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Old 05-24-2017, 01:38 PM
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Does Han know about Bob, Kenneth and my brother. According to my wife Han has seen us in certain stages of undress. He has a view of the pool from the window but not the remainder of the yard towards the house. They have talked about their lives and Han was very interested in her giving her progression of role as an insecure wife to her currently working on being confident in her actions. She told him about Bob and Kenneth in this conversation. He does not know about my brother and his wife. She has also told him about Bob and Kenneth wives.

They seemed to have discussed most of our activities to date in conversation. She told him that once school is out that others will be over around the pool but they like the fact that our house is private with only one neighbor that is rarely seen. He said that he would maintain that privacy. My wife did tell him he was ok to watch but keep it discrete. He was happy with that.

As for rules and boundaries. We have yet to set them I guess. She enjoys the teasing very much and loves the effect it has on me and others if there is a reaction. I know that first and foremost she does not want to do anything that she thinks will upset me. I assume that is a boundary. She also wants to feel safe. Another boundary. I just always tell her if she is enjoying herself then I am happy. Drinking is where I tend to be cautious. The more she wants to do, the more she will drink. I understand that it's nerves or an excuse at times for her or the others. I have asked about this after several occurrences and she gives me no rule boundary.

We rarely plan out a day or event. It just happens. Countless times she will be in some state of undress or in the mood to tease and nothing happens. Other times she is not in any mood of teasing and opportunites i see that would be perfect are missed. I actually leave everything to her. I will suggest some times but now it's totally her call. Communication before during and after is always fun and entertaining. It brings to mind an event I didn't post, I will post it because it relates to this paragraph.

So all that said I will have to ponder the pre communication of my possible future manipulation.

Again I may post of a short not too sexy event that frustrated my wife from last summer that writing this remind me.
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Old 05-24-2017, 04:56 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Join Date: May 2013
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I try to only post new and different events as we/my wife experience. After posting I was reminded of a time last summer I did not post because it was similar and not too different. However it relates to my wife's progression and willingness along with completely her idea and plan. I will try to be brief. We still laugh about it today.

Many times I suggest a state of undress and opportunity and am declined. I guess my wife is used to my constant desire of her body and time or place or feeling was not happening. This event was unusual because it transpired during a rare time that I was exhausted and my desire was lagging.

I had been working long hard hours traveling between my locations. Hiring, firing, meetings, preparation, etc.... fifteen to sixteen hour days. Get home sleep, up and gone before daylight. I arrived home late Friday night to an aroused wife. Again I try to never turn down sex but I showered and went to bed. I had every intention to continue through the weekend. When I got up, my wife had our truck packed and was sitting in the kitchen. We were going to our country house for me to relax. My wife knows it's hard to get work out of my head when I get going like this. I changed into comfortable clothes a little disgruntled and we headed south.

After we got on the interstate my wife reclined her seat and removed her top. She asked if this would get my mind off work. I'm sure I said yes. Three and a half hours later we arrive at our exit and not one truck acknowledged her presence. She was looking. We get to the house and I start to relax or trying. She is walking around in skimpy attire and looked great. I believe I fell asleep on the sofa. My wife woke me about mid afternoon. She was well on her way to a good wine drunk. She wanted to go to a town twenty miles south that she saw concrete yard art. She could not drive so she WOKE me up. Now she is cute when drunk.

She asked if her attire was appropriate. See through silk top and shorts. She changed shirts but remained braless. She takes the remai see of the bottle and empties it in her glass. On our way. She wanted to go the back roads so we did. I can not recall our conversations but we arrived and the place was busy for a small town outdoor shop. My wife shopped and received a number of looks from other husbands. We bought several items she wanted. Loaded and headed back.

