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Default The Destruction of Dapper and Dominating Danielle

Good evening! I've lurked on this forum a while and have really enjoyed a lot of the stories here. Instead of merely sitting back and waiting for everybody else to write I made an account and here's my first contribution to this forum. I hope you enjoy. If people like it I've set it up for a possible series

‘Dapper’ Danielle, as she was known around school, was a tease. People refered to her as a ‘tease’ because she isn’t a tease anymore. Every so often, Bullworthy High School yielded something new. Each year group received some form of treat or trick on an annual basis. Danielle’s year group was treated to her destruction and humiliation in front of the whole year group. Now, the brave and bold black-haired beauty was relegated to the level of outcast. Nobody would associate themselves with her, and she didn’t want to associate with them. They had seen everything from her emerald-green eyes to her hidden alabaster skin. She would never forget the day where her great enemy stole her modest. Never, only when her vengeance was complete.

The day was a cold November morning after a gruelling week of exam preparation. The students were tired and few people interested in nothing but experiencing something exciting at the weekend. Of course, Danielle and her crew of prissy pirates were stalking the schoolyard attending to their business. She, taunting the nearest guy, and the following mercenaries hanging to her every word.

Contrary to how she acted, actually showing off was never on her mind. Part of her charm and excitement, from the perspective of the male student body, was the fact she never revealed a thing. Her entire wardrobe covered everything but her hands and face. This didn’t concern the raging hormones of a bunch of teenagers, though, it was the anticipation of seeing what she was hiding under those layers.

Not all the girls were enthused with the actions of their female counterpart, however. They hated it, and this cold November morning was the time to take action. Secretly, they’d elected one of the feistiest girls in the school to represent them and humiliate the bimbo of Bullworthy. She was Reagan, a small yet strong girl who practiced kickboxing in her spare time.

Around the back of the science block stood a small concrete yard where few people spent their time. It was free from the prying mechanical eyes of the security cameras and free from any nosy teachers. The perfect place for a war.

Of course, Danielle was by no means weak and defenceless. She didn’t stand a chance against Reagan but she could put up a good fight. As soon as the 30-minute break period began, Reagan and her friends met around the corner from their chosen location. They knew their target was going to appear sooner or later. Dressed in thick black leggings and denim shorts with gold pumps she walked forward at the head of her little coalition. In her brown leather jacket flanking a black vest top she stalked proudly to her destination with the knowledge things were about to change.

Unsurprisingly, Danielle and her friends were relaxing in privacy chatting away with the odd plume of misty cigarette smoke rising from the ranks.

“Hey, skanks, where’s Danielle?”
“None of your business.” the nearest drone said.
“What is it?” a voice came from behind the nearby group.
“Oh look, the wh*r* steps out.”

The girl moved through the gaggle’s parting and stalked towards Reagan who stood her ground. Thrusting out her moderate breasts she radiated confidence.
“That’s a tough looking walk for someone who ain’t nothing.”
“Who are you anyway?” Danielle asked. “You’ve never even had a boyfriend and all you do is shove your nose in the books like a right little geek. You're nothing with those small boobs”

She sized up her challenger for a moment, her hands daintily perched on the hips of her dark grey long-sleeved sweater. With a brief snicker and a motion to her entourage she turned away from the confident teen and began to walk away, her curvy butt covered by the seat of her light grey business trousers swishing in the cold air.

Muttering obscenities under her breath, Reagan stepped forward and launched a clenched fist into the back of the pale Danielle’s shoulder-length hair. It didn’t take long for both parties to jump in, but as they struggled it became clear she had chosen her allies wisely and her rival's friends begrudgingly stepped backwards. She was now alone and cut off behind an impenetrable wall of hostility.

Dazed and confused, she held the back of her head and leaned against the building for support. A throbbing pain rushed through her scalp and she bit down on her voluptuous dark red lips.

“Come on, it’s time for you to eat dirt.”
“Get up.” She grabbed her roughly by her hair and began to drag her away from the building.
“Let go of me.” She screamed and pushed her away.

Reagan wasn’t prepared to give her rival any breathing room and she dived forward using her kickboxing skills. Grabbing her hair she came to life as her veiled bronzed legs began to strike her opponent in the legs and the midsection. The poor girl stood no chance as she beat the wind out of her until she flopped to the ground coughing and spluttering.

A crowd was growing as someone had evidently spread the word about what was going down. Delight plastered across the multiplying number of faces as ‘Dapper’ Danielle lay flat on her back.

“Ok, you’ve seen the beating now who wants to see a humiliation?”

