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Old 09-07-2015, 09:07 PM
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Default X-Rated Version

So how's that X-Rated Version going? I assume the match is mostly the same with just a few extra bits worked in, so it's probably done already. Do you still plan on posting it? Because I'm still interested in reading that version and I'm sure other readers on here are too.
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Old 09-12-2015, 10:10 PM
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Truth be told, the biggest debate was about whether or not to publish it. I've been trying to decide if it is really much different from the original version or if it is just redundant. But you brought up a good point that either way there are people interested in reading it and worst case scenario, they'll just have read the same story again with some slight modifications.

And since I already took the time to write it, I might as well post it.
__________________________________________________ _

The company certainly isn't in a good spot right now. . .

The monotone voice belongs to one of the El Rey executives talking with a few of Lucha Underground's producers. The meeting is an intense one. Lucha Underground has been a mixed bag on El Rey. As far as positives: they've been considered an outstanding success by wrestling fans, has brought an innovative way of presenting a wrestling product and has even been considered for an emmy. But on the other side of the spectrum, ratings are low and production costs are high.

No one knows if the network intends to have a second season for the show and most feel that this meeting could be the make or break moment on whether a deal gets signed.

For such a large conference room, there were only a few people here for this important meeting. Three representatives for El Rey and three for Lucha Underground, including the authority figure on screen and head booker behind the scenes, Dario Cueto.

Your show is hurting our bottom line. Ratings are not what we expected. And quite frankly, we're not sure what we want to do with you right now...

Cueto interrupts.

If you already know what you plan to do, why bring us here?

Well... we haven't decided yet. There are a ton of negatives and positives to weigh out and we've decided that we want to put the pressure on you.

What are you thinking?

You have one big final special coming up in about a month. Ultima Lucha. And our network, El Rey, is looking for some publicity with this show. If you can get people buzzing about Lucha Underground, it is worth it for us to keep it alive. If no one cares, neither do we.

Get Lucha Underground trending on Twitter. Get articles published on websites about your show. We don't care what you do, we'll deal with the backlash. Listen, we want to keep this show but you're going to have to earn it.

Now when you say you don't care what we do . . .

Dario, listen.

Blood. Violence. Language. Whatever you want. WE DON'T CARE. Do what it takes to get some attention.

Dario nods.

Consider it done.

Fast forward to the next Lucha Underground tapings, six weeks away from Ultima Lucha. Dario Cueto is backstage, talking with Ivelisse Velez and Sexy Star.

Ladies, the simple answer is that we need to do something big. And after talking with the rest of the creative team, we think you two have the potential to provide just that. We want you two... to have a buck naked match.

Both women immediately shake their head indicating no.

No way I'm doing this Cueto. Sexy Star and I are not here to just be divas or eye candy or any of that garbage. That's the same thing I complained to DeMott about and it's the same reason I'm not with that company anymore. I just want to wrestle and put on spectacular matches.

I agree with Ivelisse. My whole gimmick is that I'm an equality fighter trying to show girls that they're just as strong, talented, and powerful as men. Now I'm going to fight to try to strip another girl nude? No, that isn't happening.

Now Ivelisse and Sexy, you should know that this wasn't our original plan or intention when we brought both of you in. But the network is on our ass to make a buzz and this sort of match... people would be talking about it for years. We're in a lucky position here that the WWE, TNA, ROH, or any of those other companies don't have. El Rey is our only sponsor, we don't have anyone else to answer to. And El Rey... they want attention and are willing to let us do anything to get it.

That's all well and good but we're still not interested.

Now now, listen to what we're offering first. First off, huge payout for both of you. I'm talking like six figures each. And beyond the cash, we have big plans for both of you.

For the winner, they're going to become one of the top heels of our show. A woman that had no honor, no respect, spat on everything that she held dear. Shameless and willing to do anything to win. We're thinking a huge push, culminating in a dastardly victory to become our new Lucha Underground champion followed by a title reign with several defenses.

And for the loser of the Buck Naked match, an even bigger reward. You're going to become our top face of our company. A woman humiliated, embarrassed, and forced to bear all before the world. After the match, you go into hiding. We spread stories and push a storyline that you're never going to wrestle again. And then, months of paid time without any required appearances... we have the champion facing another woman. She's already won the match and teases that she's about to strip her. Then BOOM! Lights go out! They come back on and you're in the ring and the crowd goes ballistic. You knock the champ out of the ring and send her running. We build up a huge rematch between you two and the champ tells the world that she's going to strip you all over again. Match comes and the face wins. Huge celebration. Confetti. A very long title reign and marketed as THE star of Lucha Underground.

If you two are willing to follow through on this match you're going to keep this company, a big source of revenue for both of you, alive. And you're both going to make a lot more cash and become a lot more popular just for accepting this one booking.

Sexy Star and Ivelisse look at each other.

...I mean, top heel and face of this company. That could lead to a lot more bookings elsewhere.

And a huge boost in hats, shirts, masks, all merchandise. All for just... one embarrassing night.

But Sexy, I haven't done anything like this before. You did a Xtremo and Sangriento match, where you ended up losing your bra. Was it worth it?

It was really embarrassing in the moment. I hated every second of it and all the people trying to catch a glimpse or photo of my breasts and all I could do was hide them with my hands. Before the match... I knew it would be worth it. Afterwards, it paid off tremendously. But at the time, it was torture. So all I can say is... be prepared for that.

I guess you're right. But wait, Cueto. You keep saying "the winner" and "the loser". Well, what is it? Whose booked to win?

Well... that's something we're leaving up to you two. This is a weird spot to be in. If either of you are willing to take the loss here and get the bigger push/success we're more than happy to accept that decision.

I've been through something similar once. There's no way I'm letting it happen again.

Well I'm not comfortable having my breasts, ass, and vagina exposed either!

In that case, we thought about it. And this match can be a shoot. Both of you legitimately try to take each other's clothes off. And however the match ends up, the winner gets the big heel push and the loser gets the mega face push. But this way, it is fair and your destiny is in your own hand.

