign country being spied on and enf-ed by perv patient
I am lucky to have a sexy 35yo wife enjoy showing her off ... hope you enjoy the albums.
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Old 09-11-2017, 10:41 AM
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Default #4 - I Posed for Spencer Tunick

About: Amy, 25 years old from Denver, Colorado. On a three-week vacation in Mexico before starting a new job.

Iíve been in Mexico for the past two weeks on vacation exploring the country. I spent some time in more remote villages and now Iím going to spend the next week checking out Mexico City and all it has to offer before I head home. While in the hotel lobby I met two couples from Guadalajara that were very friendly and spoke good English. They were talking about the museums and other sites they wanted to see while in Mexico City. I introduced myself to them and told them I was from Denver. One couple was named Jorge and Maria and other was Antonio and Gabriella. They were about my age, in their mid-twenties.

They told me about an amazing restaurant they were going to eat dinner at and asked me to join them later that night. They seemed very friendly and I figured they may have good ideas for other activities in Mexico City. Since I didnít have any firm plans, I accepted their offer for dinner. Then I went back to the room to take a nap.

Later that night we met up in the lobby and walked to the restaurant. The conversation flowed well and I asked about some of the things to do in Mexico City. They said they were going to do the basic tourist things, but the main reason they came to town was to pose for an artist named Spencer Tunick. At this point I hadnít heard of Spencer or seen any of his photos. I was surprised when they mentioned it involved being completely naked outdoors. Antonio pulled out his phone and showed me some of Spencerís photographs. They all involved huge crowds of naked people. Maria and Gabriella were artists and thought it would be an honor to pose for him. Their significant others decided they would join in, so they made the trip to Mexico City.

They asked me if it was something I would like to do and said I could join them if I was interested. Iím not really a ďnakedĒ person and was reluctant, but they were very friendly and insistent. I was having fun at dinner and they were great to be around. Iím about to start a new job and thought this may be one of the few chances I ever get to do something like this, so I agreed to go with them. I figured Iíd probably never see any of the people there that day again anyway, so whatís the big deal.

On the day of the event we met again in the lobby and then took public transportation to the event. We all brought bags to put our clothes in while we posed. When we arrived at the event there were a so many people there. I was starting to feel the butterflies in my stomach. I sometimes get anxious around large crowds and my anxiety was starting to kick in. It was worse knowing that I was about to be naked surrounded by such a large crowd. If my new friends werenít so encouraging I probably would have got back on the bus and went back to the hotel.

The people who worked with Spencer started by telling us how the days events would unfold so we knew what to expect. A few minutes later they told us we were ready to start and that we should strip down where we were and move to another area. The instructions were in Spanish and I wasnít 100% sure what to do until I saw everyone else taking their clothes off. When I was still in bra and panties I looked up and saw that Jorge, Maria, Antonio and Gabriella were now all completely naked. Antonio was clearly enjoying it as he was now dancing naked on the street, penis flopping about. Not wanting to lose touch with my friends I quickly stripped off my remaining items. Sensing I might back out, Maria and Gabriella each grabbed an arm and said letís go. At that point, I wished I had my arms free to cover up. LOL.

It didnít occur to me that I would get so much attention, but as we walked to the area for the photos the people around me were all asking where I was from and why I decided to go to Mexico City. I guess itís difficult for a naked 5í10Ē light skinned gringa with blonde hair to not get noticed among a large group of locals. They were proud that I decided to join them and be a part of this event.

The five of us took our places, then they started to call out the poses. For the first pose, we stood straight up looking directly at Spencer as he barked orders and encouragement to us. It was then that I noticed a large crowd of people behind him that gathered to take in the crazy scene.

For the second pose, we were told to lie down on the ground on our backs. At first, the pavement felt cold on my bare body. I looked up at the beautiful blue sky and felt the air on my body and had to smile. It was all very serene, like a dream. It was quiet and I forgot for a moment that there were other people around.

