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Old 01-16-2017, 10:43 AM
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Our old house had a wide open window in the front of the house with a front porch that extends from the front door over to the rightmost part of the window. Since we lived on a pretty quiet road we never got any window treatments for the front.

My wife isnt particularly chesty so she usually doesnt wear a bra but one day she was looking for a shirt to wear and couldn't find one downstairs. Topless, she walked through the living room toward the stairs only to notice that there was a UPS driver standing on the front porch looking in the window waiting for us to answer the door.

She quickly covered and ran but he got a clear look at her perky little boobies. Hope it made his day
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Old 01-16-2017, 05:48 PM
DippsyDudel DippsyDudel is offline
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A couple more experiences.

I went to another house and rang the bell. It took awhile but the door was finally opened by a little kid about 4 or 5, who ran off into the house as soon as he opened the door. I stepped in and called out, and a woman in her mid 30's appeared coming from a room down the hall fastening a belt around the short yellow robe she had on.
After I identified myself she directed me to the basement and suggested I go ahead downstairs. She followed me down and as we discussed her reason for needing me there, I couldn't help but notice that her robe was incredibly thin and her rather large nipples and areola were clearly visible through the thin material. I managed to stammer my way through discussing what she needed, technician wise, while trying not to be too obvious about staring at her tits, and determined that she actually needed the services of a different type of technician.
We agreed that she would have to call someone else, and she turned to start leaving. She lead the way up the stairs, and when I looked up, I was granted the most delicious view of her gorgeous little bare ass, which was barely covered by the robe when standing on level ground, but fully exposed as she went up the stairs ahead of me. I'm lucky I didn't trip and fall as I couldn't take my eyes off of her ass all the way up!

The last one was a call I made to a smaller house during the summer.
I pulled up and parked, as usual it always took a few minutes to get my paperwork in order and a tool bag out of my vehicle. I went up the stairs to the house and noticed that the inside door was open and only the screen door stood in my way. After ringing the bell I heard a female voice yell "come in", so I did. I called out identifying who I was and what I was there to fix, and heard her say that it was in the bedroom. By now I could hear that there was water running, and was starting to assume that she was in the shower.
The house was set up so that it was split lengthwise down the middle, with the kitchen, dining room and living room, where I entered at the front door, on one side, with an opening to my left about halfway down that led to the bathroom, directly across from the opening, and short hallways in either direction to the bedrooms.
As I came around the corner and stood facing the bathroom door, I was almost dumbstruck. The bathroom door was wide open, and the lady of the house was behind a glass shower door with a leg up on the edge of the tub, facing in my direction, washing her leg. Unfortunately, kinda, my instinct took over and made me turn away and hustle off to where my job was. Sometimes manners and morals are such a fun wrecker! I'm nearly positive she was waiting for me to show up (I had called ahead), when I did she got in the shower wanting to give me a show and possibly hoping I would offer to join her.
I didn't, dammit, but did stick around and get my work done and have a little chat with her. I felt like she was sort of disappointed, but being young, naive, and a gentleman, I missed out!
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Old 01-17-2017, 12:49 PM
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Default Plumbing Contractor

... A long time back, I worked with another guy doing plumbing. We had a job to do for a doctor's office that required the water being shut off for an entire day. He said Sunday was the only time that could be done.

... We get started early Sunday AM and the work involved going in and out of the upstairs apartment. A cute little thing, nice looking body and probably B cups, lived there alone. She was going on and on about how she just moved in, this was her very first time living alone, and how much she loved it.

... Pretty soon she's accidently brushing up against me, and again. Every time I had to run downstairs through the tight stairwell she would follow me, getting into situations where I'd need to squeeze by her. Pretty obvious after a few times. For sure, I couldn't get involved right then and there, we had the plumbing ripped apart, and we'd be lucky to get it all back together with a full days work. So I tried to ignore the whole thing. The way she looked at me, she was practically begging to be fucked. I'm thinking she was inviting me to christen her new apartment. But I just ignored her.

