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Default Private Lessons

At moments like this, lying by a beautiful pool and basking in the warm glow of the sun, it was easy to forget about life's troubles. In fact, as I stretched my arms out over my head and arched my back, I felt as happy and satisfied as a cat and reminded myself life was good.

Life was always good on Tuesdays and Fridays, the two days a week I tutored for Max, a sophomore at PC whose father was a wolf of Wall Street and owned the gorgeous twelve room house that went along with the amazing Olympic size pool.

I'd been tutoring Max since High school and as part of my payment for saving him from failing English in his senior year I was told I could use the pool on the days of Max's lessons. So my routine was to be here a couple of hours before Max came home from his summer job, go for a swim and lay out in the sun.

While I was here it was easy to forget about the rest of the week and life itself. Easy to forget I'd caught Jeff, my boyfriend of the last three years, cheating on me with Sarah, my-now former-best friend.

It was easy to forget that after I threw Jeff out, money was tight and I was sweating the payment on the condo this month. It was easy to forget I was an English teacher who was considering taking a waitressing job, at least for the summer, to make ends meet.

Last summer I'd had a half dozen other high school and college students I gave private lessons to; spending the summer giving them a jump on their upcoming college semesters, but only three this year which didn't help my financial situation.

But for right now? It was Friday afternoon and I was in a French cut two piece pink bikini I'd bought as a treat to myself and feeling sexy laying here by the pool in a well to do neighborhood and knowing the guy next door was watching me.

The yard was fenced in, but somehow the neighbor, I think his name was Rob, always seemed to be out on his second floor patio that overlooked the pool whenever I went swimming. I turned my head and sure enough there he was, 'watering' his plants.

I stretched again, making a show of arching my back and pushing my breasts out. I was pretty ample on top; probably too large to be wearing this skimpy top, but I technically wasn't out in public and my breasts felt as if they were ready to fall out of the tiny cups.

Part of me thought about making that happen, give him a little nip slip, but Max was due home any time and it was bad enough I was going to let him see me in the bikini. I sat up in the chair, and enjoying my audience more than usual today, decided to add to the show.

I stood up and after lifting my arms to run my hands through my long, wet auburn hair and lifting my tits up to a saucier angle as I did so, I bent over and fixed the towel I'd been laying on.

The bottom of the bikini wasn't much more than a thong and I made sure to wiggle my well rounded ass while pretending to fix the towel. I thought of him watching me and felt warm from something other than the heat.

Not that I had any interest in him, he was married and older, and older men did nothing for me, but it was nice to be looked at. I'd wasted too much time with Jeff and his games. I'd let him take me for granted and put up with his couple of nights a week of wham bam sex rather than finding someone who would appreciate me and treat me like a woman.

One thing was for sure, it'd been a few months since I'd even had his limited attention and it was high time I went out and found someone to remind me I was an attractive woman and let me show them how much I'd appreciate their appreciation.

I lay back on the chair and feeling mischievous, looked directly at my admirer and blew him a kiss. He jumped as if he'd been shot and then gave me an awkward wave before running back into the house.

I stretched again and sighed as the material between my legs rubbed against my pussy. I placed my hand briefly over it and moaned as my fingers eased over my excited clit. I quickly moved my hand before I ended up sitting here playing with myself in public. Yes, it was time to throw on a short dress, some high heels and go find some fun.

I heard a car in the driveway announcing Max's arrival and thought maybe that was the type of fun I should look for, a nice good looking young cub. Not Max, of course. Max had just turned twenty and I wasn't sure I wanted that young, plus he was a good kid. He was a cutie, damn fine actually, but sweet and nervous, a nice kid and everything that Jeff wasn't.

Most decent guys my age were taken and the rest either jerks like Jeff, married and on the make or unfortunately single for a reason with a ton of baggage and looking for a mom as much as a girlfriend. There were a few good guys out there, but at this point I didn't want serious so that left me with few options.

A couple of my friends went out as cougars on the prowl from time to time and raved about sex with young men, not just the young hard bodies and stamina, but they were eager to please and acted like it was about the woman, not them.

I was getting warmer between my legs and pushed my feet against the bottom of the chair, working my thighs back and forth as I curled my toes and kneaded the chair like a cat. Damn, I was getting horny.

The fact Max was going to show up any minute added to that feeling. I would never go 'Mrs. Robinson' on him, after all, if nothing else he was a student and his father didn't pay me a hundred dollars an hour to cock tease him, but I did enjoy doing just that because Max loved to look and I loved him doing it.

This was yet another reason to love Fridays.

I heard the gate open behind me and closing my eyes, pretended to be asleep. He had to pass me to go up on the deck and into the house and I figured I would let him get a nice long peek. I heard Max's footsteps approach on the walkway and then stop.

Behind my eyelids I sensed the sun dimming and knew he was standing over me. My breathing became heavier and not just to show off my tits, but because I could feel him staring at me.

I imagined his eyes roaming over my body, from my purple painted toe nails, up my long legs and across my flat stomach that I had recently adorned with a silver barbell piercing to celebrate being newly single.

I thought of his eyes lingering on my breasts, especially my now erect nipples poking through the thin material. I released a long sigh that ended in a soft moan while still keeping my eyes closed and pictured his young cock swelling as he stared down at me.

I should be ashamed of myself, but damn it was hot knowing this young kid was ogling me. I gave it another second then without opening my eyes said, "Hey, Max, how was work?"

I opened my eyes to see him already blushing.

"Oh, it...um, it was...um, good." He was nodding so quickly he looked like a bobble head and I had to struggle not to laugh. "H...how are you, Miss Phillips?"

"Max." I sat up and he stepped back so quickly he almost tripped, God he was precious! "I've told you before, call me Laura. This is your house, not a classroom."

"Okay, Laura." He bobbed his head again and this time I laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"You are, Max." I reached out and put my hand on his arm, "You're adorable."

"Thanks." His blush deepened and when he looked away awkwardly, I took a good look at him and thought adorable might not be the right term....delicious however, could work.

Max's father didn't want him lounging around all summer like his lazy, spoiled friends and wanting him to know what hard work was had gotten him a job at a friend's construction company.

Max had no real skill so what he did all day was run around with a wheelbarrow picking up debris and throwing it in a dumpster. He'd been working there for six weeks and it was already showing.