The last pose was the worst. For this one we posed in a position similar to a half tortoise position in yoga. With your knees on the ground, you bend over with your head towards the ground and your back slumped. This was the time I was the most embarrassed during the experience. Gabriella was directly in front of me and I could see this position didnít leave anything to the imagination as I was greeted by her vagina and butthole practically inches from my face. Hello! I could only imagine the views I gave Jorge who was inches behind me as I got into, out of, and held that position. He was a gentleman and didnít talk about it afterwards, at least not while I was around.

After the experience of posing for Spencer, I was glad I did it. Sometimes itís great to do something out of your comfort zone and something you wouldnít normally do. I exchanged email addresses with my new friends from Mexico. Not sure if Iíll see them again, but Iíll always remember this experience we shared together.
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Default #5 - Stripper for a Day

About Ė Leslie, 25 years old from Tucson, Arizona. On a ten-day vacation in Thailand with her boyfriend Joe, best friend Kathy and friendís boyfriend Bob.

Story Ė
Greetings from Thailand. Iím having a great time here with my boyfriend Joe and my best friend Kathy and her boyfriend Bob. We had been spending most of our time at the beach, but thought it was time to get out and explore. Tonight, we thought weíd be daring and visit a strip bar in Pattaya. We found a place that was just beyond the more touristy area. There were some tourists, but the majority of the crowd were locals.

It was an interesting place. There were a few stages where women danced as the music boomed. Some of the women danced in bikinis, some got topless and a some were totally nude. There was even a ping pong show if you know what that is (Google, if not). It was also a great place to get a drink as the bartender kept pouring generous portions of liquor in our glasses. He went by the name Jimmy, but Iím guessing thatís the name he gives tourists and not his real name.

I should say Iím normally a very reserved person, but I had too many drinks in me. The more I drank, the more vocal I became in cheering on the girls on stage. At some point, they started to notice me and must have thought I was a lot of fun. There were a couple girls dressed in lingerie dancing provocatively on stage. The asked me to join them up there. I instantly got quiet as I really donít like being the center of attention. Jimmy caught all of this and told us heíd give us free drinks if I went up with the dancers. Before I could say anything, Joe told him it was a deal, and I walked up the stairs to the stage.

Iím not a good dancer, but did my best and the crowd seemed to appreciate it. The girls must have thought I was overdressed to be on the stage because they started taking my clothes off a little at a time. I didnít know how far it would go, but I was buzzed and didnít care in the moment. One of the women dancing behind me reached down and took off my shirt. Then she unfastened my bra holding it in place for a short period of time before whipped it away. Now I was topless in front of my friends and a bar of mostly local Thais. My first thought was that this was the first time Bob, my best friendís boyfriend, was seeing my boobs.

The girls were on either side of me and each cupped one of my breasts and shook them. Then they each licked a nipple for a few seconds. I wasnít sure how my boyfriend would take this, but when I looked over he and my friends seemed to be enjoying it. So were the rest of the people in the bar.

The girls gave me a sly smile and pulled down my shorts. I was now down to thong underwear. The girls turned me around, mooning the crowd and told me to bend over. After I bent over they started smacking my ass. Each one had their own cheek. The stage was near the bar and they called Jimmy over to give my ass a smack. He gave me a couple good whacks that stung a little. When that was done I turned around again and saw my boyfriend was still enjoying the show. Heís usually the jealous type, but didnít seem to mind.

For the final act they removed my thong and had me walk over to a chair on the stage. Then they told me to sit down on the chair. After I sat down, they each bent over and grabbed one of my ankles and lifted my legs high and spread them in a V shape. To give you a visual, I was basically sitting in a chair with my legs spread as far as possible by a couple of Thai strippers in front of a bar full of people. The locals enjoyed the show as they walked right up to the stage to get a closer look.

When the song ended and strippers gave me a kiss on the cheek and left the stage while I got re-dressed in front of everyone. Now that the alcohol has worn off I canít believe I went along with it, but I did. When we went out today a few people were giving me looks and it makes me wonder if they were there last night to witness my show. I canít be too mad at the girls as they do that sort of thing every night, getting naked for strangers. They probably figured it wasnít asking too much for me to do the same as I seemed to be enjoying their show. Whatís good for the goose. But I donít think Iíll be drinking much the rest of the trip. I also donít think Iíll be quitting my job in advertising to be a stripper in Thailand.
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