... My partner and I had to go back one evening a week later to do a little finish work, and she pretty much ignored me. I guess it was that day or never.
... A lost moment.
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Old 01-17-2017, 01:47 PM
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Default Mrs. HedoRocks

For Halloween we went into the city to attend a big costume party. We stayed at a pretty fancy hotel (splurged). We had a great time at the party. We got back to our room around 2:00am. She decided she was hungry. I told her I'd order room service, but only if she answered the door in nothing but one of my dress shirts unbuttoned. She agreed, probably due to the alcohol!

I stayed in the bathroom and recorded it on a cell phone. The video came out pretty badly, but here are two screen shots.
Attached Thumbnails
delivery1.jpg   delivery2.jpg  

You can contact us at hedorocks@yahoo.com. We try to respond to all mail!
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Old 01-18-2017, 01:00 PM
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Default Hot!

Hot photos, Hedo!
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Old 02-16-2017, 02:33 PM
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We used to manage an RV resort and we lived in one of the fifth wheel RV's on the property during the season. One morning we had got up and had our coffee and messed around a little so I had taken her robe off and she was fully naked. It was the start of the season and I ended up having to leave early to help somebody set up and I left her alone in our RV. My wife was expecting a lady friend we have known for years to stop by mid morning and they were going shopping together for the day. I told her to wait for me and we would resume where we left off before her friend came over.

Shortly after I left she was still naked when there was a knock at the door thinking it was her friend. She went to the door and opened it saying she did not expect her until later and was still getting ready and needing a shower. Once she was standing in front of the fully open door completely nude she realized it was not her friend. It was the cable guy who had come to work on our modem.

She said she let him inside and figured there was not anything he was going to see that she hadn't already put on full display to him at the door. She said she had been turned on from our messing around earlier and having the cable guy in our house with her being naked just turned her on more so she did not put anything on and offered to help him put in the new outlet. She said he never said anything inappropriate or touched her. She got him the modem they had shipped and then told him we had an outlet but it was not working. She said she got down on the floor on her hands and knees with her legs spread about two feet apart at the knees and showed him the outlet knowing her ass and pussy were on full display. She said she could tell he had a tent in the front of his work pants. He ended up running a new line and working for over an hour with her staying naked the entire time.

That entire season every time he had a work order at our place he went to our RV instead of the office. She loved showing off for him and if anyway possible she made sure she answered the door naked when she saw his van pull in. She always tried to do something or have him look at something that required her to position herself in a manner that gave him full unrestricted views of her. She said they never touched or made any comment about her nudity or body it was all just exhibitionsist and vouyeristic fun between them.
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Old 03-09-2017, 10:12 AM
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Default Meter man

Haven't posted for a while but this thread brought back memories of a very successful exhibiting session I had with a guy who came to update my electric meter. He arrived quite early in the morning and having just showered I answered the door with a towel wrapped around me. I had not long returned from holiday and had a really good tan and as he came in he commented on it and asked where I had been. I showed him through to the kitchen to show him where the old meter was and left him to get to work. I went upstairs to put on some moisturising cream and get dressed but feeling a bit horny I decided to apply the cream in the lounge and see if I could distract him from his work. As I passed back through the kitchen is told him to let me know if he needed anything and went into the lounge leaving the door half open. I was not in view but I hoped he might pop his head round the door if he needed something. I slipped the towel down around my waist and began to put some cream on rubbing it over my breasts and teasing my nipples until they were big and hard. I was enjoying myself and my pussy was getting moist. He called through saying he would have to turn the electricity off for a while and I asked if he could give me a few minutes to finish moisturising and dry my hair. He said he could wait a few minutes so I told him to have a seat . This meant he had to move across the kitchen to where he would have a good view into the lounge. I carried on creaming my tits and made sure I would be in view when he sat down. Wow, that is a beautiful tan he said. His eyes were fixed on my tits and I was rubbing my nipples. Fantastic nipples he said I bet they got some admiring looks on holiday. I wouldn't mind betting you have an all over tan he continued. I smiled and told him that was my secret.........

To be continued. ...
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Old 03-11-2017, 01:01 AM
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Default Home Security

I was a home security salesman a couple years ago. I've had quite a few experiences, this has probably been the most entertaining job I've held. There have been four memorable incidents that crack me up to this day.