. . . I can agree to that.

Yeah. I'll accept this match under those conditions.

Fantastic. Well we got six weeks to go so let's go over booking plans and how we're building and hyping this match.


Cueto, Sexy Star, and Ivelisse are backstage.

Okay, we've made it. Up until this point, I've played the heel and both of you have been the unwilling babyfaces. Before we continue... have either of you decided you'd prefer to take the loss and get the bigger and better push.

Both women shake their head.

I'm willing to fight this match but there's no way I can agree to 100% definitely have my bare ass shown to the world tonight.

Yeah, not happening. I can win this match easily. There's no reason to concede defeat.

Ivelisse shoots Sexy Star a look at the "easily" comment.

Alright, fair enough. Now tonight, winner has the big heel turn coming based off of this match. So since there is no set result, be sure to be aggressive out there. We need the crowd to see the viciousness in both of you. Alright, have a good match and tear the house down. [/B]

Both women nod.

Good luck Ivelisse.

Good luck Sexy Star.

The two women walk off.

We head to ringside.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match will be our Buck Naked match! The only way to win is to strip your opponent of every article of clothing!

The crowd cheers for this announcement.

Coming to the ring first, from San Juan, Puerto Rico... IVELISSE!

Ivelisse starts down the steps of the temple. She is wearing an open cheetah hooded vest without any sleeves. Underneath that is a black bra with silver studded gems along the top, complimenting the slight cleavage she is showing off. For her lower body, she is wearing pointy/studded yellow pants that are decently transparent. Underneath that, she is wearing standard black woman wrestling trunks. They are somewhat cheeky, with a little of Ivelisse's booty popping out from under it (still covered by the yellow pants).

Coming to the ring next, her opponent, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico... SEXY STAR!

Sexy Star makes her entrance, highfiving the fans. She is wearing her signature black horned mask with silver studs along the eyes, leading upward to the horns and a star design on her forehead. She is wearing a rainbow colored top with black trim and the word "SEXY" across the front. For her lower body, she is wearing a black skirt with a small rainbow star as a fake "belt buckle" as there is no actual belt there.

The woman enters and gets mask to face with Ivelisse. The two wrestlers stare each other down, both desiring to put on a good match and, more importantly, win and reveal as little of themselves as possible.

As agreed upon by both women at the contract signing, at this time boots and socks will be removed.

They both nod.

Two weeks ago at the contract signing, they had said that they would start off without boots or socks so that they could "get to the good stuff as soon as possible". In reality, this had been another discussion between both of them and Cueto behind the scenes. In a shoot fight, with one woman wearing boots and the other not, there was a huge potential for a possible foot injury and neither wrestler wanted that. Besides, in a scripted fight the woman could keep her feet somewhat still while the other takes off the shoes. But in a battle like this, that foot would keep waving back and forth and be next to impossible to remove. This match didn't have a time limit but Cueto didn't want them stuck with only their shoes on all night. In their heads, neither Sexy nor Ivelisse were interested in that either.

Another subtle behind the scenes agreement was that both women would wear their traditional wrestling gear. Neither one felt the most protection right this second... but it was a fair playing field. If both women just wore what they wanted to protect themselves the most, it'd be 50 layers of leather, buttons, zippers, clips, and any/every possible obstacle they could put in the other's path.

Slowly, Sexy Star is the first to bend over to remove her footwear. As she does, there is a brief peek under the skirt revealing conservative black panties. Her butt cheeks pop out on both sides but everything is still fairly covered. She unlaces her boots and removes them, revealing rainbow ankle socks. She slips them off, revealing her bare feet. The camera zooms in, focusing on her toenails painted ruby red as Sexy slips off her knee pads.

Sexy finishes and looks at Ivelisse. Ivelisse, untrusting of her opponent, now finally starts. As she knew she'd be removing her boots, she wore a slip on pair of boots that easily come off. Underneath that, she has on long black socks that go all the way up to the middle of her calf. She rolls them down and slips them off before taking care of her kneepads. Once again, the camera focuses on Ivelisse's feet to entertain the fans watching for that sort of thing. She has unpainted toenails but well manicured feet as the knee pads are taken off and tossed aside.

With both women now fulfilling the promise, they circle around each other patiently waiting to begin. On the one hand, they both want to get this match started. Each second just increases the tension and the fear in both wrestlers as they understand the reality of all that will be exposed if they happen to lose. On the other hand, the moment the bell rings... every piece of the gameplan could fall apart and all dignity could be exposed. When thinking about it that way... the longer the wait, the better.

The bell rings yet neither woman makes the first move.

Both Ivelisse and Sexy Star are playing this one smart, rather than risking making a foolish mistake to start off this important battle. They lock up in a test of strength. Ivelisse gains the early advantage and brings Sexy Star down to her knees. Sexy shakes her head in pain while the crowd attempts to will her back into it. The cheers help and Sexy Star is able to rise back up to her feet and gain the edge, forcing Ivelisse down to her knees in pain. Ivelisse fights her way back to her feet and swiftly brings a knee up to Sexy Star's ribs, releasing the test of strength and bringing her opponent to a knee. Ivelisse follows up with a forceful knee to Sexy's face, knocking the woman onto her back.

Ivelisse attempts to grab hold of Sexy Star's shirt but Sexy immediately kicks her off. Ivelisse pounces back onto Sexy Star and starts wailing away with punches in bunches. Ivelisse grabs hold of Sexy Star's hair with her left hand and continually fires away with strike after strike to the skull. Repeated vicious shots to the skull seem to have a strong effect on Sexy Star until she able to swivel her hips and turn the momentum around so that she is on top of Velez.

