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Old 12-29-2012, 03:12 PM
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Default On the way to the theatre

Short disclaimer - This is a story about robbery and forced stripping. I think it should be on topic at these forums. If it's not, I'll remove it. And sorry for my English, that's not my native language.


Alexandra looked in the mirror and was more than satisfied with what she saw: a tall and slender woman in her early thirties. Her face was professionally made up, nails polished gold and her dark brown, opulent hair was made in a elegant updo. She wore nothing except a pair of pale yellow silk knickers and a matching strapless bra.

Alexandra was a successful ascending government official at the regional ministry. Though relatively young, she got herself into a position of deputy minister because of her intelligence, brilliant education, and, even more importantly in this country, good family ties. Her job though meant not only a lot of work but also social events like today, when she was going to visit the classical music concert. Not that she didn't like it – on the contrary, it gave her a chance to sport her numerous expensive outfits and to obtain a few useful and pleasant connections.

The lady had been extremely fastidious about her appearance since childhood. She was one of the best dressed women among local officials and councilors and was proud of it. Every day she appeared in the office dressed to the nines in one of her conservative but tight and elegant suits. But for the special occasions she did her best to look really regal. No wonder that most of her generous salary and other personal income was spent on clothes and jewelry.

She started dressing, first rolling on her tan pantyhose then took her golden 4-inch heeled pumps. She get used to high heels no matter shoes or boots so, that she felt uncomfortable wearing flats or being barefoot. Now Alexandra looked in the mirror again. She shivered partly from a late evening chill coning from an open window, partly because of anticipation of the night. It was time to put on the dress.

She opened her extremely large wall wardrobe and reached for one of the racks deep inside. There hung one of her most elegant and expensive gowns. It was a two-piece ensemble made of golden shantung satin, a strapless ankle-length dress and a matching long sleeve bolero jacket with small rounded lapels. The bodice of the dress and slightly flared cuffs of the jacket were covered with embroidery. Alexandra slipped off her pumps for a minute to put on the dress and then pulled on the jacket. The touch of the delicate satin gave her a pleasant feeling.

To complete her look she put the watch on her left wrist and the golden bracelet on the right. She reached to her dressing table, took an emerald bib necklace and fasten it on her neck. Now, everything was finally in order. She felt proud of her immaculate appearance and outfit.

Alexandra initially planned to call a taxi but her good friend and colleague Marina told her that she would pick her up. Unfortunately she oriented badly in this district so she promised to wait for her a couple of blocks away from Alexandra's home. Alexandra decided that it's ok to have a short stroll, took her purse and went outside.

Alexandra left her keys to concierge and went out of the entrance hall. The weather was rather chilly for mid June and she thought how it was far-sightedly for her to wear jacket and pantyhose. She was enjoying this summer night and was strolling confidently towards the street where her friend was supposed to be. The yards around were strangely empty and quiet, with only the sounds of her heels clicking on the pavement.


It was an awful, unlucky day for Angela. She had looked forward to spending it in the city with her boyfriend, going to birthday party of one of his friends in the evening but they quarrelled badly and she decided to leave that bastard. The loser just like her, did she ever really need him? But this was only beginning. Later, she ran into local girl gang. Unfortunately, these b*tches didn't limit themselves to trash talk but attacked her. Angela knew she was tough enough to beat any of them but there were three. She was so enraged that she drew her knife and wounded one of the city girls lightly. But silly tarts called for their boyfriends so she must be lucky to escape with the whole skin.

The losses of this rumble were big for Angela: she lost her wallet with all the money and cell phone. And the new jeans just bought on a flea market for 15 euros specially for this day got torn and dirty. What a bad day.

