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Old 01-22-2014, 06:17 PM
Everard Everard is offline
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My worst experience was with a girl called Lynda (yes, with a 'y', what can you say about a woman who can't even spell her own name?). She was awful in bed, all she cared about was her own pleasure, whatever poor sod of a man she was with at the time, just didn't matter.

Being a few years her junior, I had that problem quite a few young guys have, not being able to last that long. Lynda thought she could cure that by shouting "DON'T YOU DARE CUM!!!!!" at the top of her voice. You can just imagine what effect that had!
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Old 01-23-2014, 12:29 AM
phredphideaux phredphideaux is offline
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Originally Posted by Leviticus59 View Post
I wholeheartedly agree with DR . . .
Since this thread is turning into a therapy session (as opposed to the normal "hot story" thread) I'm gonna say this-- I suspect that many of you guys complaining about bad/no sex in your marriage suffer from the classic "Nice Guy" syndrome. I myself am a recovering "Nice Guy," and can commiserate with what some of you are saying, on this thread and the one from a few months ago.

I heartily recommend the book "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Dr. Robert Glover. The chances are good that if you're willing to put up with practically non-existent, awful sex you'll be reading all about yourself in his book. He explains it all very well, and also how to get the sex you want."

I have spent(wasted?) many hours on OCC and after reading the above post I went to Amazon and ordered this book as it is not available in Australia but it only took about 2 or 3 weeks to arrive by normal mail. I have just finished reading it and can highly recommend it for any "nice" guys out there who are living lives below what they want not only in the sex department but in all aspects of their lives. Yes I could see myself in so much of what the author describes and the power to change it lies within us not our partners who give terrible sex. It is not an expensive book so don't delay, to read this you must be online so take the first step and order the book.

What he said. Also, another book you may want to check out is Married Man Sex Life Primer by a guy named Athol Kay from New Zealand. Damned good book, and written for men. Explains women better than anything I have ever read. If your wife is that disinterested in you, there is something seriously wrong.
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Old 01-23-2014, 09:58 AM
naaktstel naaktstel is offline
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I use this thread to feel less miserable. So please don't throw with all those psychological books...
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Old 01-23-2014, 10:03 AM
aim aim is offline
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wow I dont post much but wow get rid of her fella thats shit , if my wife of 22 years was like this she would no longer be my wife
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Old 01-23-2014, 10:32 AM
rednose rednose is offline
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Default Worst Sex

I was working a pool and the other instructor was contstantly trying to hook up with me. I had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend.....

So one night she brings her sleeping bag and some wine for after work. So once the students left we locked the pool and went for our own swim. After she got loaded on her wine, she started making out with me, the suits came off and we snuggled into the sleeping bag together. I was fingering her and eating her pussy and she was ready to fuck. I went to put on a condom and she said she was alergic to rubber. I asked about the pill and she was alergic to them too. So I tried to get out of there but she quickly mounted me. She had one of those vaginas that a really tight at the entrance and then feels like a balloon. So here we are on the floor and she is bouncing up and down on my peg having several orgasms, while I am trying to pull out. Needless to say I shoot my load and then try and get her to push out my load.

Turns out she was "safe" for out encounter and that was the first and last fuck with her.
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Old 01-25-2014, 04:08 PM
sooty sooty is offline
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Default That's the point

Originally Posted by naaktstel View Post
I use this thread to feel less miserable. So please don't throw with all those psychological books...
I understand where you are coming from but reading the book has made me much less miserable. I realise that I don't have to be a victim and do have my own power and don't have to put up with a lot of shit that I have endured over the years. If you are happy with your life then fine you don't need it but I bet there are plenty of guys like me on here who would benefit from it and not just with their sex lives but in all aspects of life.
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Old 06-17-2014, 04:33 PM
TGSH243 TGSH243 is offline
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Worst sex ever was a chick I hooked up with, smoking body, very flirty. Get her in bed was like a dead fish. No movement, loose as hell. She would cum quicky and from any position then it was over. After the. 3rd or !4th time I couldn't even get hard for her (and I have low standards!).

As to the wife. Deal with it head on. My current girl just took a facial in the shower 1 hour ago. When we met she was like your wife. Tell her straight up, life is too short for bad sex.
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Old 06-17-2014, 05:15 PM
ModelT-MsDollie ModelT-MsDollie is offline
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Originally Posted by joe4you View Post
well these stories suck, but I do recall a guy in collage say that ..........there is no such thing as bad sex,,,, some is just better than others.......... I am now rethinking that statement.
As I read the title this was gonna be my answer. And as a few others wrote, the only answer here is divorce! Holly shit I am a very lucky man. Not only have I had 50+ years of great sex from my wife pretty much anytime I wanted it, I've had great sex from her school mate GF's and many other women over the years as my wife encouraged me and helped. And I'm not bragging. There are many women out there just waiting to be fucked and sucked. No man needs to read a book or put up with that kind of treatment. All he needs is balls.
My wife laughed when she read about the humming and sleeping wife. Okay to be honest, my wiife has hummed many times too. Hummed on my hard cock while she sucked it. And yes I've fucked her while he slept . Hell she and her GF's fucked me while I slept. My excuse was I had to go to work in the morning. As for fucking her and the GF's while they slept, Hey it was there and I had an erection. But I can't remember anyone falling asleep during sex.
As another man wrote, if you can't get it at home get it wherever you can. Life is too short and we get old too fast.

Last edited by ModelT-MsDollie; 06-17-2014 at 05:19 PM.
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Old 06-19-2014, 12:32 PM
jojo33bdx's Avatar
jojo33bdx jojo33bdx is offline
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Thumbs down

My worst experience was with a french woman, called Magali, 40 years old (I was 46 years). I went to get her home, we flirted on the sofa, then she took me to her bedroom.
I started caressing her, then I licked and sucked her pussy.... but when I wanted to penetrate, she was so contracted that I could never fuck while my dick was very hard .... she did not even want to suck me, and I had just a poor handjob!!

morality: all French women are not good shots !!!!!
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Old 06-20-2014, 11:40 AM
daskers daskers is offline
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Default Worse Sex

A long time ago my father was dating a woman named Pat,him and her dated for about a year then split,a few years after they split I ran into her at a flea market and one thing led to another. I found out real quick that Pat had the hots for me for a long time,I was 17 when her and my father started dating and I was 20 when I ran into her at the flea market,and no we never did anything when she was dating my father,at that time I had no ideal at all she was interested in me. She was 36 when her and my father were dating. Anyway since that is cleared up lol on with it. Me and her ended up back at her apartment and not long after that we were both naked,I got her on the bed and spread her legs and started licking her pussy,their was no response from her so I decided to go ahead and fuck her,I was humping away on her and thrusting it deep in her,all she did was lay their like she was dead! I got tired of this and rolled off her and jacked off just to get my nut which pist her off lol. She was like fucking someone while they were reading the newspaper!!! It was the worse lay I ever had in my life,but the way she talked before we got to her apartment one would of thought they were about to get some of the best sex ever. The funny thing about all this about four years after I fucked her my father got to talking about her one night while I was over visiting him and drinking some beer with him,he said to me that when he was with Pat that women was like screwing someone reading the newspaper while they were dead! I almost busted out laughing and wanted to say something but I didn't dare do so,but what he didn't know is that was my exact thoughts also bout her when I had fucked her! And no I don't know about my father lol but I sure as hell don't have a small package,I am very well endowed!!! Their was something real strange about the chic,she was the worse lay ever for sure! You was just better off to jack yourself off when it came to her!!!

Last edited by daskers; 06-20-2014 at 11:48 AM.
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