Max was wearing a sleeveless white t-shirt that accentuated the deep tan he'd gotten as well as showing off a damn sexy set of arms. He didn't have a large build, but his shoulders were wide and tapered down to his slender waist. His legs, protruding from a pair of jeans he'd cut into shorts, were well muscled from running and all in all Max had himself a nice tight young body.

He was the spitting image of his father, with a shock of thick curly dark hair and a pair of piercing blue eyes I could just imagine the girls his age getting lost in. Max was currently sweating and as I watched a drop of moisture slid down his neck to his chest I thought of following it with my tongue.

Max gave me a thrill, unintentional I'm sure, when he pulled his shirt up to wipe his face showing off his flat, hard and sweaty stomach. This time it was a drop heading for the edge of his shorts I wouldn't mind following with my mouth. Jeez, Laura, settle down. Kid was only twenty, but hell, that was a man, just a young one.

"So you study this week or am I going to have to tear you a new one again?" I asked. Damned if I didn't want to tear something right now.

He gave me the quick easy smile that was one of his best features. It was a sweet 'aw shucks' smile that always touched those gorgeous eyes and made you want to kiss him. He had to be killing it with the girls although I had never seen him with one.

"I studied." He sighed, "Not like I have much else to do."

"Oh, come on, good looking kid like you has to have a special girl," I winked, "Or two."

"No." he shook his head. "No girlfriend, so I just been working and studying the last couple of weeks."

"No girl? You're letting all this go to waste?"

Max blushed again and when I stood his eyes locked onto my breasts and the blush deepened. When he didn't look away and kept staring, I cleared my throat. "My eyes are up here, hon."

"Oh! I...I'm sorry, I was just um...I like your bikini."

"Thank you!" Unable to resist, I lifted my arms over my head and did a quick turn for him, showing off my ass. "You like?"

"Oh my god." He whispered, then his eyes widened as if he couldn't believe he's said that. "I mean...I...jeez I'm sorry, Miss...Laura."

"Don't be." I put my hand on his arm, admitting my long purple nails on his bicep. "A woman my age getting a compliment from a hot young guy like you made my day!"

"Yeah, but I shouldn't have said that."

"Why not? Nothing wrong with telling a woman she's attractive." I squeezed his arm thinking, goddamn, but to him I smiled and asked, "You're not very good with girls are you, Max?"

"I get nervous."

"No reason to. Max, you're a good looking guy and a sweet one and that's just as important, you need be confident and go for it, trust me, I can't think of a young lady that would say no to you."

"Really?" he grinned, "You think I'd do okay?"

"You'd do just fine with me." I winked and had to bite my lip not to laugh at the look on his face, "Maybe you should think older; we ladies appreciate a fine young gentlemen."

"You...you're messing with me." He laughed nervously.

No, but I'd like to be. I shrugged knowing it made my tits bounce and seeing his eyes follow them made that warm feeling return between my legs.

"Just being honest, don't waste your best years Max, find yourself a young lady" Or maybe a horny cougar... "Anyway, we're on your dad's dime now, so let me grab my stuff and I'll change and meet you in the kitchen okay?"

"Sure." He said.

I quickly turned around and bent over for him as I grabbed the short beach robe I'd brought with me. I pretended to look for something in my bag, before zipping it and made sure to let my ass sway back and forth as I did. I looked to the side at the glass doors leading into the house and in their reflection saw Max standing there gawking at my ass.

I opened my legs a little wider and pictured him staring at the strip of material between my legs. Thought of him dropping to his knees and moving it to the side and shoving his face into my wet pussy. I so needed to get laid this weekend.

I stood up and turning around said, "Oh, you're still here."

"Um, yeah...I was just..."

"Just?" I raised my eyebrow and looked him in the eye. My eyes were a deep green and Max had once told me he thought they were 'pretty'. He tried to hold my gaze, but didn't last more than a few seconds before he mumbled something and started to walk away.

He stopped when a voice called out, "Hey, is today's lesson by the pool?"

We both looked to see Max's father, Richard, leaning against the gate. Oh fuck, what the hell was he doing home and how long had he been watching?"

"Sorry, dad." Max spoke up, "I just got here and Laura was telling me to get inside so we could start."

"No, my fault." I quickly slipped my robe on, "I was talking to Max about work and wasn't watching the time."

"Well I'm assuming you'll stay the extra few minutes to make up for it?"

"Of course." I nodded, "I always give my students their money's worth."

"Maybe more than that in this case." Richard said as he strolled over to us.

Uh-oh, I didn't like the tone of that remark and the following one did little to set my mind at ease.

"Laura, could we speak for a few minutes before Max's lesson? Do you have time?"

"Of course." I told him feeling my stomach tighten. He'd been watching us and seen me flaunting myself at his son. Christ, I couldn't lose this job!

"Good." He looked at Max, "How about you take a shower. Miss Phillips doesn't need you sweating on her textbooks. She'll be ready by the time you come down."

"Sure, thing." Max hurried up the stairs of the deck and into the house.

"Sorry, Mister Thompson." I began, "I lost track of..."

"Richard, please." He waved his hand, "I've told you before we don't have to be formal, right Laura?"

"Of course not." I smiled, hoping I didn't look nervous.

"Good because we need to have a conversation and it may not be very professional." He gestured towards the small table next to the pool with a large umbrella over it, "Let's get into some shade at least."

He remained where he was and I walked past him to go sit down.

"Have to say that's quite the bikini, Laura." He said as he walked over and sat across from me, "I had no idea you were so well endowed."

"Well you said I could use the pool." I didn't remark on his comment wondering if he were being sarcastic.

I had no illusion he was flirting with me; Richard Thompson was not a rich playboy, he was always a gentlemen and since his wife had passed a few years ago had dated several women, but always respectable ones and he was good to them, he was far from a dog.

"I did, but I would think seeing I have a twenty year old son you might have used some discretion with your attire." He grinned, "Let's face it, young men get excited over seeing a woman period and that bikini is let's say, minimal."

"You're right. I'm sorry." I nodded, "I won't wear it again, I wasn't thinking."

"Really?" He leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head, "You're an intelligent woman, Laura, I would hazard to think you did think it through and were enjoying the reaction you knew that outfit would cause."

"What are you trying to say?" I asked, trying to sound put off.

