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Old 02-07-2018, 03:37 PM
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This one made me laugh.
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Old 02-07-2018, 06:09 PM
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Default Mail order panties

Mail order panties
Relevant to this thread?
..... Long time back I ordered some lingerie & panties From Victoria Secret for the wife, Valentines day? Birthday? I don't recall. All went well with that.
A few months later, I get in from work, and the wife said this came in the mail for you, smirking. She hands me a postcard from Victoria Secret, addressed to ME, with with big script written across the back of the postcard.....
STEVE, stop in any of our stores with this card and get your free panties!
WTF? I'm thinking the mailman must have been laughing his ass off.
I give the card to the wife in case she wants to cash in on it.
It is obvious this was computer generated, and they didn't take into consideration that MEN buy stuff for their ladies. I just shake my head and move on.
Couple months later, same thing. then again, and again. Sometimes it says shit like "20% off your next bra" but usually free panties.

After a couple years, I wondering if they are ever going to give up. One day one of the wife's friends stops over and I hear the wife tell the friend, "here, take this card to Victoria Secret and get free panties....."the friend says, why does it say Steve on it? Wife gives her a quick explanation and they chuckle and the woman leaves.

I ask the wife, do you always use those cards I get? She says no, but when she doesn't, she is sure not to let them go to waste and gives them to friends or women she works with! Ugh! I am now realizing why they keep sending the cards to me, their computer thinks I am their best customer... and the computer is wondering why I need so many panties.....
After that, whenever I got a card I was sure to ditch it. Eventually the cards did stop. Their computer probably figured I have plenty of panties by now.
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Old 02-13-2018, 12:04 PM
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Default Panties left at a bar

After seeing this thread it gave me an idea on how to have someone use my wife's panties.
Several times a week we go to a local bar for drinks and sometimes dancing. On a Friday
evening I asked my wife to put on a short skirt sexy blouse so we could go there. I told
her I wanted to show off my sexy wife. Of course we knew almost everyone who would be there.
After arriving and having our first couple of drinks I started rubbing her pussy so she would
get excited and get her juices soaked into her panties. When she said that she needed to use
the restroom I told her that I wanted her to remove her panties while she was in there and
give them to me when she returned. She did as I asked without knowing what I planned next.
After a few minutes I excused myself to use the men's room. Once there I left her panties on
the floor next to the waste basket with a naked picture of her on top of them. When I returned
we both ordered another drink. She was gettng fairly tipsy so she may not have noticed that I was
playing with her skirt so everyone in the room could see that she was not wearing panties.
Several of the guys got a good look at her pussy. After a bit of time a guy came over and asked
her to dance. I told her to go ahead a do it. I then when back to the rest room to check on the
condition of her panties. The picture of her was gone but the panties were still there with
cum all over them. This gave me a wicked idea. I took the panties with me and when my wife was
done dancing I slipped them to her and told her I had cum on them and wanted her to put them back
on. She agreed and for the rest of the evening when I fingered her she was getting someones cum
all over her c*nt. I also was able to get her to expose her panties enough that whoever used
them would know that she was wearing them again.
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