My wife was voicing her frustration as she emptied her glass that she got no reaction from the men. I explained on deaf ears that the wives might have played a part. She finally said I'm going to get you aroused before we get back. She stripped completely naked or almost. Tennis shoes, ball cap and sunglasses. She had me turn on a more rural road. I voiced my displeasure that this will add another twenty minuted to the drive. She said stop at the first bridge and she will stand there till I call her back.

She is drunk saying this. I hated to tell her but from the direction we were traveling there are no bridges over traffic. She was ranting how no one looked on the entire drive down and no one noticed her at the place we just left. I said well maybe it's not your day. Soon we pass three people walking on the side of thus small road. She jumps and said stop and I will get out in front of them. I had to rein her in some. One they looked to be high school and if they saw a naked white woman get out of our truck there may be police called. Frustrated she agreed.

As we drove, she came up with her plan. Next people we pass she will throw her hat out the back glass window and will have to go get it. Again she is drunk and frustrated. I say not in front of young people. She reluctantly agreed. Not long we are on a long straight stretch of road with open fields on both sides. A mile in front of us is someone walking down the road towards us. She perks up and says this is it. When we were about a quarter of a mile from him my wife throws her hat out the back glass.

The gate is down but the hat lands on the bed not out the back. It blows up to the cab. It then blows up and out as we pass the man walking. I slow down to a stop. I start reversing back. I know my wife is drunk because she never curses. I hear her say "oh shit, he stopped". As I back up I see the hat on the left edge of the gravel road and he is a little past it on the right. I say, I will get it for you. She says stop. I stopped. We are about four truck lengths away from the hat and five from the man. She takes the last drip of wine from her glass and says quote, "watch this".

She opens the door and steps out onto the gravel. He can not see her on that side of the truck. Before she starts to walk he starts walking across the road toward her hat. He only has to make four or five steps. I get a good look at him now as my wife starts down the side of my truck. He's a middle aged black man carrying two cane poles and a large green bucket. He walks up to the hat. Sets the bucket down and retrieves her hat. I could tell the minute he saw her. He started to take a step and stopped. I see my wife from behind walking like she is fully clothed swinging her arms with her ponytail blowing in the wind in no hurry.

She walks straight up to him. He didn't immediately hand her the hat. They spend a good minute talking and I see him smiling as they did. He finally handed her the hat. I thought she would head back. No. She stood there putting her hat on and running the pony tail through the back talking. She then bent down and looked in the bucket. He leans over to his side head cocked trying for a better look between her legs. Again i am sitting there watching. They continue talking. He reaches into the bucket and steps back. My wife steps up to the bucket as he moves to behind her and bends over looking. She bends reaching in the bucket for several seconds. She stands saying something and this time she bends down and has her arm in the bucket as he continues looking between her legs.

She finally stands up laughing. As she turns facing him he is standing upright smiling also. She waves her hands and turns to walk towards the truck. After a step she stops turns and says something. She then turns facing me smiling, opens her legs wide and bent down and retied her shoes. The man was smiling big as she turned and said something then turned and walked back to the truck. As she closed the door i gassed it and we were gone. She kept saying "oh my god, I can not believe I just did that" over and over. I asked several times what was said and what took so long. She just said let her get her breath still repeating the statement.

She gets dressed and we get to the house. She knows I'm on pins and needles wanting to know. We have talked about this so much I have it etched in my brain. She said once she got out she thought she was going to get sick her stomach was fluttering so bad. She saw him start across the road and decided to approach him like there was nothing unusual about her nudity. As she got to him he was staring at her body. So she said that her hat blew out the window. He asked if she was ok. She said she laughed and said that her husband made a deal with her that if I bought her the things she wanted she had to ride home naked.

He smiled and said that it looks like he got the best part of the deal. She said she now thinks i did. She asked him if he had been fishing he said he was on the way. He told her where what and how he was going to fish for. She said she knew he was stalling to keep looking at her. She said he really never looked her in the eye just below her neck and above her knees. As she was finally putting on her hat he said I see you are a true blonde. This embarrassed her some being he acknowledged her nudity and did not know what to say. She then asked what was in the bucket. He told her goldfish. She did not believe him.