"Laura, may I ask you a question?"

"Yes, anything."

He leaned over the table and gestured for me to do the same. The table was small and when our faces were only about a foot apart he smirked, "Do you like cock teasing my son?"


"What did you say?" Once again I went for indignant, trying to cover up the fact I felt as if he had kicked me in the stomach.

"You heard me." He rolled his eyes, "Come on, Laura, we're adults here. I got home right behind Max and I was watching. You were showing off and he looked like he was ready to pop and you..." He grinned, "Something tells me you were pretty close yourself."

"Richard, that's hardly appropriate." I kept up the act.

"Neither is that bikini or shoving your ass at my son and shaking it around." He sighed, "But all I want is for you to answer the question, and answer it honestly, do you like teasing him?"

"Maybe you should find another tutor." I made as if to get up. I couldn't lose this gig, but I couldn't admit I was teasing or it could be the end of my side job, hell my real job if Richard wanted to push things.

"Laura, please sit." Richard spread his hands out, "Do I look upset? I'm simply asking a question and want a real answer."

When I remained seated, but didn't answer, he nodded.

"Okay, this is my bad as the kids say, I should have started this differently, but I wanted to have some fun with you." He tapped the table, "Laura, what if I told you I am hoping the answer would be yes?"

"I would ask what game you're playing." For real, what was he getting at?"

"Right, I get it. You could get in trouble. Okay we'll try again. I'm hoping you were teasing him on purpose and if you were I can assure you, you're in no trouble at all."

I narrowed my eyes, "Have you been drinking Richard?"

"Laura, I need help with something, something that involves Max, so one last time, were you teasing?" Before I could respond he added, "There could be something in this for you."

"In it for me?" I shrugged, "I'm getting curious and I'm taking you at your word." I sighed, "Yes I get a kick out of your son looking at me."

"Good." He laughed, "Not so hard, huh? Well I bet he was in fact I know he was, know how I know?"

"I don't think I want to know that." I shook my head.

"Laura, remember last week I popped in right as you were finishing your lesson?"


"You left, Max went in his room and I had forgotten to ask him something so I walked in and caught him...well you know."

"You can call me a cock tease, but can't say jerking off?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Ha, good one." He laughed, "Guess it was a little awkward especially when I saw what he was jerking off to. It was a porn video."

"Nothing weird about that." I pointed out.

"The video was a teacher student thing. I stood behind him for a minute and couldn't help but notice the woman had red hair."

"Oh." I said simply.

"So the little shows you're putting on are getting results it seems."

"I am sorry; it was totally irresponsible of me and..."

"Here's the thing." He paused, "Laura, I'm going to trust you with this. You've been tutoring Max since he was seventeen and I feel we know each other fairly well so I'm going to take a chance."

"With what?"

"I could care less Max is whacking off to porn with older women and teachers. If he's got a little crush on you? Fine, perfectly normal, you're a hot cougar to him."

"Thanks, I think."

"But the problem is all he does is jerk off..." He lowered his voice as if he thought someone were listening. "Max is a virgin."

"Really? But he's such a great kid! Not just looks either, he's nice." I grunted, "If nothing else you have money. I would think the girls would be on him just for that."

"Well in that case, I have no issue with him not falling for a gold digger, but he's just shy. Girls make him nervous and I can't get him going. I've set him up with friend's daughters, dragged him over to girls at parties to talk to them."

He slumped back in his chair, "He's interested, he'll talk to them, he'll go on a date, but never a second one and when I talk about it he gets all flustered, says he's not ready. Christ he's twenty years old, a college sophomore! I don't want him getting married, but he should have some fun and it's not the girls, they run right up to them."

"I was talking with him about that, I asked if he had a girlfriend."

"I wonder if it's because his mom's gone and I never talked much about girls and sex. You know my mom died and I had no clue what I was doing either because my old man was too busy working to pay any attention to me."

"So what are you asking? For me to talk to him, tell him to go get laid?" I laughed, "He'd probably be too embarrassed to talk."

"Um, not exactly." Richard resumed tapping the table nervously, "Know how I said I was like Max?"


"I was an attractive kid, a nice kid and girls flirted with me, but I was like him...just shy and scared and could never pull the trigger. I had chances, but I'd run with my tail between my legs."

"So what worked for you?"

"I'm getting to that. See my old man found out and he was outraged his son couldn't 'score' as he put it. So he did what he always did. He bought the solution."

"I'm not following." I said, confused.

"He picks me up from school, brings me to a hotel and leaves me with a hooker."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, she wasn't a young college age type, but much older, early forties, probably about your age."

"Watch it." I pointed at him.

"But looking much younger of course." He grinned, "But yeah, pops bought me an escort to show me how to be a man. I was a nervous wreck, but she was nice. We chatted, she went nice and slow, eased me into it. I'd see her once a week for a couple of months."

"All paid?"

"Yup, my old man wanted me to know how to take care of a woman and that was the thing about it. He didn't want her to just take care of me, he wanted her to show me how to please a woman, to be a good lover, know how to make a girl happy. So she gave me some private lessons."

"I guess so."

"And it worked. Next time I saw a girl that caught my eye I had no trouble asking her out then letting nature take its course."

"Well that was still kind of crappy." I told him.

"It was, but he had no clue what to do and I had no mother to help with the emotional side of things so that's what I got."

"So what does that have to do with now?" I asked.

"Max is in the same exact spot and he needs to learn to be with a woman." He looked away, took a deep breath then asked, "Laura would you be willing to teach him?"

I stared at him, was he serious? He was avoiding making eye contact with me which told me this probably wasn't a joke, if it was he would be watching for my reaction, not looking everywhere else. He then sealed it when he said softly, "I'll pay you."

"Are you fucking kidding?" I blurted out, "What do you think I am; a wh*r*?"

"No, no!" He put his hands out in a calming gesture, "I'm sorry, I know how it sounds, but I don't really mean it that way."

"You just offered to pay me to have sex with your son." I threw my hands up, "Who's barely a man."

"Eighteen is barely a man. He's twenty and let's face it; you didn't mind flaunting your tits to him, now did you? I know I just asked something out of the ordinary of you, but don't get so puffed up, you were cock teasing him and loving it." He pointed, "So am I really that far off in asking?"

"Ouch." I nodded, "Okay, you got me, but teasing and doing are different and I'm his tutor, been doing that for almost three years, I know him."

