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Old 12-03-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by durden View Post
Please continue your story KevandTracyWiltsUK!
OK here goes hope this is not too off topic but it does follow on from the beach story.

It was the Thursday evening the three of us had decided to go out for a meal together. Tracy was first to have a shower then I had mine I thought Tracy was going to get dressed whilst I was in the shower but when I came out I could hear Tracy and our friend talking I got dressed and went down stairs there was Tracy in just a very small G-string ironing her dress ready for the evening our friend asked Tracy if she would mind ironing him a shirt and trousers whilst he had a shower. Tracy did the bit of ironing and started to do her make up and hair.

Our friend came down from the shower in just his boxers so he got dressed down there. Tracy then decided to get dressed she also decided to stay down stairs. It was a strange kind of reverse striptease. Tracy put on stockings with a suspender belt she then she then put on a strapless bra that only just covered her nipples then a short strapless dress. All the time our friend was watching Tracy's every move.

We went to the pub we have a few drinks and a nice meal after the meal the waiter bought over the bill and our friend took it I asked him what our share was but he just turned round and said he wanted to pay to say thank you to us for a great week. We went through to the bar and had another couple of drinks. Our friend possibly had one too many and started to say how sexy he had found Tracy being topless so much all week he then said knowing what she had on under her dress was a huge turn on. Tracy and I laughed and said thank you for the meal.

We then headed back to the house. When we got in Tracy said that she was going to go and take her dress off. I thought she would put he night cloths on but she came back down in her underwear and high heels. Our friend said how good she looked in that. Tracy started to dance around a bit slow and sexy she rubbed her tits through the bra and when she moved her hands away one of her nipples was on show. Our friend noticed her nipple he said said to Tracy that she might as well take off her bra as he had seen her tits already during the week. Tracy went over to him sat down on his lap and invited him to undo it for her. He undid it and through it over to me with that he started to play with Tracy's tits Tracy giggled and did nothing to stop him.

Tracy turned round and kissed our friend a full on tongues and all kiss. She then got up and started to dance around again I have to say at this point I was very aroused. A very slow song came on the radio Tracy pulled our friend up to have a slow dance with her. As they danced they kissed again his hands were all over her bum.Towards the end of the dance I noticed his hand had found it's way down the front of he G-String and he was rubbing her clit. Tracy started to undress our friend first his shirt soon followed by his trousers. They fell onto the sofa together Tracy was rubbing his cock and he was fingering her soon he removed Tracy's G-String and Tracy removed his shorts. I by now was naked and standing wanking watching them together.

Tracy and our friend moved into the 69 position they stayed like that for about five minuets or so Tracy asked me to come over and join them she started to suck me off whilst our friend went down on Tracy I don't know how I stopped myself from cumming but some how I did. I sat back to watch what was going to happen next and I was not disappointed our friend slowly moved up and started to rub his cock against Tracy's pussy Tracy reached down and opened her lips and he just slipped right in. They fucked for about half an hour our friend just gave one final push and filled Tracy with his cum. They stayed locked together kissing for a while then he pulled out Tracy just lay there looked over at me and said your turn. I didn't need asking twice I slid straight in her very wet pussy. I didn't last very long before adding my cum to his. By the time I had finished our friend was hard again. I am not sure how many times we fucked Tracy that night but it was a lot.

We didn't get up until late the following day but when we did all get up we went to the beach for a final tan top up. The Friday night was just a complete fuck fest again but with no drink at all. That night I asked Tracy if she wanted to sleep with our friend. To be honest I needed a rest I could hear them for about an hour still having sex I fell asleep so I don't know what time they stopped. I woke to the sounds of them at it again I lay on the bed listening to them. After they finished Tracy came in to me looked at my hard cock and said she would give me a blow job but she was sore from all the sex. I was happy with that.

We went home on the Saturday we are still friends there have been a few other sessions with him but none as good as the holiday sex. I guess there is something special about holiday sex.
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Old 12-04-2013, 07:07 AM
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Default Lucky man!

Tracey sounds like a dream come true.
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Old 12-09-2013, 08:20 PM
jimbeam1950 jimbeam1950 is offline
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Okay, this one is not a topless story and does not take place at a beach but it's such a fond memory, I thought I'd share it here.