A cheer sprang from the crowd. Everybody had wanted to see this tease exposed since the first few days of high school, and now they were about to get their chance as she shuffled away on her behind.

Her scream of defiance went up as the kickboxer grabbed the heel of one of her long black boots and began to pull her back along the ground. But she wasn’t beaten yet as she desperately kicked against her grip and sent Reagan swaying backwards and forwards. Another kick of her free foot caught her square on the jaw and staggered her attacker. Taking her brief advantage, she scrambled to her feet and drove her back first into the brick wall of the science block. On her knees the early attacker grunted in pain from the blow.

Seeking to inflict her own form of humiliation she grabbed the bottom of her leather jacket and ripped it off over her head to reveal more of her exotic skin and two navy-blue bra straps peeking out from both sides of her black vest top. Quickly tossing the jacket away into the crowd, Danielle picked her downed opponent up and slapped her across the face. Big mistake.

Going toe-to-toe with a girl of this strength would soon transform into her downfall as it didn’t take long for her fury to take its toll on her face and head. Down on her hands and knees again, she wasn’t going to benefit from any of Reagan's showboating. The defender felt her dark grey sweater peeled upwards and over her head to leave a pair of pale arms spread out in front of her.

Alarmed at their master’s stripping, two of her friends came rushing out of the crowd from the other side of the wall and joined the fight. One tackled Reagan to the ground with a crash and the other guided her long fingers into the back of the waistband of her leggings and began to pull both leggings and shorts down. Wrenching as hard as she could as reinforcements came to grab her she unveiled the small black thong of the disorientated kickboxer.

Quickly adjusting herself as the two invaders were wrestled away by the crowd with slaps and punches, she checked her undergarments were covered before turning back to her battle. Not for one second did she expect so much resistance.

“Nice try from your friends, but too bad. Your time’s up.” Regan taunted.

Barely recoverijg, Danielle rose to her knees and Reagan wrestled her to her feet in just a tight black t-shirt exposing small slits of her waist. Immediately, she was thrown headfirst into the wall and crumpled into a heap on the floor. A swift kick to the stomach left her flat on her back, exposed.

Lying on her back with her whole belly uncovered a pair of hands began to wrench the t-shirt up her body. Clinging on desperately, she successfully stopped her exposure just under her breasts. No amount of pulling and straining would unveil any part of her underwear. Changing tactics, Reagan sat on top of her opponent’s belly and skilfully moved a hand downwards to the waistband of her light grey business trousers. Before she could react, the button was unclipped leaving her modesty hidden by an extremely fragile zipper.

The ploy worked. Not willing to lose her trousers before her shirt, she weakened her grip to defend her bottoms and a strong pull lifted it over her breasts and head. The first part of humiliation completed as wolf whistles permeated the air and Danielle screamed when she soon realised how cold it really was. Only her reddening face helped to warm her up again whilst frantically trying to cover her modest breasts, held by a black bra which barely stopped her jugs billowing out into the open.

In what seemed like some distorted attempt at sportsmanship, Reagan allowed her to get to her feet. With one hand desperately covering her breasts and another keeping her trousers from slipping down an inch, tears began to brim. Her embarrassment in front of so many people was breaking her.

“Embarrassed, humiliated, feel like crap?”
“Shut up.” she replied weakly.
“Not so fun when you feel like garbage.”
“Stop, is that what you want?”
Danielle nodded.
“Not a chance honey, we’re going all the way. I’m going to make sure you can never show your face again round here.”

And she launched herself forward towards the hapless teenager who pathetically backed up. To no avail her head was, once again, slammed into the wall. Releasing her hands from around her breasts she scratched and clawed at the air. Again, to no effect as she was hit from all angles. With no time to know where to feel pain she sank down to her backside under the barrage.

She closed her eyes and awaited her fate with careless hands. Taken to her feet again, her head collided back into the wall.

“Oh look, you’re crying. Just wait until I’m done with you.”

By this time that weak zipper had steadily lost its hold and was almost half way down. With each slam and each hit her trousers drifted to the ground and for the first time her panties came on show. A small strip of fabric at the back; red, lacy, and matching her reputation as a tease.

“Strip her!” voices came from the crowd.
“You want to see her panties?” Reagan called.
“You got it. She’s been a bad girl so let’s punish her together.” And with that she lifted the barely conscious teen to her feet and bent her over her knee. “Ok, guys line up and get a taste for this flabby ass.”

