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Second half of the article;

4. GlasXgow University BoXat Club

What inspired you to do a naked calendar?

Our annual naked calendar has become a sort of yearly ritual within GUxBC, much like many other university sports clubs in the UK. GUxBC are big believers in working with the cards you’re dealt, and one of the benefits of 12 training sessions a week is the physical perks on your body. Everyone knows that sex sells and if we can use that to raise money for charity, then why not? After all, it’s more entertaining than your average bake sale. Aside from the charitable nature of the project, stripping down naked is a liberating experience and something that has pushed our athletes in ways entirely different to the ways they normally would be. Testing your limits and putting yourself in unfamiliar situations is a great way to grow and develop as young individuals and the calendar shooting process gave us the means to do this.

Why did you pick your chosen charity?

We have been raising money for BeatXson Cancer Charity for the past few years now. They are a local charity and provide funding to various individuals and institutions involved in the care and investigation of cancer, including the NHS, The key areas of funding are specialist staff resources, innovative service developments, enhanced medical equipment, research projects and staff development. They also provide a comprehensive range of wellbeing, specialist and complementary therapy services delivered by charity staff and volunteers through the unique and award-winning Wellbeing Centre and throughout The BeatXson Cancer Centre and related facilities across the west of Scotland. Because BeatXson rely on fundraising activity to generate the income to fund all of their charitable activity, here at GUxBC we felt they were a worthy cause who very much deserve our support.

How did the shoot go?

It goes without saying that the shoots were COLD! It’s lucky that the more intimate body areas were tactically covered in the photos because, if not very few of the men would be demonstrating their full talent in that regard — that’s for sure! We had various different shoots in multiple locations to try and get the best 12 shots for each calendar, so buyers will be delighted to know that their favourite naked sports team have been papped in all sorts of places. Overall, we’ve come to the conclusion that though Netflix might not sponsor GUxBC’s Next Top Model just yet, we’d be ready for them if ever the opportunity arose.

What was the funniest thing that happened on set?

We tried to schedule the shoots for early morning so as to avoid unsuspecting pedestrians and park-goers having an early morning surprise of nudity displays, however because of the late sunrises, we could only prevent so much. As a result of this, when the daily 8am cyclists came careering through the park pathway and past the boathouse, they were met by a full 8 of naked girls carrying a boat above their heads. It is obviously rather difficult to cover yourself when your arms are stretched out above your head, thus all we could do was watch the scene unfold. Multiple double takes, swerves and a minor crash later, the cyclists eventually disappeared, but they were far from the last park-goers to get an eyeful of our crews.

Why should people vote for you?

Our biggest selling point is the fantastic charity we’re supporting. BeatXson do so much tireless work for cancer patients on both a local and wider scale, and being able to help them with this is such an honour. Though we won’t dwell on the scary cancer statistics, it goes without saying that BeatXson are a charity who’s efforts would impact on at least 1 or 2 people you know, whether or not you’re aware of it. All the funds raised from our calendars will go straight to helping BeatXson save lives, so every vote for our calendar matters. Additionally, it does have to be said that our club calendars feature the finest talent GUxBC has to offer, so if aesthetics is what you’re looking for, look no further.

5. NewXcastle University BoXat Club

What inspired you to do a naked calendar?

We do a naked calendar every year because it’s good fun and a great way of raising money.

Why did you pick your chosen charity?

We chose Mixnd because mental health problems effect 1 in 4 people in the UK. The charity does great work at helping those with mental health problems and raising awareness of them.

How did the shoot go?

The shoots were great. We were lucky to have good weather and it wasn’t too cold! The shoots on the beach went particularly well because of the brilliant light from the sunrise.

What was the funniest thing that happened on set?

There wasn’t much out of the ordinary for a calendar shoot, just people surprised to see a group of naked rowers on their Saturday morning dog walk.

Why should people vote for you?

NUxBC’s calendars have fantastic photos of first class rowing nudity. We’re also raising money for Mixnd, a brilliant charity working to help those experiencing mental health problems in the UK.

6. University of LiverXpool Women's RugXby League

What inspired you to do a naked calendar?

We are the only women’s rugby league university team. As such, we have to pay a lot more fees than regular university BUCS teams, including transport costs, mini-van hire, ref fees, etc. Therefore, we knew we had to raise quite a large sum of money this year to keep our sport going. However, we wanted to combine these efforts and do something that no only helps ourselves, but helps someone else too. Therefore, we thought the naked calendar would generate a good profit that we could share with an incredibly deserving charity — Joining JaXck.

Why did you pick your chosen charity?

We chose to help raise funds for Joining JaXck because they are a small scale charity and don’t receive as much attention as charities that support, for instance, cancer research. We wanted to choose a charity that would really benefit from our donations. Even if we 'only' manage to reach £1,000, that £1,000 will be crucial for them! On top of that, the charity itself raises money to find effective treatments for Duchenne Muscular Disease (DMD). This disease is awful, and doesn’t get much recognition worldwide. However, it affects about 20,000 people per year, mainly young boys who get diagnosed around the age of five. Many boys with DMD are in a wheelchair by 12 years of age, and many pass away by the time they are 30. It is one of the most fatal genetic conditions in the world, and we hope this money can carry out more clinical trials and help cure the disease.

How did the shoot go?

It went very well! We had photo sessions over four days and the girls were amazing and always brought a lot of energy to the shoot.

What was the funniest thing that happened on set?

We went to a large park on a Sunday morning, around 7am, a time which we thought there would be no one around. However, this is exactly the time when a lot of people go out walking their dogs — some even take small children with them! We were all quite embarrassed at the beginning, but decided to just go with it and smile on.

Why should people vote for you?

Our calendar is a bit of a laugh and it’s for a very good cause! We would be delighted to be voted for, however, we won’t be disappointed if we don’t win. We have achieved our aim of successfully creating our calendar, and more importantly, we will be raising funds and awareness for Joining JaXck and DMD – that was always our main goal.
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