Sexy Star likewise grabs a strong grasp of Ivelisse's hair and aims her fist right at her opponent's face. Ivelisse is not able to cover up as Sexy unloads with shots of her own. The stiff shots have Ivelisse starting to see stars and she knows she has to get out of the situation soon. One bad shot could knock her out and then... well she knew what would follow. Ivelisse pushes her right hand up and is able to shove off Sexy's left arm and knock her opponent off of her.

Ivelisse scatters to the other side of the ring to regain her bearings while Sexy Star pops right back up. Sexy Star does a roll to get closer to her opponent as Ivelisse starts to rise and locks her in a headlock. Normally, not much more than a rest hold but in a shoot fight, Sexy Star is legitimately attempting to choke Ivelisse out. Star cranks on Velez's neck several times to apply some pain and keep her opponent in the middle of the ring and away from the ropes.

Ivelisse responds with a hard hook to Sexy's stomach. The shot knocks the breath out of Sexy Star. Ivelisse attempts a judo flip but Sexy Star quickly hits her with a knee to the ribs knocking Ivelisse to the ground.

Heading into the match, there had been some discussion behind the scenes and people taking bets/guesses on who would be a better shoot fighter between these two. At this point in the battle, the edge certainly had to go to Sexy Star. Every move Ivelisse has attempted, Sexy Star has had the answer for. But still, the match had just begun and no one had even lost any clothes yet and who knows what effect that could have someone's wrestling performance.

Ivelisse rises up and charges, straight into a dropkick from Sexy Star. The bare foot of Sexy Star strikes Ivelisse right in the face and the self proclaimed "Baddest b*tch in the Building" crashing to the mat. Velez holds her face in obvious pain and Sexy Star sees it as her first chance to start trying to win this match. Sexy rushes up to Ivelisse and attempts to grab hold of the open cheetah vest. She has a hold of it and Ivelisse kicks in desperation. A lucky shot strikes Sexy Star on the side of her knee and causes her to fall to the mat.

Ivelisse slowly gets up and decides that the knee might be a smart area to target. If Sexy Star can't stand, she can't fight. And if she can't fight, then Ivelisse could win this match without losing a single article of clothing. Besides, Cueto wanted viciousness and Velez could surely provide viciousness.

Ivelisse starts stomping away at Sexy Star's left knee. Even with only bare feet, the sheer force of the shots are having a clear effect as Star can't hide her pain as she is grunting and groaning with every strike from her opponent.

Velez reaches forward and grabs onto Sexy Star by her rainbow top, pulling it towards her. Rather than risk the top get torn or stretched away from her body, Star moves with the top and is pulled up to her feet. Sexy is back on her feet only to be hit by a vicious discus lariat from Ivelisse. The shot knocks the wrestler backwards and Sexy Star stumbles against the ropes.

Ivelisse is starting to gain control. Feeling the same thing, she quickly throws a few right forearm strikes to Sexy Star's head. The rapidness of them lessen the effect but Velez is looking to wear down Sexy Star, rather than look for a miracle KO shot. After finishing the shots, the camera zooms in on Sexy Star's face and even with the mask, it is possible to see that her eyes are starting to look glazed over. Ivelisse, proud of that barrage is starting to feel like she might just be one big move from getting the victory.

Yes, Sexy Star hadn't lost any clothes yet, but this isn't some scripted battle where they need to trade removing clothes back and forth. If Ivelisse can knock Sexy out, she can just strip her of everything. Sure, that wouldn't win her the most fans but hell, she'll be a heel after this one anyway.

She looks down at her hand and then at her opponent, still only standing due to the ropes holding her up. Velez smirks and swings away, smacking Sexy Star across the face. The loud smack echoes through the arena. Ivelisse turns to the crowd and taunts, but that's the natural "showmanship" side of her and a foolish mistake especially in a match like this. The slap has woken up an inner anger in Sexy Star and immediately when Ivelisse turns around, Sexy Star strikes. She rushes forwards and brutally tackles Ivelisse to the mat.

Not expecting the tackle, Ivelisse's head bounces off the mat and she lands awkwardly. Sexy Star doesn't care as she repeatedly thrashes Velez's skull off the mat. Ivelisse attempts to get out from under Sexy, but Star isn't giving up the superior position without a fight. As Velez struggles, Sexy holds onto her by the hooded vest and starts punching, giving Ivelisse very few options. Either ditch the vest and escape or attempt to withstand the barrage and keep the vest. There isn't much time to think and Ivelisse knows that too many of these strikes and she won't have anything on her. With a passion for not getting her face punched in any more, Ivelisse scrambles out of her open cheetah vest and rolls out of the ring.

Sexy Star is left in the ring with no opponent but the first article of clothing from the match and holds it up to the air to the crowd's cheers. Ivelisse walks along the outside of the ring, angry but not yet embarrassed. Her bra was visible with the vest on anyway. But still, that's one article of clothing gone and anything else from here would make her uncomfortable. She paces around the ring by the announcing table where Vampiro and Matt Striker are yapping about something she prefers not to listen to. Right now, Ivelisse just sees red. She's angry. She had a plan and it was going well until she made one stupid move and here she is, stuck with only a black studded bra covering her breasts.

Sexy is watching Ivelisse and trying to debate whether it is smarter to stay in the ring and let her opponent come to her or to stay on the attack while she isn't thinking straight. Sexy Star opts to stay on the attack and rolls out of the ring while Ivelisse is still pacing around in anger and not paying attention.

Star walks towards her opponent and raises her arms for what appears to be a double axe handle. Ivelisse turns around in time to see it and swings her right arm back, effectively doing a backhand to Sexy Star's breasts. Star grabs her chest in pain and Ivelisse knees her in the ribs. Sexy Star bends over in pain and Ivelisse grabs her by the skirt and hurls her towards the corner ring post. Sexy Star is not able to get her hands up and smacks her face straight into the corner post, knocking her down and flipping her skirt up. Her face hit that metal post with a sickening smack. The flipped skirt reveals that the dazed and confused woman is suffering from quite the wedgie from that last move. Her conservative/traditional black trunks have been pulled up, exposing much of her backside.

