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Old 08-11-2017, 04:48 PM
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After two glasses of water and headache tablets she went to bed. I am an early riser so I wake up and I am on the deck to watch the sun rise in my boxers drinking coffee. I look and I'm the only thing within site human and awake. I hang my boxers on the railing and head for an early morning skinnydip. It was fun. Smooth small waves and calm water. As I get ready to head back I see Keith's neighbor standing on the beach waving. She heads towards me. I'm thinking oh shit. I'm standing waist deep. She walks to the edge of the soft sand and wet and states the obvious, "morning swim?". I said yes feels great.

Water was not too clear so I was just standing with the small waves rolling past. After some small talk I told her that I was actually skinny dipping for my early morning swim. She said "oh, I know I was watching from the deck." I was floored, i thought just telling her I was without clothing she would run. Not tell me she was watching. I told her I'm sorry, I thought I could get in and out before anyone woke up. She said oh I wake up and watch the sunrise every day weather permits from our deck. I said I guess I better be getting out and dressed before others are up and out. She stood there and said ok.

She did not move. I kind of nervously laughed and said I guess you better head back so I can get out and dressed. She said well I was going to walk with you. I started out, as the water dipped and exposed my limp dick her eyes went straight to it. I was trying to walk and not let anything start to rise. She never took her eyes from my crotch. I started to get aroused and was at a heavy half mast as I exited the water. I said Im sorry but I was just going to jump in and out. Still staring down she looked up at me smiling and said I got to hear my husband call everyone we know about seeing your wife naked yesterday. Now I can have him listen to me call everyone I know.

Getting a taste of what my wife feels was strange. Here I am standing naked on a beach with someone between the age of my mother and grandmother complimenting my body and saying she is going to call her friends. I finally said I better get off the beach or someone will report me. As we walked she said weekdays no one cares. She said her husband will skinnydip on occasion. As we reach the steps to the deck she said you want some company watching the sunrise. I said sure. I grabbed my boxers as I passed the rail. She said you don't have to put those on for my benefit. I said ok. I'm at half mast and maintaing so I felt good about showing.

We stood at the railing talking and watching the sun rise. She kept a watchful eye on my penis so I was maintaining a nice chub. After about ten minutes of this I said I better go check on my hungover wife. She said quote, "before I leave, would you mind if I touch you." Again I was floored but said I wouldn't mind but what about your husband. Again quote "He will never know". She said this as she stepped to me. Put her hands on my chest and rubbed down. She wrapped her fingers around my half hard dick. It went to full mast. Her finger were soft and warm. She gave me three or four full slow strokes and released. She said thanks for making an old lady happy. She turned and walked down the steps. She turned looked at my stupid ass just standing there hard dick standing and said have a safe trip home. I finally responded with thanks, bye.

I put on my boxers mad thinking I could have just got a hand job if I would have just spoke up. I went in and woke my wife up. I would love to say I gave her a good banging but it was short and sweet. She even said I must have needed to get rid of that one for awhile.

I will update conversation on the road shortly.
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Old 08-12-2017, 10:06 AM
KennyCust3867 KennyCust3867 is offline
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I believe there is a saying.....what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Your update seems to proves my point. I know you thoroughly enjoy watching your wife have fun (as much as we enjoy reading about it) but sometimes it's nice when you get to play around too.

As far as taking it further with the neighbor, yes it probably would have been a good time but then again, it gives you something to look forward to next time. I do think it's a helluva turn on for a woman to instigate things and make the first move like she did. She saw a momentary opportunity that she didn't want to regret passing up later on. And you know she had to wonder "what if", just like you did. At least your wife (and probably the neighbor's husband) got to reap the benefits of that forbidden touch.

I think it's fair to say that almost all of us have had those shoulda, coulda, woulda type moments like you described. In my experience, I've found that it just fuels the fire and stokes the flames of curiosity for the next opportunity or in your case, the next time you visit. I do believe I'd have to have a conversation with Kenneth when I got home though and see if he has any stories to match yours.