Not lobg after my wife and I were together, we went to a summer party at one of her bosses houses. (She was working in an admin/recption type job. There were lots of families kids etc there when we arrive, wife dressed in jeand and a tanktop with a big shirt over top. We were hanging out with another woman who worked reception, cute short-haired brunette, like my wife in her early 30s at the time.

Much of the socializing was centered around the hot tub off the back patio. A few couples and kids were in the tub. One of my wife's bosses said a few times, "Hey why dont you take a dip?" to which she replied "I didn't bring a swimsuit." "Ah you could go in in your undies," he countered, to which she said "No way, I'm too shy."

Her freind, Coniie, gave pretty much the same response.

Any way a couple of hours and a number of drinks later, the families with kids started to leave. I think literally after the last set left, my wife, a little tipsy at this point, suddenly said. "Okay, adult swim!" and stripped off to her tanktop (no bra) and white panties. And hopped in the tub. Connie shortly followed suit, stripping to black bra and shorts. It didn't take my wife long to get out, standing beside the tub and chatting with her bosses, who were noticeably checking out her outfit:

Soaking wet tanktop made her dark full nipples as clear as day, and her thick brown bush was very very visible through her white panties.

I was surpised, as she hadn't done anything quite so exhibitionistic at that point, but love seeing the guys checking out her body. Connie was sadly not see thru at all, but she looked at my wife and loudly said "Nice muff!"

At which point my wife seemed surprised at how much she was showing and hopped back in the tub. Before emerging againg she asked for a towel, but I was never really sure how much she realized the extent to which she was showing off that day. Coincidentally or nor, she got promoted not long after that...
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Old 12-12-2013, 03:23 PM
apeyboy apeyboy is offline
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Awesome thread
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Old 12-21-2013, 12:20 PM
imcuriousguy imcuriousguy is offline
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with my ex gf we went on the beach with one of my best friends...she took off the bra and my friend was very embarassed trying to not peek at her breast...instead she was very comfortable...I thinkk she would have liked if he had looked more at her bare boobs
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Old 12-21-2013, 03:17 PM
Yorkie11 Yorkie11 is offline
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The first time we went with my wife, her sister and husband and her best friend and husband. All three girls were very attractive with great bodies. Me and my brother in law had talked about whether the girls would go topless. We knew the best friend had in the past and had even been skinny dipping. My wife had been topless once but just the two of us. The sister in law hadn't so expectations were low!
Anyway, first night we were walking home from dinner and drinks quite drunk and decided to test the water so to speak with a swim. The friend stripped down to her underwear and the three men followed suit. My wife then joined us but not the sister in law. As expected everyone was playing to type. Confident friend, conservative sil and between the two was my wife.
The next day at the pool I spoke to my bil to see what he thought. We both decided we'd push our luck and see what happened but honestly expected nothing. The the following day at the beach I asked my wife what she thought and she wasn't to keen. The friend had shown no hint of removing her bikini. It wasn't looking good. Then out of the blue my sil after a quick chat with her husband took her top off. It was heavenly. I asked my wife if she was going to, she shrugged, said what the heck and followed suit. The friend then realised and joined in. 3 great pairs of breasts on display. That's pretty much how they stayed all week. My wife and her friend stayed topless all the time and the sil covered up when she went in the sea. Never worked out why she did that.
By the end of the holiday we'd done a late night drunken swim only this time naked. All except my sil that is! Still great memories.
Only regret is the lack of digital camera back then!
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Old 01-08-2014, 05:15 PM
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Default My Wife

I am french, and my wife was ever topless at beach like her mother.
With this, all our friends or familly have seen them topless. This is not a problem for us. Even for some friends she had before we met, have seen her topless before I met my wife. And we still meet them at the beach 20 years after, and each time my wife is topless.
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Old 07-19-2016, 12:36 AM
PjWjjj PjWjjj is online now
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Originally Posted by Heisannsveisan View Post

Have you ever been on the beach with your wife / gf together with your or her friends while she is topless? I find it extremely sexy and a huge turn on. Please share your experience.