However after her face slamming into the post, Sexy Star is yet to move. Ivelisse knows to not let an opportunity like this go to waste and runs over by her opponent. Sexy Star is starting to stir and Velez knows she has to get something off of her quickly. Ivelisse grabs at the first thing she sees, which are the black trunks and grabs them by the waistband. She yanks backwards on them, quickly sliding them halfway down her thigh, revealing a skimpy pink g-string. The crowd cheers in excitement and Ivelisse is able to get the black trunks down past her knees as Sexy Star finally starts to collect her bearings and realizes what is happening. She turns over onto her back, also covering up her thong with the skirt again and desperately reaches down to grab hold of the trunks. She gets a grasp on them but Ivelisse has two hands on them and has slipped them down by Sexy Star's ankles.

Sexy Star brings her ankles together to try to stop Ivelisse, but Velez is able to pull them apart and slips the trunks off of Sexy. Ivelisse celebrates by quickly throwing the trunks into the cheering crowd. Star backs and crawls away, hoping to regroup after losing an important article of clothing. Her ass is still technically covered with the g-string and skirt but without her trunks, every move that Sexy does will reveal a vast majority of her booty to the crowd. Sexy Star gets to the opposite side of the ring perimeter and attempts to calm down and get her mind back on the match and not her current embarrassment. The match is only going to get worse and freaking out now is just going to make it even more difficult to win.

Ivelisse turns towards where Sexy Star was and sees she has moved locations. For Ivelisse, now she had the upper hand and she needed to use it. The name of the game: embarrassment. If Sexy is afraid to move and too caught up in her own head, it'll be a much easier match for the baddest b*tch in the building. Ivelisse spots Sexy Star across the ring and starts to walk around towards her. Star sees this and slides into the ring, deciding that would be a smarter place for her to battle. Velez slides in and joins her.

The two women start towards each other and Sexy suddenly lunges for Ivelisse's bra. She grabs a hold of it but is batted off and to the ground by Velez. The desperation of that maneuver is apparent and Ivelisse plays off of that by flipping Sexy Star's skirt up again, once again revealing her pink thong and booty. The crowd cheers but Sexy quickly flips the skirt back down. Velez stomps on her back and flips it up again, this time following up by dropping down and using her knees to restrain Sexy's arms. Sexy shakes her head and struggles leading to Velez using her arms to push Star's face against the mat as her ass wiggles and jiggles back and forth with only the tiny thong providing any protection. Ivelisse laughs and starts to trash talk.

You can beat me easily, huh? You can beat me easily, huh? Easily? Easily? The only thing easy in this match is you, judging by that thong you're wearing. Freak out all you want, it's going to get worse. These people are going to see everything you have to offer! Your breasts! Your pussy! Your asshole! Everything!

Ivelisse strikes Sexy Star in the back of the head with a smack before rising up. That little unscripted tirade has done more to fire up Sexy than scare her as she quickly pops up and reaches for Ivelisse's hair. The quick move catches Velez off guard and she is brought down to the mat by Sexy Star. Star pulls at Velez's long brown hair and is trying to pull it straight out of her head. Ivelisse yells out in pain and desperately scratches at the eyes of Sexy Star to free herself. Sexy rolls off of Ivelisse and brings her hands towards her hurt eyes. Velez, furious, gets to her feet and pulls on Sexy Star by her hair. She pulls her opponent to her feet and towards the ropes.

Ivelisse flips her opponent head first over the top rope but holds on, leaving Sexy Star in a precarious position where her upper half is hanging over the top rope on the outside and her lower half is inside the ring with her competitor. Velez, angry and looking for another chance to embarrass Sexy Star, pulls at her black skirt and starts to slip it down. Sexy Star attempts to swing either her lower body over the top rope or her upper body back over but Ivelisse is pushing down hard on her midsection with her right hand, keeping her in the treacherous balance. While she does that, the left hand continually tugs at Sexy's skirt and it slowly continues to slip down. It is now halfway down Sexy's ass and Ivelisse isn't stopping there. The skirt keeps going lower and lower with Star's only defense being desperation kicks that aren't doing anything.

Ivelisse suddenly lets go of the skirt and uses both hands to hold Sexy in place before kneeing her straight in the face. The sudden shot knocks Sexy Star loopy. With her being unable to struggle, Ivelisse finishes the job and removes Sexy Star's black skirt (leaving her opponent's lower body covered only by a pink g-string). Velez drops the skirt and immediately starts smacking her opponent straight on the ass to add insult to injury. The spanking wakes Sexy back up and she attempts to struggle free again as Ivelisse applies swift punishment to her opponent's backside. Ivelisse starts to dig her nails into Sexy Star's ass before Sexy is finally able to swing her lower body over the top rope. She crashes to the floor hard but at this point, she was happy to just get away from her opponent.

Sexy Star scrambles up the stairs of the Lucha Underground Arena trying to get some space but Ivelisse is right on her track, attempting to stay on the attack. Sexy Star's hands attempt to cover her front and back as she runs. Ivelisse catches up with her halfway up the stairway and grabs a handful of Sexy's thong, stopping her opponent dead in her tracks. Sexy turns around as Ivelisse lets go and takes a swing, only for Ivelisse to dodge the strike and instead push her opponent into the crowd. Sexy falls backwards and one lucky fan gets a faceful of Sexy Star's ass cheeks. Star bounces off of him and stumbles face first into the lap of another male as the crowd is going crazy at this point.

Sexy Star rises and smacks both of those fans across the face! She is suddenly yanked backwards by Ivelisse who is pulling at her rainbow top. Sexy Star is already in a bad position and losing her top here puts her dangerously close to revealing all. Sexy can feel the shirt ripping as Ivelisse is dragging Star back towards the stairs and away from the crowd. The camera catches a smile on Velez's face, happy with the direction this match is going so far. After successfully pulling Sexy back, Ivelisse continues to tug at the shirt (this time the front of it) as she goes further up the stairs.