Angela, fresh high school graduate, was born and raised in the poor working suburb of this city. Her father once had got drunk, shot their neighbor and had been sentenced to ten years of prison. The mother lost her job half a year after her “inefficient” public factory had got closed. They family was poor before, and now they were closer to beggary. She and her mother didn't starve but everything other than that became beyond their grasp. She was tomboyish and violent, and her nasty reputation helped her to graduate as well as squeeze some pocket money from the girls she was able to intimidate. This was no big deal, as most of her schoolmates were not much wealthier than her, but that was better than nothing. Though she never get herself into real crime, she knew that with this circumstances that would be the only future road for her, except for prostitution.

She didn't even have good enough clothes to go to her prom night, that would take place in two days. She decided not to go just not to shame herself. Of course, her rivals at school would be laughing about her. It was a shame but Angela thought that they could all as well go to hell with their mockery behind the back.

Now she was left with no money and a chance to get back home today. She couldn't even pay for the bus, but even if she found some cash, the last one must have been left. Of course, she couldn't even dream about taxi. Angela was roaming the blocks in the well-to-do district of the city and now was thinking only about finding an apartment house with an open loft but without concierge, for the sleep. But suddenly she remembered that one of her acquaintance just about that time should be leaving the city for her town. He was a good guy and would certainly give her a lift but now she had to find some phone to call him.

The district she was walking through was empty. It was no wonder, because most of the homes in this quarter were brand new ones, and less than half of the apartments were occupied. She strode into one of the alleys and soon heard heels clicking. She saw a tall woman dressed in exquisite golden dress walking right in her direction.

“Holy shit” she thought “Does everybody dress like that in this high-flying district? Anyway, she certainly has the cell phone and that's all I really need right now”.

Alexandra was deep in her thoughts a little bit startled when the figure of a young girl stepped right to her. The girl was just a little bit shorter than her. Her straight blond hair was disheveled and entangled in some places. She could be called pretty but her face was dirty and had a couple of deep scratches. The girl's clothes – T-shirt, jeans and trainers were cheap, untidy and torn in some places.

“Hey lady” she said, looking Alexandra in the eyes. “I need to call my friend right now, otherwise I can't go home. Сan I borrow your phone for a minute? And if you have some change I will be grateful too”. Angela was proud enough to humble herself in front of this wealthy woman but she had to control herself. Still she guessed that her speech lacked respect.

Alexandra stopped and looked at the teen from head to toes. She looked like a vagrant and definitely should be one. Of course she wasn't going to entrust her mobile to this little tramp. She thought to ignore her but decided to entertain herself a bit and show her superiority.

“Why should I give you the phone? Look at you! You are a healthy teen girl but look like a tramp. Go get yourself a job, so you can afford your own mobile and of course pocket money. And please show some respect when you speak to your elders and superiors!”

Angela was stunned for a moment, comprehending what she was just told. Then the blood in her veins started to boil. What did this stuck up b*tch thought about herself? It was precisely the kind of attitude Angela always hated. This woman looked at her with disdain just because she didn't have such fancy clothes and jewelry, and what was provoking her anger even more, she felt superior as an adult, classy, full-fledged woman over an awkward teen. She was fed up with such an attitude from the teachers at school. But still, she desperately tried to control herself.

Angela caught up with Alexandra and grabbed her arm. “Listen, I really need the phone or I will sleep in some park today. Please, let me make just one short call”.

Alexandra instinctively pushed her off. “What do you think you're doing? You will make my dress dirty! Can you imagine how much it costs? And of course you should sleep in the park, the sidewalk or in the underground. That's where you are belong!”

That was more than enough for Angela. Saying that she was filled with rage means saying nothing. She ran in front of the dressy adult woman and drew the knife, pointing it into Alexandra's face.

Alexandra was absolutely terrified. She never experienced a blade to her face in her affluent and refined life and now it looked really scary. She tried to say something but was only able to open her mouth without a single sound.

