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Old 12-03-2014, 09:13 AM
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Default How many unique pussies have you fucked?

I was just trying to do some math and count the number of different pussies I'd had the joy of ramming my cock into over the years, and realised that partying hard is both a good way to get your end wet, and also a good way to reduce your memory.

So I ended up at a conservative 50-60 number of unique ladies so far (I'm just over my mid 30's now). But I should qualify that with the point, I've never been part of any swinging scene.. each conquest was also unique.

What about you? Could you share you number and interesting stories of how you added some of them?
If there is some demand, I'll also share some of my more fun journey's.
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Old 12-03-2014, 11:14 AM
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Default 33 for Me

I made a list once and the total came up to 33. I haven't added a single one in the past 24 years however. My dick has been in about 28 mouths, but only one asshole. I have only been in two mouths belonging to women I didn't fuck either before or after.

I've probably fingered about 15 more, and stuck a digit into the rectum of about 20 of the grand total.
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Old 12-03-2014, 06:05 PM
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Default Embarassed but true....

Only fucked 2 after 49 years of marriage and 3 years of dating to the same wonderful woman who has, in my opinion, a very unique pussy. The other was a good friend with my wife present recently.

As to blowjobs, that is different. She has no problem with those so it would be maybe 35 or 40 for me and she has sucked more than that. I have been having anal sex with my wife for about 30 years--and sometimes she insists on it. Others have enjoyed her ass too.

My wonderful wife and I were nudists in the late 1970's and the 1980's and I can say she has been seen completely naked by well more than a thousand men---and she loved them looking. She still does. And she loves to let them accidentally see her legs spread. Years ago at a nudist club in Maryland, a dressed UPS guy walked into a tree while staring between her legs.

Great idea for a thread if we guys are honest about the numbers of conquests. Somehow I doubt every story that starts with how well hung the guy is----so I don't bother to read them.
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Old 12-03-2014, 11:20 PM
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Thanks for the contributions guys.

Yes, I do agree with you delt (in regard to stories starting with "my massive cock....") and this is not intended as a competition or bragging list, merely something I'm curious about.

A lot of the ones on my list were one night stands, and often very drunken and not always well executed as a result, but they do make good memories for "alone time". I'm not proud to say, when I was making my list, I was unable to actually put a name to a good many.
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Old 12-03-2014, 11:53 PM
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Default How many unique pussies have you fucked?

I have to say that each and every pussy that I fucked was unique and long may it be so.

In marriage: 1
In relationships: 5
One nighters: around 10
Paid for: around 10 - yeah I went through a phase when living near to Amsterdam.
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Old 12-05-2014, 10:51 PM
the_jammer the_jammer is offline
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in order:

1. A. #1 - virgin, a few times.
2. D. - virgin, many times, sex in public
3. K. #1 - virgin, once
4. M. - once younger and once again about 10 years later between #10 and 11
5. D. - many times
6. J. - many times, sometimes with her sister in the room
7. R. - virgin, a few times
8. T. - married but separated from her husband, a few times
9. S. - wife #1, sex in public, exhibitionist, streaker, naked drive-thru's, MMF
10. T. - once in a 4-way with S. and another couple
divorce a year later
11. K. #2 - a few times
12. A. #2 - a few times, flashing in public, turned into psycho stalker
13. D. - wife #2, current wife, sex in public, flash at mardi gras, got her friend to flash me at mardi gras, streaking
14. T. - once, married, in room with passed-out-drunk co-worker, T.'s husband was on the phone (he knew and approved)
15. K. #3 - once, in a room with another guy and girl (they were not a couple)
16. A. #3 - once, married but her husband did not know about it, she had cheated on him many times

Wow, I've known a lot of girls named A. and K. !!

Had various other naked/finger encounters that weren't sex, 5 that I can recall.

Never paid for it, never been interested in anal.
Void where prohibited; your opinion may vary. See Internet for details.
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Old 12-07-2014, 03:12 PM
video_boy video_boy is offline
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Great topic. Until I ran across this post, I hadn't thought about my "conquests" in a very long time.