Ivelisse continues to stretch and attempt to tear the fabric as Sexy Star attempts to pry her competitor's hands free. Eventually the distance between the wrestlers starts to increase to the point where Ivelisse is up four stairs and pulling with all her might. The top is stretching away from Sexy's body and the lower part of a pink bra is starting to become revealed. Sexy continues to attempt to free Ivelisse's hands away but is starting to get the sense that they may not work. Ivelisse has her nails dug into the top and the more Star struggles, the more the rainbow top is ripping.

Sexy Star knows that this match is not going in her favor. She's lost her skirt, her trunks, and her top is merely seconds away from joining that club. This isn't good. Ivelisse is far less experienced than her. How the hell is she getting schooled by some tough enough reject? Well, now isn't the time for reflection it is the time for action. And while she didn't like... Sexy had an idea that could change the entire tide of the match.

Velez continues to pull on Star's top but Sexy stops trying to break the grasp. Instead Sexy Star grabs Ivelisse by the hair and hurls her down the stairwell! RIPPPPPP! Ivelisse goes flying and along with her goes Sexy Star's top! The momentum of the move sends Sexy Star down a few steps but Ivelisse is far worse for wear. She crashes down the stairs, hitting several of them as she falls to the floor by ringside.

Sexy Star stands on the stairs, desperately trying to cover up as only her matching pink bra and thong protect her from being completely nude. The fans cheer at Sexy's revealed state but Ivelisse has still not moved from the vicious fall she took. Sexy Star certainly couldn't consider her mood "happy", but her incapacitated opponent was at least a silver lining to this bad situation.

Star extremely desires to start evening up the score (and get away from the crowd of perverts) so she rushes down the stairs to Ivelisse. Sexy Star reaches her opponent and kicks her a few times, partially out of anger and partially to see how active she is. The answer is not at all as Ivelisse doesn't react to the strikes.

Sexy Star smirks before lifting Ivelisse to a seated position and sitting behind her. She calls the camera in close and licks the side of Ivelisse's knocked out face. Sexy's smirk grows into a full blown smile (surprising given what has taken place) as she teases the camera by slowly lowering one of Ivelisse's black bra straps. While her right hand lowers one of Velez's bra straps, Star's left hand cups Ivelisse's other breast through the bra. It is clear that Sexy Star has not enjoyed her humiliation so far and is taking it out now on her knocked out competitor. Sexy grabs hold of Velez's other bra strap and lowers it down off her arm so that Ivelisse's breasts are nearly slipping out of her black studded bra.

Sexy calls the camera close to Ivelisse as Star reaches behind Velez and starts pulling the bra upwards. First, it actually covers up some of Velez's exposed cleavage (due to the down bra straps) but the crowd grows more and more excited as Sexy Star keeps pulling. Soon a small amount of underboob is exposed and more appears quickly as Star is not taking her time here. With one large heave, Sexy Star completely removes Ivelisse's black studded bra and exposes her breasts to the Lucha Underground believers. The crowd is going crazy and Ivelisse is too unconscious to even know it has happened yet. Star lightly rubs and flicks Velez's exposed nipples with an even eviler smile on her face.

Star mulled over the situation in her head. On the one hand given her opponent's state, she could try to remove another article of clothing. But screw that. This little b*tch had stripped her to a bra and thong! Her barely covered ass would be the top google search for months. She couldn't let Ivelisse get away with that. If Sexy won, she'd be a heel and there's nothing more heelish than purposely waking up an opponent just to humiliate them.

She popped out of that thought and had decided upon an action. Sexy Star lifts up her opponent and pushes her against the apron. Ivelisse is positioned so that her arms are hooked around the bottom rope, allowing her to stay up outside the ring on her own power (even if she doesn't realize it). Sexy Star walks over to the commentary table and grabs a bottle of water. She walks over and pours the cold water over the head of her opponent. The crowd cheers even more as the cold water falls all over Ivelisse's hair and runs down her face and chest. The sudden flow of water has started to wake her up as she is able to unhook her arms and stand on her own power while grabbing her head in pain.

Ivelisse is trying to remember where she is and what is going on, the sign of a possible concussion suffered from that hard fall. But her eyes are soon on Sexy Star and she remembers exactly where she is and what she is going on... and realizes that she's been out for a while and her hair is drenched, as is her face and.... chest. Velez quickly looks down and realizes that her fear has come true and her bra has been removed. She immediately crosses her arms over her chest and drops to her knees. Ivelisse, the baddest b*tch in the building, is cowering from her opponent, the crowd, and from the entire situation in general.

Sexy Star is getting a kick out of this and decides she wants to let this humiliation play out a little longer. She viciously grasps Ivelisse's wet hair and pulls her opponent up, with Velez refusing to move her arms and expose her chest again. Sexy Star stands behind Velez and starts pulling at her arms, trying to reveal Ivelisse's breasts again. Velez struggles, but soon her arms are pulled behind her back again. She screams and closes her eyes, while shaking her head violently. Star giggles and slowly starts walking closer to the crowd. She encourages them to take a feel of her opponent and the crowd is more than willing to join in.

As Star walks her around, members of the front row of the crowd take turns fondling, rubbing, cupping, and squeezing Ivelisse's breasts. Ivelisse's eyes are still closed and tears are starting to fall from her face. One fan goes even further, opting to slide his hand down the back of Ivelisse's pants and in her trunks. This causes Ivelisse to scream and desperately try to break and wiggle her crotch free. Sexy pulls them away from that one particular fan, but not for Ivelisse's sake. Only because his hand in her trunks was also dangerously close to Sexy's own crotch.

Sexy finally turns Ivelisse around and rolls her in the ring. Ivelisse immediately covers up again and hides in the corner of the ring. In her head, she knew she needed to fight. But she was too afraid and nervous and embarrassed by what was happening to move her hands at all.