"That's the point." He said quietly, "You know him, he likes you, and he's comfortable with you. It wouldn't be like my old man dumping me off with a stranger. Max would trust you."

"And I'd be earning that trust." I rolled my eyes.

"Remember, I was watching Laura and it wasn't just Max that looked like he was ready to lose it, the look on your face was straight out of one of those porns he watches. You looked like you wanted to eat him alive."

"I know sex isn't everything. I've never been a player or womanizer and I don't want him to be one either, but he lost out on a lot of fun in High school and he's going into his second year of colleges and still a virgin!" "Come on, you remember college, think of the fun he's missing! These are the best years of his life and he's pissing them away because he's nervous." He laughed, "Come on, help the kid out!"

"I admit I've thought about younger guys in general lately, but Max is different."

"Only because you're afraid to lose the job." Richard smiled, "And that will not happen, trust me."

"So say I did this. I seduce him; show him what he's missing. Then we just go back to talking about English composition? I'll be done as his teacher, I would have to be."

"Only if you want to." He said, "And what if I told you I have two people on the hook that need a tutor; I can get you more work. So if you wanted to quit here you'd be fine."

"You really think I'd do this? That I would take money to fuck a student? What if he says something? He's a kid, he'll brag."

"He won't because you'll tell him real men don't kiss and tell. That's one of his lessons; if you have sex with a girl you have a better chance of more if you don't run your mouth." He shrugged, "If nothing else, deny it and I'll refuse to believe him and stick up for you."

"You still assume I'd do it for money."

"Laura." He grinned, "I know people, I make money knowing people. You broke up with Jeff awhile back and that's when you started really teasing Max. You just said you've been thinking about young guys."

He grinned as I frowned, and continued, "You commented you haven't had much of a life lately. All that adds up to you being frustrated and looking to ease that frustration. I'm offering you a chance to do that and help out Max at the same time."

"How magnanimous of you." I muttered.

"Oh, and there's your current financial woes as well." Reaching into his shirt pocket he removed a wad of hundred dollar bills and held them up to me. "One thousand dollars..." He paused and looking me in the eye added, "Per lesson."

"I..." I swallowed, a grand? A grand per lesson? Two or three thousand would really ease my worries for the next couple of months and he'd mentioned....

"And the names of two possible students? That will pay my rate?" I asked.

"Right here." With a smile he turned the money over and I saw a business card clipped to it with names written on it. "I have highly recommended you; they're waiting for your call."

"But I only get the names if I seduce Max?"

"Of course, business is business." He put the money down between us. "Come on Laura, this is win win for you! Money, more clients and you get to play out the graduate with a good looking boy who's already getting off to you.

"You said he was watching milf videos and one happened to be a teacher, doesn't mean it's me." I said lamely knowing damn well I'd done everything I could lately to make him think of me.

"Oh, it was you." He laughed, "I know because I talked to him and asked him if he thought of you like that."

"You did what?"

"Hey, it was guy talk." He shrugged, "I told him you were pretty damn hot and he agreed and I asked if he thought of you and he admitted he's had some dreams about you."

"You didn't tell him about this did you?"

"Of course not!" He exclaimed, "I don't want to be like my father, I want him to think you're just coming on to him, that you're into him and want him. Come on, admit it. If you go home and think about this you're going to get hot and bothered, you know you want to."

"Is that so?" I said, but even I could hear my insincerity. Paid to fulfill a fantasy and get some much needed relief.

"You're going to teach him, Laura, not just let him fuck you. You're going to show him how to please a woman; you're going to show him on your body, you're going to enjoy this as much as he is. Hell, the kid will worship you! Isn't that the point with young guys? They appreciate it?"

"I..." I stared down at the money. "How many lessons do you think he'll need?"

"I'll pay you for three." He was all business now. "If you choose to continue to fool around with him past that, it's because you're having a good time and want to." He smirked, "Something tells me you the way you act around him, you might want to."

"So you'll think he's learning from a sl*t then."

"I'll think he's learning from a woman smart enough to make some money doing what she's playing with herself thinking of anyway."

"That's pretty crude." I informed him.

"But true. We're adults here, Laura." He tapped the money, "What's it going to be?"

"I can't think about it?"

"No." He said simply. "I have to get back to the office for a late conference call and I want today to be the first lesson. So choose right now."

I leaned back in the chair and thought about it. I could so use the money and the clients could be worth a lot more than that long term and Richard was right, I'd been sitting there thinking about making Max putty in my hands. But could I really go through with it?"

"Once, going twice." Richard sighed and reached for the money.

"I'll do it." I said and watched him remove his hand from the money. "But I might not go all the way today, I want to go slow."

"It's your curriculum," He smirked, "I'll trust in your expertise."


I stood in the huge bathroom and carefully applied my lipstick and wondered if I could really do this. Seeing the money and the card were in my purse, I pretty much had to or risk Richard firing me and calling the new clients and telling them not to hire me.

I pursed my lips, taking in the deep sl*t red I'd painted them and fluffed my hair out. Normally I wore it pulled back or pinned up when I taught, but for this lesson I would leave it down. I normally changed into a pair of slacks and a blouse or occasionally jeans and a t-shirt, but right now I was still wearing the short beach robe.

I had removed the top to the bikini so when I leaned over the table Max was going to get one hell of view. Despite my misgivings just thinking of Max seeing my breasts and what it would do to him had my nipples stiff.

I had to face facts; Richard had hit on everything he said. I was lonely, horny, frustrated and could use the money to do something I was fantasizing about anyway. I adjusted my robe so it wasn't tied so loosely it was obvious and slipped on the heeled sandals I'd brought with me to make my legs look sexier and add to my 'look'

I quickly grabbed the text book from my bag and zipping it up, left the bathroom before I lost my nerve. I dropped my bag that contained the clothing I should be wearing near the door and walked into the dining room.

Max was there dressed in another sleeveless t-shirt that looked damn good on his tanned skin and immediately eased some of my inhibitions, and a pair of loose shorts. He had his lap top open and his book and note book next to it. Little did he know, he wouldn't need those today.

"Sorry, I kept you waiting." I announced as I entered.

"That's okay I had to..." He trailed off when he looked up at me.

