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Old 07-03-2013, 10:04 PM
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Default Anyone had a bad experience the first time you let another man fuck your wife?

I'm sure that there are probably just as many bad first experiences as there are good ones the first time a boyfriend or husband let another man fuck his wife or girlfriend. We hear about the good and great experiences all the time. Would anyone care to relate your experience of the first time that you let another man fuck your wife or girlfriend and the experience was anything but enjoyable?
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Old 07-04-2013, 10:42 PM
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They could be totally fake and just actors/actresses, but there are videos online where a guy pays to screw another guys girlfriend, and the boyfriend has to watch it happen. I think they're filmed in Russia or somewhere over there. They look real because the boyfriends usually have a disgusted look on their face and don't want to watch.
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Old 07-05-2013, 12:47 AM
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Talking the 3rd times the charm..

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Old 07-05-2013, 01:56 AM
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So that's how many times it takes before it feels right? :-)
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Old 07-05-2013, 02:44 PM
monagamous_now monagamous_now is offline
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Default Yeah ...

My first wife and I did some swapping early in our marriage.
Later, she had an 'affair' that I suspected - but had confirmed after the fact.

Later, still - we had a live-in house guest ... she had returned to school to get her degree and met this guy in one of her classes. He was struggling at home - mom had a new boy-friend - and the 'potential-next-stepdad' was an a$$hole. We were mid-20's. He was 19.

So, we invited him to stay in our spare room.

I could tell she was attracted to him. He would have to have been blind to not be attracted to here. And, I loved the thought of a threesome. I purchased some of those today sponges - don't think they sell them anymore - but they were kinda like a universal diaphram. I hated condoms - so did my wife. I had been 'snipped'. But, I was pretty certain that he hadn't been.

Anyway, one night, we're lying there in bed ... I told her about the sponges - and told her that I wanted to have a threesome ... she took some convincing. Seemed to think he wouldn't want to do it with us.

I finally convinced her ... she put in a sponge - and went to his room, naked. I could hear them talking from our bedroom - but couldn't make out what they were saying to each other. It got quiet ... could hear some material rustling - like maybe sheets moving - or him getting undressed. I could hear "hmmmmm" sounds and sounds like kissing.

After a few moments of this, they came to our bedroom - he was wearing nothing but boxers - and his erection was obvious. She said he needed to hear from me that this was what we wanted ... I assured him it was.

They got in the bed - her in the middle. We took turns kissing her while we played with her tits. I reached my hand down to her pussy - to find his hand was already there. I raised up on an elbow and could see that she was pushing down his boxers. He was pretty good size - seemed to be about the same length as me, but a bit thicker.

This woman hated giving head ... at least when we were alone. But, she seemed to be okay with giving head in this situation. I was somewhat surprised when she shifted in the bed to start sucking him off. She didn't suck him long enough to get him to cum - just to get him wet, barely. Then, she straightened back up and spread her legs ... I moved down to eat her out while the two of them played with each other and kissed. I felt her orgasm. I looked up and he was nibbling/sucking on her tits. He had her nipples so hard and distended they would certainly have cut glass.

I offered him first go at fucking her ... and he climbed in between her legs and started. She took turns kissing him, then me. He raised up enough that I could play with her tits. She came again at least once, maybe twice while he was fucking her ... then he came deep inside her pussy - after about 10 minutes of fucking.

I was worried that the excitement level would give me a hair trigger. I was right to worry. He climbed off to the other side of the bed - and they kept kissing, and he started playing with her tits. I put my cock in her pussy - and the feeling was absolute heaven. First time I had ever had 'sloppy seconds' - and I might have lasted 20 seconds - maybe.

We stayed there playing around for a bit - and we both got hard again - this time, he took nearly 30 minutes to cum ... and I lasted maybe 10 minutes. I lost track of how many times she came - but it was a BUNCH.

The 'bad' ... well, three things...
1) I only lasted about 20 seconds that first go-round.
2) She got pregnant - and had to have an abortion.
3) During our divorce proceedings about a year later, it came out that they were fucking already before the threesome (secretly, behind my back) - and she may have already been pregnant the night of the threesome.

It was not my last threesome - but it was my last threesome with her.
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Old 07-05-2013, 04:00 PM
Seattle451 Seattle451 is offline
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Thank you for an excellent well thought response. I was looking for the less than enjoyable situations from anyone's perspective, so you did well.

