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Old 08-05-2017, 05:37 AM
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Default Calendar shoot

It was going to be a lazy Sunday morning but the text message came in early. It was from Frances, fellow photographer on the same local paper, “Doing the uni shoot, forgot spare battery can U help”? I knew where the shoot was, a rural sports field 10 minutes from my house. Obviously, I was going to help, Fran was a pretty and petite young blonde, and more importantly the shoot was the local university girl’s rowing club doing their annual nude calendar. Our editor let Fran help out for free and use the papers equipment because it was for charity. I texted an ETA and grabbed my camera bag and an extra battery.

Of course, knowing when I was going to arrive the girls had taken a break and were clothed by the time I got there, A dozen altogether, some I recognised from previous calendars including Gina, the tall redhead who had initiated the whole project. She was looking relaxed and enthusiastic. A couple of the younger girls were still making nervous jokes. Fran introduced me and explained “Steve brought a piece of kit I’d forgotten”. “Perhaps Steve would like to take some shots” said Gina, more to tease me than anything, some of the girls seemed to be up for this but one or two looked a bit uneasy. The style of the calendars was not to show all that much, but to make it clear the girls were naked.

An idea occurred to me. “Tell you what, while we have two photographers here, let’s get pictures of the calendar actually being made, I’ll photograph Fran photographing you.” There were murmurs of agreement but the nervous girls didn’t look too happy. “But just for novelty, for these shots the team can all keep your clothes on.” “But it’s supposed to be a nude shoot”. “Yes, so Fran can be nude.” There were whoops and cheers from the girls but an alarmed look from Fran. “Go on Fran”, said Gina, “you’ve had us all wandering around completely naked in front of you, so it’s hardly fair we can’t see you” The whole team started a chant of “Off, off, off, off”.

Fran realised there was nothing for it. She glanced at me, blushed, rolled her eyes, and started undressing. Boots and socks, then very quickly took off her top, then her jeans, then some mismatched underwear that I don’t think she’d ever expected anyone to see. I made a show of checking my camera as she started to direct the girls into position. She had distinct tan lines, I’m not sure her butt and breasts had ever seen daylight before. Breasts small and pointy, the left a bit smaller than the right, bush not quite as trimmed as usual these days. Once Fran had crouched behind the camera in a ‘hidden nudity’ position I started shooting. The team had to be in shot as well so it was difficult to keep her rear out of shot, a strategically placed camera bag helped. I managed bits of butt, plenty of sideboob, a couple of hints of nipple. The best shot was of her with her back to the team, walking towards a camera on a tripod, Fran holding one camera covering her breasts and the one on the tripod hiding her bush. Of course, I got a complete full-frontal view, by this time Fran had simply given up hiding anything from me.

A couple more shots and Fran called time and got dressed to applause from the girls. Fran gave a mock bow in acknowledgment, good humoured but very very embarrassed. “I am SO going to get you for this” she hissed as I gave her the memory card with her pictures on it. I got back in the car and before I’d even reversed out of the parking space two of the girls were naked again and more topless. I waved to them and they waved back cheerfully.

A couple of hours later Fran called at my house to return my battery. She was still friendly with me, regarding the whole thing as a very embarrassing but impressive practical joke. Over a coffee she even admitted the pictures were good. “What really gets me though” she said, “is that I allowed a workmate to manipulate me into stripping stark naked right in front of him, I just can’t believe I did that”. “I did wonder if you’d just keep your underwear on”. “You’re joking, did you see what I had on? It was worse being seen in it than out of it. Especially by a load of 20 year old girls.” She thought for a minute. “But no man’s ever seen my entire naked body before, unless I was going to sleep with him. That’s what made this morning so weird”. She looked at me significantly. “Would be a pity to spoil that record” I suggested. “Yes” said Fran.

On Monday and into the office just before lunch after an early morning job. Fran was already there apparently absorbed in her work. Administrator Jenny and trainee Danny were looking amused by something. I noticed that one of my pictures from Sunday was pinned up on the wall. Fran taking a photo. You could only see sideboob, maybe the cleft of her ass, but she was obviously totally nude. You couldn’t see her face though. If I hadn’t taken it myself I don’t think I’d have recognised her. “Well what about yesterday?” said Danny. “Yesterday?” I asked innocently. “The rowing club?”. “Oh yes, Fran got some great shots.”. “And?” persisted Danny. “How do you mean?”. Jenny decided to intervene, “I think Danny was just wondering whether Fran is a true natural blonde.” I glanced at Fran, who was staring fixedly at her computer screen but starting to blush and decided I should play the gentleman. “Yes of course she is. Up to a point.”
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