He gave me a quick up and down and then turned his eyes towards the table and said, "You can take time to change if you want, I'll wait."

"Silly me, forgot my damn pants." I laughed, "So it was either the robe or I could sit here in my underwear."

"Oh." He was already blushing as he mentally created the image I'd given him. "R...right, wouldn't want that."

"Not that the thong would show more than my bikini anyway." I sighed, "You know, Max I'm sorry about that."

"About what?".

"Wearing that suit, it was pretty revealing."

"Oh, I didn't mind." He stopped and his blush deepened, "I mean you know, you can wear whatever you want."

"You didn't mind?" I smiled as I sat across from him. "Did you like it, it's new?"

"It was, um...pretty."

"Think I'm pretty?"

"Uh...shouldn't we get to work?" He tapped his book. "We left off on..."

"Oh, you're dodging the question." I pushed my lips into a pout, "Guess you don't think I'm pretty."

"I do. I mean, well..." He frowned, "Pretty is kind of a young girl thing, you're..."

"I'm?" I prodded.


"I like that." I gave him a huge smile.

"So, what did my dad want?"

"He found me a couple of leads for new students."

"Oh, good." He nodded.

"Why, what did you think?"

"I...I thought maybe he saw us and...thought I was looking at you."

"Were you?" Nice segue this was.

"No!" He shook his head, "Not like that I mean."

"Damn, must be losing my touch." I sighed, "I used to be able to turn heads in a bikini."

"Chapter twenty?" He suggested, opening the book.

"Is that where we were? Let me see."

Instead of opening my own book I stood up and leaned over the table to look at his. I felt the robe open and my breasts fall forward. Max looked up and his eyes looked as if they were going to fall out of his head. His mouth opened and remained that way as he stared down my robe. I figured he could see everything right down to my pink nipples and a wave of heat flowed through me. Goddamn Richard had been right on, that was for sure.


"Um, Miss....I mean Laura?"

I grinned and unleashed a classic, "The books here, honey." I tapped it.

"Yes!" He nodded, "Right." He looked down at it.

"You take notes over the week?"

"Sure," He started to slide the notebook over to me, but I walked around the table and sat next to him.

I pulled my chair over so close my bare leg was resting against his and leaned to the side to look at the book. That put my hair in his face I could feel his breath on my ear as I turned my head.

"Sorry." I moved my hair away from his face which left him looking at my neck. I imagined him kissing me there and wanted to squirm in my seat. "Wow, these are good notes."

"Thank you."

"You're good at a lot of things, aren't you Max?"

I sat up and turned in my seat to face him. I opened my legs, and saw his gaze drop down to my exposed thighs. My eyes were focused on his crotch and I had to force myself not to lick my lips at the sight of the bulge there.

"I don't know."

"Bet you are." I smiled, "So that's why I wonder, why no girlfriend?"

"I guess I haven't met anyone yet." He put his hand on the notebook, "Shouldn't we talk about..."

"I'm sure you have met plenty of girls and honey? I'm a woman and I know damn well you're getting attention from the girls, you are far too hot not to."

"You think I'm...hot?" His eyes were still on my thighs as if he were to mesmerized to care if I were looking and I spread them further open, but put my hand on the robe between them so he would only be able to see more of my thigh.

"You're a sexy young man, too sexy to be alone." I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Max, are you shy?"

"No...well....a little."

"Why, what are you afraid of?"

"I don't know." He shrugged, "Can we..."

"Max, have you ever had sex?"

"That's a little personal!" He declared, finally pulling his gaze from my lap and looking at me.

"That's my answer then," I laughed and put my hand on his arm, "That's okay though, just makes you even cuter."

"Don't make fun of me." He sulked, his lip out, God he was adorable! I wanted to kiss him right on the spot.

"I think it's sweet." I lowered my voice to a sultry whisper and leaning closer spoke in his ear, "Sweet drives women crazy, especially older women."

"Really?" He asked and I noted he made no attempt to move.

"Really." I sighed, allowing my hot breath to blow on his neck, "God, a woman my age? We could just eat sweet alive." At this point my lips were almost touching his ear, "Sweet makes us not want to be sweet all."

"Hey, want a soda?" He blurted out and pulled away from me, almost falling off his chair.

"Am I making you nervous, Max?"

"No, uh...yes." He nodded, "You're getting kind of close."

"Is that a bad thing?" I gave him an innocent smile, "A beautiful woman getting close to you?"

"How about that coke?" He stood up and for a moment the now larger bulge in his shorts was right in my face and my eyes widened.

"Guess it's not so bad at all is it?" I grinned, "Because you look awfully happy."

Max blushed so deeply he looked sunburned and stuttering something about a drink turned his back and practically ran into the kitchen. When he was out of sight I leaned back in my chair and put my hand between my thighs, Christ, I was soaking through the bikini. Who the hell had I been kidding? I was so ready for this.

But now what? Just blatantly put a move on him? I stared at his lap top and recalled Richard saying he caught him watching porn. I looked over my shoulder to make sure Max wasn't already on his way back. I figured he would take his time and try to calm himself down and that was fine with me.

I went into his history and scanned through the sites he visited. My eyes lit up on "My First Sex Teacher" and I clicked it.

"Oh, you naughty boy." I whispered as I saw it was an entire site dedicated to teacher student fantasies, Richard hadn't been kidding.

I looked at the rows of small pictures of the videos and spotting a red head on her knees for her 'student' I clicked it.

The video was only a clip and started out in the middle of the action with the teacher already kneeling and sucking on her pupil's huge cock.

"Damn." I sighed as I watched her slowly suck while staring up at him. I licked my lips and thought about being in her position very shortly, but then again I wanted to go slow and ease him into it and I was getting paid per lesson.

I heard Max pop open a can in the kitchen and knew I only had a minute or two to figure out what I wanted to do. On the screen the woman was now teasing, sitting back and stroking his glistening cock, jerking him and asking him what he wanted.

He moaned and pumped his hips, begging her for more, but she giggled and kept stroking him while waggling her tongue over the tip of his cock. Inspiration hit me and at the sound of footsteps in the kitchen, I closed the lap top and took it off the table along with his note book and went into the living room.

I placed it on the coffee table and sat on the edge of the couch to wait for him. Max came from the kitchen and looked at the table then out into the next room.

"Why are you in there?"