“Now listen you pompous arrogant b*tch!” Angela hissed, the stare of her grey eyes bored Alexandra through. “I only asked you for help, but now you will pay more, much more. As for where you and I belong, we'll speak in a more quiet place. Now go and if her majesty want to stay alive and well, shut the fuck up for the next few minutes”

She lowered her knife and then suddenly twisted the elegant woman's arm behind the back, squeezing tear from the official's eye. Alexandra, though kept herself in excellent shape, realized that she was no match for this extremely strong for her stature teen. And moreover, she was paralyzed with fear.

The way to the place for “conversation” took about ten minutes. All that time Angela kept thinking what she had been doing. It was definitely a serious crime, robbery with violence and that must mean long years in prison. She was also astonished by her own courage when confronting that snooty chick. It was easy to intimidate some of her schoolmates, but attacking the adult confident woman was an entirely different thing. On the other hand, she was still enraged by this lady's snobbish attitude and she desperately needed money. She thought that because that she should take all this woman could give her and it would be fair.

Almost nobody came their way, the only person was 40-something years old man, walking home from a party. Alexandra, still too scared to say a word, just cast a begging glance at him. But he was probably too drunk and in the darkness took them for a mother and a daughter.

When they almost reached their destination, the cell phone in Alexandra's purse rang. “Who's that”, Angela whispered quietly. “Th-hat's my friend, sh-she should pick me up on my way to the theatre”.

“Then tell her that you are sick and all that shit. And if you try to play with me, you'll be in a seious trouble, ya hear me?”

Alexandra nodded and picked up the phone. «Hi, where are you lost?», she heard Marina's voice. «I've been waiting for you for fifteen minutes, we must hurry up to get there in time” “Sorry, Marinochka, but I'm sick in the stomach. Probably poisoned herself. It got better but I should rest a bit”

“Oh, I see, never heard such a trembling voice from you. It's a pity that you won't manage to get there to meet with the most of the VIPs of the region. Bye!”

Alexandra put the phone down and sighed, her eyes started to well with tears. Her last hope to escape was lost but what she could with this little monster with a knife behind her back? Meanwhile, they finally get to the place. It was small secluded area behind the arc, with the waste ground, enclosed by concrete fence, in front of them and some old factory building behind. The yard was almost empty except for the trash container, filled most with the kitchen slops.

Angela positioned herself in front of Alexandra and grabbed the older woman by the lapels of her golden satin jacket. “Well, finally we come. Here, do you still think you're better than everyone else just because you're sporting some fancy gown and jewelry?” Angela tried to be as more aggressive as possible to keep the official scared and confused. But she realized that her antagonist was a total wimp. She might be confident and cocky on her work and in everyday life but she lacked courage in a situation where rules ceased to exist. Of course she was no match for hardened, streetwise Angela in spite of their age difference. Her social status, her wealth and expensive clothes was of little use against this punk girl's rage.

“N-no, I'm sorry” whimpered Alexandra. She had a glimmer of hope that her assailant will be satisfied with some verbal humiliation.

“Sorry? Now you'll be really sorry!” Angela said. “By the way, what's your name, b*tch?”

"Alexandra", the woman said. "My name is Alexandra"

"Well, the stupid sl*t like you doesn't really deserve the full name. I will call you just Sashka, it suits you better. Sashka-sl*t, how do you like it? He-he. And you work somewhere, right? Or just live at the expense of your rich hubby or parents who buys you fancy clothes, jewelry and shit?"

Now Alexandra cast her head up. She was still terrified but regained some of her composure. She was proud of her job and position in life and was going to let this little brat learn it.

"I am a deputy minister in the local government. I happened to be very succesful in my life and I doubt that low-life like you can achieve even a small part of my accomplishments!"

Angela even stepped back a little and let go of the dress jacket lapels. She didn't expect her adversary to return to her usual snootiness so quickly. With all her anger she had to confess that deep inside she admired this beautiful, elegant woman in her prime. Angela noticed how sophisticated and classy Alexandra looked in her evening outfit, which gripped her body like a glove. She rejected this conservative, pompous style for herself, but had to accept that the official looked really regal. The quick thought crossed her mind that if she had such an older sister, she would be proud of her. But eventually these thoughts fueled her rage even more.