Stinging slaps reigned down upon her behind periodically as the crowd stepped forward in an orderly fashion to pile on her punishment. She knew they could see her modesty, and she understood what was happening to her more as a particularly heavy slap collided with her hidden cheeks sending reverberations throughout her half-naked body.

“Ok, guys, you’ve had your fun now let’s have some more. We’ve got plenty of time until next period.”

Danielle’s worst fears had been realised as she felt a cold hand plunge into her trousers and the tickle of the waistband on her lukewarm thighs as it tumbled to just above her knees. All she could do was scream. Her last hopes of escape dashed with the first appearance of her lacy underwear. Sumptuously sexy and showing the bottoms of her chiselled cheeks. Finished.

“Wow, you do have a nice ass I’ll give you that. But big girls don’t scream so I guess another round of punishment is in order.” Regan grinned as she playfully poked one of her cheeks making it jiggle in the winter blues. “Ok, so it’s time to spank this ass. If anyone wants the rest of this stuff you can take it.”

They didn’t need a second invitation. With the hard spanks came the removal of her long boots and her trousers to leave her bent over in her bra and panties. There was no resistance now as her pain was compounded by her black bra being torn off her body. The only thing standing to attention was her pink nipples rising up from her snow-coloured body.

The grey sky was spinning for Danielle and there was no thinking now. Reagan played the crowd for the remainder of the break and her friends steadily stopped their resistance and drifted away. Left alone and abandoned her lacy red panties were soon stripped down her legs and off. For the last ten minutes the guys, and even some of the girls, were able to browse the fallen princess at their leisure. An immaculately trimmed pussy gained particular attention with her legs spread out to reveal everything.

Nobody helped her during the groping and pinching. Reagan had won and she knew it. Regaining her jacket and fixing herself up she gathered up her hated enemy’s clothes and left the scene leaving Danielle to regain her senses.

“Well, that’s her finished.” said Katie, one of Reagan’s allies. “I kind of feel bad for her, Rachel, she’s just crying now.”
“Serves her right. Hot body though.”
“Watch this, I’ll snap a few pictures. Let’s make sure she never comes back.”

When all was finished and the bell rung, her foes took the evidence and Danielle staggered away and out of the school gates to run home. It was the worst moment of her life. Her most devastating injury, but she wasn’t one to let things die. Deep down she was a warrior. And standing under the hot shower doused in soapy suds the revenge plan was already being planned.

Reagan, Katie, Rachel, Charlotte, and Kristie, these students wouldn’t ever look at her again in the same way.
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Default Excellent

Excellent story! I fully encourage you to continue the series.
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Originally Posted by jimmythehand View Post
Excellent story! I fully encourage you to continue the series.
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. In truth I couldn't wait for feedback as I was feeling creative tonight, so I'm already working on the new story.
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As promised, I completed this story in a faster time than intended as I was feeling extra creative. I think I've got into a rhythm now and I should be offering a different theme/environment/story for each part from now on. On a side note, it looks like I have a pattern at the moment, but don't expect a one victim per story gig in the future. I intend on throwing in a few surprises here and there. Perhaps Danielle won't have a smooth and easy path to redemption after all?

Dapper in the Darkness

It had been two weeks since Danielle’s stripping and subsequent humiliation in front of a sizeable portion of the school. By this point everyone knew about what had happened and nothing she did successfully covered it up. Her friends had abandoned her and she was alone. Lower than the nerds and subject of extreme ridicule. Luckily, nothing had ever gone as far as it did before, but Bullworthy wasn’t a pleasant place for the teen.

Now it was time to gain revenge against those who had wronged her; Kristie, Charlotte, Rachel, Katie, and finally Reagan. Five figures who had all played their part in her humiliation. First was Charlotte’s turn. Charlotte was one of the girls who defended Reagan when her friends came to help. Perhaps things would have been different and her reputation saved if they hadn’t intervened?

For this she needed to suffer and go through the same humiliation. It didn’t take long for Danielle to pick up her target and mentally map her out. She was a goth, all black, all depressing, and talked a tough fight. Nobody had ever seen her fight and she was universally thought of as weak, though. A perfect start even for Danielle, who was obviously no fighter.

Deciding to target her on her own, she soon had her chance. A big house party at Reagan’s house to signal the start of a two-week holiday meant she would be going home late at night and alone. In the darkness the small yet chubby goth would go home without her clothes. Those pale gothic curves would shine in the moonlight.

The scene was the local park which separated Charlotte’s and Reagan's house. She had to cross a large green field with only a few small streetlights to illuminate the narrow path. Danielle would hide in the darkness and pounce when the time was right. There’d be no running away for little Charlotte.