Star slowly walks forward and mocks the tears coming down Ivelisse's face. Velez feels so much anger and contempt for her but so much shame as well in herself and this entire situation.

You thought what you did to me was embarrassing? Well, how is this? How's it feel to be the town wh*r* with the entire arena already having got a piece! You're lucky I didn't let that guy go even further but I didn't want to waste my time while an entire crowd of fat ugly losers gangbanged you like the cum guzzling sl*t you are.

Sexy Star was certainly embracing the heel role as it'd be tough for anyone to cheer her after that barrage of insults. And more importantly, she meant every word she said. She's a respected wrestler and one that has had to prance around in a bra and little g-string for at least ten minutes now. If she didn't do something extreme, she'd lose all the respect she's built up in this business. What she did... well, it's a good start. But the night is far from over and Ivelisse has a lot more to show the world.

Each one of her words cut Ivelisse straight to the soul. She is just a wrestler struggling to make it in a business that one wrong political move is career suicide. She came to Lucha Underground to try to start making a name for herself. She didn't ask for this match. It was practically demanded of her if she wanted to have a job. She certainly wasn't a wh*r*! She was basically forced into this match. And actually forced to be the crowd's little puppet. And that one man, while he hadn't gotten past her thong underneath her trunks still was rubbing his hand all over her ass and attempting to reach down at her pussy as well. That was scary as hell, and so would be the rest of the match if she couldn't turn around soon.

But despite knowing that... she still couldn't move.

Sexy Star, willing to embarrass herself slightly more to make this more humiliating for Ivelisse, gets down on her hands and knees and starts to crawl towards her opponent. She sways her hips seductively side to side while Ivelisse can only look on in horror while covering up. She reaches Ivelisse's foot and grabs a hold of it before rising and dragging her opponent to the center of the ring. Velez shakes her head, practically begging Star to stop. Star shakes her head no... and suddenly gets a kick to the stomach. The quick shot is followed by another kick to the stomach, again keeping Sexy Star at bay for the moment. Ivelisse drops her foot slightly, before swinging up and low blowing Sexy Star, knocking her opponent to the ground. Sexy holds her crotch in pain.

Ivelisse rises, completely uncovered from the top up while still completely covered from the waist down (besides footwear). Embarrassed as all hell by Sexy's dirty actions. But the match wasn't over yet. There was still time to come back and win this one and avoid the ultimate humiliation of being stripped buck naked.

Before Sexy Star can get back up, Velez winds up and kicks her again in the c*nt with a vicious kick. Sexy rolls onto her chest, holding her lower half in extreme pain. Ivelisse uses her hands to cover her chest again as she starts repeatedly stomping on Star's stomach, driving her sole with vicious power into her opponent. Momentum has changed hands again, now back in Ivelisse's favor however one has to wonder if she can keep control and focus with how much attention she is still placing on her current state of undress.

With her hands still attempting to hide her breasts, Ivelisse puts her foot on Sexy's neck and attempts to choke her. Sexy brings her hands up and attempts to squeeze them in between Ivelisse's bare foot. After a few seconds of choking, Sexy Star is finally able to shove Velez's foot off of her. Sexy Star rolls onto her chest and gets to her hands and knees, attempting to breathe.

Ivelisse kicks her in the side, yet Sexy Star continues upwards and rises to one knee. Velez knows that if she can pull off a big move, theoretically she could get off both Sexy Star's bra and thong and win. And that... that would be worth uncovering her breasts for a few seconds again.

Velez removes her hands from her chest and rushes at Sexy Star. She hoists up Sexy Star into spinebuster position. Catching her opponent off guard, Ivelisse already knew what she wanted to do. Before Sexy Star can react, Ivelisse pulls down swiftly on Sexy Star's g-string and completely exposes her opponent's ass as the thong falls straight to the mat. Sexy Star lets out a loud scream and attempts to move her hands back to cover her ass but before she can, Ivelisse leaps into the air and drives her opponent straight into the mat. Sexy Star slams hard back first into the ground and lays splitlegged, exposing her vagina to the camera and the entire Lucha Underground Universe!

Velez has a gameplan and it doesn't include celebrating just yet! With Sexy Star still stunned from the spinebuster, Ivelisse quickly reaches behind her and unhooks Sexy Star's bra! Star still hasn't had a chance to collect her bearings and react by the time Ivelisse rips at her chest and strips the bra right off of her! In a frantic 20 seconds, Sexy Star has lost both her bra and g-string! She is completely exposed in the ring! The crowd is going wild as Ivelisse picks up the thong again and hops in the air excited about her victory, forgetting about her exposed breasts as she bounces in the air repeatedly, ecstatic about the win tonight.

The bell rings and Ivelisse stands in the ring victorious!

Sexy Star has recovered from the spinebuster and immediately freaks out at the realization. A loud scream comes from her as she has been stripped buck naked! Sexy scoots backwards, trying to use her hands to cover up her entire front. The Lucha Underground cameras are relentless, switching to an angle where they can watch her back her booty up closer and closer towards the camera before falling under the bottom rope and quickly hiding underneath the ring.

Ivelisse has completely forgotten she is meant to be a heel now and proudly continues to celebrate. Quickly, she remembers her less than ideal circumstance and uses one hand to cover her chest while the ref raises her other hand in victory.

The crowd cheers for the nudity and the match. Ivelisse feels blessed, all things considered. Her breasts had been exposed, which is humiliating and something that is going to circulate on the web but she got off so much easier than Sexy Star. This wasn't a match that Velez had wanted to be a part of but she showed the world that she could fight. And in perhaps the biggest battle of her life, Ivelisse had.......

THWACK! Ivelisse is dropped by a steel chair to the back of the head. It was a violent unprotected shot and it was swung at full force by Sexy Star. Star stands in the ring with everything displayed, not focused on covering up. Instead, revenge is the only thing on her mind. Along with the chair, Sexy Star has brought in a bag that she must have had hidden under the ring.