SLAP! The thick sound of this smack was like a gunshot. Alexandra teetered on her legs but managed to keep her balance. "Government, uh? Because of your bunch of corrupt, pompous old faggots and wh*r*s my mother lost her job! Maybe even specifically YOU are to blame for it!" SLAP! - this time on the right cheek. Alexandra's face was burning. She tried to reply this little b*tch with her own slap, but to no avail. Angela easily intercept her hand, held it and kept sending smacks to adult woman face with her free fand. Alexandra naturally was only an inch or so taller, but with her high heels she towered over the teen. Despite that, the government lady was the one who was getting the beating there.

After series of slaps teen girl let go the woman's hand and pushed her off. "It's time to pay for this, you stupid old cow! Give me your purse" Holding her hurt cheek, Alexandra handed the purse to her tormentor. "How much cash is here?" "200 euros or so, I don't keep large sums of cash" whimpered the older lady. "Now, you have my money and my phone, please let me go. I promise that I don't call the police".

"What a stupid joke, you think I'll buy it? You carry on yourself many times more than this pathetic banknotes. It seems like you're wearing a whole jewelry store, b*tch. Take it all off!"

Alexandra had nothing else to do but to comply. Tearfully she removed her Swiss watch then the golden bracelet and gave it to the girl. But when it came to the rings, Alexandra had a problem to pull them off her trembling fingers. "Do it quicker, you pathetic b*tch! Else I'll cut them off with your fucking fingers!", roared Angela. Her tone didn't leave any doubt that that the threat wasn't empty.

Finally her manicured fingers were freed of the three golden rings with gems. "And don't forget this one". Angela touched Alexandra's chic emerald bib necklace. The official sniffled but unclasped her elegant necklace and gave it away to the robber girl.

"I gave you everything I had", sobbingly begged Alexandra. "Please let me go". "No, wait", answered Angela. "Several minutes ago miss High and Mighty told me that I didn't know the price of her precious dress. Now I would like to learn how much it really costs". She looked Alexandra in the eyes and pulled her by the jacket with two fingers.

"Two... thousand euros" Alexandra gulped. "And... I bought it abroad, here it must cost much more"

"Wow! That's quite a fortune. And I think you're way too overdressed for this place, it's not the theatre after all. So just... strip."

"B-but... please..." Alexandra was truly shocked and horrified "You don't mean to leave me naked here.."

Angela ignored her pathetic pleas. "Besides that, I have a prom in two days, and I need the dress and yours will do. So strip! When the state give some benefits to the poor, it's called subsidies, right? So, as a prim and proper government officer, you'll just subsidize me".

Alexandra just could not believe her ears. She, a respectable adult woman, with a high position in society, was put through all circles of hell in less than an hour. She was verbally insulted, slapped in the face, threatened with a knife and had to give up her jewelry and other possessions to some punk teen girl . Of course she met some girls of that kind earlier, for example some janitors in the govermant building, but she was always in command and they showed respect. And now she had to give this wet-nose the exquisite dress right from her own back. She felt disgust at the thought that this little b*tch will be sporting her precious gown at her prom, an outfit that suited only serious adult succesful lady like herself. It was degrading beyond any measure.

Now or never! she thought to herself. Seeing that her little tormentor appreciating ex-her jewelry, Alexandra stepped back a few yards, when the arc was really close. If she could escape it and maybe run 200 meters or so, with a good luck she could run into some people and scream for help. So she turned aside and ran away.

Of course it was a totally futile attempt. Her dress and heels wasn't the best outfit for running and the teen was much quicker. She caught Alexandra like spider catches fly earlier than she could escape the arc. Holding her arm in one hand and the hair in the other, Angela easily dragged older woman back.