He went on stalling telling her about how and why to fish with goldfish. After his long dissertation stalling he asked if she wanted to see. She stepped over to the bucket and looked in. He said you can get a good look if you want. She knew he wanted her to bend so she said she didnt part her legs too much and bent over the bucket. She saw him out of the corner of her eye leaning trying to get a better view. This got her going on teasing him. She said he was talking about the goldfish but was taking to her nipples. She said as he was talking she casually brushed her chest and across a nipple causing him to stumble talking. After he finished my wife asked how he got the goldfish out of the bucket. He said by hand. She said she didn't believe he could catch one.

He walked to the bucket swirled his hand in and had a goldfish. He said its easy to give it a try. She said she knew he wanted her to bend over again. She asked how. He said get your hand to the bottom and swirl the water then grab one as it goes by. Tease mode on. I only had a side view. She said she walked up to the bucket as he moved away behind her. She opened her stance and bent down and got her hand in the water chasing the goldfish. She said she couldnt see him but knew he was either staring at her bare pussy or her tits shaking while chasing goldfish around the bucket. After several several unsuccessful attempts to grab a fish she said she stood to see where he was.

She turned and he was behind her. She said she couldn't do it. He said you have to go to the bottom and swirl the water then grab one. She said she was smiling as she turned. She decided to give him a full on show. She said she opens her legs and bent her knees slightly while arching her back. She said by this time she was aroused and that she is sure in this position he has the most intimate view of her pussy. She had to lean down to touch the bottom and slowly swirled the water. She said she was taking her time because she could see his shoes behind her and he wasn't moving. After getting the water moving she said she tried and tried to grab a fish but between bending in this awkward position and drunk she couldn't.

She said after a long time trying and giving him plenty of time to see all of her, she gave up and stood. She turned laughing telling him it's no use that between the alcohol and slippery fish she couldnt. She said she told him thanks for the information and assistance as she turned for the truck. He said you are welcome and that you may want to tie your shoe. She stopped looked down and both were tied. She turned back and said haven't you seen enough. He said just once more. She said she looked at me opened her legs wide like yoga stretch class. Bent down one straight leg and retied. Stood and did the same on the other. Pussy on full display. Finished she stood looked back and said nice meeting you. He said the same but included seeing you too.

When she finished her recollection, we went at it right there. Afterwards, with a little recoupe time again. This event has fueled many fun times for us.

Hell I'm sitting here stiff as a log writing and remembering. I should have posted this last summer.
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Old 05-25-2017, 07:23 AM
KennyCust3867 KennyCust3867 is offline
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We had set rules/boundaries early on only because we were in uncharted territory and didn't want to do anything to make the other uncomfortable. It's funny looking back because after our first time getting together with another couple for the girls to play, half those rules/boundaries went out the window. Eventually most all of them did as we got more and more comfortable with what was going on.

I can certainly understand your work ethic......once engaged, fully engaged. I usually have to be dragged away from it, often under strong protest, before I realize that I should have taken a break and relaxed long before. That usually gets a response in the form of an eye roll and an "I told you so".

I did like your story. I've always appreciated the spontaneous adventures much more than those that are preplanned. It's a rush when you find yourself caught up in that moment where you wonder is that as far as she's going to go or is there more? Kinda like the story with your wife and the older camper at the park/seesaw. All she wanted to do was show off, be seen and get a reaction. Could something more have happened? Absolutely! But that's not what she wanted. She just wanted to be seen and admired. Nothing in the world wrong with that, especially if it works to build up her self confidence for future adventures. Of course, when you think back to that moment and then add all the things that COULD have happened, I can certainly understand the resulting reaction for you.
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Old 06-15-2017, 11:41 AM
mrhenderson mrhenderson is offline
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Default Update?

Curious how Mr Han has been enjoying the warming weather.
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