"Its cooler in here and honestly, this couch is so soft!" I laughed, "I'm not wearing pants so it feels real nice." I winked at him and his eyes went down to my legs again.

"Well come on," I tapped the couch, "I don't bite, I just nibble from time to time."

Max walked over looking like a dear in headlights "Here you go." He handed me the glass and I heard the ice clicking, the poor kids hand was shaking! Priceless.

"Thank you." I took a couple of long swallows, making sure to press my lower lip to the glass.

I then took the cool glass and rubbed it along my upper chest.

"That feels good, the sun was warm today." I told him as I slid the glass up my neck leaving a wet trail from the condensation. "Oh, damn."

"What is it?" He asked, placing his can on the table.

"I got lipstick on the glass," I sighed, "Lipstick gets all over everything I put in my mouth."

"Right." He agreed and gestured at the lap top, "Laura, can we get started?"

"Of course." I tapped the couch next to me "Sit down and go to the PC site, I want to look at your class schedule again, see who you have, I know some of the teachers there, we can figure out what to focus on."

"Great!" His relief was comical as he sat on the middle cushion and leaning over opened his lap top.

The screen came up and the red haired teacher was right there stroking her moaning student.

"What the fuck?" Max exclaimed.

"Oh, look at that!" I laughed, "You bad boy, Max."

He went to close the lap top, but I reached out and caught his arm.

"Let it play."

"What? I..."

Just then the woman spoke, "Hmm, you're being such a good student for me, you're working so hard; you think maybe your sl*tty teacher should reward you?"

"Well now." I looked at him, "That's a different lesson isn't it?"

"L...Laura, I don't know how that got there." He tried to move his arm, but I pulled on it once more, stopping him, but using my other hand used the mouse to pause the video.

"No? You accidently found a site like that and somehow your computer kept watching it by itself?"

"Well, um..."

"It's okay, Max, porn is fun. I like it. I do know people tend to watch what they really desire and..." I pointed at the screen, "Lot of sexy teachers on your computer."

"It's not what you think."

"Really?" I pouted "That would be too bad because I'd really like it to be."

"I...what?" He looked at me and I placed my hand gently against his cheek.

"I was hoping it's what you wanted, hoping you thought of me like this." I licked my lips and his eyes looked like they were going to explode from his head. "I saw this and really hoped you wanted some....private lessons."

I put my hand on his crotch and we both gasped; him from surprise and me from...goddamn was he fucking hard!

"Laura! We...my dad!"

"Is paying me to teach you things." I smiled, "Who says it has to be boring?"

"We...you're screwing with me." He whispered, but made no move to remove my hand from his crotch.

"Max if I was screwing with you would I be playing with this...hmm," I leaned over and purred in his ear, "Nice big cock?"

"That...Oh, shit." He moaned when I gave it a squeeze. "Laura, please we..."

"You don't have to beg, honey." I flicked my tongue across his ear and felt a shiver go through him. "I'm a sure thing."

"You are?"

"Eventually." I said in his ear as I rubbed the length of his cock thinking I wanted it now, but I would go slow today. "But it's like your regular lessons, we start at the beginning and we go slowly and you let me show you, okay?"

"Okay." He swallowed hard, "You...you're really not teasing me?"

I turned his head to face me and kissed him. He tried to pull back in surprise, but I slid my hand behind his head and pressed my lips softly to his. He released an adorable whimper in his throat that caused my pussy to gush and I forced myself to only make it a quick kiss.

"Now...that's the first thing, Max, women like to be kissed and you always kiss before playing, right?"


"Have you kissed a girl?"

"A couple of times, but um, not much."

"Well, how about you kiss me?" I leaned back and parted my lips. When he didn't respond right away, I opened my eyes to see him looking at me nervously.

"Come on, Max. I told you to follow my lead, but women like a man who doesn't need to be told." I gave his cock another squeeze causing him to moan again. "You like that? Like me playing with your nice, big dick?"

"Yes." He breathed as I rubbed it through his shorts.

"Well if you want me to keep doing it, you'll give me a nice kiss. In fact." I grabbed the snap of his shorts and pulled it open, "You do a good job, I'll reach right in and grab it, and wouldn't that feel better?"


"Then, how about you give your naughty teacher a kiss?" I closed my eyes and parted my lips once more and my heart pounded in anticipation as I awaited his kiss.

After a moment of nothing, I stopped moving my hand and lifted it from his crotch. Immediately his lips pressed quickly to mine and with a soft moan, I grabbed his cock and stroked it once more.

Max kissed me quickly, several rapid fire little pecks and telling myself to be patient, I worked my fingers through his hair and keeping his head still caught his lips with mine and slowed him down.

"Relax, it's not a race, baby." I whispered against him, "Women like men who take their time, not grabby boys. Take your time, enjoy me; experience me."

I kissed him again, my lips sliding teasingly along his and after remaining still for a moment he followed my lead and moved his lips against mine. I moaned loudly for him and pulled his hair. More inspiring to him I'm sure was me pulling his zipper down and teasing my fingers along his cock now just through his underwear.

Letting his hair, go I grabbed his wrist and pulled his arm around my waist. I continued to kiss him and he didn't need to be told to put his other arm around me. He pulled me into him and I breathed, "There you go," then pushed my tongue into his mouth.

Max gasped when my tongue darted across his, then moaned when my fingers worked their way into his boxers. I touched his bare cock and he whimpered, causing my pussy to become even wetter. He pushed his tongue against mine and his kiss grew bolder, his lips pressing harder to mine and even taking the lead.

I let him control the kiss as my hand made it inside his boxers and I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft.

"Oh, honey!" I moaned and not for his benefit, but the fact...wow, he had a nice cock!

Max broke the kiss and moaned when I pumped his cock. I reached the head and squeezed it and felt some of his precum squirt onto my hand. I moaned at the sensation and rubbing it along his sensitive head then pumped him faster, getting his cock slick with his juices.

"My neck." I whispered, and lifted my head, "Kiss my neck, my chest; keep your lips on me, Max. Women love their necks kissed, we love everything kissed."

Max obediently fastened his lips to my neck and I sighed as he kissed me and I continued to play with his hard, and pretty damn big, young cock. Max surprised me by taking his time, working his lips along one side of my neck then down the other.