A couple of years ago we rented a holiday house in Spain with two other couples. We were all in our late twenties. The sky was dark when we arrived late in the evening after a long flight. The house seemed quite big and it had a private pool. Everything looked perfect, and the holiday could finally begin.

The next day we all went to the local beach about 500 meters away from the house. My gf laid down next to me on a sunbed. All the ladies had their tops on. After about an hour my gf asked me if I would mind if she removed her bikini top. I said that she should do whatever she liked. Usually my gf goes topless on the beach, but she has never done it around people she knows.

After a few minutes of thinking she leaned a bit forward in her sunbed and reached for the bikini knot at her back. The bikini top came off and her nice round B cup breast were on display for everyone to see. I had never thought she would dare! The two other guys looked at her and smiled.

The day went on and I felt really excited. It was a huge turn on that the other guys (and girls) could see my gf topless. The other girls kept their tops on. My gf put her top back on when she went swimming.

After a burning day in the sun we went back to the house for dinner a drinks.

The morning after we decided to relax by the house pool. The evening before my gf had talked to the other two girls about topless tanning. She encouraged them to try it out. They both said that they didn't want to show their breasts to the other guys. My gf told me in the morning, and I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping to see their breasts as well.

The sunbeds were arranged in a half circle around the pool. It was now much easier to look at each other compared to the beach day before. We all settled in with our books and magazines. At night I told my gf that I really enjoyed seeing her topless around the others. She was glad that I liked it. At the pool she started to put on sun lotion on her body and laid down on her stomach. She asked me if I could put lotion on her back. I untied her bikini top and put lotion on. She fell asleep.

I read my book and had a few looks at the two other girls. I was hoping that maybe they would remove their tops. One of the girls jumped into the pool for a short swim. She had a nice white bikini. When she laid down again on the sunbed I could clearly see her erected nipples, but nothing more. After one hour or so my gf suddenly turned over on her back. She had forgotten that I had untied her bikini earlier, and once again her breast were on display. She hadn't planned on going topless by the pool, as she felt that was a bit more private compared to the beach.

But now the breast were out and she didn't care to put the bikini top back on. The other guys looked at her and clearly enjoyed the situation. The guys and me decided to go to the local supermarket to buy some beer. On the way down they said that my gf was very cool and sexy, and they wished their gfs could do the same. While we were gone, my gf persuaded the other girls to try topless.

When we came back with a bag full of beer, the other girls had their tops back on. I gave my gf a beer and she told me that they had all been tanning topless while we were gone. I could only imagine. I went back to my sunbed. After a couple of beers I asked my gf if she would go for a swim in the pool with me. She said yes and jumped in without her top. Yesterday she put on her top before swimming, but now she said that everyone had seen her all day topless by the pool, and it wouldn't be any different to go for a swim topless.

When we came out of the pool we just sat down on the edge with our feet in the water. We had another beer and I felt very erotic sitting there with my topless gf. After a while one of the other guys sat down besides my gf. This was very unreal. I chatted with my friend while my gf sat in the middle topless. She asked me to get the sun lotion and I went over to the sunbed and threw the lotion over to her. I laid down on the bed and looked at her talking to my friend. While they were talking she started to put sun lotion on her body. I think I almost exploded when she started rubbing her breasts with lotion.

The day came to an end and we had dinner and drinks again.

The next day we went to the beach again. The night had been really hot so the guys and I went for a swim straight away. While we were swimming, my gf once again persuaded the other girls to go topless. And they did. Once we headed back to our sun beds, the tops came on again, my gf told me. I thought that I'll never see their breasts. I continued with my book, and saw that the girl with the white bikini went for a swim. When she came out of the water I could see her erected nipples again through the bikini top. She laid down next to my gf.

I could see that my gf whispered something to her. Suddenly she put her hands behind her back and untied her bikini top. This was simply fantastic. Her C cup breasts were nice and firm with tanlines. Now I had two pair of breasts next to me. I was in heaven. I pretended to read my book, but I couldn't consentrate. The third girl kept her top on. She went for a swim. To everyone's surprise, the third girl came out of the water topless. She had untied the top while swimming, and she was now coming towards us holding her bikini top in her hand. What a view! Her B cup breasts bounced nicely.

