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Old 04-10-2018, 08:27 AM
Omega88 Omega88 is offline
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Default Braless on Vacation

Damn! Very hot wife with fabulous curves! Love the white tank / cami top.

For the past few years have finally gotten the wife to not wear a bra while on vacation, at least not most of the time. Bought a similar white top for her and she has worn it only a couple of times saying it is too sheer. Keep telling her it isn't and she looks great. Am hoping for more progress this summer...
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Old 04-13-2018, 02:19 PM
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HedoRocks HedoRocks is offline
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Default My Band

I am in a band, and my wife is our biggest fan. There is one particular club we play that's a rowdy biker bar type place, but everyone is very friendly. We play there about 6 times a year. This is my wife's "let loose" place when we play. She always buys a new top for these shows, and the are usually either sheer, low cut, etc., and she never wears a bra. She's always falling out of her top, and even flashes the band and other people we know up there. In fact, she usually gets all the other girls going to flash the band. But even when she's not purposely flashing she's clearly braless and everyone loves it.
You can contact us at hedorocks@yahoo.com. We try to respond to all mail!
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Old 04-14-2018, 02:00 AM
Borracho100 Borracho100 is offline
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Whilst staying at my wife’s older sister’ place for a holiday, we’d congregate for breakfast in the kitchen diner. Mrs B was invariable the last up and, being used to sleeping naked, would normally throw on either a nightdress and pair of knickers (depending on length) or just a vest top and pair of shorts, knickers or pants. I used to love it when her sister would tell her that her nipples were completely visible and her poor, shy husband wouldn’t know where to look. What her hubby still doesn’t know (as far as I’m aware) is that whilst he was at work one day, his wife joined me and her sister on a nude beach so I’ve seen every inch of her nude body.
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Old 04-15-2018, 01:11 AM
lebenengel lebenengel is offline
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I lived briefly with a gay housemate, and his best friend was a knockout Colombian girl who completely hated wearing bra. The weird thing is that she'd ALWAYS wear bra in public, but the moment she came to our place, the very first thing she did was to take off her bra before she even took off her shoes.

She came over to have drinks quite often, and I once asked her if she was comfortable wearing no bra in front of me despite me not being gay unlike my housemate, and that sometimes I could clearly see her breasts when she was wearing something a bit sheer. Her reply was that she just felt comfortable at our place and though I wasn't gay, I hadn't been making unwanted move toward her, so she was comfortable with me too. She then flashed me for a few seconds.

This then escalated into the legendary excuse of "you've seen them once before, it's no big deal" moments later on where she'd sometimes chill at the balcony topless with us time to time.
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Old 07-11-2018, 08:09 PM
another user another user is offline
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Default forgot bikini top

camping at the beach with big group of friends. decided to go swimming. wife had forgotten bikini top, but wanted to swim, so borrowed a friends rashvest. puts it on, asks me in the tent if nipples are visible, which they arent. small B cups look nice, but not to revealing.
about 10 of us (all guys) go swimming for quite awhile. wife walks over to me waist deep and i noticed the rashvest is clinging to her like crazy, her nipples were poking out like hard peas! looked so good.
she had no idea. she had been swimming around with lots of my close friends who all had big grins on their faces.
she caught a wave, then was walking back out to us. i noticed all of the guys taking sly glimpses at her.

was so hot. she had no idea. very shy and unassuming.
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Old 07-12-2018, 02:35 AM
couoh couoh is offline
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Default braless doing housework

The wife is always braless when we are in home, but as soon as someone knocks the door, she runs to put a bra or a sweater, the other day she was wearing tshirt that doesn't show anything at all, however, since she has big breast, is imposible not to notice that she is braless and when I was still at work, a friend of mine went to return some stuff he borrowed from me, she was busy doing housework and when she heard the door she forgot about the bra and went to answer, after he left she was wondering why he stayed that long trying to make conversation and why he was looking at her breast if the tshirt was not even sexy and then it was when she realized and embarraced, you can tell from the picture that nothing can be seen but the wobble.
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Old 07-12-2018, 01:59 PM
Jess561 Jess561 is offline
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Originally Posted by flyguy1 View Post
having a slight droop, that she should not be going braless
What droop? Those are amazing
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Old 07-12-2018, 10:53 PM
Welee337 Welee337 is offline
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Default On vacation

We were one vacation and we were visiting some friends. The couple we were visiting were long time friends. We got to their house late one evening. We got our showers and basically went to bed. We got up the next morning and noticed the wife wearing a see through tank top. She walked all around the house showing off her dark nipples with no bra. Such a huge turn on. Now i try to get her to wear tank tops like that everytime we have friends stay over or we visit them.
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Old 07-18-2018, 08:12 AM
Wp57 Wp57 is offline
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Default My wife

Whenever we go and visit my wife's parents she will wear see thru shirts around the house in the mornings. The shirt below she has worn in front of her dad and brother. She doesn't see it as a big deal. I think that it's pretty obvious and shows everything. Love that she will do this!
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Old 07-18-2018, 10:21 AM
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Couple6872 Couple6872 is offline
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Default So sexy

Originally Posted by Wp57 View Post
Whenever we go and visit my wife's parents she will wear see thru shirts around the house in the mornings. The shirt below she has worn in front of her dad and brother. She doesn't see it as a big deal. I think that it's pretty obvious and shows everything. Love that she will do this!
Loved this one so sexy. Would love to see more of your sexy wife
Life's to short not to have some fun!
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