1. Unrelated to sex, exhibitionism, or even voyeurism; however, I find it entertaining. My trainer told me to "always eat/drink what the customer offers you, it shows that you're comfortable with them." I've had full meals at peoples' house because I've warranted the rapport to be pressured into having dinner with my customers. Anyway, on one particular night, I was with these old Army vets. We slung jokes at each other quite a bit, me being a prior service Marine. They did the usual break bread routine and gave me some garlic bread. It was a bit, off... but pretty good. I asked what was in it. They said "oh, the usual... plus weed." I thought they were joking until I was on a toll road doing 80 on the way home and it kicked in. Most people would be pissed. But I found it pretty funny, since I didn't get tested.

2. My FIRST job ever with this company. I did a system for a hispanic guy in his mid-30s. I spent about 30 minutes building rapport, didn't even get to tour the house and make my suggestions before he pretty much listed exactly what he wanted. I was getting 500 in commission... so I wasn't going to risk pissing him off (as a D type personality) and lose the sale by pushing more when his mind was already made up. Anyway he makes a phone call and steps outside and I get right to work, keep in mind, I thought he was the only one home. So, I'm crouched down at the hallway's opening into the living room when the master bedroom door opens across the living area. Out comes his wife, gorgeous/fit hispanic woman wearing only a towel on her head - fresh out of the shower. No tanlines. Dark nipples. Perfectly shaved or waxed pussy. She didn't even notice me at first. When she did, she just smiled and said "sorry" without bothering to cover anything. I also apologized and made a gentleman's attempt to avert my eyes - I'd already had my view at this point anyway. She never came back out, lol.

3. Blonde single mom in her early 30s, very attractive. Few inches shorter than me. She just moved into her house, worked as a project manager. She was very trusting, I guess... seeing as I WAS a security guy. Her panel was in the master closet. So I did a lot of my work there re-wiring things to our system. Sex toys, outfits, etc. all in view in the closet. It was a multi-day job. She had me program the locks on the door and told me to remember the code since she would not be there on day two. I know what you're thinking. But I didn't snoop. Personal sense of honor I guess. The woman hired me to protect her security, I was a professional about it. Anyway, on day three... it was a chill day off for her I guess. A whole day of boyshorts underwear and braless perky C-cups visible through her white wifebeater shirt.

4. Finally, the military wife. Her husband was deployed, she was hot and looking to get fucked. It was a quick repair job. Literally an in-and-out. But she delayed me and kept asking me about myself and where I live etc. She was blonde, mid-30s. Walking around in a purple silk (or satin?) robe, nothing under it. Exhibitionist manifest. Bending over to get things. Letting the robe open. Etc. She kept trying to stall, then told me she wished she had money to tip me, followed by "well... is there anything I can do for you?" in a suggestive manner. It was like being in a porn movie. But first and foremost, I was engaged and have never and will never cheat on anyone. Secondly, her husband is a fellow servicemember. I'm no Jody.
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Old 07-30-2017, 02:08 PM
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A long time ago I once had a girlfriend who worked for UPS. I nailed her a few times in the back of her delivery truck, as well got some hot photos of her stripping out of her uniform around the truck. Unfournately a few months before we split she managed to take and get rid of them.
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Old 07-31-2017, 10:12 AM
piecenick piecenick is offline
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I do PC repair, mostly for businesses, but occasionally I go to private homes. This lady who works for one of the companies I service asks if I can go to her son's house, they just moved in and can't get the internet to work. I called the guy to set it up and he asks me if I can come the next afternoon, he and his GF both work nights.

Not a problem, when I get there it is not in a great neighborhood and the house is a little run down, the guy lets me in and their stuff is mostly still in boxes. His GF is there, she is somewhat attractive, but I'm thinking they work nights, she could easily be a stripper. She is dressed in a big T-shirt, no bra and shorts, big messy hair.

It's obvious that their router is toast, I always carry a medium priced one with me because this is pretty common, I set it up and everything works. I paid $120 for the router, I give them a break on service call, bill will be $200, or he can go to Best Buy and get a cheaper router, I told him they are a snap to set up.

The GF asks me if I can cut them a break if she undresses for me. I'm thinking this sucks, if the BF tells his mother about this I could lose my business, before I can say anything she whips off her shirt, nice tits. I ask her to put her shirt back on and we'll work something out. I ended up giving them a used router and comping my service fee, I saw nice tits and dodged a bullet.
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