Sexy Star reaches into the bag and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. She lays Ivelisse's head along the middle rope and uses two pairs of handcuffs to lock Ivelisse's wrists to the top rope and have her opponent facing towards outside of the ring. Star calls for a mic and is given one.

You perverts! You like seeing me without any clothes on!

The crowd cheers loudly.

You're pigs! All of you! And you're idiots. I haven't lost this match yet! Look at my damn face! I'm wearing a mask! That's clothing! This match is still going on!

And you!

Sexy Star smacks Ivelisse on the back of the head.

Wake the hell up! Because I'm going to strip off every piece of clothing you got left and I'm going to make sure you're fully conscious to live through every moment of it, b*tch!

Star smacks Velez on the back of the head again. She follows that up by viciously pulling on her hair. Unfortunately, none of this seems to work as the brutal chair shot caught her completely by surprise. Sexy Star thumps Ivelisse with the microphone.

You're not getting out of this that easy. I'm waking you up.

Sexy tosses the microphone aside and starts squeezing Ivelisse's tits, attempting to evoke a reaction. Star starts pulling and pinching Ivelisse's nipples and the shooting pain wakes up Velez. She screams out in pain and quickly realizes the situation and attempts to free her hands but can't. Ivelisse has no option but try to talk Sexy Star out of continuing the attack.

Why Sexy? I won this match fair and square.

You didn't win shit. A mask is considered clothing, I even asked Cueto earlier. Besides you're a rookie, a wh*r*, and a cocky b*tch. Now I'm going to make you pay for all of that.

Sexy Star continues to play with Ivelisse's nipples as Ivelisse shakes her head and begs her not to. Star stops with the breast play and instead uses her left hand to pull on Velez's hair while her right hand pulls Velez's waist close and continues to embarrass her by starting to thrust into her, simulating a standing doggy position. The crowd boos and Star backs up and bends over to reach into her bag.

The crowd cheers as the bent over view prominently displays Sexy Star's pussy. She quickly rises up and looks to the crowd, angry and embarrassed. In her hand are scissors and she picks up a microphone in the other.

Ivelisse, I'm going to make this very easy for you. I have, in my hand some scissors.

Sexy moves the scissors to in front of Velez's field of vision.

Behave and you lose all your clothes.

The crowd cheers despite themselves while Ivelisse shakes her head and begs her not to.

Misbehave and well...

Sexy drops the microphone and grasps at Velez's hair. She uses the scissors and cuts off a tiny strand of the brunette's locks. She holds it in front of Ivelisse's vision and the poor girl screams in fear. She shakes her head and the tears are immediately flowing. For the second time tonight she is crying, this time due to how terrible of a position she is in. She had thought she had won. She thought it was over. But she was blindsided and now handcuffed and literally at the whim of a crazy woman.

Sexy pulls at the waistband of Ivelisse's yellow transparent pants, stretching it away from her body. Star slips the scissors along the side and starts cutting down the right side of Velez's leg. The pants fabric is quickly breaking and the conservative black woman wrestling trunks are starting to become more exposed. Sexy Star laughs as the pants split completely on the right side and she starts cutting down the left side.

Ivelisse is in a terrible position as her wrestling trunks aren't meant to be the only form of clothing, as a fair share of her butt is still popping out from underneath it. Ivelisse wants to fight with all her power but knows that any struggle could lead to a loss of her hair. For a woman like her who relies on sex appeal (to a certain extent) to get work... losing her hair could cost her a job and her entire way of life. What sort of life would she have though if everyone in the world could see her breasts, vagina, and asshole 24/7/365 due to the internet. She could never show her face again.

Sexy Star finishes the cuts and tosses the yellow pants to the outside. Ivelisse is stuck handcuffed to the ropes with very little protection for her booty. Star drops the scissors and picks up the microphone.

Everyone, hope your cameras are out. Because poor little girl Ivelisse has a lot of booty slipping out right this moment.

Star gives Ivelisse a spank and digs her nails into Velez's ass for a brief second, causing another yell. The camera focuses on Velez's face and it's apparent that the tears haven't stopped as she can't believe what is happening to her tonight.

So, wh*r*. Are you even wearing anything underneath that?

Sexy Star pulls at Velez's trunks, so that she can take a peek inside them.

Oh my, that's going to be fun to expose. So Ivelisse, before we continue I want to ask you a question. You call yourself the baddest b*tch in the building? Well, after tonight, I don't believe that. You want to give me that nickname of yours? Or do I have to take it?

Sexy holds the mic so Velez can speak. Ivelisse yells through her tears.


Star pulls the mic away.

Wrong answer.

Sexy Star grabs hold of the trunks of her opponent and yanks upwards, giving Velez a massive wedgie. Ivelisse attempts to try to break away or do anything but unfortunately the only results of her efforts is the bouncing of her breasts and ass cheeks.

Sexy Star smacks Ivelisse across the side of the head before pulling the trunks up even further, intensifying the wedgie. Ivelisse shakes her head in disbelief of her current torture. Star laughs before pulling the trunks far away from Ivelisse's body, revealing the upper part of her ass cheeks protected only by a black skimpy thong. Star pulls downward, removing Velez's trunks off of her body and revealing her ample backside with only a small thong protecting it.

Star smirks again.

Are you proud of the fact that you took my bra? That you took my thong? Because I'm going to make your night so damn worse. In fact, you're the reason the world is seeing my ass. Now you're going to have to kiss it.

The crowd cheers excited, though not because they're fans of Sexy Star's actions. Sexy Star uses the middle rope to exit onto the apron, once again exposing her vagina. Pictures snap and once Star exits onto the apron, she holds up her middle fingers towards the crowd. She walks over towards her opponent and faces towards her, so that her c*nt is right in Ivelisse's face. Ivelisse turns her face in disgust.

Nah, it is your fault my pussy is exposed. I want you to look at it.

Sexy Star turns Ivelisse's head so that she is face to face with it.