Thank you.
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Old 07-08-2013, 03:25 PM
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Default Quick Fuck in Hedo II

I hope this can put some perspective to the subject:

Long, long, long time ago at Hedo II with the wife. And yes, it was still pretty much the same then as now.
And no, we are not into the lifestyle, just like to live on the edge.
... One day... yes, it was still daytime, Us and another couple got really wasted. I think that was the day we went to the "island picnic" where they literally poured rum drinks into us. Likely there was some ganga involved, and possibly some mushroom tea. I find myself with the wife in the smaller nude hot tub they had back then. There was this one cutie who was part of the "lifestyle" group that was there at the time. She was eyeballing me up & down for a few days, made small talk with the "come hither" look. Anyway, she winds up beside me in the tub, her husband nearby. The wife was next to me, and she was engaged in talk with some guy on the other side of her.
... Before you know it, the "lifestyler" as playing with my cock, and soon after, I was following her to her room with her husband in tow. My wife?? She seemed so involved with that other guy, I thought she might not notice I was gone. WTF was I thinking? Yes, I was totally trashed.
... In the room, she plops on the bed, spread eagle begging to be fucked. The husband just standing at the window overlooking the beach. the husband looked pretty dejected & dusgusted, in retrospect, I was probably the 10th guy that day that he had to watch fucking his wife that day! But really, I'll never know. When I blew my load, THEN, start worrying about the wife.
.. So I'm outta there, sobering up a little, and can't find the wife anywhere..... Now I'm the dejected & disgusted one realizing that she was probably, at that moment fucking & sucking someone herself!
... That's a whole other story.
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Old 07-09-2013, 05:46 PM
apeyboy apeyboy is offline
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Awesome stuff
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Old 07-09-2013, 07:50 PM
blackguy67 blackguy67 is offline
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I thought some of you guys might find my story interesting.

Just for some background, I'm not married and don't plan to for several years since I'm only 27, but I do hook up with women a lot (always safe). I work out at the gym regularly, 6'5" 225 nicely cut body that catches eyes of ladies, just like the one in my story.

I guess this was about five or six months ago. It all started when I was working my biceps and this cute woman, who I later found out was 29, sat on the bench next to me. She was white, ~ 5'2" ~115 lbs with brown hair and green eyes. We made small chat for a while and I finished up my workout and left. The next day she was already working out when I arrived and she came over to chat with me again, eventually giving me her number. We went out for drinks and were having a good time when I finally noticed she was wearing a wedding band. I asked her about it and she told me that she and her husband had talked about an open relationship a couple days before and that she wasn't really used to the whole picking up guys thing since she had been dating her husband since sophomore year in high school. Her husband was apparently the one who brought up the whole thing and they had a threesome with another woman a few nights before. She then told me she'd never been with another man and she wasn't really turned on by other women. Apparently she was very opposed to the whole open relationship idea, but her husband pushed it. After a few more drinks she asked if I'd like to come back home with her and have a threesome with her husband that night. I accepted and we shared a cab back to her place. She was apparently pretty well off but had no kids, later found out she was a teacher and her husband was a businessman.

She opened the door and we walked down the hall to the entertainment room where her husband was sitting. She then said "I told you I'd come back with someone." Her husband looked kind of shocked sitting in his recliner, he probably expected another woman, but said in a stutter voice that he'd join us in a minute. We walked into the bedroom and she immediately began taking off her clothes revealing a trim figure with around B-cup breasts and a trimmed bush. I had gotten down to my boxer briefs right as the husband entered with his now naked wife laying on the bed, as I tossed them aside I revealed to both of them my 9 inch, very thick dick. The look on her face was priceless, she'd probably never seen another guys dick in person by how she talked. I began kissing on her a bit and started going down on her as her husband sheepishly took off his underwear. I couldn't help but notice he wasn't even 1/2 my size hard as he put it to her mouth to lick. After a minute or two of me eating out his wife I wrapped myself with a condom and slowly entered his wife who was wet as hell. It was insane how tight she was as I was trying to stretch her out a bit so I could at least go halfway in. I soon learned that she was a very loud woman in the bedroom, don't know if it was all real or she just didn't know what else to do, but she was screaming in ecstasy immediately. It didn't take but about 3 minutes for her husband to blow his load on the sheets next to her and I was just getting warmed up. I continued going to town on his wife in missionary, doggy, cowgirl and even against the wall holding up in my arms. Her husband I guess felt kind of awkward just sitting there in the chair watching us so he went to make a sandwich and watched some tv. Meanwhile his wife was screaming almost continually as I had finally worked her to the point she took most of my 9 inches. We kept at it for at least an hour and a half before her husband came in and said she needed to go to sleep because they both had work tomorrow. I finished up by blowing my load on her chest and packed my stuff up and left.

The next day at the gym she came up to me and thanked me for the night before, apparently she'd never had sex for more than 20 minutes before and it was also the first time she had cue more than once. She also told me her husband didn't want to do the whole open relationship thing anymore and that she agreed with him. Thing is a week later she approached me at the gym and wanted another go, apparently her husband travels so we do it from time to time when he's traveling. It's actually not strange for women to cheat but you'd never expect this woman to cheat, much less with a black guy.
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Old 07-12-2013, 12:08 PM
daskers daskers is online now
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Default lol

Yea with my first wife, she was screwing everything she could while I was away in the service. She thought I would never find out but it wasn't to hard to do, loll anyway one guy that had done her got real ballsy and showed up at the door while I was their, he flat out told me he was their to see her. We ended up getting into it and by the time it was over I thought he regreted showing up and wouldn't again, but no didn't happen he started to hanging out in his car across the street from where we lived waiting for me to leave. I left all right for good and divorced her, I found out later that he wasn't the only one who had nailed her there had been about six others that had. I found proof of a lot of things as well was told things by others which all turned out be true. Anyway that was my bad experience with another man fucking my wife.
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