Perching herself in an easy-to-climb tree next to the path, adorned in baggy grey sweatpants, black sneakers, with a black hoodie, she watched the darkness fall and knew her figure was hidden in the light breeze. Now all she had to do was wait. People occasionally trotted past without sensing a thing. In the meantime, she set up her secret weapon, a small video camera which she balanced on one of the thicker branches. Pointing directly into the puddles of light to capture everything.

It wasn’t until 2am she saw the small figure walking along, and slightly staggering from the booze, in the distance. The light illuminating her dyed jet black hair, along with highlights of pink dabbed through her ponytail, and the heavy ‘panda’ eyes formed by heavy helpings of mascara. Working quickly, Danielle switched on the camera and watched the small red light come to life before climbing down to the ground and hiding behind the tree in the darkness. Her target noticed nothing as she drew closer with her all-silver studded belt shining in the air and holding her black skinny jeans close to her curvy figure.

Waiting until she approached her hiding place the vengeful teen struck and punched her directly into the side of the head, staggering her, before rushing into the darkness again. Charlotte clutched her head and sucked in as much air as possible as she scanned the darkness and swivelled on her heel. She was still being watched. Another strike hit her in the other side of the head as she turned backwards again.

“Fuck off!” she screeched into the night. “Come on then, do it again.”

Silence. Nothing but a cold breeze and the rustle of the top branches
She tightened her open black zip-up hoodie around herself whilst both sides of her head throbbed from the blows. Daring not to leave the road for what possibly stayed in the darkness the Goth attempted to continue her path by stalking backwards.

Breathing heavily, another blow slammed into her head, this time from the first side. Her already painful temple screaming out in pain again and she desperately clutched her head and bent over to protect herself. The adrenaline rushed through her and the blood pumped in her ears. The small pools of light were suddenly extinguished as black fabric covered her face. Her muffled cries were heard by nobody as a figure wrestled her in one direction then the other.

She felt the cold night air rush around her body as her attacker pulled the zip-up hoodie up from behind and across her face. It was choking her and making her panic, so she began to thrash. Eventually, and with great reluctance, she relinquished her hoodie and it was swept away from her leaving the lonely Goth sprawled on the ground staring up at the sky in nothing but a blue t-shirt with some sort of red lettering scrawled across the front and black skinny jeans.

“Well, well not so keen to get involved now are you?” her assailant laughed.
“Who…who are you?” Charlotte replied knowing full well who it was.
“Don’t be silly, you know exactly who it is.”
“No, don’t touch me, please, I’m sorry, it wasn’t me.”
“Wasn’t you, it was all you and the rest of your stupid gang now get up or I’ll rip this crappy hair out.”
“Ok…ok…ok…ok…” she breathed more out of drunkenness than fear.

She grabbed the drunken teen’s ponytail and roughly pulled her over to another area of the path just out of sight of the camera. After stopping Charlotte dropped to her knees with her hands grasping for support on the waist and sweatpants of her attacker.

“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to kick the crap out of you and strip your little ass naked. Let’s see how your drunken body fares walking home tonight.”
“No, I’ll make it up to you, I’m sorry.” she mostly slurred.
“Not a chance.” and she threw her back to her feet and watched her wobble.

The partially stripped Goth wasn’t ready for a fight as she pathetically put her hands up in a mock boxing guard. Losing her balance she tried to advance back to Danielle standing next to a tree on the immaculately trimmed grass. Her feet wobbled and steadily swayed her from side to side as she advanced. Getting closer her lack of sobriety got the better of her and she tripped forwards.

Desperately trying to grab anything to stop a painful fall her fingers grasped a soft fabric. In seconds ‘Dapper’ Danielle’s baggy grey sweatpants were whipped down to just above her knees. It yielded her white thighs and a pair of rich purple panties showing off most of her ass cheeks and the small bulge of her private parts poking into the thin fabric. Another sexy pair of her underwear exposed in public. But it was out of sight of the camera and didn’t mean the end of her plan. Nothing but an accident and no one would ever know. Yet her anger was growing as Charlotte, who was now on her knees, started laughing inanely at her attacker’s predicament, expecting her to cover up and run.

Infuriated, she yelled obscenities at the laughing Goth and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck. Knees were thrust into the young girl’s face with no protection afforded by distant hands. Danielle knew each knee lifted her legs steadily out of her sweatpants until she was showing everything but the bottom of her calves.