Angela let the sobbing woman's hair go for a moment then violently ripped the golden jacket from her shoulders. The jacket hung loose on Alexandra's elbows restricting her arms and Angela delivered another couple of slaps to her adversary's face. Then she gоt behind her, pulled the jacket off and tossed it into her backpack.

"Now, get out of your fucking dress or I'll strangle you! And of course, your nice pumps, let's see if they fit me. And quicker, I don't have all night!"

It still took quite a time for Alexandra to get out of her dress. First she slipped off her shoes and handed them to the girl. Then she reached behind her back, unzipped her dress and, not without some struggle, stepped out of it. Driven by an instinct, she folded the dress carefully and with tears in her eyes gave it to her tormentor. Now her expensive gown, symbol of her pride, wealth and elegance was gone and the official stood in front of the low-life teen half naked and barefoot, just in her lingerie and pantyhose.

"Hey, what is it, pantyhose? You look like a granny, b*tch. Though I guess it's ok for an old cow like you to hide your cellulitis". It was very humiliating for Alexandra to hear that. Her body was firm and she didn't have cellulitis but it was still hurtfully to be reminded of her age from a much younger girl. "Now take it off too".

"But... but... please" Alexandra jabbered. "They are worn and you won't get any money from them... please let me keep it"

She received another painful slap for that.

"Shut the fuck up, you pathetic wh*r*! Of course I'm not THAT poor to wear them after you or sell it. But I think I'll find some other use for them. Do it quickly!".When Alexandra was done, she shivered. The weather was definitely not too hot to stand there in lingerie only. She couldn't help dreaming about getting her dress and pumps back but they were out of reach.

But it was not the end of her torture that day. "I like your bra and panties" Angela wickedly smiled, adoring golden satin and lace lingerie. "I think I'm going to wear them right now".

Alexandra gulped but unfastened her strapless bra. The evil teen then ripped it from her hands. Then the golden panties, her last defence, came off so she was now standing in front of her tormentor stark naked. She tried to hide her crotch with her hand and the breast with the other but she guessed that it looked pathetic.

Angela indulged herself in giving her victim's ass a couple of smacks and fondled her breasts. She even thought about taking some other pleasure with this formerly proud and snooty but now broken b*tch. But it was time for her to go. "Your hands!" she ordered. The girl took the rope that upheld her backpack top and quickly tied Alexandra's wrists together.

"That's enough for today. I think you're tired of all this and in a need of rest", Angela said, smiling archly. Alexandra felt a glimmer of hope. "Yes, please let me go home. I-"

But Angela grabbed her by the hair again and led the naked and barefoot official to the trash can. "Time to sleep you b*tch! Get in!"

Alexandra was horrified. She had already been humiliated beyond belief as she had lost her expensive clothes, jewelry and dignity but this was too much. The can was filled with the disgusting waste of all kinds which smelled nasty.

"You- you can't. I'm a high ranking official, I just can't sit here... You won't dare..." she pleaded

Another slap. "I said GET IN! I promised you to show where you belong, you pompous wh*r* and it's right here! So get in quickly, Ms high and mighty, I don't have all night!"

Tearful older woman made her way into the container. It had too low ceiling to stand so she fell on her knees and disgusting mess got to her breasts. Angela couldn't help smiling seeing this wretch of a woman. Her makeup was ruined, the mascara went down to her cheeks with tears, her elegant hairdo disheveled. Nobody could recognise confident, sophisticated, well-dressed lady official who went out of her apartment an hour earlier.

Angela quickly undressed and put on former Alexandra's lingerie. "I think it fits me well, doesn't it you little filthy piggy? I'm an honest girl and I think you deserve something for your generosity, hehe. Now you take this" She forced Alexandra's mouth to open and shoved her worn panties into it. Then the girl reached for her victim's pantyhose and tied it tightly over her mouth. "That's for you to be quiet for the night. See you, my lady!" She shut the roof of the can, locked it and went away.