Thanks for the update and look forward to ride home discussion!
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Old 08-13-2017, 12:20 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 230
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Finally the ride home. This whole update was to be about two unique experiences. The "nude" beach and my experience. Turned out to be a thesis on the entire trip. Funny but we have been all summer on lakes, going out and situations that may amount to oops but one spur of the moment trip amounted to more unique times than an entire summer.

We cleaned, locked up and headed out. Neither of us talked much during. I was still sort of relishing in my earlier experience. As we got on the highway, my wife asked me if I was upset or mad about anything. I assured her I was not. We started talking about our time there. She was very happy with the private beach and our experiences. I took this opportunity to relay details of the time she was asleep under the umbrella. I told her of the guy that walked by and possibly took pictures. She was not upset at all and wished she would have been awake to see it. I then told her of Keith's neighbors and their time at our spot. She was not upset except that she would have liked to have met them.

I told her about Keith's conversation with the neighbor and then my experience that morning with his neighbors wife. Many details and questions for details. She really liked what his wife said about her husband calling everyone about seeing her. Not upset at all of me naked and allowing her to touch and stroke me. She found my recollection of her departure awkward for me.

One detail I got from the beach experience I did not know was, I had to make a run to the house and left her alone. She had a gentleman stalker pass by then turn around and walk by in front of her, stop and say hello and the continue on twice. She said the first back and forth was fine but she got concerned on the second. She did not mention him to me because she did not want our time there to possibly end. She said he made her feel very uncomfortable.

Another was the two joggers. I relayed what I saw and what she said at her return. Now she said that after "brushing" "sand" from her tits and pussy she saw the reactions she got. So after the wave would subside she would open her leg a little further the "remove" debris. After her second or thins time of this she said she was ready to blow so she excused herself to the water and they continued on and she rubbed one out quickly. She said between the touching, compliments and her nudity she needed that.

It was a long time till Keith came up in conversation. She was a little concerned about her behavior and his thoughts. I asked why. She said the entire time she was around him she never tried to hide or conceal her nudity. She said she even spent most of the time facing him with her legs open. I said yes and he really appreciated it. I told her about some of our conversations and his compliments. She then asked what he thought of her allowing her to help with the lotion. I told her he loved it. She said I guess you know I let it go a little far. I played dumb.

She said each time she excused herself she took an extra shot or two of alcohol to relax and got a little too drunk. I jokingly said we couldn't tell. She smiled and hit me. She said when he started actually touching her pussy she got aroused and decided to let him fully touch. I said I know and watched. She said yes but when she did he got her so turned on she let him penetrate her. I said really. She said several times until she said she needed to stop or fall down. I asked what she recalled from there.

She said she remembers laying on the lounger and getting a leg and foot massage. From that point she did not recall. I quizzed her and she did not even remember the wake up at midnight or the several glasses of water with aspirin. So I had to go from there. I told her in detail what transpired. She asked a few questions. She asked if Keith thought she was trash. I explained all of Keith's responses and how complementary he was. We rode in silence for some time. We stopped for lunch. During lunch she asked if Keith got a picture. I told her I took his phone and text then deleted my text after saving to the gallery. Nothing else said. It still felt awkward.

As we continued our drive I hear my wife on the phone. My phone. She is talking to Keith. She starts by apologizing for her behavior and drinking too much. From there I was not sure what he was saying but her responses were smiling and positive. She ended the call, looked at me and said now I feel better. I asked why. She got his number from my undelete sent text and called to make sure his opinion of her and her behavior was not too negative. All his responses were positive and extremely complimentary. He asked her if he could share one of his pictures with his neighbor. She said yes. He also told her that his neighbors wife was telling everyone about her watching me skinnydip and was giving me a penis the size of an elephants trunk. We both laughed at that.

Well that was the trip. I did talk to Kenneth about our trip. He reminded me of all the invitations and his description of the beach as very private. From now on he need not describe just invite. He also said that Keith has been around when his wife was laying out nude. Neighbors have seen her topless. He was jealous that my wife spent almost the entire time nude. His response now is that his wife will do it now mine has. He wanted to see the pictures but my lovely wife deleted all so I told him he would have to get them from Keith. He also said he will make sure Keith's neighbors wife catches him skinny dipping in the future.

School is in and work busy.
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