What a day. Finally all three girls were topless and they kept topless for the rest of the week. The worst part was that the holiday ended far to quickly.


All this reminds me of when I first went on holiday abroad with a girlfriend (Vicky).

We’d been together for a while (both in our early 20s) and could finally afford our first “proper” holiday which turned out to be a cheap late deal to Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria. I’d mentioned the possibility of topless sunbathing once we were there and she asked “are you ok with that”, to which I replied “as long as only I’m allowed to rub suntan lotion on your chest - it’s a well known fact that women aren’t supposed to do it themselves”. Well, it is, isn’t it? She seemed to be looking forward to this, with the proviso that she’s happy sunbathing topless as long as “there won’t be anyone there we know”. She was also a great one for watching porn (this was pre-internet when all you had was ye olde VHS videos brought over from Amsterdam). We’d talked about maybe getting involved in porno-esque activities (IE, threesomes or whatever) and agreed if the chance came up on holiday we’d give it a go.

We got to our resort and hotel early evening. I desperately needed to hunt down a Brit or two for news - I can’t remember the exact reason (football results while we were in the air possibly – either the World Cup or the European Championships would have been on at the time). Once we dropped our bags and I sought out the first Brits that looked like they might be in possession of the information I was urgently after. These turned about to be two friendly and welcoming blokes from (I think) Nottingham. We got on very well and had a few beers with much flirting between them and her (she was very attractive – slim, great figure, 36C boobs).

The next couple of days she did indeed sunbathe topless which is what we all want and the third day of the holiday we were lounging on sun loungers by the pool only to be greeted by our two companions from the first night. Vicky was apparently unphased by people we theoretically “knew” chatting to her while topless.

More beers were brought from the bar while they were flirting away with my girlfriend. It turned out that they were off soon on some pre-paid trip (a boat party or somesuch) plus they were flying home the next day. Vicky suggested I get a photo of her with them. She was reclining on a sun lounger wearing only bikini bottoms and I got the two guys to lay on sun loungers either side of her. For the first photo I asked them to hold a boob each, which Vicky agreed to as did (unsurprisingly) the guys. Next I said “boobs exposed, but Vicky put your hands down their shorts” which she did without any hesitation. As I was taking the next photo I could tell she was giving both cocks a crafty massage.

The two guys had to go but Vicky said afterwards that the boob fondling had given both of them a raging hard-on and as she was giving them a slow jerk-off she’d rubbed the flat of her thumb over the end of both cocks and they were both sopping wet.

Nothing heavy or hardcore, but a nice memory all the same.
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Old 08-08-2016, 05:06 PM
sixstringcowboy sixstringcowboy is offline
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Smile Potential

Hi guys,

This year for the second time me and the wife went back to Ibiza, and just like lat year she sunbathed topless, swam topless, walked up and down the beach topless. Last year we created a photobook with plenty of topless images, which a few of our friends have seen when they've been round. She's not naturally an exhibitionist, but when the photos have been selected and only the best put in print, she is hesitant, but ok with friends seeing the pictures. It has become pretty widely known amongst our friends that Ibiza = her topless throughout. Good times.

Here's where the friends come in. She has now invited some very good friends of ours (a couple) to join us next year. Is she thinking she'll still go topless? Can I help this happen by bringing it up with her, or with the other couple? I can't help but think next year could be an epic holiday if both the girls go topless.

What are everyone's thoughts? Should I bring it up? The couple haven't seen the albums yet, although they know she sunbathes topless.

To get your imaginations going. My wife is 30, blonde, 30FF and in great shape, not an ounce of fat on her. The other girl is 28, brunette, similar if not bigger tits, and again slim and in great shape. Both gorgeous girls. It would quite literally be heaven...
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Old 08-09-2016, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by sixstringcowboy View Post
To get your imaginations going. My wife is 30, blonde, 30FF and in great shape, not an ounce of fat on her. The other girl is 28, brunette, similar if not bigger tits, and again slim and in great shape. Both gorgeous girls. It would quite literally be heaven...
There is no need to bring anything up or ever mention it. She will be going topless all on her own without you saying anything. And after a short while, her friend will, too.

BUT, if you bring anything up, it won't happen at all.
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girl friend, sexy, topless beach, wife

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