As a reward, I stroked him faster. It was a reward for me as well, because his cock felt damn good in my hand. I squeezed him tighter and felt him pulsing against my palm. My clit was throbbing at the idea of what that hard flesh would feel like in my mouth and stuffing my recently neglected pussy.

At this point I had to tell myself to go slow as much as I had to convince him to. It wasn't going to be easy as Max followed my instructions to the letter and slid his lips down to the top of my chest.

I grabbed his arm and pulled on it. Max let me guide his arm to me and taking his hand I put it on my left breast through the robe. He groaned as he kissed my chest and my breath hissed between my teeth as his fingers caressed my nipple.

"Go ahead," I said softly, "Reach in, touch me."

Max didn't hesitate this time; his hand slipped into my robe and cupped my breast. I moaned as his fingers slid over my bare nipple and squirmed on the couch as he fondled my breast.

"You want to see them?" I asked.

"Please?" He looked up from my chest, his blue eyes bright with excitement.

"Before you do, how does that look?" I pointed down to his lap as I tugged his cock from his underwear,

"Oh, fuck." He whispered as we both watched my hand slide up and down his long thick shaft.

"Honey, this is a big fucking cock." I said and putting my other hand on it, jerked it with both.

"Oh...oh, Laura." He moaned, slumping back against the couch as I jerked him off.

"Hmm, I like that, that's nice, Max. Always let your lady know she's pleasing you. Don't buy that bullshit men don't moan or make noise. We love to hear it just like you do."

I wanted to do more than hear it, I wanted to taste it. Fuck, I wanted to swing my leg over his lap and ride this beautiful dick. Richard was right, this kid had wasted too much time, Christ, the fun he could have had!

But not yet, I wouldn't be doing what Richard wanted if I just took him for a ride on the spot. Not only that, but as slow as I was pumping him, his legs were shaking and he was moaning louder, poor kid was ready to pop.

Max was leaning back against the couch breathing heavily and staring at my hands on his cock. He was so into it his hands had left my body and he was simply watching.

"Hey, baby, don't forget about me." I told him and released his cock, "Never forget about your lady."

"S...sorry, that felt so good." He looked down at his cock, "You're not going to stop are you?"

"Well, that depends." I was starting to enjoy myself now. "On what you do for me."

I leaned back into the corner of the couch and held up the ties to my robe, "I asked if you wanted to see my tits and all you did was sit there and let me play with you, what about me?"

"I, well I thought you were going to...you know?"

"I know what?" I wagged my finger at him, "Be a man, Max, don't be a boy, even girls your age don't like nervous boys, tell me what you thought I was going to do."

Max paused and I sighed, "Well I guess you can turn that movie back on and finish yourself off then. I won't waste time with a boy."

"I thought you were going to make me cum." He gave me a nervous smile, "Please?"

"Please is nice, but a little out of place." I pushed the ties of the robe out to them. "Don't you want to see them?"

"Yes, pl...Yes." He caught himself, "Laura, I'd love to see your tits."

"Better." I shook the ties, "Un-wrap me."

Max leaned over and I had to make an effort to keep my eyes off his still fully hard cock and focus on him. When he took the ties, I kept my hands on them and spoke softly.

"Sometimes the girl may undress for you, it depends on her mood, if she feels like showing off and being playful, but a lot of times we like to be undressed and don't be nervous, don't be rough or pushy, but be confident and make the move."

Max nodded and when I let the ties go he pulled on them. My robe opened and fell to the side revealing my breasts and my pussy grew even wetter at the fact I was now exposed to him.

"Damn." He licked his lips, "They're...perfect."

"Nice," I cooed, "Compliments are good, baby, real good."

I cupped my breasts, noting how warm they were, and hefting them, pushed them out to him.

"Like them?"


I stroked my nipples with my thumbs and couldn't stifle a moan. Part of me couldn't believe I was sitting here with my robe open, just the skimpy bikini bottom covering my dripping pussy, but the other part of me was reveling in it! The way Max was staring hungrily at my body, not just my tits, but his eyes were roaming my stomach and thighs and between my legs.

"Like how my nails look on them?"

"I really do." He slid a little closer and I smiled,

"What would look better on them?"

"My hands."

"Nice answer." I sat up and faced him, "Go ahead."

I released my breasts and Max eagerly cupped them and squeezed them gently. His fingers were trembling and again his nervousness sent a thrill through me. His thumbs caressed my nipples and I groaned, damn they were sensitive right now.

Max was staring at my breasts with a look of absolute lust on his face that caused me to lose character, grabbing the back of his head I pushed his face down into my right breast.

"Come on, baby, you know what you really want to do!"

Max didn't disappoint me and I released a low moan as he sucked my swollen pink nipple into his mouth. He moaned as his tongue swirled around it and his thumb continued to work my other nipple.

"That's nice, Max, just like that." I sighed and running my fingers through his thick hair, turned to the side, pushing my other breast at him, "Other one's jealous."

Max laughed and as he sucked my other aching nipple I took hold of his cock again. He whimpered as I pumped it and it caused me to arch my back, shoving my tit deeper into his mouth. The control I had over him was driving me wild.

"Hmm, someone needs to cum, don't they?" I gave his cock several hard pumps that caused him to moan around my nipple and thrust his hips.

"Yes," He spoke around my breast, "I need to cum so bad!"

"And I want to make you come, baby, but..." I eased his head from my tit so he was facing me. "There's a very important lesson here."

"What's that?" He asked nervously.

"Once you're with a woman for awhile it's different because you're both comfortable, but at first? You want to make a good impression and make her come back for more? The lady always comes first, honey."

"Okay." He nodded, "You want me to...?"

"You're going to make me come for you." I smiled, "Never made a girl come before have you?"

"You know I haven't, don't make fun, I...oh." He groaned when I pumped his cock.

"I'm not making fun and the good news? In a few minutes you'll be able to answer yes." I tapped the back of the couch. "Sit back."

I released his cock and Max sat back against the couch. Leaning over him, I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly turned side to side, teasing my breasts across his face. He flicked his tongue out catching each nipple and I giggled, "You're doing just fine, honey."

I grabbed the edges of his shirt and tugged upwards. Taking the hint he lifted his arms and I stripped his shirt from him and tossed it on the floor.

"Take your shorts off." I said, "I want to see all of that nice hard body."