Blood streamed from the nose of her opponent who was crying desperately. The top of her ass exposed from the back where her jeans had crept down during the action. Now she was curled up and an infuriated Danielle knew her chance was nigh. Leaving her descended sweatpants she grabbed handfuls of blue fabric and pulled upwards towards herself. Gathering the crumpled up t-shirt as she went her ghostly skin was steadily exposed in the shadows cast by the few streetlights. It didn’t take long for the back of a pink bra to come into view. Lifting it over her head the bright pink bra appeared in all its glory, accentuated with patches of black on the sides of the cups.

Charlotte remained curled up as the depantsed female tossed the blue shirt into the darkness. Her obviously chubby potbelly remained mostly hidden beneath her arms. Satisfied with her beaten adversary, Danielle pulled her sweatpants up and safely hid her luscious purple panties.

“Damn you’re fat. No wonder nobody likes you and you can’t fight your own battles.”
“Can we call it quits, please, I’ll never do it again I swear.”
“Just don’t strip me, you win.”
“And because I win it means I’m going to humiliate you. Come on, fatty, let’s see what panties you have on.” she taunted with her hand hidden deep in the back of her opponent’s jeans.

The belt made sure she revealed nothing apart from another half-inch of crack. Changing tack, she climbed on to her back and worked at her bra. The solitary piece of black in the middle showed her where to go. Unclipping the girl’s upper modesty she shrieked as the entire garment came unhinged and the only thing keeping her breasts hidden from view was two loose cups and her sheer power of will.

“So, where you gonna go, Charlie? As soon as you get up I’m taking something and you can’t stay like that all night.”
“Please don’t.”
“Why not?”
“Nothing.” she uttered suddenly sounding more defiant than she had done all night.
“Then I’m doing it.”

Charlotte cried out in pain as Danielle dug her fingers into the swathe of pink and black hair. Pulling the pony tail out completely her hair went everywhere whilst every nerve screamed out in pain.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.” uttered a defeated voice. “I just don’t like my body now let me go, please.”
“You don’t like your body? Ok, fine, go.”
“Sure, your t-shirt is over there on the other side of the path. Your hoodie’s over there too. Just tell your friends I’m coming for them.”

The Goth gratefully got to her feet, still clutching the cups of her bra, her jeans still revealing the top of her ass as she walked over to the appointed area. Through a haze of tears and the taste of blood her wild air blew unchained in the breeze. Stepping back into the pool of light illuminating every inch of her body that fragile grip faltered and her bra disappeared before her eyes. Swept off by an assailant who threw it away. Staggered, a closed fist collided with her cheek and knocked her to the ground, the cold concrete sending chills around her body.

With heavy breasts in the air and clear goosebumps popping up over them the hidden camera now got a good luck at the beaten teen.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you go did you? You’re not leaving here with your clothes.”

Again, Danielle attacked the teen’s jeans which had fallen slightly lower with her latest crash to the ground. Undoing the belt before she could recover from a wicked right hand it was uncoiled and launched into the engulfing night. Humiliated, she curled up again to protect any further exposure. She wasn’t going down without a fight.

A wonderful idea sprang to mind, though. With the human ball before her she had a weakness. Cruelly, it was a pair of delicate nipples she focused her attention on. Screeching and squawking was her only defence as she gripped the pair of pink levers and twisted violently. No amount of humiliation could cover for the pain she was experiencing right now. Not that it mattered. It didn’t take long for the dull gold button to part from its hole and a cute bra matching pink waistband appear with a small triangle of sugary purple peeking out from below.

Still weeping, there was no resistance whilst been turned over like a hog on a spit roast to face the ground. It didn’t take long for her black skinny jeans to come whizzing past her succulent butt to reveal fully the sugary purple and pink panties she had worn that night. And finally down to her ankles to leave her chubby white legs flailing in the cold. There were no screams from Charlotte, just the soft sound of crying as Danielle pulled her shoes and socks off.

Left in her panties and defeated her heavy mascara turned into rivers of soot running down her face. Lifting her victim up, she twisted her arm behind her back and pointed her whole body directly to where her camera was still perched in the tree.

“Smile for the camera, b*tch, nobody’s ever seen you in something so bright before.”
“Let me go…let me go.”
“In a second, Charlie.”

And with that she swept the panties down to her knees and off leaving her completely naked. A shaved vagina leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

“Any last words to your viewers?”
“No…please give me my clothes back.”
“Like you gave me my clothes back?”
“I’m sorry!” she screamed. “Just give me something to go home with.”