Two days after, there was a prom at Angela's former school. She was happy to graduate and get free from the studying routine. Of course, she wanted to celebrate the event so she tried to look her best. The girl put on the dress she took from that classy woman, the pumps and all her jewelry. When she came at the schoolyard neatly groomed, stylishly made up and wearing this expensive ensemble, she caught everyone's attention. Angela knew that the dress was slightly large and long for her and besides that she wasn't able to wear such thing with style and class like Alexandra. But still, she looked gorgeous.

The other girls were definitely astonished at her outlook. "Where did you find that dress? It looks fantastic!" Nastya, the first beauty and the first b*tch of the class asked with the round eyes. "Stripped from the stupid cow like you!" Angela answered and laughed loudly. She knew that despite Nastya was from a more well-to-do family, her outfit looked cheap and girlish comparing to what she "borrowed" from Alexandra. So, everything went well and Angela was the centre of attention for the whole evening. It was time for the b*tches like Nastya to feel envy and jealousy.

However next day Angela went to the flea market and sold everything she had taken from the rich woman, including dress and shoes. It brought her a large sum of money even though the prices which the merchants offered were extortionate. But nevertheless she was happy. She gave half to her mother and kept the rest, readying herself to the life on the run. But, to her surprise, police never came.

After some futile attempts to get out of the can, Alexandra, still shocked of such a treatment, she collapsed into the stinky mess and fell asleep. She woke up next morning, when some tramp opened the can from the outside. When she got out, she had a pathetic view with filthy face and body and kitchen slops entangled in her stuck together hair.

Alexandra found some old, dirty blanket in the yard to cover herself and tried to find her way home but was stopped by the police van. They thought that she was some drunk sl*t and took her to the police station where she was thrown in the dirtiest cell with some common tramps. Feeling totally degraded she started to scream demanding the officers to comeю One of the trams, 40-something ugly stinking woman, got tired of that and showed the lady official the place in the tramps hierarchy. She slapped Alexandra several times forced her to lay on the back and then pissed on her.

At last weeping Alexandra was taken to the officer who couldn't help wrinkling his nose looking at this dirty, smelly wretch. Alexandra persuaded him to open the website of the government to find her photo. Still the officer couldn't believe his eyes, looking from the photo to the woman and back for several minutes. It was truly incredible that this was the same person.

But when he said they would open an investigation, Alexandra protested furiously. She knew that this degrading story would soon be open to everyone's eyes. The opposition newspapers would be glad to show the humiliation of the government official of the rank next to ministerial. As an uptight and conservative woman, she would rather keep the offender unpunished than become the laughing stock of the whole city, including her colleagues. So she promised the officer serious money in exchange the story would be forgotten and nobody would know. After that, she was given some rags to cover herself and transported home.

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Old 12-30-2012, 03:54 AM
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Default perfect - continue

Hallo Alexandra,
your story is excellent. Continue please.
it's allways perfect concept tu humiliate arrogant and snob lady by a looser...
I have just sent you an idea via privat message - so I look forward to read more.
Thanks again.
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Old 08-18-2017, 09:37 PM
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Wink Great story

so your Alexandra, last month when I read that story on deviantart.com it was a great story. Your friend who posted(maybe your fan). Your story is very great man I love it keep it up. The guy on deviantart should tell people next time that you're on oneclickchick.com
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Old 05-29-2018, 08:46 PM
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Great story. Thanks for sharing
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Old 06-01-2018, 07:03 PM
smjimmie1348 smjimmie1348 is offline
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Default Revenge or part 2

Hey great story is there a chance you could either do a part 2 where Alexandra loses her clothes again or maybe do a story Alexandra gets her revenge on Angela .

But I think would have been cool if Angela had the clothes on that she stole would have been stolen from her by a girl like herself revealing a different set of lingerie than what she had stole .
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