Just to help out the "normal" guys on the forum, if memory serves, I have only been with 7 women in my life. The number is not as important as the fact that none of the girls I was with was inexperienced at the time of my conquest (I never took anyone's virginity). They had all been around and, regretfully, not in a good way. In other words, none of them blew my socks off or did things that were particularly extraordinary. In fact, to call any of them "conquests" is probably pushing the meaning beyond it's usefulness.

I have never had anal sex, been in a threesome or anything out of the ordinary......I think that is why I turn to porn. Being a guy in my mid-forties, the prospects of my sex life becoming anything other than what it is are very slim.

Just adding my two cents worth.....
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Old 12-08-2014, 09:34 PM
postnit4u postnit4u is offline
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Default Had to think a bit.

1 GF in College + anal (Both Virgins)
2 Friend in College (Huge Mistake)
3 Friend in College + anal (First anal for her)
4 GF in College, Married this one. + anal (Claims I was the first anal but I don't think so)
5 Swing Friend + anal
6 Swing Friend + anal (Married and I was the first in the backdoor)
7 Swing Friend
8 Swing Friend
9 Swing Friend + Anal (Her husband said, "I did in 15 minutes what he hasn't been able to do in 20 years."
10 Swing Friend - Anal Only - First time, Said "I'm gonna cum" when I slipped it in. (Does this Count?)

10 pussies
7 Asses
6 Anal Virgins (7 if you Believe my wife.)
1 Pussy Virgin

I'm 52.

Last edited by postnit4u; 12-08-2014 at 09:47 PM. Reason: more info
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Old 12-09-2014, 05:05 PM
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I'm not sure just what UNIQUE means concerning pussies. All pussies are wonderful and unique in their own ways. Even the several "big as a bucket and smelly as a Carp" pussies. I've tried to fuck pussies so tight I couldn't get the head in. Not bragging about my size here either. I've had pussies that seem to stretch, shrink, and to conform to any sized prick. Pussies that are so dry it hurt. Pussies so wet I thought my penis would drown.
But in reality I've never had many pussies in all of my 75 years until recently when my own wife started sharing her pussy with others. The same wife who had never fucked another man until she was 73, starting this May.
To us it's not a contest. I really haven't kept score altho in my youth I did try. With everything else to worry about in life how many pussies a man has is not important. How much fun it was and if he still has one he can call his own is what counts.
Thank goodness for pussy!
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Old 12-10-2014, 03:12 AM
dr_pepper1942 dr_pepper1942 is online now
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Default An interesting thread

I am really glad I came across this thread. To me, each and every woman surely has a unique pussy and a very unique way of fucking. Besides, in many cases, they have a very interesting and fun personality.

Like when the WIFE found out that her husband found out that he was fucking another woman. She asked him furiously if the other woman was better than me. The right answer is that no, she is not better, just different. And that is the real joy. Sure some women are more fun in bed than others, but it would be very boring if they all acted the same.

I don't do 'one night stands'. I like to get to know various women, and if we click in some way, then I like to get to know them more intimately. Many times that can be a real surprise, seeing what they really are like, up close and personal. My second wife is an example of this. Early on she was good in bed, but when I found out that her ass was very sensitive to playing, then things got a lot more fun. Getting intimate is the fun part...

My third wife liked the uniqueness of guys and a few women. She was really into the big cowboy type and when a guy piqued her interest, she was ready to spread her legs and let him ride her real good.

I have had some women friends, who were just that, and while I liked them a lot, I had no interest in being intimate. And some others that I really wanted to get to know better, but circumstances would not allow... But I do leave my options open.

My first wife has said that I have had too many wives, which is true. Nothing against the women I have been married to, but if I had been thinking straighter in my younger years, I would have never gotten married, and just gotten to know many women over the years, and if one happened to REALLY click, then think about marrying.

I really like reading all of the stories told on this thread and others in the non-fiction area.
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