She shoved the beaten Goth away down the path towards her house and watched as she staggered away. Not content with her slow pace, a final stinging crack on her behind sent her leaping into the night like a scolded pig.

It didn’t take long for Danielle to gather up her first victim’s clothes as they weren’t far from the path. Shirt, jeans, and belt created a colourful pile for her to take home. Stacking them in the garage carefully, this was her first mark of success. The holidays had begun and she only had two weeks to defeat her opponents to reclaim her reputation. One down and four to go before she could complete her redemption; Kristie, Rachel, Katie, and Reagan.
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Default A Dapper Detested

I see my stories seem to be getting a good response at the moment, as judged by the number of thanks for two entries so far. I would love a few more replies, though, and perhaps some additional criticism, but I'm happy. And this is why entry number three comes in below. Whilst I follow roughly the same pattern as previously, expect something a little different towards the end. Enjoy!

A Dapper Detested

It didn’t take long for news of Charlotte’s humiliation to spread throughout Reagan’s group. Of course, with the holidays there was no chance of inflicting any retaliation so those women knew they were marked. No fear, though. If anything, it made them despise ‘Dapper’ Danielle more than ever. And they wanted retribution.

Charlotte was defeated, though. She quickly retreated to the confines of her room and refused to associate with her former friends any longer. She switched her phone off, turned out the lights, and rejected anybody who came to see her. The image she couldn’t get out of her head was Danielle’s sordid grin and the shine of her emerald-green eyes as the dim light of the street lamps bounced off her irises creating the illusion of a demonic fire raging inside her. It terrified her and the fallen Goth would have nothing more to do with it. She knew the rest of Reagan’s group would pay.

It wasn’t until a few days later, at this point a quarter of the way into a two-week holiday, Danielle decided to go on the offensive again. After careful research and multiple surveillance sessions her next target became Katie; the girl who accompanied Rachel when gathering evidence of her destruction.

Katie was a girl who practically fell in love with her hair. Hours spent straightening, curling, and spraying just to make those full and thick shortened black locks sparkle. The rest of her was nothing to look at as she enjoyed playing the nerd and the geek; complete with thick-framed glasses. Rarely did she travel at night or in places where she was likely to suffer at the hands of any encroaching foes. Whenever Katie travelled she had a purpose, and if possible she would take a car.

The vengeful teen had few opportunities to take advantage of any weaknesses in her defences, which meant no wondrous camera opportunities like last time. Katie never drank and never made herself as vulnerable as Charlotte. But by chance Danielle encountered her target whilst stalking Rachel through the city shopping centre. The familiar bright blue car pulled into the half-empty multi-storey car park and made it up to the top-level, which was nearly empty.

The afternoon was grey and few shoppers were interested in braving the dull, depressing day. Danielle quickly abandoned her plan and made her way to the top-level, staying out of sight of the slow-moving car.

“I’ve got you now.” She muttered to herself.

Three floors later and she popped out into the breezy open air, getting a full view of her environment. Only a few cars sat on top, grouped in the same area where Katie just pulled in. Luckily, it was easy for her to duck behind a dark green range rover and creep closer to her intended target. Dressed in a long, grey woollen jumper with a pair of unbelted dark blue jeans and light brown snow boots she held her breath. Kneeling down she saw Katie slowly struggling to climb out of her car. Placing one pale white hand around the back of a battered red Vauxhall she was right next to her, where she waited.

Unsurprisingly, Katie was too busy fixing her hair in a handheld mirror to move quickly. It gave Danielle a chance to carefully stow her leather handbag under the Vauxhall before beginning her advance, as well as plan her own brand of humiliation. Adorned in an open black pea coat, black t-shirt or vest top of some kind, and torn light blue jeans with leggings hiding her bare legs. A quick and painful humiliation to avoid any fatal interference.

Finally, when the hair-obsessed teen was ready to confront the general public, she mercifully discarded the mirror and those black sneakers made their way towards the back of her own car. Too late to notice an attacker sweep out and launch her back first into her own car. Crash, a sickening thud. Her spine crunched against the paintwork, sending the prized handheld mirror and a number of other beauty items skittering across the concrete as she collapsed to the ground holding herself.

“Ow! Get off my hair, let me go.” She yelled. “Who the fuck are you?”
“You knew this was coming. I hope Charlotte told you all about me.”
“You crazy b*tch, let go.”
“Fine.” And with that her enemy threw her by the hair and slammed the mussed-up head of the teen into her door.

