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Some years ago I was titty fucking my partner which is no mean feat as she has very small boobs but I still enjoyed it immensely. She has sucked me off many times and after swallowing on the first few occasions she always spits now but doesn't want cum on her face and definitely not in her hair which is her "crowning glory". Anyway back to the titty fuck and before too long I exploded so much so that it cleared her head and landed on the pillow behind her. She was horrified to think that some may have landed in her hair and I had to very carefully check for any wayward spurt. I was quite proud of that spurt for a guy turning 60 at the time.

After that we did it again like that and this time some did get on her face and in her hair and she just laughed and went and washed her hair. From reading similar posts on here it is like so many things in life the reality is nowhere near as bad as the imagined. From time to time we still do it that way but she is careful to place her hand in the way to catch any wild spurts. Maybe I just have to be very careful with my aim to avoid her hand?
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