Look at it, Ivelisse. It's a sexy damn vagina. In fact, I bet it is a lot prettier than your vagina. But I'm sure we'll figure that out for ourselves in just a tiny bit.

Ivelisse's makeup is ruined at this point as her tears have causes it to smear and run.

But you don't get the pleasure of kissing my vagina. That is an honor granted to few. You instead get to kiss my ass. Which is a privilege to granted to every single person who doubted me, all the haters that stood in my way, all the pervs who gawked at me, and you in particular for exposing me like this!

Sexy Star turns around to face the crowd. Her ass is inches away from Ivelisse's face. Star bends over and her cheeks slowly start to touch Ivelisse's nose and the rest of her face. Finally Sexy shoves her ass backwards while grabbing hold of Velez's face and pushing it forwards. The crowd cheers as Sexy swivels her hips and ensures that Ivelisse is tasting every bit of her backside. Star laughs as she pulls on Ivelisse's hair, keeping Velez trapped in the stinkface. There is no possible defense or way to break free for Ivelisse as with her hands chained to the ropes, she is an unenviable and inescapable situation.

Star finally unbends and brings her butt away from Ivelisse's face. Sexy laughs again and enters the ring as Ivelisse's face is smeared with her makeup, tears, and sweat from Sexy Star's ass. Her humiliation has been brutal but not over yet as Star enters the ring and is digging through the bag she has with her. Sexy Star pulls out a strap on dildo and a loud “holy shit” chant breaks out amongst the crowd. Sexy waves the strap on in front of Ivelisse, forcing even more tears and pleas from her to stop.

Sexy holds the dildo in one hand and a microphone in the other.

Cry all you want baby, this is going inside of you before the night is done.

The crowd cheers in the heat of the moment while Ivelisse desperately tries to convince Sexy Star otherwise while struggling with tears.

Now one of two things are going to happen. Either I’m going to strap this on right now and shove it in you dry. Or I’ll give you the option of using your mouth and wetting it up a little bit.

The audience cheers again and Sexy Star stands behind Ivelisse, her naked body pressed against Ivelisse’s thong covered ass, with the dildo positioned directly in front of Ivelisse’s mouth.

You’ve got ten seconds to get started or else I will.

Ivelisse cries, not wanting either option to happen as the fans mercilessly have started a ten count.






Ivelisse moves her mouth closer.


Ivelisse starts performing fellatio on the dildo. She moves her mouth up and down, trying to cover as much of the strap on in her saliva as possible. Sexy Star laughs and pulls it back and forth, adding to the humiliation of the simulation blow job. She toys with Velez by pulling the dildo farther away, causing Ivelisse to try to reach forward to get it in her mouth. She desperately sticks her tongue out, attempting to get her mouth around it when Star suddenly shoves it straight in. The surprise deep throat causing Ivelisse to gag and cough but Sexy Star couldn’t care before finally deciding to pull the dildo away.

Well I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth. But good job delaying the inevitable, because here we go.

Sexy Star straps on the dildo and looks towards the crowd while she slips a finger into Ivelisse’s black thong. She teases lowering it before stepping aside and calling a camera into the ring.

I want the world to get a nice good look at this.

With the camera in the ring, Sexy pulls aside Ivelisse’s thong! Velez’s ass crack is revealed to the world. Ivelisse stomps around afraid of the situation but that only exasperates the scenario as now her naked booty is bouncing all around for the world to see. If that wasn’t enough, Sexy Star goes even further by spreading Ivelisse’s ass cheeks apart displaying her asshole for the entire viewing audience. Star starts by rubbing the dildo up and down Ivelisse’s butt crack, teasing its entry into her unfortunate opponent.

Eventually Sexy Star slides the dildo into her opponent and Velez moans out in pain and discomfort. Star quickly starts thrusting and the front of her thighs start smacking against the back of Ivelisse’s legs as the penetration continues. The camera cuts to one on Ivelisse’s face with an emotion shifting between pain, embarrassment and pleasure. Sexy Star continues to thrust, getting enjoyment from the fact that every second she continues doing this, the less people will remember her being stripped practically nude and the more people will remember Ivelisse getting penetrated on live television. And the longer she keeps it up… maybe she can even make that b*tch cum and embarrass her for life.

Velez’s legs start to buckle and Sexy Star grabs hold of Ivelisse’s hips and holds her up as she continues to drive into her opponent. A small moan escapes from Ivelisse’s mouth and very quickly more follow. Sexy Star continues her efforts and moves her right hand down across the front and begins playing with Ivelisse’s nipples while continuing to thrust into her opponent.

Ivelisse’s screams are growing louder and louder and it is clear she has lost all recognition of where she is as she yells for Sexy to continue. Star thrusts faster and harder and pulls at Velez’s hair instead of playing with her nipples and Ivelisse’s moans continue until a loud one escapes and she starts to cum. Sexy Star pulls herself out and backs away as Velez’s lower body crumbles to the mat as her juices exit her body and slowly trickle out onto the mat. Ivelisse’s face shows satisfaction and tiredness as she is breathing heavy and still handcuffed to the ropes.
Sexy Star smirks and removes her dildo and dropping it on the mat. She picks up the scissors and quickly snips Ivelisse’s thong, before pulling it off and winning the match as the bell rings. She grabs cuff keys from the bag and uncuffs Ivelisse, letting her opponent fall to the mat tired and not truly aware of where she Is and what has happened. Velez lays on the mat in a pool of her own fluids and the used strap on dildo as Sexy Star makes her exit.
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That was really good too.

The crowd groping went exactly as I thought it would based on the mentions of it. And that ending was nice and intense. It definitely went a lot further in cementing Sexy Star as the heel as she begins her new reign of terror on Lucha Underground. How could she do something so horrible?

Of course, there will probably be a very vocal group of perverted smarks chanting for her to break out the strap on again.

Great job with both versions!
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Smile love it

That was great man love it, the embarrassment, looking forward to see more from you.
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