Max pushed his shorts down and kicked them off along with his shoes. I looked down at him and my heart pounded at the sight of his young well muscled form and that huge fucking cock standing at attention for me.

My robe was hanging off my shoulders and stepping between his legs; I put my back to him and slowly slid it off. As it fell to the floor I looked over my shoulder and smiled at the look on his face as she stared at my ass.

I was now only in the minimal bikini bottom and heels and I felt both sexy and sl*tty as this boy less than half my age stared at me, naked desire on his face. I should be ashamed of myself, he was a kid to me, let alone I'd agreed to get paid for this, but all that added to the heat between my legs. Not sure if that made me a bad person or not, but one thing was for sure, I was a happy one at the moment.

I sat on the edge of the couch between his legs and leaned back slightly. I felt his cock pressing into the small of my back and again fought the urge to hop on. Instead I moved my hair over my shoulder and said, "Know what's sweet and sexy? Kissing a woman's back."

Max put his hands on my shoulders and I purred as his lips found the back of my neck.

"So nice." I whispered as planted a series of soft kisses down my neck to between my shoulders, then worked his way back and forth.

Taking his hands, I brought them around to my breasts, "Hands and lips, honey, keep everything moving, and use everything you have." I ground back into his cock, "Even this, rub against me, and let that girl feel how bad you want her."

Cupping my tits and stroking my nipples, Max worked his hips, sliding his cock along my back and I could feel his pre cum dripping down my skin. My hips moved back into him and my clit was throbbing to the point I was ready to whimper the way he had.

"Now lean back for me."

Max did as I asked, but to my delight kept his hands on my breasts. When he was back against the couch, I slid my shoes off and pushing up rested my ass on his lower stomach and put my feet on his thighs.

This left his long thick cock sticking out between my legs and taking him in my hand I pressed it against my crotch and pumped my hips. We both moaned at the contact and I asked,

"Can you feel how hot and wet I am even through the bikini?"

"God, yeah." He groaned thrusting his hips.

"Imagine this cock sliding through my wet pussy, through my soft wet lips, sliding...inside me."

"I...I'm imagining it." He breathed in my ear.

"Going to keep having to for now, baby. Can't go to fast too soon, but I will let you play with me, how's that?"

"Anything you want." He moaned as I ran my fingernails lightly along his shaft.

"That's a good answer, Max, stick with that, you'll have no worries."

I took his right wrist and removing it from my breast placed his hand on my stomach and guided it downward. I stopped just over the bikini and said, "Tell me what you want."

"I want to touch you." I sighed in disgust and he quickly spoke up, "Laura, I want to play with your pussy."

"You're learning."

My own fingers trembling at this point I pulled the bikini to the side exposing my pink slit, taking his hand I pushed his fingers through the damp patch of fiery hair over it, "See that baby? I'm a real red head."

"That's...wow." He whispered as he peered down over my shoulder.

I pushed his hand lower and moaned as his fingers slid through my wet lips. Max gasped, but made no attempt to move as I worked his hand back and forth stroking my hot little box with his fingers. I let him go and groaned as he continued to move, stroking me.

His cock was resting against my thigh and I was dying to rub it through my pussy, but if I did I wouldn't be able to resist shoving it inside me. I kept my bikini pulled to the side and returned my other hand to my right nipple.

"Play with my tit too, Max, never let one of your hands be empty."

He slid his arm around me and rolled my nipple between his fingers as he continued to fondle my pussy. I was breathing heavy and it dawned on me he wasn't the only one ready to pop.

"Just like that, but not inside, you can't feel inside until next time." I was telling myself at this point as much as I was telling him. "Next time you can put your fingers inside and if you keep being such a good student, maybe your tongue."

Max's cock twitched against my leg and I thought my tongue was definitely going to be in play next time around, God I wanted to taste it.

"Now slide your fingers up and find that clit and...Oh!" I gasped when his two fingers rubbed my aching button and groaned, "Yes, right there."

Max rubbed gently up and down and a shudder went through me.

"In circles," I whispered, "Nice and easy and in circles."

Max followed my instructions and my hips jerked as he traced my clit with his strong fingers.

"That feel good?" He asked.

"It does, honey, but never ask that, it sounds like you're not sure or you want a compliment, be confident, know it feels good. Feel my body move, listen to me moan, you can tell it feels good."

I followed that up with a long soft moan because damn it did feel good! I pushed my back against his chest and let my head fall back on his shoulder.

Max lowered his head and surprised me by kissing my neck.

"Very nice." I cooed.

"Use it all, right?"

"Right, oh, Max you are doing just fine." I sighed.

I lay back against him thinking this had to be a wet dream, I couldn't really be sitting here all but naked on Max's lap. He couldn't be rubbing my clit and teasing my nipple and kissing me; I couldn't really be this close to cumming at the hands of a student, but...it felt pretty real.

My hips were rocking back and forth and my thighs were shaking. His massive cock pulsing against my leg was driving me wild and I squeezed my right nipple harder. I released a sharp yelp and my hips jerked; God I was close!

"Faster," I moaned, "Rub faster and harder, don't be afraid, Max, push on it, just....Oh, yes."

I groaned as his fingers rubbed harder and my hips responded, grinding into his touch. My heart was pounding and I arched my back against him.

"Just like that," I whimpered, "Just like that, Max, oh, honey, just a little more, a little....oh...oh, fuck yeah!"

I cried out loudly then released a long loud squeal as my body exploded into orgasm. Max's hand slowed and letting my tit go I grabbed it and held it between my legs, "Don't stop!" I moaned, "Oh, baby I'm cumming for you I...."

My words turned into a series of high pitched squeals and Max moved his fingers even faster and my body responded. It had been months since I'd come from anything other than a toy and my body was showing me what I'd been missing.

My hips bucked wildly and lifting my feet from his legs, I clamped my legs shut, trapping his hand between my thighs as I ground my pussy into him. He was squeezing my nipple harder in his excitement and it added to my pleasure.

Reveling in my powerful orgasm I let loose with a sound that could best be described as a howl and worked my hips as fast as I could into his hand. His cock was also pinned between my legs now and even as I came I thought of what it was going to be like to explode like this on that long, thick and...young cock.
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Amazing story. Any sequels?
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Look at the date, I think she disappeared. Too bad though. it was seriously well done.
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Awesome story. Thanks!
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