All she could do was groan and slur as the world in her eyes spun uncontrollably. The chaos didn’t allow her to defend herself as the open pea coat was ripped from her back and discarded. Now in a sleeveless black t-shirt the first sign of forbidden pink-tinged skin came into view.

“You’re not someone who likes showing off are you? Well neither was I, so let’s see how you react.”

She had barely recovered when she came under attack again with knees and fists, whilst still being dragged by her hair. Now they were circling her car and still no sign of help from any innocent bystander.

“You’re not gonna win, you cow. There’s people. And when they come you’re going straight to jail.”
“Oh shut up, that shrieking is annoying.” A stinging slap to practically rip off her glasses put pay to any more responses. “Speak again and it will go even faster. Nobody’s here to save your ass.”

But she knew her time was limited. As fortune would have it, a maintenance building on the other side of the ramp presented a perfect place to do what she wanted with her. Kicking her repeatedly up the behind, with two erotic slaps to the ass to get her moving, wobbling and slipping she took the teen further and further away from a potential reprieve.

“There we are. Now let’s get down to business. I’ve no interest in a fight since I know you can’t fight. Reagan might be a kickboxer, but you haven’t seen any action in your life. So I’m curious to see what undies you’re wearing.”
“No talking, honey, you’ll regret ever messing with me.”

The trapped girl could barely speak as a throbbing red mark appeared on the side of her cheek and she placed one hand on her modest ass to try to rub the sting away. The sneakers and socks were soon off and tossed over the side of the car park. Barefoot and soon to be bareassed she rolled over and grabbed two clumps of Danielle’s hair in desperation. She had no choice but to bend over and grab hold of Katie’s hands. She soon fell to her knees to avoid losing any beautiful hair.

“Come on, b*tch.” Katie screamed as she got to her feet, still pulling. “I’ll pull this crappy hair out.”

Danielle was fighting back desperately. The searing pain ran through her scalp and tears formed on the tip of her eyelid. Now she was reaching upwards and the first sign of her own skin came into view. Her jumper rose up to reveal part of her stomach and the view of her belly button. Pale like snow, her enemy spotted it and took the chance to quickly attack the weakness. ‘Dapper’ felt the brush of clenched knuckles along her sides as the jumper came up over her head to leave her in a bright purple vest top with frilly dark purple bra straps sticking out from both sides. Unfortunately for her, it was out-of-place and quite short so a good part of skin came into view from top and bottom. The grey woollen jumper quickly left the scene and off came the bright purple vest top as quick as it had come into view.

The pain in her scalp distorted her vision and tears made the sky look like she was looking through a frosted glass window. But she knew what was happening to her as the cold November weather and hot public embarrassment manifested at the same time.

“Woooo, nice undies, I love your cute bra. Very sexy for someone who likes their clothes so much.”

Danielle had learned to defend herself, though. Not worrying about waiting for mercy she turned over and held her breasts, which were once again pushing against her cups and threatening to explode the garment. She scrambled as far away as possible from her stripper on her hands and knees.

“Not so fast, don’t start something you can’t finish, I wanna see some panties.”

The crowing Katie was closer to her than she thought and a hand fell into the unbelted waistband of her jeans and felt around for a grip. But one hand wasn’t enough. Her dark blue jeans fell down on the left side to show off a mismatched pair of pink underwear. A smidgen of pale thigh could be seen at the top before Katie lost her grip and the panties disappeared.

Fast as a flash, she was up again and successfully readjusted herself to hide everything. Standing in a French-style dark purple bra and a pair of vulnerable jeans with a bright silver button on show she stood across from her target, who was still standing in everything apart from her black pea coat. The remnants of Dapper’s clothing littered the area.

“Well, I’m guessing you don’t need these like I didn’t need my shoes.” Katie said scooping up the jumper. “I like your undies, though, so I suppose you don’t need this top either since you look so good.”
“Leave them.”
“Oh why, don’t like showing off your body? Upset I wasn’t as weak as that drunk Goth? You should have taken some kickboxing classes like Rea.”

That was enough for her, and she dashed forwards to save her clothes. There was no fight as she drove her hands forward. Catching her square in the throat she rescued her clothes from floating into the city. She had turned the tables and stood proudly over the enemy, who desperately clutched her throat gasping for air.

A few kicks with the point of her boot into the stomach helped to release any last breaths of oxygen. No words from either combatant hit the air as Danielle directed her cold fingers into the side of her jeans and pulled. The black leggings came into view on her right side as the loose jeans came down to her thighs. She turned her over repeatedly as both sides of her jeans came down to just above her knees before stopping. Snapping the unprotected button open the rest of her jeans came whizzing past her flailing ankles.

The black leggings left her curves completely on show. Only the thin fabric highlighting the lines of her skimpy panties hiding her total humiliation. Picking the girl up, she slammed her into the concrete of the wall before retreating. Katie was given time to recover as Danielle dodged in and out of the cars to retrieve her handbag, satisfied of her opponent’s defeat. By now, some of the cars were gone and new ones arrived. Nobody appeared in the open urban expanse, though.

Katie still groaned and massaged various parts of her broken body. It was like she barely noticed her lost jeans. Jogging back she gave the girl another kick before plunging into her bag, which doubled as her toolbox of retribution. Inside were all manner of painful implements. And she had something for everybody. Charlotte the camera, and Katie’s treat was only moments away.

A pair of orange-handled kitchen scissors.

“It’s time to wake up.” She said pulling one of her bra cups back into place and tossing the bag aside. “Let’s get down to business.”

Katie only mumbled without seeing what dominating Danielle was carrying at her side. A knee to her side was enough to bring the life back into the troubled teen. The teen gargled and spluttered from the force of the forearm crushing her windpipe whilst being dragged upwards again. The pair of scissors sneaked down the top of the black t-shirt and sliced down to the top of her breast.

“Oooooo that’s such a nice bra. Black and white really is your colour. Let’s see some more of it.”
“You’re ripping, you’re ripping it, stop!”
“You don’t need this crappy t-shirt.” She concluded as the small slice turned into a gash. The thin fabric coming apart and gradually revealing the entirety of her upper body. The brief struggle left her face down on the concrete in just a black and white-striped bra. Small screams squeaked through her teeth, but she was in shock.
“Get the hell up and come here, you’re going down whether you like it or not.”

Back first into the maintenance building Katie went with a grunt of pain. But salvation arrived. The sound of a car trundling over the car park floor alerted both. Danielle moved first and grabbed her around the neck again. Backing herself up against the maintenance building her pale hand fell over her mouth and held her tightly as three distant car doors slammed. Katie breathed heavily and struggled weakly. Danielle, with a mischievous grin on her face, had her fun. One hand disappeared down the front of her leggings, taking the material with it. She enjoyed watching her prey’s eyes widen in horror as part of her leggings gradually fell down.

Voices were still in the distance and another car door slammed. Was it the same one or someone else? Leggings to mid-thighs and aqua blue panties hiding very little on show she squatted and sat down whilst the two chatterboxes continued to idle. The panty-covered ass of her enemy rubbing up against her own crotch. She slid the leggings further down those thin legs until they were barely held above her ankles.

Eventually, the area was silent and she was confident of being alone. Through a careful manoeuvre she lifted herself up and shoved the girl forward to face the ground again. Ripping the remains of her garments away, she was left in her underwear. A mixture of fear and shock releasing a few solitary tears down her cheeks.

“I told you I’d win in the end. Now I’m going to give you something you’ll never forget.” Danielle commented sinisterly whilst twisting a few black locks. “I’ll make your friends fear me.”

The scissors soon came back into play and she teased the black-haired bimbo who screamed into Danielle’s hand. Off came the ends of a few strands. Katie was screaming herself into delirium. A single cut released her bouncing boobs and the balled-up bra served as the perfect way to shut her up for good.

“That’s better, I’m tired of your whining. If you don’t want stuff like this to happen don’t mess with me. You tried to strip me and lost, now it’s time for me to have some fun.”
“Mmmm…mfffff…” Katie’s muffled speech rushed into her own bra as she watched a few clumps of hair fall to the ground.
“Don’t cry, baby, I think it looks much better this way.”

When Danielle had finished she had completed the shortest haircut possible. Messy, out of place, and differing lengths locked the prideful girl into her worst night nightmare. Just in aqua blue panties she sat and cried into her hands. She didn’t need to see what she looked like because she knew, she saw the discarded hair blowing away in the wind.

“Oh, and just to make this day extra special, let’s see the rest of you.”

A final snip removed her panties which soon saw them, and the rest of her remaining clothes fly over the side of the car park and into the busy city below. Replacing her own clothes she revelled in the satisfaction of another target down, which only left Reagan, Kristie, and Rachel to go in the next week and a half.

Leaving the stripped and humiliated teen with her lusciously large labia lips on display in the cold, ‘Dapper’ Danielle offered a final farewell: “Oops, I threw your bag too, and didn’t it have your keys in there?”
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Hello is there anymore? I mean the sequel where she get back on the other 3.
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